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Message of the Goldenlight ~ Planetary and Galactic News Update, 12-12-17

“May the light from the All That Is, shine within you and shine forth from you now and always.”

Pleiadian Council through Goldenlight ~ Planetary and Galactic News Update, 12-12-17
By Goldenlight,
Message ©The Golden Light Channel, Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message
Greetings, we are The Pleiadian Council and we wish to bring you planetary news of an energetic nature which will assist you in expanding your awareness and increasing your frequency in tandem with the planetary energetics and frequency levels which are raising very quickly now.
As we mentioned in previous messages, your planet which has been under quarantine for many eons is soon to come back into the galactic fold so to speak, as it is liberated from centuries of domination by the denser forces of the universe. We of the Pleiadian Council are working hard behind the scenes to help bring this about.
Things are being cleaned up energetically now by what we call “the light scrubbers”… we are a team that assists in scrubbing clean the dense pockets of energy in the universe, pockets which have choked and suffocated planets and their inhabitants, cutting off their vital life force. This scrubbing and cleaning of the lecherous forces of dense energy from your planet is also being assisted by other star nations such as the Andromedans, Lyrans and benevolent Orions (1), as well as other higher dimensional beings, ascended masters and archangels. Benevolent inner earth factions are also coordinating this effort with us. Indeed, Source Creator itself, of which all beings everywhere are offspring, wishes this great cleansing, awakening, and ascension of your planet to be so, as the entire universe is going through an upgrade, and your planet is an integral part of this.
The best way that those of the light can now assist is to uphold the breaking through of the truth that is coming to light, to continue to work on one’s own spiritual growth and the raising of one’s frequency. If each person on earth focused on raising their vibration and frequency —and this is being accelerated by the higher dimensional frequencies flooding your planet — then the raising of the light quotient on your planet thus increases in tandem and exponentially. So each person’s raising of their consciousness and frequency thus helps the entire planet to become one of higher frequency, and one in which the denser energies cannot survive. Hold this vision within your minds eye as you focus on this raising of frequency for all on your planet. Mother Earth Gaia is already carrying this higher dimensional vibration, and your planet is already surrounded now by higher frequency energy, so your task is to attune yourself to it. Can you hear the higher dimensional frequency that now surrounds you? It is a high pitched tone which is recalibrating your human bodies to attune to the higher frequencies. So this is happening on a physical level somewhat automatically, and as you also adjust your mind and spirit (consciousness) to it, you are then attuning your whole being to these higher frequencies.
Your planet is going through a major shift as we have described in previous messages and you have chosen to be there now to be a part of this great shift in consciousness and light level quotient that is a planet-wide happening.
We will keep this message brief today but will be back again soon through this channel of Goldenlight to bring you more higher frequency planetary news. In the meantime, we are continuing our clean-up of the denser energies behind the scenes. Your awareness of this assists us in doing so. Many of you, including the transcriber of this message Goldenlight, carry the Pleiadian genetics which were seeded on your planet before the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. So you are a part of this entire upshifting in the energetics of your planet. The star nations assisting with this are in essence your star families, as your genetics come from these higher dimensional civilizations. So you are all a part of the grand plan, and the raising of your awareness and consciousness of all that is happening helps you to be in alignment with the grand divine plan.
We thank you for your contribution and service to the light and to the well-being of your planet.
May the light from the All That Is, shine within you and shine forth from you now and always.
We are,
The Pleiadian Council transcribing through Goldenlight, 12-12-17

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Iroquois Thanksgiving Address

The Iroquois Thanksgiving Address is believed to sustain the Earth.  By giving thanks, Life continues to grow and Thrive. But when we fail to show respect and gratitude, then the Earth will end as we know it.  Lets remember to stand in Gratitude every day; on the first awakening and before sleep. 
As spoken at the United Nations; "Cry of the Earth Summit", Nov. 22, 1993.  


These greetings affirm the linkage of we humans to one another and our relationship to the environment and the universe.  From time immemorable,  humans knew and felt relationship to all life, but that sacred hoop is broken, that relationship of wholeness must be regained.

By Chief Jake Swamp, Mohawk

"Ohenton Kariwahtekwen"



Today we have gathered and we see that the cycles of life continue. We have been given the duty to live in balance and harmony with each other and all living things. So now, we bring our minds together as one as we give greetings and thanks to each other as people. Now our minds are one.


