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Astrology Report For November

Guest article By Dorene Carrel
   November is a dynamic month, highlighted by a Solar Eclipse, four planetary stations and another Uranus/Pluto square. These stations include Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron. As earth and water signs are emphasized, much activity can happen on deep inner levels and emerge as new realizations or significant shifts in one’s beliefs and values.
   The first week in November is the most potent and intense. On November 1, the fourth of seven exact squares occur between Uranus and Pluto. This means we are past the half-way point of this long evolutionary cycle of social and cultural change, which continues until 2015. This aspect can bring personal crises, breakdowns or breakthroughs. The last square aspect was on May 20, 2013. If a significant change occurred back then, it will come up for another review at this time. The next Uranus/Pluto square will occur on April 21, 2014. Much opportunity can also come at this time, but be sure to clarify details as Mercury is still retrograde until November 10.
   The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on November 3 at 11 Scorpio. It is aligned with Saturn, Mercury and the North Node, all in Scorpio. This combination can take us on a deeper journey with the themes of emotional intensity, power and control, penetration, secrecy, fears, endings, death, healing and self-mastery. The Scorpio emphasis will also help us in gaining deeper understanding and the core essence or truth of a matter. Eclipses are extra potent new or full moons that can signify new beginnings and endings. The last solar eclipse in Scorpio was in November 1994. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “An official embassy ball,” suggests the mutual empowerment that can occur in uniting with like-minded others for greater accomplishment.
   On November 6, Jupiter turns retrograde at 20 Cancer 30. This station begins several weeks of inner reflection involving one’s feelings, home, family, food, nourishment, dependency and security issues. A Sun/Saturn alignment on this day can bring more seriousness, structure and discipline to our thinking.
   Mercury turns direct on November 10 at 2 Scorpio 29. Thinking and communication should start to be clearer at this time, along with less stress dealing with technology, computers, traffic, etc. Research and planning results can be put into concrete action at this time. A broader, more visionary perspective can be gained on November 12 when the Sun trines Jupiter. This would be a good time to take action to create more prosperity, or one can now reap the results of a past action.
   On November 13, Neptune turns direct at 2 Pisces 34. This is a gentle shift that encourages us to actualize our ideals and spirituality in a more outward fashion. Our experience of Neptunian subjects, such as UFOs, shadow people, frequency shifts, auras, etc., can become more prominent in the next several weeks.
   Relationships can undergo some difficulties on November 14-15 when Venus in Capricorn aligns with Pluto and squares Uranus. Our personal changes can suddenly impact our relationships, resulting in either new growth or separation. A deeper understanding can also be found. This could be a tricky time in handling finances and it is best to avoid acting on one’s impulses.
   The Full Moon occurs on November 17 at 25 Taurus 26. Taurus is an earth sign that emphasizes the themes of resources and values, along with being comfortable, dependable, loyal and stable. The shadow side of both Taurus and Scorpio is a resistance to change and being too willful. This is a favorable time for persistence with our goals, making them more concrete and useful. The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees emphasize having appreciation for the goodness in our lives, as well as the ability to adjust to new situations by tuning into their requirements.
   On November 19, Chiron turns direct at 9 Pisces. The wounded healer archetype within us now becomes more prominent, as we can freely give and receive healing support from others. Mercury aligns with Saturn in Scorpio on November 25, providing us with a deeper, more structured focus. On November 27 and 28, both Mercury and Venus align with Jupiter, which favors harmony in communications and social gatherings. A harmonious trine from the Sun to Uranus on November 30 brings new creative insights.
   December features a rare Venus retrograde cycle. Best wishes for a joyful and prosperous autumn. 
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   Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience. She offers birth chart and transit/progression readings. For more information, contact Dorene at Paypal accepted.

