Sunday, June 10, 2018




Change is the basic principle of life.  Today we use change to perceive our path and open to the power of Vision in the South direction.  All healing results when we link to the whole, and balance all worlds within worlds.  The Medicine Wheel is a path for wholeness and healing.  The void, or circle creates sacred space for the divine origin of the new. Let us join all energies as one.
These are our times and responsibilities, we are here today, not by accident, but by Divine calling.  Today we face challenges, we have come here to intend for the Awakening of Humankind, and to Create Sacred Space for giving birth to a new world.  When we support Life, Unity, Equality for Eternity,  we  give birth to Heaven on Earth.
As we listen to the sound of the Drumbeat, let our hearts be one with the thousand drums around the world, and transform this present darkness to a new world of love, light and peace for all. 
As we look to the direction of the South, we call in the power of the south energies; the circle of the plants, and the power to walk in innocence, faith, and the true spirit of Unity.  The power of the South gives us the strength for wellbeing and emotional harmony.  Let us purify our hearts in the Fire of the Sun and rekindle the true spirit of unconditional love for all.
Now facing the West direction, we call on the power of the West direction, the power of the Earth.  Let us review our past as human beings and ask, what have we learned?  Look within yourself for the answer.  The within direction is the place where we unity with spirit and with power to direct our energy to create a bright new future for all.  We ask forgiveness for our errors and for all beings.  Now release the past.
Looking to the North direction and the circle of the ancestors, and the circle of the animals, today we unite with the power of wisdom.  As we choose to release the old “form” that does not serve the highest good for the whole.  We call on Wisdom and Light to shine on our path as we surrender the things that cause division and separation and enter the unknown mystery held, deep in our hearts and Mother Earth. Today let us choose to be ONE, let us all choose to be whole. As we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth
Now, again facing the East direction we look to the future.  Collectively, we call on the power of the Sun to bring forth New Life on Mother Earth, we call forth the New World of Life, Unity, Equality for Eternity, manifesting Peace on Earth.  As we face East, we look for the New Peace Sun Rising on the Horizon.
The future carries the message from all directions; from all cultures, races and creeds.  Let us all Dream what can be and imagine the New Earth where all live in freedom and peace. By balancing the medicine wheel, we bring balance and healing to Mother Earth.  Let us hold the vision of the New Dawn Sun Rising.  Namaste’   Rev. Caroline Dawley