We are all thankful to our Mother, the Earth, for she gives us all that we need for life. She supports our feet as we walk about upon her. It gives us joy that she continues to care for us as she has from the beginning of time. To our mother, we send greetings and thanks. Now our minds are one.


We give thanks to all the waters of the world for quenching our thirst and providing us with strength. Water is life. We know its power in many forms-waterfalls and rain, mists and streams, rivers and oceans. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to the spirit of Water. Now our minds are one.

      THE FISH

We turn our minds to the all the Fish life in the water. They were instructed to cleanse and purify the water. They also give themselves to us as food. We are grateful that we can still find pure water. So, we turn now to the Fish and send our greetings and thanks. Now our minds are one.


Now we turn toward the vast fields of Plant life. As far as the eye can see, the Plants grow, working many wonders. They sustain many life forms. With our minds gathered together, we give thanks and look forward to seeing Plant life for many generations to come. Now our minds are one.


With one mind, we turn to honor and thank all the Food Plants we harvest from the garden. Since the beginning of time, the grains, vegetables, beans and berries have helped the people survive. Many other living things draw strength from them too. We gather all the Plant Foods together as one and send them a greeting of thanks. Now our minds are one.


Now we turn to all the Medicine herbs of the world. From the beginning they were instructed to take away sickness. They are always waiting and ready to heal us. We are happy there are still among us those special few who remember how tose these plants for healing. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to the Medicines and to the keepers of the Medicines. Now our minds are one.


We gather our minds together to send greetings and thanks to all the Animal life in the world. They have many things to teach us as people. We are honored by them when they give up their lives so we may use their bodies as food for our people. We see them near our homes and in the deep forests. We are glad they are still here and we hope that it will always be so. Now our minds are one


We now turn our thoughts to the Trees. The Earth has many families of Trees who have their own instructions and uses. Some provide us with shelter and shade, others with fruit, beauty and other useful things. Many people of the world use a Tree as a symbol of peace and strength. With one mind, we greet and thank the Tree life.Now our minds are one.


We put our minds together as one and thank all the Birds who move and fly about over our heads. The Creator gave them beautiful songs. Each day they remind us to enjoy and appreciate life. The Eagle was chosen to be their leader. To all the Birds-from the smallest to the largest-we send our joyful greetings and thanks.Now our minds are one.


We are all thankful to the powers we know as the Four Winds. We hear their voices in the moving air as they refresh us and purify the air we breathe. They help us to bring the change of seasons. From the four directions they come, bringing us messages and giving us strength. With one mind, we send our greetings and thanks to the Four Winds.

Now our minds are one.


Now we turn to the west where our grandfathers, the Thunder Beings, live. With lightning and thundering voices, they bring with them the water that renews life. We are thankful that they keep those evil things made by Okwiseres underground. We bring our minds together as one to send greetings and thanks to our Grandfathers, the Thunderers. Now our minds are one.


We now send greetings and thanks to our eldest Brother, the Sun. Each day without fail he travels the sky from east to west, bringing the light of a new day. He is the source of all the fires of life. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to our Brother, the Sun.

Now our minds are one.


We put our minds together to give thanks to our oldest Grandmother, the Moon, who lights the night-time sky. She is the leader of woman all over the world, and she governs the movement of the ocean tides. By her changing face we measure time, and it is the Moon who watches over the arrival of children here on Earth. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to our Grandmother, the Moon. Now our minds are one.


We give thanks to the Stars who are spread across the sky like jewelry. We see them in the night, helping the Moon to light the darkness and bringing dew to the gardens and growing things. When we travel at night, they guide us home. With our minds gathered together as one, we send greetings and thanks to the Stars. Now our minds are one.


We gather our minds to greet and thank the enlightened Teachers who have come to help throughout the ages. When we forget how to live in harmony, they remind us of the way we were instructed to live as people. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to these caring teachers. Now our minds are one.


Now we turn our thoughts to the creator, or Great Spirit, and send greetings and thanks for all the gifts of Creation. Everything we need to live a good life is here on this Mother Earth. For all the love that is still around us, we gather our minds together as one and send our choicest words of greetings and thanks to the Creator. Now our minds are one.


We have now arrived at the place where we end our words. Of all the things we have named, it was not our intention to leave anything out. If something was forgotten, we leave it to each individual to send such greetings and thanks in their own way.

Now our minds are one.


