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The Song of Your Heart

The Song of Your Heart
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ November 05 – 12, 2013
Received by Julie Miller
November 05, 2013

Each of you has a precious melody that is unique and equally special, and this precious melody dear ones is the song your heart sings when you are in the Presence of God. Accept that your own presence is beautiful and divine and as you walk along your path that has led you onto a spiritual journey, you discover you have entered a more complete Inner Knowing of God’s Love and you have experienced God’s Love in many corners of your life and within the living and breathing world around you.

As you become more aware of God’s Presence in your life, you also become more aware of any one part of you that still holds mistrust towards God and this new awareness provides you with the opportunity to explore these areas of yourself and in time with love and care from you, you will learn what is needed to increase your level of trust and faith in God.

Fear is common when you first step forward into God’s Light. You step forward because you love God and you have longed for the moment to become ONE with His Light and Love, yet there is a part of you that fears letting go completely, trusting God with your life and journey. Don’t worry much on this dear ones, as it is quite common and a necessary step in your spiritual development and growth. When you let go of your fears and of the doubts your Ego creates your soul becomes more connected with your whole self that is very much alive and vibrant with vital light energy.

For a long time many dear souls that share your Earth have lived in a perceived state of being separated from God. Even in your current modern era your bodies have become attuned to the practical aspects that life has for you. Because of your fast paced world it is harder for you to recognize the existence of miracles and mysteries because your awareness has been dormant for a long time. As a result, your ability to perceive God’s Light and Love that has always been an integral part of each waking day is dimmed until you begin to consciously make an effort to raise your consciousness and awareness and begin opening your whole self in trust and faith to God’s Presence.

Many dear souls wonder how can they improve their trust and faith in God, and how can they let go of their fears that will suddenly come out when they begin to follow the Will of God. Understand dear ones, living in trust and faith in God and His Divine Presence is not something you try out of whim, it requires daily acceptance of His Presence in every area of your life. Stretching your awareness beyond your normal capacity will create growing pains, but the expansion of your awareness is necessary not just for your ability to recognize God’s Presence but to be more self-aware.

The moment your journey takes a path that leads to a spiritual life, a door to the divine suddenly becomes open. As you make your way through this door you will explore and discover new abilities, skills and strengths that will help raise your intuitive level of perception and your consciousness rises to new and wondrous heights. As you rise to new heights of awareness, you also find the necessity of purifying yourself through spiritual cleansings and clearings more often from the debris that prevented you from recognizing your full divine nature.

When you realize your purification has begun, God will light a path that was once previously hidden. Through certain circumstances within your current relationships or that cause a flux in your emotions and feelings you recognize this as a change. As you move through the changes, you are brought back to your soul’s unique ONENESS with God. At this point dear ones, any part of yourself that housed fear, doubt or second-guessed where your path was leading to is illuminated with God’s Light, providing a new path with fresh directives. As you move into the Light God has provided you to follow, the old painful memories that will surface are released and you will at a steady pace find yourself freed from emotional hindrances that created the reasons for your previous mistrust in God.

Through each turn and passage along your journey, eventually you become free of many heavy emotions and burdens that you have been carrying for a very long time. As you free yourself from burdens of events and situations that have long since passed, your beautiful spirit is renewed and you are provided with new and aspiring opportunities to branch out in new and exciting directions. The more you believe in your journey and trust in God, the more Hope and Faith becomes a constant companion. As you learn to shed the fears you previously held of trusting yourself completely under God’s care, you come to realize the profound depth of God’s Love for each of you and this love has never wavered. When you choose to live your life within the sanctity of God’s Love, blessings will be fruitful and they will enlighten you and heal you through the radiant outpouring of His Divine Heart as He blesses each and every of His Children and the Earth which you live.