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Tuesday, May 27, 2018 at 7:00-8:30 pm on the Dunedin Causeway Beach (left side of Kayaks)
Millions of people celebrate Vesak Day, an officially recognized United Nations (UN) holiday that celebrates the birth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.
Taurus (Wesak) Festival May 2018
The Festival of Wesak is the Festival of the Buddha, the spiritual intermediary between the highest spiritual centre, Shamballa, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose. This Festival is fixed annually in relation to the full moon of May; it is the great Eastern Festival.
The Forces of Enlightenment are active at the time of the WesakFestival. These Forces emanate from the heart of God; they are related to divine understanding and can reach and strengthen those who love and serve humanity and the Earth. This energy transmits the second principle of divinity, love-wisdom, of which the Buddha and the Christ are the two outstanding expression. The forces of enlightenment initiate the new world. The first to be affected by them are the great educational movements, the forums of the people in all lands and the values which can unfold through mass communications media. The press, publishers of world literature, speakers, writers, radio commentators, newspaper men and social workers are all affected by these forces which stream into the minds of men. Their effects are not yet apparent to any degree, but these movements and people are the recipients today of the energies of enlightenment; as they recognize the new emerging ideas they can channel and direct energy to influence the masses of men and women everywhere.  fac. by Caroline Dawley 
love offering appreciated.
"We Are Creating A New Golden Galaxy"
Archangel Michael transmitted through Ronna Herman
“We Are Creating a New Golden Galaxy”
Beloved masters, can you feel the excitement in the ethers/air? The changes you have dreamed about, hoped and aspired to are swiftly coming to fruition. You visions, mantras, and meditations are bearing fruit as the refined patterns of Light are drawn forth from the higher realms and begin to take roots in the world of materiality. Your expanded consciousness is affecting those around you and the unified force field of your spiritual family is growing stronger each day. More and more of the Creator’s Light is available to you, the gift of life via God’s great Rays of Expression.
You are turning your thoughts inward and upward as you remember your origins and your home among the stars. You yearn to complete your mission in the physical so that you may go back to your true state as a Being of Light. Many of you think you will be returning on the path in which you descended as you slowly moved down through the dimensions, compressing your “lightness” into density. This is not possible, dear ones, for the universe as it was then no longer exists. What you envision as your home amongst the stars has changed, every part of this and other universes have evolved and changed radically mostly for the better, but not all. The expansion of the God Mind is just that allowing its Sparks of consciousness to co-create, to expand, experience, learn and fill ever more of the Great Void with the radiance and Light of God-consciousness.
Even though you may believe that there must be more failures than successes, the beauty of the plan is this: You were sent out to the far reaches of the universe to experiment, co-create and learn, then were called together again to bring your special God-given talents to planet Earth. You can all see what the diversity and separation of consciousness have wrought on Earth, but as we repeatedly tell you, the experiment is not a failure. The reunification process is moving forward at an ever-increasing pace as you, the Starseed and the Holy Innocent Ones, awaken and take up the banner of Light.
We have told you the Earth, your solar system and galaxy are gradually being drawn upward into a higher refinement. Or to put it another way, in order to give you a better understanding, the next step in the Grand Plan for this universe is to glean the positive experiences or energy patterns from the negative; to balance, transmute and transform the negative energy patterns back into neutral cosmic Light substance (It will be as if they never existed), as all moves forward on the next turn of the cosmic spiral.
Not only is the Earth to reclaim her perfected state and gradually lift and clear the density patterns through the gift of divine alchemy or the Violet Transmuting Flame, but the creative thought forms which contain the rich history of humanity’s sojourn on Earth, the wondrous experiences and wisdom garnered the successes minus the failures are being accumulated and stored in the higher realms. Your astronomers have reported strange bursts of Light and unexplainable happenings in the heavens. If they only knew what is really taking place. A new galaxy is being formed, my precious warriors. A new galaxy which will eventually seed the next universe. It will be called the Golden Galaxy for it will radiate the golden Light of the Prime Creator. Allow us to give you a vision, a sneak preview, you might say. What is now being formed is the future Great Central Sun for this new galaxy and the great Beings of Light who will be infused with God’s blueprint and the overall theme for this new creation are presently being called forth. Many of the great Beings from far-distant universes who have come to observe the transformative miracles have expressed a desire to be part of this next great undertaking. Your quadrant of manifested creation is very popular, my friends, it is where the action is.
This new galaxy will radiate a golden aura and all manifested worlds in this galaxy will also be infused with varying hues of gold, silver and copper. No, the streets will not be paved with gold, as described in some of your popular myths of what heaven looks like. Again this is a misinterpretation of the wisdom teachings of the great masters by those who had to make heaven earth like so they could comprehend it. Since gold is one of your most precious commodities, what could be more desirable than streets of gold? The radiant colours of the higher realms are beyond the imagining of most people. Some of you, in your times of meditation, have tapped into the frequencies of the higher dimensions, and while there have seen the glorious colours and experienced the bliss of communion with the Holy Spirit of God. Once you experience this blessing, you are forever changed and you will always strive to recapture the feeling. This is bliss you will experience when you incarnate in this new world of Light.
While we are on this subject, let me explain that this also holds true for the statement that you are made in God’s image. The God Force is a great radiant Being of Light and that is what you were when you were projected from the heart of the Creator, not a male (usually portrayed as a wise old man with a long beard), nor a female, or any type of physical body at all. God is pure Spirit without form and yet God is all form and incorporated in all things. The wise, all seeing, all-knowing Essence known as God cannot be confined to any one form or any one concept, because there is nothing outside of God. You are here because of God, you cannot get away and you cannot hide for your soul and DNA are encoded with God-consciousness which is divine love, divine intelligence and the desire to create in your own unique way.