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Pathway of Peace Community - Shamanism

Shamanism is an ancient practice of spiritual healing. They are the oldest known healers. They travel out of ordinary life into the spirit world of animals, the garden of eden, guides and celestial beings. Many who become healers have the archetype, the Wounded Healer. They have a deep wound that causes transformation; life is altered, the wounded healer becomes the healer. We become healers of the Soul, and the practice of healing lies in the heart. Call for Soul Retrieval and begin the healing journey of transformation. Caroline Dawley 727-738-0223 lv. a message.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

American Indian Healing Ceremony

American Indian Healing Ceremony August 9, 7:30 - 8:30pm
1219 Florida Ave. Palm Harbor (upstairs) preregister. $5 sugg. donation
Yerba Santa is a shrub growing in the American Southwest. For thousands of years the Indians used the plant for healing purposes, effecting cures for physical disorders. This herb is more potent when the spirit is invoked along with the substance. Taliesin has been given this "medicine" as a consequence of his walking the Red Road, and danced in support in 6 Sundances and purification, Sweat lodges. I have invited Taliesin to facilitate the Healing Ceremony on Wednesday night at Pathway of $5. Sugg. Donation. pay at arrival.  He is coming a distance. See you Wednesday, August 9 at 7:30. Peace and blessings. Please "invite" if you know someone who is in chronic pain. Event page on fb Pathway of Peace Community or contact Carolin Dawley in messenger.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Great Law of Peace


The Confederacy arose centuries ago among separate warring communities as a way to create harmony, unity and respect among human beings. Implicit to Iroquois political philosophy is a commitment to the highest principles of human Liberty, where laws in recognition of individual liberty and justice surpasses any European parallel. Faithkeeper, Oren Lyons, an Onondaga, states that "the Great Law of Peace includes freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right of women to participate in government.  Separation of power in government and checks and balances within governments are traceable to our Iroquois Constitution, ideas learned by colonists".   The central idea underlying Iroquois political philosophy is that Peace is the will of the Creator and the ultimate spiritual goals and natural order among humans. The principles of Iroquois government embodied in the great law of peace or transmitted by a historical figure called the Peacemaker, his teachings emphasize the power of reason to insure righteousness, justice and health among humans. Peace came to the Iroquois not through war and conquest but through the exercise of reason guided by the spiritual mind. The Iroquois League is based not on force of arms or rule of law but spiritual concepts of natural law applied to human society. By David Yarrow

At the planting of a Tree of Peace in Philadelphia in 1986, Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp explained, "in the beginning when our Creator made humans, everything needed to survive was provided.  Our Creator asked only one thing, never forget to appreciate the gifts of Mother Earth. Our people were instructed how to be grateful and how to survive."

When the people forgot the Original instructions to survive, there was a dark age of war, and injustice.
 "The creator sent a Peacemaker with a message to be Righteous and Just and make a good future for our children, seven generations to come. He called all warring people together and told them as long as there was killing there would be no peace of mind. There must be an effort by humans for peace to prevail.  Through logic, reasoning and spiritual renewal, he inspired the Warriors to bury their weapons, and atop planted a Tree of Peace.”

Legend of the Peacemaker and the Founding of the Great Law of Peace

A long time ago an event took place on the shores of Onondaga Lake in upstate New York that was to have far reaching effects even to this day.  The event took place long before written history, long before Europeans came to America.  It was so paramount in fact that we can envision all of creation being present.

There was much bloodshed among the five separate warring nations that the people lived in fear of death.   Everywhere there was death, mourning and pain, the people had no hope. The Peacemaker, born of a virgin, heard of the distress of the people and was sent by the Creator to put an end to war.  He held the Vision for Peace on Earth.

Traveling from nation to nation he first came to a house where a woman lived on the path between the warring nations. As she listened to the Peacemaker speak of his idea of peace, a seed was planted in her mind and she took hold of the idea saying, "I agree with you, this is indeed good news that you bring."  Because she was the first person to take hold of the idea of Peace the Peacemaker honored her as the Mother of Nations and therefore the clan mother's held the honored position of holding the titles for the Chiefs and appointing new chiefs.

Again the Peacemaker set out to spread the good news from nation to nation saying, "tell your Chiefs the Peace is on its way.”  In the wilderness, the Peacemaker met Hiawatha, an Onondaga chief who was grieving the loss of his daughters. His mind was bent low in sorrow as he built a fire each night he wove words into wampum saying, “if only there was someone to console me with these words, I could get my mind up and see the light of a new day".  Hearing the words of Hiawatha, the Peacemaker came and speaking the words of condolence held in the wampum, he dried the tears from Hiawatha's eyes using the white fawn skin, wiping away the clouds from his mind, so he could think clearly once again. As Hiawatha listened, he took hold of the idea that there is no death.  The Peacemaker honored Hiawatha, the man of fire, to be his speaker and together they sent out word to all First Nation peoples to gather on the shores of Onondaga Lake to await the Great Peace that was coming.