Because of the unstable flux of changes that are felt by energy and vibrations, often your emotions become intense and at times you will feel it’s not possible to be positive about anything and all that enters your mind frame are negative thoughts and your self-talk degenerates. During times like these dear ones, what is needed is God’s Healing Presence. Ask for God, speak to Him with an open heart and open mind, seek healing through His Light and know His Love will heal you from the depths of your soul and mend all the pain and sadness you have been carrying.

Comprehend dear ones, love is more tangible that you may realize. Love comes into your life through many guises. Love can be felt through a comforting hug, a friend or family member wishing you goodwill, through prayer love is given and felt and love is felt by a beloved animal friend and as you can see dear ones; love is expressed through many actions without using words yet the power and feeling is incredible.

We see too often many dear souls trying to perfect their physical appearance, or trying to perfect another aspect of themselves instead of focusing on seeing themselves as already complete as they are. As you are able to hold onto God’s Presence into all areas of your life you, including the difficult moments you come to realize how much you actually trust in God and that lack of faith in Him came from your own lack of faith in yourself. Trust yourself, and have faith in the direction your path is taking you to. Continue cultivating your inner connection with God and your ONENESS with His Presence will sustain you through each good time and every bad time.

Having a tight connection with God and being aware of His Divine Presence in each area of your life will provide comfort and support during the most trying of times and nourishment when life has given you a difficult obstacle to overcome. Understand dear ones, the stronger your connection with God, the greater possibility of receiving His blessings, healing and Grace.

When you find yourself stumbling down a painful path filled with despair where you feel hopeless, it’s important for you to connect with other dear souls that are genuinely supportive, loving and caring. When you are willing to ask another dear soul for help even if that help is simply listening, and they comply their combined actions of being willing, listening, and compassionate will help activate and strengthen the presence of love in your own self from the dear soul you have turned to for comfort and support.

The divine light that is an accepted part of love begins to melt any shadows of despair and discord. The presence of God’s Love is always available dear ones, you simply have to reach for Him and allow His Light to be the anchor of love you have always been seeking. God’s love has the power of transforming the worst pain if you simply allow His Presence to enter each area of your life. It is through this allowance that your Hope and Faith in God and in yourself returns and His return is felt deeply within your heart, and your mind and body becomes lighter and clearer. As you allow yourself to feel God’s Presence into each area of your life you will literally feel all the new that is aiding to the rise of your consciousness that will propel new blessings that are beyond imagination and these blessings that are to come dear ones will be gifts from God and of the Love that He has bestowed upon each of you.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller
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November transmission from the Elders thru Anrita Melchizedek

Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of November as you experience the sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, your Solar Logii and God Parents for this Solar System; and indeed, sweet ones, in this month of November, too, you experience a deeper sense of the Divine Feminine and many important planetary activities of Light.

You have recently passed through the New Moon Solar Eclipse and now enter into the 11:11 Portal of Light. The vibration of Divine Light that activates through this 11:11 Portal brings through the eleventh ray of Divine Love and Illumined Truth. And you find yourselves now,  wrapped in this beautiful pink-orange Flame of Divine Love and Illumined Truth. You have a sense of how this year of 2013 has unfolded through a deeper level of the Divine Feminine, for it is the Divine Feminine that flows with ease and grace ~ it is finding the feminine way in communication, in expression of self, that takes you out of conflict, that takes you out of the need to assert yourself unnecessarily. It is a different flow in how you communicate with others, and while the Divine Masculine guides you too, in strength and power and wisdom, it is the energy of Love that unites you, it is the energy of Love that embraces you, it is the energy of Love that finds this balance of giving, and receiving, and that amplifies too this sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance; and as you are wrapped now in the beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames of the sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance, you have a sense of how you are open to receiving and giving, for there is an equal balance to be found in this receiving and giving. The Law of Abundance  is an abiding principle within the Universal Laws. It is to understand that there is already this unlimited, infinite source of creative energy, of Divine Love that is available within everything ~ it is this sea of joy and creativity, of goodwill, of Unity Consciousness. This Divine, creative energy is the source of all abundance, and there is nowhere that it is not, so there is no lack anywhere at any time, except within those blockages that are self created and experienced in self limitation through false beliefs and judgments and the ability to experience, or be unable to experience, this flow of giving and receiving.