I will give you a glimpse of what this new world will be like: You will be much taller than you are now (as you were in the beginning on planet Earth), the average Being will be from ten to twelve feet tall. You will have form, but you will not be as solid as you are now. To a certain degree, you will be able to manipulate your form at will, assuming masculine or feminine characteristics, so that you may enjoy the duality and broad spectrum of sexual expression. Therefore, there will be no misunderstandings of the masculine and feminine attributes and no gender restrictions or barriers. Your skin will glow with a golden radiance and your eyes will be of varying shades from light gold to a deep copper colour and they will truly reflect your soul. You will speak a language, but it will sound more lyrical and will be more a creative expression than to communicate, for you will have full use of all your sensory perceptions: telecommunication or telepathy, clairvoyance or clear seeing and yes, you will be able to communicate with us, for we will all be there together as we were in the beginning.
You will not have hair on your heads or bodies, but there will be what appears to be beautiful streams of light flowing from your head. The predominant colour will be the colour of your major Ray, and other rays will be displayed in a mandala of colours depending on your characteristics and Divine blueprint. In order to satisfy your creative desires for uniqueness, you will be able to arrange these beams of Light in various artistic ways, and you will clothe yourselves in glowing garments of gossamer material which will reflect your thoughts or moods of the moment.
You will bring all positive attributes you have acquired during your journey throughout time and space, and will have incorporated, in varying degrees, the broad spectrum of the twelve Rays of God-consciousness. You will not remember the negativity or painful experiences of your physical incarnations, but you will remember how you it felt to work in harmony with the elements and creative forces of nature. You will be given assignments and training so that you will be well-schooled when it comes to the time to be an active participant in exciting, new creative endeavours. You will serve side by side with us, the angelic forces, as we go forth to fulfil the Creator’s plan for the expansion of the cosmos.
When you agreed to participate in the experiment on planet Earth a promise was made to you that when your mission was completed, if it was your desire, you would have the opportunity to become a co creator and active player in the next level of cosmic evolution, the formation of a golden galaxy. The Earth has been your training ground, beloveds, and you have learned much. By trial and error, pain and suffering, you are gradually becoming masters of co-creation. You see, you must learn your lessons well, if you are to help create the next paradise world. Any and all are eligible candidates for this new and exciting adventure, beloveds, all you must do is move into neutrality and become harmless, and then contribute your unique Christ Light, or add your positive vibrational patterns to the Whole as, together, we assist your Earth to be birthed into a star of Light. Now that I have given you a vision of what is to come, I will give you some guidelines to assist you as you move through these next critical years of Earth time.
Are you ready to live in the pillar of Light instead of on the cross of matter, vertically rather than horizontally? In doing this you will have access to all Divine attributes of Creation: Love, wisdom, inspiration, compassion, creativity, joy, radiant health and abundance. In doing so, you will move across the chasm of cause and effect into a state of grace, you will live in a refined world of your own choosing as you encourage and assist others to claim their vision and join you in the quest.
Take a few minutes and write down whatever comes first in your mind.
What is your hearts desire? What would make your soul song? Are you ready and willing to take a chance, to step out into the unknown, to learn your Earth’s mission and fulfil it? Are you ready to expose, examine, heal and release your deepest core issues? This may mean facing and challenging your ego, your belief system and being moved out of your comfort zone. It may mean that those in your world will also challenge you and your relationships may change. Are you willing to release everything and everyone in your life to it’s/their highest good? Are you willing to allow your spiritual family to share your deepest secrets, pain, failures (real or imagined) and to be vulnerable, to also share their pain as they expose their souls, without judgement, or trying to “fix it”, to just “be there” to offer love and support? Are you willing to speak your truth as you presently know it and not alter or colour for the benefits of others? Are you willing to make mistakes along the way as you strive to reclaim your mastery? (It is the ego that demands perfection). As your new truths unfold are you willing to be true to yourself, even if it means disappointing others? Are you willing to begin to practise “self love” until you are filled with God Light and it overflows out into the world and to others? Are you willing to follow Spirit without hesitation, listen to your soul-song and follow your own sacred path? Will you endeavour to stay in the “moment”, concentrating on the task or opportunity at hand, one thought at the time, one step at a time leading you to mastery? Will you endeavour to see what is “right” with people in your life, instead of what is wrong? Will you practise seeing the opportunities, justice and beauty in your world, instead of the challenges, test and negativity? Are you willing to see yourself reflected in the eyes of others, accepting the judgment and criticism in the same manner that you accept the love and approval? Are you willing to do whatever needs to be done for your highest good, for your mates highest good, for your/the children’s highest good, for your friend’s or co-workers highest good, for the world’s highest good? Are you ready to accept as your truth that you are entitled to all the love, joy, beauty, bounty, and abundance of Creation as your Divine Birthright? Are you ready to accept the truth that whatever you ask for is already yours in the higher dimensions, and all you have to do is believe and claim it? Are you ready to be a leader, offering solutions as you assist in the refinement of humanity and the Earth? rather than being a protester and following the path of least resistance? At the appropriate times, are you willing to go into solitude to be alone with yourself to become accustomed to turning inward so that Spirit can speak to and through you? Are you ready to accept the truth that you are a Divine Spark of God and you on Earth as God’s representative? Beloved Ones, it is time to come down off the cross of matter, to stop the practice of drawing the energy you need from those around you, the outmoded cosmic dance, the push/pull of polarity in the world of cause and effect. As you step into the radiance of the vertical flow of Spirit, your life will change dramatically. You turn inward for your strength and wisdom. You do not allow those around you to tell you whom or what you are, but validate your truths for yourself by turning to your Divine Self, then, you live those truths to the best of your ability. Your connection to your I AM presence will grow stronger each day and you will begin to feel the Oneness and Harmony with all Beings and all things. This is your goal – This is your destiny – Do you choose it now or later? Why not now, faithful Ones?
I enfold you in the radiance of the Creator’s Love.
I AM Archangel Michael.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