   All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

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The Sacred Holiday of Halloween

Do you ever think about what Halloween really means?  It used to be a very sacred holiday that was celebrated for many, many years. The reason it was so sacred was because it honored the Goddess or feminine energy. Then the male patriarch took over and turned it into a different type of holiday. One of the symbols of Halloween is the spider. The Hopi Indians have always honored their creator goddess who is Spider Woman. She is the one who spins her web that encompasses everything. She weaves the light grid around the world.
In the Bible it talks about the 12 tribes of Israel, which are all male. The 12 tribes are symbolic of the 12 signs of the zodiac. There are actually 13 tribes or 13 signs. The 13th tribe is the sign of the Goddess (called Dinah in the Bible) who has been hidden for eons of time. Goddess energy is of course the love energy that is within everyone, both male and female.
One of the predictions of the Mayans was that the ships of light would return on July 11, 1991. This happened in Mexico when there was a total solar eclipse which started the cycle of the return of the Goddess. This is when we first moved into the sixth sun. The sixth sun (sign) of the zodiac is Virgo, the sign of the Goddess. On August 22 of 2013 we stepped into the higher frequency of this energy. The Goddess energy (love) is now here.
We have been in a long hard challenge with our dark side and many people are worn out from this battle. This started big time after the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. We had to acknowledge and neutralize the darkness within us. This was a major job and it has taken us many years to release all our fears, anger, and negative thoughts. Now love and light are starting to win. Soon there will be many people who will acknowledge the love energy within themselves and life will start to change.
After our Sun lined up with the Galactic Center in December of 2012 we moved into what is called by scientists the Dark Rift in space. This is what is also called the Photon Belt and this is a belt of very high frequency energy. This is one of the reasons this year has been so hard for so many people. It put us into fast-speed transformation. I received an email this morning that I found very interesting so I am putting in the link to this article. The article is by Karen Downing – the link is: . Then click on the article for October 21st.
The 13th sign of the zodiac is named Ophiuchus/ Asclepius. Many people know about the ancient dream healing centers that were in ancient Greece. What most people don’t know is that it was Isis who was the creator of these sites. Then the Goddess went behind the scenes for several years and now it is time for her to reemerge and become the creator she was meant to be. Isis is the ruler of the 13th sign. If you put a circle in the middle of an Astrology chart and connect that circle with all of the other signs you will have the web of light that she (Spider Woman-Isis) has woven.
People say we have 12 strands of DNA and 12 chakras. In reality we have 13. Our 13th chakra is aligned with the super-galactic center that is a gateway for the purest energies and is associated with the Divine Mother. This super-galactic center is on 29 degrees Virgo and the exact point of entrance on Earth (according to the Mayans) is Orkney Island, Scotland. This energy also focuses down through Stonehenge into England, which was the original Holy Land.
This year is 2013 with an emphasis on the number 13. The numbers of the Mayan Calendar are based on 20 and 13. The number 13 rules change and transformation and the number 20 is the number of glyphs in the calendar. The 20th glyph is the glyph of the super-galactic center, also called the Great Central Sun. This Sun holds 27 galaxies in place plus the Milky Way Galaxy. The number 13 is transformation on a large scale, and we have really gone through a lot of transformation this year. This is what the 13th sign is all about-transformation into the light.
The Sun will soon be in the sign of Asclepius/Isis starting this Halloween.  The symbol of Asclepius is of a man/woman holding a snake with two feet on the elliptic. The first foot of Isis is on the elliptic on Halloween for a short period of time, which is a couple of days. The second foot is on the elliptic starting on November 30 to December 16th. If you were born during these time periods you are an Asclepian. A very important event is happening now. Halloween is the time when the veil is very thin and there is easy access to the other dimensions. It just so happens that there is a black hole (gateway) on seven degrees Scorpio.
This year, on the day before Halloween, the Sun will be on seven degrees Scorpio along with the North node. This marks an important event. In the Dreamspell calendar a doorway opens on October 30 and 31st. The Dreamspell glyph for October 30 is the glyph of the Great Central Sun at Orkney Island, and the glyph for October 31 is birth. Looks like some of us will be coming out of the dark tunnel we have been going through for so long. It’s time to come out into the light and be reborn as great Beings of light.
October 31st is the birth glyph, November 1st is All Souls day, and November 2 is the Day of the Dead. Then we have a solar eclipse on November 3rd.  These days mark an important period of time. Then the Sun will conjunct Saturn on November 6th which means the beginning of a new cycle. The Sun conjuncts Saturn every year, although this year it is conjunct during this special time period. The degree meaning of this conjunction is ‘early steps in the development of a mind seeking to be attuned to the higher level of human evolution’. Then we have Mercury going direct on November 10th.
Halloween lost its meaning many years ago when the Goddess was pushed out of sight. Maybe we could bring back the true meaning of Halloween this year, which is honoring the love that is within all of us. We could activate our 13th chakra and our heart energy. Our heart is where our crystal seed is located. It’s in the secret chamber of our heart. Then we can ascend (move into a higher frequency) and become Crystal Beings of light. Ascension does not happen all at once. It is a process and as we remove more of our hidden challenges we become lighter and of a higher frequency.
What are the techniques of ascension?  
It is the process of praising God, or the god spark that is within all of us. It’s being grateful for everything, and loving yourself and others. You can’t love others until you learn to love yourself. If you do those three simple techniques of praise, gratitude, and love, you will be on your path to Ascension. We are all great Beings of love. We just forgot that we were. Now it’s wake-up time. Wake-up and become like an innocent child. Feel the joy around you and be happy. Smell the roses and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful Earth.      So Be It!
Written in love and light!                     ***** Mahala Gayle *****
I am very grateful for the donations you send me. It is like a gift from God, and it makes life easier for me. It’s always nice to have some spending money in my pocket.  I am so grateful for all the blessings I have and I send love and blessings to all of you!     *****Mahala Gayle*****
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Astrology Report for October