Additionally, like everything that you wish for,  it is your ability to magnetize and to bring this into your reality, through your thoughts, through your feelings, through the focus on what it is that you desire, that brings about the fulfilment of abundance, or lack of abundance. Indeed,  focusing on 'the lack of' amplifies this, as you know; and focusing on creating the energy in frequency of that which you desire will bring about a greater outcome of the flow of abundance. It is to know that you have already been given everything, and often as you move through the false beliefs and the judgments you create these contrasting experiences by attracting, sometimes, exactly the opposite of what you desire ~ for the experience of it ~ for your soul's growth, and to focus your desire on what it is you truly want. And it is this desire that brings into your reality a deeper level of this infinite, creative energy, of this Divine Source Light, allowing it to flow through you and creating a deeper level of alignment to the Law of Abundance and the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. And you feel this energy of abundance, as you focus on what it is that you would like to manifest, to experience, to bring into your reality in this Now ~ Love, joy, partnership, money ~ it matters not what this desire is. However, focusing on the highest attainment of qualities such as joy and Love and appreciation will bring about a greater level of desire in action, a greater level of abundance.

And now, within your sacred spaces, simply breathe through the body. Visualise this copper-gold and pink-gold Flame of Divine Love, and this sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance. Activate the heart chakra in a beautiful golden sun, and now spiralling this golden sun through each one of the chakras and sub-atomic particles, you experience a greater level of abundance, of alignment, to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Breathing now through your antakarana, your fluorescent Tube of Light, this golden sun expands from the heart chakra around the body now, in this spherical shape of increased manifestation, magnetization and abundance, amplified in the copper-gold and pink-gold Flames of the sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance. And you pause for a moment,  to see if there is anything that you experience in terms of discomfort, or blockages within the physical body, or at a cellular level, or within the energy field, the emotional or mental bodies. For it is important to understand,  that the flow of abundance or lack thereof, is brought about through many of the beliefs that you have of what you deserve in any given Now moment; and if there are issues in which you feel a lack of within your lives, there are underlying issues of lack of self love, lack of belief within yourselves, as to your full magnificence and preciousness as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, as these Master Beings of Light. This infinite Source of Creation, this Cosmic Light of Creation is within you and around you and connects, too, both vertically and horizontally, into the Unity Grid of Divine Love ~ into the embrace of the light workers and star seeded ones, and you feel this energy connection now as your energy field expands. You feel this energy connection now in a new way to your soul family of the Light. As you merge with your Beloved I AM Presence, you have a sense of your energy field expanding too. Encapsulate the energy vibration of your soul and star family and friends of the Light, and you take this out wherever you are now within your sacred space, to your earthly family and friends of the Light, to your family, to your colleagues ~ you expand your energy field to bring them into this field of Divine Love, and within this sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance, so they too may feel and experience this flow of abundance within their lives.

And you open yourselves to receiving,  as much as giving, for many of you are quite able in giving of your energy, sometimes to the detriment of yourselves. So it is to find this balance always of giving and receiving, to find this balance that takes you into this harmonic flow of the Source of All Creation, through the flow of abundance, of joy, of Love, of delight, of appreciation, of money, of partnership, of support ~ whatever you are needing, sweet ones, open yourselves to receiving this through the flow of this beautiful creative energy and the sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance.