April 29, 7-8:30pm On Dunedin Causeway Beach. (left of Kayaks)

Teaching: SEE THE TRUTH. Learn the animal, plant and mineral totem for this moon cycle.
Drumming: our intention is to raise the vibration for ourselves and the Earth.
Meditation: Journey through the Sun to the New Earth.
Bring an instrument
Location: Dunedin Causeway Beach. Left side of Kayak rentals.
Gratitude offering appreciated.

East Gate: Illumination and Wisdom
Budding Trees Moon - Lesson: See The Truth   (March 21 to April 19
Animal: Red Tail Hawk, Mineral: Fire opal, Color: Yellow, Plant: Dandelion, Clan – Thunderbird, Element: Fire
Hawk people born under this moon are fiery and filled with energy; are friendly, open and intelligent.   They are natural leaders and a symbol of hope for any new idea struggling to manifest.  They are catalysts, who make ideas into realities, and influence others with their positive and fiery energy.  They  have a direct connection with the Sun and with fire, a connection strengthened because they are of the Thunderbird Clan. Not only do these people begin projects, but also keep them going with the strength of their energy.  They must learn to deal with their emotions, which is more difficult for them, but this is the fire of their energy and they must learn to express themselves and set their emotions free.
Opal is a fiery stone that has water added to it. Because of the fire in the stone, it is connected to the powers of the Sun.  It is considered to be a stone of hope  and has the power to sooth the emotional body. Opal illuminates the positive actions of the self, enhancing the good and true and fostering one's highest potential.
Dandelion greens contain large amounts of vit. A, B, C, and calcium. Used as a tonic to rid the body of toxins in those organs, as a diuretic and to balance the blood sugar level in the system.
This position is directly influenced by the Thunderbird clan. The fire opal can teach people in this position about the need for water, for the emotions in tempering their fiery energy. The dandelion can show them the advantages of taking root as well as flying. The red-tailed hawk can demonstrate the joy of freedom and of a long, clear view. The Budding Trees Moon will teach you about energy, intensity, catalyzing change, fearlessness, and optimism. Being in this position will show you your leadership ability, the enormity of your own spirit, and the extent of your Clear sightedness. People experiencing the Budding Trees Moon need to learn to channel their energies, contain their emotions, and be more patient with others.
Moon Lesson: - See The Truth: Budding trees moon is the fourth Moon cycle of Truth.  We learn to See the Truth when we experience all Colors on the Medicine Wheel, we learn to respect and see truth from other points of view.  Each Moon cycle has a different color or vibration, when we see the truth in all colors we are able to create substance of our Dreams and Prophecies and manifest them on Earth..
April Full Moon Cycle is connected to the Medicine of Prophecy also called "Seeing the Truth". This is the Moon of the Healer, Seer and Shaman who guides people on their soul journeys. This Moon empowers the gifts of the Shaman as Seer, Dreamer and Visionary..  Teaching us to trust our Dreams, intuition and feelings as they exist in ourselves. She teaches us how to read the symbols that we find on our pathway and how to see the truth in every vision we receive.  The energy of this Moon cycle assists all people in the ability to See The Truth in all dimensions.  When we know the truth and see the truth, we honor the truth in all our relations on the great Medicine Wheel and regain our place in the Sacred Circle of Life.  Donation appreciated.  Books for sale, $10 ea. WhitefawnStar fac.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Equinox Ceremony and opening the East Gate