Guest article by Dorene Carrel AstroConnections.
          October contains several planetary trigger points that could accelerate major changes on both personal and world levels. The New Moon in Libra aligns with the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square to set the stage, followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 18 and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3. Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde on October 21, allowing us to look at all these changes from a deeper perspective.
          The New Moon occurs on October 4 at 12 Libra.  It aligns with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, making a cardinal grand cross pattern. This type of pattern tends to produce fast-paced events that can lead to possible crises and stress.  However, at the same time, there is a water grand trine in the background between Saturn in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer that allows us to slow down and become more tranquil and creative, which opens us to new ideas and possibilities. We can always choose where to put our attention.   
          The Libra focus is on relationships and the integration of opposites, along with the quest for greater equality, balance and harmony; the shadow side is being indecisive and seeking peace at any price. The Uranus/Pluto aspect can lead to rebellion against limiting situations as we strive for greater balance.  Jupiter in Cancer is found in both patterns, which suggests taking care of our own emotional/spiritual needs before we can have harmonious relationships.  The Sabian symbol for this degree, “Miners are surfacing from a deep coal mine; the need to carry on at ever deeper levels the quest for knowledge which keeps burning the fires of the collective mind of a society” suggests tapping into deeper levels of awareness from ancient traditions.
          From October 5-8, Mercury in Scorpio aligns with Saturn and the North Node, encouraging us to communicate in a deeper, more authentic way. This is a good period to focus on serious, long-term issues. The North Node can bring new opportunities our way for relationships with deeper healing connections. Due to Mercury retrograde, the Mercury/Saturn aspect will repeat on October 29. On October 9, Jupiter makes a favorable sextile to Ceres in Virgo, which enhances healing through diet and nutrition. Ceres in Virgo (until early November) is currently bringing up issues connected with food safety, such as the labeling of genetically modified food.      
          The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on October 18 at 26 Aries.  Eclipses contain the potential to awaken new growth and awareness.  A lunar eclipse tends to bring up hidden elements that need to be further examined. Aries themes include being independent, assertive and courageous; the shadow side can be very egocentric and rash.  This time there is a cardinal t-square created by the Sun, Moon and Jupiter.  Aries is the most cardinal of the cardinal signs. Once again Jupiter calls forth our ability to take a broader perspective and aim higher with our goals. The Sabian symbol degrees, “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold,” and “An eagle and a large white dove change into each other,” suggest expanded feelings of abundance and unity that can now be experienced.  Mars opposing Neptune the next day encourages us to act on our higher ideals. 
          On October 21 Mercury goes stationary retrograde at 18 Scorpio. It will turn direct on November 10 at 2 Scorpio.  This cycle favors research, review and introspection more than starting important activities. This is a good time to discern hidden motives and underlying messages, as well as reconnect with people from the past. It is best to allow extra time for getting things done due to breakdowns, misunderstandings, traffic congestion and computer problems. 
          The Sun in harmonious trine to Neptune on October 25 is favorable for creative visualization or a spiritual retreat. On October 29 Mercury aligns with Saturn again, while Mars trines Pluto on October 31. Both aspects bring more focus and energy and help us stay on track with personal goals. 
          November brings a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  Blessings for a joyful and prosperous autumn! 
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
          Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience, offering birth chart, transits/progressions and relocation astrology readings.  She is certified in Astrocartography.  For more information, contact Dorene at  Paypal accepted.
          All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.
          Check out my astrology blog at for ongoing astrological observations on current events, people, trends, etc.    