The event was so great in time that it took many days for the multitude to gather around their council fires on the shores of Onondaga, the animals too drawing near.  Legend states that as the people gathered awaiting the arrival of Hiawatha a great darkness came over the sky blocking out the smiling face of the Great Spirit or the Sun.  Arriving in his mystical canoe made of white granite, the Peacemaker and Hiawatha arrived on the third day.  There were reports of a sound of great wings flapping overhead but because of the darkness, people could not see and fear surrounded them.

The Peacemaker gathered all the people who were at war in a great circle around the tree of War.   Selecting the Great White Pine of the North East woodland he then uprooted the tree and instructed the people to bury all their weapons beneath the upturned roots.  A stream ran beneath and washed the weapons away so that future generations would never pick them up again.  Then the tree was made to stand upright, it became the Tree of Peace with white roots spreading in the four directions. Placing the eagle at the top of the tree, the people were to be like the tree made upright in the Law, and to use the high mind of the Creator, like the Eagle that sits on top of the tree.   Appealing to the highest and clearest thinking of the Chiefs of the five nations, the only evil blocking the formation of the Confederacy was Atotaro, an Onondaga chief whose mind was so twisted that it was as snakes growing out of his head and his body had 7 crooks in it.  To complete the peace meant all of the people must put their minds together in agreement for peace.  To bring about the new man the new mind in Atotaro meant that the Peacemaker and Hiawatha by singing the song of peace so perfectly as to reach deep into the heart of the man and by appealing to his high mind, the spirit of the man, bring about the new being. Together the Peacemaker and Hiawatha traveled to where Atotaro was waiting for them; the Peacemaker sang the song of peace and Hiawatha explained the words of the Law, so that the spirit and the Law worked together bringing about the change of mind in Atotaro.

Traveling in the Whitestone canoe, the Peacemaker and Hiawatha set out to persuade Atotaro of the Great Peace. The Peacemaker singing the peace hymn and Hiawatha holding the wampum in his hand, thus the words of the Law were spoken:

“These are the words of the great Law, on these words we shall build the house of Peace, the Long House with five fires that is yet one household, these are the words of righteousness and health and power, the words we bring constitute the new mind which is the will of the Holder of the Heavens.  There shall be Righteousness when men desire Justice, Health, when men obey Reason, Power when men accept the Great Law.  These things shall be given form in the longhouse where five nations shall live in quiet as one family at this very place, Atotaro, where the Chiefs of the five nations will assemble, I shall plant the Tree of Peace and its roots shall extend to far places of the earth so that all mankind may have the shelter of the great law.".   from The White Roots of Peace by Paul Wallace

Moving swiftly, the Peacemaker and Hiawatha returned to the awaiting Chiefs, saying, "come quickly, the time is now arriving on the shore where Atotaro was waiting. The Peacemaker explained, “here is power, these are the five nations, their strength is greater than your strength but their voice shall be your voice when you speak in Council, and all men will hear you, this will be your strength in the future, the Will of a United People."  then the mind of Atotaro was made straight and Hiawatha combed the snakes out of his hair, the Peacemaker laid his hand on his head and said, " the work is finished, your mind is made straight your head is now combed, the seven crooks have been taken from your body, now you have a new mind, now you will henceforth preside over the Council, and shall strive in all ways to make Reason and the Peaceful Mind prevail. Your voice will be the voice of the Great Law. All men will hear you and find Peace. “Then the Peacemaker placed the antlers on the heads of the chiefs in sign of their authority and gave them the words of the Law”.

Quotes from White Roots of Peace, by Paul Wallace

Significance of the Great Law of Peace

Perhaps it was at that time when the Great Peace was established that the disc blocking the sun moved, and the Light of a new Dawn for the Human being and for all the sacred circle of life.  The Tree of evil was uprooted and the Great Law of Peace, was planted in the Planetary heart and consciousness of Mother Earth.