Spring Equinox Ceremony and opening the East Gate on the Medicine Wheel. March 20th, 2018 Dunedin Causeway Beach next to the Kayaks.  7:00pm-8:30pm
Spring Equinox on the Medicine Wheel. The East Direction on the Medicine Wheel is the Place of the Winds of Change, Eagle, and the rising of a New Sun in our Hearts. Welcome the Peace Sun.
We begin in the East, the place of all beginnings. In our cycle of life, we travel many times to the place of the east. Spirit keeper of the East is the Golden Eagle. This is the direction of Spring, the place of vision and new birth, new beginnings. Eagle helps us lift our mind up to see the whole picture from a higher perspective. We plant seeds that will manifest our intentions for the year. This is the place of the rising of the Sun at each new dawn; the place where we bring our Prayers for a bright new future, and our intentions for the coming year.
Time of the Big Winds and Spring Equinox.
The Winds of Change blow away the old growth from last year; the seeds that didn’t produce were blown away making room for new seeds of change and new beginnings to be planted in the Garden of our highest intentions. Eagle comes and lifts our mind up as we ride the thermals higher and higher, we glimpse the whole and see in the distance a possible new destiny. Eagle symbolizes our unity with Spirit to rise above our ordinary life and view the whole picture.
Welcome the Wind to uplift your thoughts, and see the new sun rising in your heart. This is the place of new birth, of spiritual growth and new beginnings. Open your heart, open your spirit, plant the seeds of your highest intentions.  Tend the garden of your heart and intend for a beautiful future for all.
East Gate: Illumination and Wisdom
Budding Trees Moon -Lesson: See The Truth
March 21 to April 19
Animal: Red Tail Hawk, Mineral: Fire opal, Color: Yellow, Plant: Dandelion, Clan – Thunderbird, Element: Fire
This position is directly influenced by the Thunderbird clan. The fire opal can teach people in this position about the need for water the emotions in tempering their fiery energy. The dandelion can show them the advantages of taking root as well as flying. The red-tailed hawk can demonstrate the joy of freedom and of a long, clear view. The Budding Trees Moon will teach you about energy, intensity, catalyzing change, fearlessness, and optimism. Being in this position will show you your leadership ability, the enormity of your own spirit, and the extent of your Clear sightedness. People experiencing the Budding Trees Moon need to learn to channel their energies, contain their emotions, and be more patient with others.
Moon Lesson: - See The Truth: Budding trees moon is the fourth Moon cycle of Truth. We learn to See the Truth when we experience all Colors on the Medicine Wheel, we learn to respect and see truth from other points of view. Each Moon cycle has a different color or vibration, when we see the truth in all colors we are able to create substance of our Dreams and Prophecies and manifest them on Earth.
Open your heart, open your spirit, plant the seeds of your highest intentions.  Tend the garden of your heart and intend for a beautiful future for all.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Invocation for Lightworkers


by Patricia Cota-Robles   December 2017   
Because of the unprecedented influx of Light that has taken place over the past several years, the I AM Presence, which is the Divinity within every person’s Heart Flame, is at long last reclaiming dominion of our Earthly experiences. The Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence is allowing the entire Company of Heaven to work more closely with us than ever before.