Contents:  AA Michael Message  ***Thrive Movie

              Beloved masters, the process the world and humanity are now experiencing has been spoken of by many wise sages and masters over the past several hundred years, and yet, the masses have not taken heed and have continued on a downward path of self-destruction. Humanity has built an illusion of wealth and abundance, but it has been built on the quicksand of greed and fear of scarcity.  This giant bubble of illusion has burst under the pressure of the Living Light of truth. What humanity is now experiencing is the cause and effect or the karmic results of following the impulses of the ego-desire body instead of the whisperings of Spirit.  Many dear souls have never experienced lack or deprivation-they have lived a life of instant self-gratification-while others, who believed the old teachings that they were not worthy of abundance, have lived many lifetimes of scarcity and impoverishment.
            You, the StarSeed, are in the midst of the astounding process of awakening to the awareness of your celestial heritage, which has been encoded within atom seed crystals and stored within your Sacred Mind.  Also, be aware that there is a magnificent history of bravery and excellence woven into the violent and often tedious journey of human evolution. You are experiencing a resurrection of extra-sensory abilities and higher consciousness abilities which have been dormant for many ages. However, it is not always an easy or comfortable process, and it takes dedication and effort to open the sealed door to your inner wisdom; the Sacred Mind. It is vitally important that you learn to trust your own inner guidance once more. A loving and grateful heart purifies the consciousness and creates tranquility and peace of mind.  It gradually develops into a constant state of serenity and Self-assurance, rather than just an occasional occurrence.
            It is apparent in every facet of earthly existence that humanity is awakening from the illusional dream of past ages as the refreshing Light of God-consciousness permeates all Creation.  Each Soul has an unique consciousness code within their Diamond Core God Cell. This code contains the perfect resonance or harmonics for each lifetime.  One of the wonders of recalibrating your Energetic Signature with your Soul Song is that the attuned frequencies begin to resonate with the streams of Living Light, which gradually connect your OverSoul-self to the many other fragments of your Higher Self.  At that time, your ascension process truly begins. You still cannot comprehend that you are strongly interconnected with all the facets of your Higher Self. One of the greatest, most astounding awakenings is when you become aware that you are a facet of a great, multidimensional Being of Light.
          It may be unbelievable at this time of great suffering, but the conditions the people of the world are presently experiencing with regard to abundance will eventually result in great blessings. When the suffering and pain of loss become great enough, more and more dear souls will turn inward for answers, and all the mighty forces of the higher realms will be waiting to answer humanity's pleas and will be ready to offer assistance.
            It may seem as if your lifeline is being tugged and pulled in many different directions as Spirit tries to get your attention  You can resist and hold back,  kicking and screaming; however,  you will eventually move forward on the spiral of ascension.  There will be no denying that the evolutionary cycle, which  is now in full swing, is creating chaos and a momentous  breaking down of old belief systems and structures.  Remember what we have often said, "Out of chaos comes new creation."  Every person's Soul-self is nudging and prodding, to one degree or another, in an effort to get his/her attention.  No one can maintain the status-quo, coasting and drifting, and ignoring the call to awaken. You must either grow and ascend in consciousness, or sink deeper into chaos and limitation-only postponing the inevitable.      
            Beloveds, rise above the fear and sense of helplessness that are rampant around the world.  See yourselves in your fifth-dimensional, Pyramid of Light and ask that the infinite abundance of all Creation flow to you and through you.  You are to take what you require and then allow the rest to flow out into the world of form.
            Remember, when you are infused with the Light of Spirit, it affects everything and everyone around you.  As your radiance grows and expands, you will draw more and more like-minded people into your sphere of awareness.  The spiritual trumpet to awaken is growing louder and it is reverberating throughout the land into the most sparsely populated places of the Earth, as well as the most densely populated areas.  The Light has no favorites, it will infuse and bless anyone or anything that is receptive to Its transforming, enlivening energies.
            You must also be aware that some dear souls will not be able to stand to be in the aura of your Lightness , for it is too painful. Whether intentional or not, they will try to throw you "off Center," and reestablish the status quo or keep things as they were in the past, no matter how chaotic or unsatisfying.  It is more important than ever that you, as the transducers and transformers of the refined Creator Light, stay focused and steadfast as you strive to incorporate and radiate more and more of the refined Light of Creation out into the world.  Many around you will wonder and ask why you have changed so much, and why you are no longer willing to participate in the old games of drama and lower-frequency entertainment. As you move further up the path toward Self-mastery, the energies and actions of others will affect you less and less. 
            As we have often told you, first you must teach by example, via your intentions and actions, and finally through words of wisdom offered at the appropriate time.  However, if those around you are not willing to learn to act and react in a more positive, harmonious way through observation or  listen when you offer loving suggestions and moral support, it is important that you withdraw from the drama they are creating and assume the stance of an impartial observer.