Using nature and the atmosphere of the forest to set the pattern for peace, life, unity and equality for eternity, the Peacemaker continued.  Holding the Sacred Wampum in his hand, he gave the condolence of the confederate lords appointed as chiefs to represent the 5 nations. Stating, "the designs signify the fourteen sachems who are the keepers of the Central Council Fire of the Five Nations Confederacy and it shall be the duty of Tadodaho, the principal Onondaga Chief and his colleges to be the keepers of the Great Council at Onondaga.".  The Central Council fire symbolized the Fire that never dies, the eternal flame of love that is the spiritual essence or "orenda" residing in the heart of every human being. 

Continuing, the Peacemaker spread out a great white belt of wampum under the Tree of Peace, signifying Purity and Peace.  And a great wing to use whenever any evil approaches the great white wampum, the great wing will be used to sweep it away.

Continuing, the Peacemaker said, "Now we shall combine our individual power into ONE GREAT POWER which is the Confederacy. And we shall symbolize the union of these powers by each Nation contributing one arrow which we shall tie together in a bundle which when it is made and tied together, no one can bend or break."

Therefore, bringing the people together in a Circle, the Peacemaker continued, "You Chiefs shall be symbolized as Trees of the Five Confederate Nations.  We therefore bind ourselves together by taking hold of each other's hands firmly and forming a circle so strong that if a tree shall fall on it, it could neither shake nor break it, and thus our people and our children and grandchildren shall remain in the circle in security, peace and happiness"

"And if any chief who is crowned with the emblem of the Deer's horns shall break through this circle of unity, his horns shall become fastened in the circle, and if he shall go through it, the horns shall remain in the circle and he shall no longer be a chief.  You chiefs shall always be guided in all your councils and deliberations by the good tidings of Peace and Power.  You chiefs of the different nations of the confederacy, I charge you to cultivate the good feelings of friendship, love and honor among yourselves.  I have now fulfilled my duty in assisting you in the establishment and pattern of the Confederacy, and if this confederation is carefully guarded it shall continue and endure from generation to generation and as long as the sun shines."

"The pure white wampum strings will be the emblem of the Council Fire and it shall be that when the firekeepers open the council, he will pick up this string of wampum and hold it on his hand while he is offering thanksgiving to the Great Ruler of the Heavens.  (The Formal Thanksgiving Address is offered before and after every council meeting.) And there will be a custom that whenever the annual confederate council meets, we will smoke the pipe of Peace."

"The Pattern for Peace given first Nations People by the Peacemaker is rich with symbolism. The Circle represents the Universe and all sacred life forms, within the circle all the kingdoms of Nature are represented as sacred, each with it'[s sacred point of view.  The Peacemaker set a foundation for Peace based on Communication.  That by putting their minds together as the "One Mind of Creator" all problems could be solved through reasoning.  As agreement is reached, the identification becomes one of Peace."

"The Great Peace was founded upon the sovereignty of a common Law of Truth, as statesmanship lies in the Will of the People for Peace.  First United Nations people were united in spirit for the purpose of Peace on Earth. Given the sacred duty as Peacekeepers, their function was to maintain the Peace in their own Six Nations while extending the Peace to all Nations".  Through their ceremonies, they maintain the balance of the Earth by reciting the Thanksgiving Address, giving thanks to the Earth and giving thanks to their Creator and acknowledging the Creator's Law of ONE.

Quotes from: “Great Law of Peace” by Yvonne and Jacob Thomas Dec. 14, 1990


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JUNE 21, 7:30 pm - 8:30pm
Dunedin Causeway Beach **** (First Left turn off the Causeway before the Bridge.)
Joining hearts and faiths to celebrate the longest day of the year and to welcome summer
in our hemisphere.
Lighting the World Peace Flame and Extending the Peace around the Globe
Meditation - Journey to the New Earth
Drumming for Peace, Harmony, Unity and Compassion for all.
Gratitude offering appreciated $5. sugg.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


May 10, 7-8:30pm Dunedin Causeway Beach
Left side of the Kayak Rentals. Pl. bring a chair and instrument.

Wesak is an Annual Event signifying the importance of the Taurus Full Moon and Buddha's Birthday, Death, and enlightenment. Join us in Circle , for the Wesak Ceremony as we become a living Chalise in alignment with the incoming energies of the Buddha.. This is a yearly ceremony in the Himalayan valley when the Buddha hovers over the Water and downloads energies of enlightenment to the Masters and to those in alignment to receive. Meditation, Drumming, to raise the consciousness of humanity, and Water Blessing Ceremony. Gratitude Offering appreciated. Rev. Carolin Dawley