These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God are asking us to join with them now, in unified consciousness, to empower the Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love that Lightworkers have been cocreating on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth over the past 50 years.

This Activity of Light will enable our Grid of Divine Love to assimilate the unfathomable influx of Light our Father-Mother God will Breathe into the Grid, in a rhythmic momentum, during Humanity’s Global participation in the monthly Free Seminars we offer through Era of Peace. The Divine Intent of this influx of Light is to expand the Lightwork of every single person on Earth a thousand fold.

The Company of Heaven has given us the following Invocation so that you and Lightworkers all over the World will be able to easily weave your magnificent Light into the Chalice of Light we will form through our unified Heart Flames during the Free Seminars every month.

In deep Gratitude for our ability to serve Life in this way, let’s join together in consciousness with the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth, as we unify our Hearts with the Hearts of our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven. Together we will magnetize from the Core of Creation the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Flame of Transfiguring Diving Love that Humanity and the Earth are capable of withstanding at a cellular level.
And we begin… 

Breathe in deeply and go within to the Divinity of your Heart Flame. Please join me now with the full power of your attention and your Divine Intentions.

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke our Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity.  Beloved Ones, come forth NOW!  (pause)

We are One with ALL of these magnificent Forces of Light. Through our sincere Heart Call, they have joyously come to help Humanity’s I AM Presence empower and sustain the Lightwork of every man, woman, and child on Earth a thousand fold.

Beloved Legions of Light, we ask that you gather up every electron of precious Life energy being expended by Humanity during this sacred and Holy Time. Purify this energy with the power and might of a thousand Suns using the New 5th-Dimensional Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. Weave this purified energy into the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness, so that every electron of precious Life energy released by the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth at this time will be used to exponentially expand the Light of God through the Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love that is now embracing this Planet and ALL her Life.

We accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished right here and right now. We also accept that through Humanity’s I AM Presence this Activity of Light will be permanently sustained, increasing daily and hourly the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow with every Breath we take.

Beloved Father-Mother God, we ask that you now Breathe the highest possible frequencies of Divine Love, Oneness and Reverence for All Life into every person’s Heart Flame.

In Oneness with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth and the entire Company of Heaven, we now affirm within the Divinity of our Heart Flame:

“I AM the Cup, the Holy Grail, through which the Light of God now flows to Bless every particle and wave of Life evolving on this precious Planet.

“I AM my I AM Presence, and I now invoke my Father-Mother God to Breathe their Infinite Light into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love.  As this exquisite Light blazes through the Grid of Divine Love it bathes the Earth and expands every person’s Lightwork a thousand fold.”

This unfathomable influx of our Father-Mother God’s Infinite Light lifts every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth into a Higher Order of Being.  (pause)

As this wondrous Light is anchored within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame, it expands into the Heart Flame of every other person on Earth unifying Heart Flame with Heart Flame. Through this amazing Activity of Light, the I AM Presence of every person becomes a power point of Divine Love and Oneness unified in consciousness with the I AM Presence of every other person.

Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, we are empowering our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. This Forcefield of Light is extending from the very depths of Humanity’s pain and suffering into highest frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God’s Infinite Light. This Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love is the Bridge to Freedom over which this Blessed Planet and ALL her Life are now Ascending into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Perfection on the New Earth.

Through this Activity of Light, we are reclaiming our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. We are truly becoming Love in Action. We are collectively changing the core vibration of the primal Light substance that has gone into creating the present negative conditions that are surfacing all over the Planet to be healed and transmuted into Light.

This Activity of Light is bringing into tangible form the archetypes for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. These patterns are now flowing into the Heart and Mind of every man, woman, and child through the Mental and Emotional Strata of this Planet.

The I AM Presence within every person is the Open Door for these resplendent patterns of Divine Love. We are the CAUSE of Divine Love now being established on Earth. Together we are setting in place the basic Spiritual Forces of Divine Love over which the Earth and ALL her Life are at last Ascending out of our long exile in darkness into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light associated with the New Earth. The Love of God is now thriving on Earth through each us, and through the I AM Presence of every person on the Planet.