And you affirm to yourselves: "I AM an abundant, blessed Being of Light, a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love, able to magnetize and manifest and bring into my reality all that I need in any given Now moment in this flow of Universal Abundance. I have everything already that I need, in this Now ~ and I allow this creative energy of Source Light to flow through me taking me into a greater level of alignment to the Law of Abundance."
And now,  you bring a focus to the planetary activities of Light that are being experienced through this sacred month of November. As you bring a focus now initially to this 11:11 Portal of Light and surround yourselves once more in this beautiful pink-orange Flame of Divine Love and Illumined Truth, merging with your Beloved I AM Presence and calling in all the Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge and your Master Guides, and your Guardian Angel, you take a moment to ground into the crystalline matrix and the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. You take a moment to center through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, for you know that you are linked with the hearts and minds of the numerous Light workers and star seeded ones celebrating this day too in a deep alignment of Source Light and this beautiful energy of Divine Love. As you connect into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, you connect to all the Lightworkers and star seeded ones in this formation of the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light. You feel your energy field amplifying into the collective of Unity Consciousness. The key codes coming through from this planetary grid ~ the numerologies, the fractal geometries, the sacred geometries, the fire letters, the key codes, all being activated now to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow, so you may take this beautiful pink-orange Flame of Light within and around the Light Body of Mother Earth; as you create your etheric Light Bodies, as you become that which you have forever been, these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

And as you feel and experience yourselves in this flow of Love you merge now with the God/Goddess archetypes. The God/Goddess archetypes know and experience themselves simply as the energy of Light and Divine Love ~ flowing, loving, gentle, and in service to Mother Earth and to all her Life. You create the pathways for others to follow, sweet ones; you create and effect change simply through your Beingness and through your energy field, and you flow through the energy of the Divine Feminine.

And as you merge now with the Queen/Mother, the King/Father archetypes, you have a sense of grounding your service work, of being in charge of your domain, so to speak, taking responsibility for the children within your family, within your Family of Light, and the children on this Earth plane. And you link too with the indigo and crystal and diamond children of Light ~ the new children coming through that are carrying the energy of the Golden Age of Light. And you take this beautiful pink-orange Flame of Illumined Truth and Divine Love into the hearts of all children on this Earth plane; loving them, and allowing them to feel your Love. And you take this energy out now to the crystal kingdoms, the plant kingdoms, the animal kingdoms, and now, into the hearts and minds of all humanity.

And you merge now with the Wise Woman/the Sage archetypes. The dormant DNA activates to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow as this beautiful golden infinity symbol spirals within the heart chakra, through each one of the chakras now, bringing in a deeper level of the wisdom that you hold, the knowledge that you hold, and the way forward, as you see clearly now as the third eye in particular is activated to your Heart's Dreaming through the Christed Timelines.

And now as you merge with the Lover archetype you allow this intimacy into your Life, into your heart, into your body ~ into a deeper level of expression of self-love and self-nurturing; finding the dance, the joy, the passion, the rhythm and the creative flow that amplifies once more the energy of this beautiful Cosmic Fire of Abundance.

And now, in this collective Unified Force Field of Divine Love, you bring your focus now to the Aion Portal activation which occurs on November 23rd. At this Now moment, a heliocentric configuration takes place at the peak of the Uranus/Pluto square. This heliocentric configuration activates through Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. As these planets form a six-pointed star mandala around the Sun, this not only amplifies this sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance, sweet ones, but this configuration of the six-pointed star amplifies into the star-tetrahedronal shape and lifts all Life into a greater level of Cosmic Conscious awareness. And at the time of this activation, the Central Sun will send an energy mini-pulse through the Sun and through the six-pointed star mandala of all planets to create this harmonic resonant wave of Solar Christ Consciousness to be experienced by all Life within this Solar System, and to lift all Life into a greater level of Solar Christ Consciousness.

And so  as you come together as the I AM Avatar race you are surrounded now in the beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold Flames of the sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance, and within the etheric electronic ring of Solar Christ Consciousness. As you breathe deep into the body you activate now the Portal of Light taking you into the Sun and Solar Christ Consciousness, found just above the crown chakra. Breathing through your antakarana, your fluorescent Tube of Light, you further activate now this connective portal into the Central Sun, and now the Great Central Sun. Good. As you breathe the energy of Source Light through the body and energy field, you bring a focus too,  to the Inner Earth Sun, this Portal of Light that takes you into the fiery Sun with the Inner Earth. And as you link collectively to the Inner Earth Sun now, you find yourselves within the Solar Core and the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta.