            Seekers of wisdom and self-transformation learn from their own actions and reactions, whether positive or negative.  From a spiritual point of view, negative events offer an opportunity to learn which course of action brings forth the most positive results. Your Higher Self always tests you, over and over again, until you reject those things that are not in your best interest, and authenticate that which is your truth.
            An important component of Self-mastery is to learn to focus on your inner world or the sanctuary of the Soul.  The Soul, the physical vessel and particularly the mind have their own rhythmic cycles and agendas.  The Soul's desire is focused on becoming en-Lighten-ed.  The mind is focused on attaining and retaining information. The physical body is focused on experiencing the physical world via the senses.  Humanity is constantly experiencing cycles of growth, stagnation and decay, which make way for a new cycle of growth and expansion.  The master turns inward and strives for an enhanced quality of life, while the unawakened Souls seek outwardly for stimulus and gratification through pleasurable, physical sensation and material possessions. Love as an external focus, exterior to yourself, will always bring a sense of vulnerability, always needing constant validation by someone or something.  
            Love as an internal focus projected outward is a constant flow of self-assurance, of self-acceptance, always striving to incorporate and project more of this blissful feeling of unity and harmony with all creation. You will begin to feel more and more levels of intelligent, unconditional love, and eventually, Sacred Love, when the Soul becomes the dominating force within, and the ego desire body and personality are brought under control. As you turn inward, your thoughts become more harmonious and less critical and resonate at a higher frequency, which refines your Energetic Signature. You must keep the channel of communication open between the Soul and the brain via the mind. This initiates the slow reactivation process of the Pineal Gland, and the opening of the portal to the Sacred Mind, which is located at that back portion of the brain, close to the crown of the head.  When your frequencies reach a certain level of compatibility, the membranes of Light that guard entrance to your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind begin to dissolve, and you gradually gain access to the treasure chests of love and wisdom stored within.
            Once again we will remind you of this important fact: All Creation is constantly moving in and out of specific vibrational patterns, which we call energetic signatures, or OCTAVES OF ENERGETIC SOUND.  You are identified by your energetic signature and your Soul Song , which determine the Light brilliance of your auric field.  Your energetic signature is composed of the frequencies of your physical vessel in your third- /fourth-dimensional environment.  The balanced frequencies of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions are stored within your Soul-self and become part of your Soul Song.  Beloveds, ingrain this thought firmly within your mind.  There are an incalculable number of unified fields of consciousness.  You are in the process of connecting to the magnetic power of many of these higher frequency fields of Cosmic awareness. You are beginning to attune to the vibrations of Divine Will, Divine Wisdom and Divine Love, which are primary attributes and qualities of our Father/Mother God.
            Another important attribute of your powerful, inborn condition is that your two hands are among the most highly developed links to your brain, for there are etheric generator crystals embedded within the palms of the hands.  They were designed to be some of the strongest, electromagnetic impulses of the physical vessel.  That is why those who have activated or developed the healing power within their hands are so effective in the healing arts.  In the future, you have the potential of redeveloping the memory cells within your fingertips so that you may access conscious and subconscious information through touch. 
            A good exercise would be to hold a crystal which you have Self-programmed as a generator healing crystal in one of your hands as you focus on activating the healing abilities within the palms of your hands.  Via the Infinity Breath exercise, concentrate on sending/feeling the Adamantine Particles of Light within your palms. Your palms may become very warm or begin to tingle.  It may take a while for you to feel the sensations; however, you will gradually gain the ability to send healing Creator Light to localized parts of your own body. Future healing will include en-Lighten-ed, dynamic healers with the ability to send almost laser-like healing beams of Divine Light to their patients. Reiki and other energy modalities are based on this ancient, esoteric knowledge.
            The chakra system also has both magnetizing and radiating capabilities. The higher the frequency patterns you can accommodate, the faster and more perfectly your chakras will spin, thereby radiating a greater force and higher frequency patterns throughout your bodily form and out into the world. Energy is always in motion. Creation is always in motion. The only pause is during the STILL POINT moment of Creation.
            As many of you are aware, over the past several years, the term "Earth Angel" has become a common term in spiritually-focused messages and channeled missives. To clarify, this can mean any Soul who is steadfastly striving to attain Self-mastery so that he/she may join the ranks of World Servers. There are many blessed Souls who agreed to embody on the Earth in order to be representatives of the Archangels, who RAY-diate the energies of the Twelve great Rays of God-consciousness within this Sub-universal experience. Remember, the major focus of your mission on Earth is to help intensify the Love/Light of the lower dimensions, thereby gradually returning the third/fourth dimensions into a balanced and harmonious state of existence.  We of the angelic realms are here in great force to help you move through these times of evolution and great change with ease and grace; however, you must ask for our assistance, for we cannot infringe upon your free will.  Reclaim your rightful place as a Master of Light, dear ones, and remember, as you integrate the knowledge of Spirit and illumined truth, we ask you to go forth and share your wisdom. We are ever near to guide, protect and inspire you, but mostly to love you. I AM Archangel Michael.      
Transmitted through Ronna Herman * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : E-mail:

A must see if you haven't watched this movie yet...

(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? - YouTube
Apr 5, 2012 - Uploaded by ThriveMovement
THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on ... War of the Servers (Full Movie)by ...


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


CONTENTS:  Your Destiny is to Create With God   ***AA GABRIEL AND URIEL Message

Saul SPEAKS - Your Destiny is to Create with God. 
        Telepath, John Smallman 
 Saul speaks 

You are on the cusp of enormous changes to the way you experience life, monumental changes that will inspire and uplift you, changes that have been planned since the moment of your apparent separation from your Source. You are always at one with Source, connected eternally to Athe creative force. Without that connection there would be no consciousness, no awareness, nothing, and that is impossible because the Source always is having had no beginning and being unending, It just is in all Its magnificence, eternally beyond time which is purely illusory. Its Love and Its Light shine on you in every moment determining and ensuring your eternal existence. You have just temporarily chosen to be unaware of It. And now awareness of that unawareness is seeping gently, irresistibly, and intriguingly into humanity’s consciousness, dissolving it.
The focus on the distractions of the illusion, and they are many, varied, and until now totally fascinating, is weakening as your fascination with them becomes stale, dull, boring. Instead your natural creative talents are being aroused and demanding your attention, which is how it should be because when they flow freely and spontaneously they bring you joy and satisfaction beyond measure. Your destiny is to create with God, you had forgotten this and have, for eons, been attempting to create without His loving guidance and encouragement. You have been attempting to go it alone, and by doing so you have placed incredible restrictions on your God-given talents and creative powers.
This lack has led you to watch the apparent success of others with increasing envy and dissatisfaction, while they, driven by the self-same feelings, watch you with equal dismay, the result is that you have been competing viciously, instead of cooperating harmoniously and lovingly, thus constantly leading yourselves furiously along the path of bitterness and resentment that you frequently blame on God!
But it is your path, you choose it and you re-establish it in every moment by your beliefs. Beliefs are very strong, however you always have the choice to change them, and to do so with the loving help of your guides, mentors, or angels will assist you in your awakening process. Talk to them, and LISTEN to them in your daily quiet times, it is essential for your well-being, and to dissolve the bitterness to which so many have become addicted.
You are all divine and beautiful aspects of the One and once you accept that, and know it again your egos will be subsumed and reintegrated into the totality that You are, and that is what they fear more than anything else. Once that happens they too will be blissfully content. What they fear is the unknown, and it is unknown to them because they did not arrive, basically as caricatures of who you really are, until after your illusory separation from your divine Source. They know that the separation was an error, a big mistake, but they do not know why and they fear retribution. If they had experienced the Source they would have no fear, they would know only Love. However, you created them for the purpose of the separation to establish limits on your knowing, on your awareness, and so for your egos there is this enormous sense of impending doom as death of the body looms before them, an inevitable, unavoidable, and terrifying aspect of humanity’s earthly embodiment.
When you believe yourselves to be only bodies with short, limited, and basically unsatisfactory lives, which you are always in danger of losing due to some personal or society-wide catastrophe, which is the picture that your egos present to you, you are effectively being press-ganged by your egos into striving to avoid the inevitable by whatever means you can imagine. One of the most obvious is by taking advantage of another’s misfortunes and attempting to offer them up instead of yourselves for the expected divine retribution. It is from that fear that human sacrifice was born. That fear remains and humans continue to sacrifice one another indiscriminately all over the world. On the whole it is not called sacrifice, but enlightened self-interest – the only one who is going to look after you is you yourself!