Through this Activity of Light, Humanity is being raised into a profound Awakening of Supreme Love Consciousness. We are, here and now, the Masters of Love we were always destined to be. We are Beings of Love, accepting responsibility for Loving this sweet Earth and ALL her Life FREE. We are One with this Blessed Planet, and the Planet is One with us.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are now intensifying their Light through every person’s Heart Flame. This influx of Light is lifting ALL Humanity into a higher octave of Divine Service. Every person on Earth is being permanently invested with a Cosmic Forcefield of Divine Love. This forcefield is initiating each of us into a Higher Order of Service to Humanity and the Light, as our Lightwork is being intensified a thousand fold through our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love.
Beloved Father-Mother God, we accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously Accomplished, even as we Call.   And so it is!

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.

If you have the Heart Call to do so please help our Father-Mother God’s Clarion Call tangibly reach the maximum number of Lightworkers by forwarding this email to your mailing list. Please share on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you have access to. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message from Archangel Gabriel ~ Shanta Gabriel ~ December 23rd.

 As channeled through Shanta Gabriel

Hark.  The Herald Angels are singing. Can you hear the Angel voices? They are inviting you into their midst. They are calling you to rejoice in the Divine Love and Light streaming onto the planet during this special time of Christmas. Receive it into your being and shine this blessed Light out into the world.

These times call for greater commitment to the truth of Happiness. We are assuring you that there is no requirement for suffering. In fact your birthright is to live in harmony with the earth, to feel Divine Love in your being and the power of Life Force surging through you in ever increasing waves. This is the energy of the Christ Light. Allow it to spark every cell in your body and increase love in your being. As you do this, you become a radiant light. It shines forth from you and you become the Light to the world that the earth needs right now. It is a choice for you to make moment to moment. It requires only the intention for harmony in your life, and a mental flip of the switch within your thoughts.

Becoming a Light to the world is not arrogant. When one carries conscious awareness of these truths, it becomes your duty. As the apparent darkness of chaos and fear are so obvious, what could the world need more than Light? At this Christmas time the Light of the Christ energy is more available than ever before. This Light-filled blessing carries the energy of Divine Love into your heart and out into your world.

Feel this Light in you and share it with others. It holds the divine qualities of Wisdom and Love. Send Light to your government and the world leaders. Send Light to areas of suffering in the world. Send it to those who work hard to ease the suffering in those places. Send Divine Light to the environment, and to all the living beings that are not human on this beautiful planet. This Light-filled energy brightens and reconfigures the power that inspires you into Heart Centered Action. Working with Divine Light is one way to bring harmony to the world and overcome despair. Light carries God’s Love which is the greatest healer of all and it will change the course of the world’s activity when enough of this energy is focused. And remember, you are not alone.

And Then There Were Angels

As we celebrate the gifts of this Christmas season, there are many who remember the Angels during this time more than at any other time of the year. There are legions of Angels gathering ever nearer the earth now, drawn by the prayers and the thoughts of so many people. This is a tremendous blessing that opens your heart to more love and allows your mind to receive a greater level of Grace.

In ancient times, people were very receptive to the presence of Angels. The Bible is full of references to Angelic appearances. However, at no time is there more mention of the presence of Angels than before the birth of the Christ child.

Angels foretold the birth of the Christ onto the earth, and appeared to the wise men before they made their journey.  There is a mass awakening of spiritual consciousness on the planet at this potent time in history as well.  As people turn more and more to prayer, and seek Divine Love in their lives, the dire prophecies lose their power.  When you believe that peace can be present on earth, your faith touches others, and they begin to believe.  In this way, thought-by-thought, one by one, the people of the earth will begin to experience the peace that passes all understanding.  Never doubt the power that one person can hold.

As people turn toward Christmas, hearts are opened for the birth of the Christ Light within.  This light filled energy brings the qualities so many seek to receive.  There is an expansive sense of Joy; a deep abiding Peace and more Love than has been experienced at any other time of the year.

You can call upon Divine Light to illuminate your mind and heart so you act as a Beacon of Light.  The earth needs all those souls who believe in the power of this mass awakening.  As you open to new possibilities in your own life, you may feel the protective presence of Angel’s wings surrounding you in love.  As you become aware of the power of Divine Love, it allows the Christ Light to awaken within you and radiate from you. You then become a Light to the world.  This is the way to Peace on Earth and Good Will among all beings.

Angels are here now in this precious time. Once again these messengers from God are saying, “Rejoice!  Awaken to the birth of the Christ Light within you. Feel our wings surrounding you in Divine Love and know that you are not alone.”

Let this Divine Light fill you now. Allow it to enlighten your mind and heart, and illuminate every cell and fiber of your being. Your willingness and openhearted acceptance of this Divine Love blesses your body, mind and spirit. Receive the gift of the Angels and the Light of the Christ is born within you this Christmas season.  Let Divine Light shine forth from you so there may truly be Peace on Earth and Good Will between all beings.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Message of the Goldenlight ~ Planetary and Galactic News Update, 12-12-17

“May the light from the All That Is, shine within you and shine forth from you now and always.”

Pleiadian Council through Goldenlight ~ Planetary and Galactic News Update, 12-12-17
By Goldenlight,
Message ©The Golden Light Channel, Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message
Greetings, we are The Pleiadian Council and we wish to bring you planetary news of an energetic nature which will assist you in expanding your awareness and increasing your frequency in tandem with the planetary energetics and frequency levels which are raising very quickly now.
As we mentioned in previous messages, your planet which has been under quarantine for many eons is soon to come back into the galactic fold so to speak, as it is liberated from centuries of domination by the denser forces of the universe. We of the Pleiadian Council are working hard behind the scenes to help bring this about.
Things are being cleaned up energetically now by what we call “the light scrubbers”… we are a team that assists in scrubbing clean the dense pockets of energy in the universe, pockets which have choked and suffocated planets and their inhabitants, cutting off their vital life force. This scrubbing and cleaning of the lecherous forces of dense energy from your planet is also being assisted by other star nations such as the Andromedans, Lyrans and benevolent Orions (1), as well as other higher dimensional beings, ascended masters and archangels. Benevolent inner earth factions are also coordinating this effort with us. Indeed, Source Creator itself, of which all beings everywhere are offspring, wishes this great cleansing, awakening, and ascension of your planet to be so, as the entire universe is going through an upgrade, and your planet is an integral part of this.
The best way that those of the light can now assist is to uphold the breaking through of the truth that is coming to light, to continue to work on one’s own spiritual growth and the raising of one’s frequency. If each person on earth focused on raising their vibration and frequency —and this is being accelerated by the higher dimensional frequencies flooding your planet — then the raising of the light quotient on your planet thus increases in tandem and exponentially. So each person’s raising of their consciousness and frequency thus helps the entire planet to become one of higher frequency, and one in which the denser energies cannot survive. Hold this vision within your minds eye as you focus on this raising of frequency for all on your planet. Mother Earth Gaia is already carrying this higher dimensional vibration, and your planet is already surrounded now by higher frequency energy, so your task is to attune yourself to it. Can you hear the higher dimensional frequency that now surrounds you? It is a high pitched tone which is recalibrating your human bodies to attune to the higher frequencies. So this is happening on a physical level somewhat automatically, and as you also adjust your mind and spirit (consciousness) to it, you are then attuning your whole being to these higher frequencies.
Your planet is going through a major shift as we have described in previous messages and you have chosen to be there now to be a part of this great shift in consciousness and light level quotient that is a planet-wide happening.
We will keep this message brief today but will be back again soon through this channel of Goldenlight to bring you more higher frequency planetary news. In the meantime, we are continuing our clean-up of the denser energies behind the scenes. Your awareness of this assists us in doing so. Many of you, including the transcriber of this message Goldenlight, carry the Pleiadian genetics which were seeded on your planet before the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. So you are a part of this entire upshifting in the energetics of your planet. The star nations assisting with this are in essence your star families, as your genetics come from these higher dimensional civilizations. So you are all a part of the grand plan, and the raising of your awareness and consciousness of all that is happening helps you to be in alignment with the grand divine plan.
We thank you for your contribution and service to the light and to the well-being of your planet.
May the light from the All That Is, shine within you and shine forth from you now and always.
We are,
The Pleiadian Council transcribing through Goldenlight, 12-12-17