As Light bearers and wayshowers you are fully aware that there is a divine Being, a Source, God, Who is Love, and Who loves you unconditionally in every moment. You are presently embodied to bring the energies of Love to humanity by connecting with them and sharing them indiscriminately at all times. The numbers of you aware and doing this has grown exponentially over the last several decades and the results are evident in the vast increase in the compassionate attention being paid to basic human rights and the need to care for the impoverished, the sick, and the elderly. This is compassion in action, and as the field of Love in which it operates expands, more and more humans are linking together and starting to resolve these issues. Also, as a result of the increasing worldwide compassion, those who would ride callously rough-shod over others are finding themselves increasingly side-lined and no longer free to treat their fellow men with the disdain that has been endemic on this planet. A collective conscience has evolved which is setting to rights the wrongs that have for so long been accepted as normal behavior.
These are the uplifting signs that the New Age has indeed dawned. Love, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion are bursting forth in some of the most unexpected places, bringing hope and relief to those who had found themselves brought to hopelessness and despair by an inhuman machine that was built to suppress, control, and then discard them as worthless. That machine is collapsing, disintegrating, and being dismantled as the body politic discovers that humanity at large is no longer willing to sit quietly under that dismal and utterly unacceptable yoke of suppression.
The Light of God’s Love is spreading like wildfire across the planet, and It is inextinguishable. It embraces all in Its path, drawing them to Itself in tenderhearted and unconditional acceptance, demanding nothing and offering, as It always has, everything. Find that Love burning brightly within yourselves when you take your time out for prayer, relaxation, or meditation. It is the Life Force, and It is yours, invested permanently within you if you will but open your hearts to receive It. It will never, for any reason at all, be withdrawn, because It is your Father’s eternal gift to you.
With so very much love, Saul.

'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.' Owen Waters


Posted: 28 Oct 2013 10:13 PM PDT


Do not ever forget that we, the Universe and everything act according to your very choices. This is a fabulous week for planting the seeds germane to what you want to achieve and selecting how you want to be in your life. Enjoy the gift of being creative. As such, evaluate your choices remembering that we support you in how you want to be and what you want to achieve. Do not forget that that your mind should be clear with an eye to ensure the clearness of your intentions. Do not undermine your motivation and high frequency by remaining in the focus of your intentions. Your faith is very substantial. The transition has a sharp energy, so it's very substantial to remain balanced and focused. Please have contact with plenty of water, spend time outdoors, speak with Us and if there are energies you are working on, continue to work with them on a regular basis. Call Archangel Raphael as often as you can, you allow Him to heal everything you know or you do not know that you believe to hinder you. Treat yourself well. You are very special. When entering a new month, the doors for you are wide open; do not refuse if brilliant ideas, new approaches and crazy dreams come to your mind. This week, all your ideas that enlighten you like an illuminator are supported. Prepare an action plan for yourself for your choices incident to these events that will come out of to determine by which steps to proceed. This lets you go easily on your path. Make a list, keep a diary write the new ideas and dreams you desire to achieve and then realize them. My little ones, you will be amazed to see how you take thousands of steps only by one single step. 

With Love and Light.
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Uriel************************************************************************
Rev. Caroline Dawley,  Publisher, New Earth Rising - Global Messenger
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