And now, as you experience the energy matrix of this Divine, creative, infinite energy coming through as Source Light, from the Great Central Sun, from the Central Sun, to the Sun and Solar Core, it amplifies within your heart chakras as this six-pointed star, this six-pointed star of Melchizedek Consciousness. As you hold this energy matrix now,, this six-pointed star now activates, initially through Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, and from here this six pointed star transforms into this star-tetrahedronal shape. This star-tetrahedronal shape further activates the Light Body and lifts you into Solar Christ Consciousness; and this six-pointed star now activates within all the planets, the sacred and non-sacred planets within the Solar System, as they are bathed in the beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flame of Solar Christ Consciousness and the sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance ~ and this sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance enters into each planet within this solar system, and in particular baths Mother Earth and all her Life through this beautiful six-pointed star, which transforms too into this star-tetrahedronal shape, activating the Light Body of Mother Earth and your Light Bodies. You come into a deeper level of this crystalline matrix of Divine Love. You come into a deeper level of Universal Abundance for yourselves and for all Life, and you come, most importantly, into a deeper sense of the freedom for all Life.


You envisage not only your Heart's Dreaming, and this flow of abundance this Source Light, for yourselves, but for all Life on this earth plane. As you amplify this sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance you bring in the qualities of joy, and Love, and partnership and support and freedom ~ this creative energy of Solar Christ Consciousness, lifting all Life into the New Earth Templates, allowing all Life the opportunity to experience this Golden Age of Light, to experience Heaven on Earth.

And lastly now, you bring a focus to the time period of November 28th and 29th ~ Thanksgiving in the United States. It is also the time of Comet Ison which may be visible during the daytime on 28th November due to its size and trajectory. Comet Ison,  will assist in the anchoring, through the Light Grids and the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love, of these new encodings of Light that are being activated through the Aion Portal activation. As you come together with your groups, you find yourselves drawn to particular portals and vortices, within and around this Earth plane, bringing through this sacred Cosmic Fire of Abundance, surrounding Mother Earth and all her Life once more in these beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold Flames of Light ~ connecting to the energy of Comet Ison as the Light Grids are now anchored and activated to maximum Cosmic Law can allow, allowing for planetary liberation, for freedom, joy, Love, creativity, support and financial abundance, to be experienced for all Life on this earth plane.


Comet Ison may even be as bright as the moon for a short time at its perihelion or closest approach to the Sun on November 28th, and after that, if the sun does not tear it apart, then its orbit will pass earth in January 2014. These are powerful activities of Light that influence you, and you are experiencing too, sweet ones, a greater level of the solar flares. The energy of the solar flares as you know effect the electro-magnetic field of Mother Earth and affect your own electro-magnetic fields, clearing, releasing and taking you into a greater alignment of Source ~ sometimes not so comfortably, sometimes in heightened emotions and sometimes with greater levels of sensitivity. This is a part of the change that you are all going through in moving into the New Earth frequencies. The photonic rays of Light, further amplify as they have been throughout this sacred year of 2013 and will continue until the year 2020 to amplify in frequency, to allow all Life the opportunity to experience this Golden Age of Light.

As you come back now into your sacred spaces, you ground once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, you feel once more this connection that you have with all Life in Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, keeping this connection open to the Company of Heaven and the realms of Light. You are doing well, sweet ones, very well. And so, we bless you, and we honor you, and we thank you for your service work. With this, we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller
For further details on the Aion Portal Activation, please view

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Posted: 09 Nov 2013 03:10 PM PST

Beloved masters, the process the world and humanity are now experiencing has been spoken of by many wise sages and masters over the past several hundred years, and yet, the masses have not taken heed and have continued on a downward path of self-destruction. Humanity has built an illusion of wealth and abundance, but it has been built on the quicksand of greed and fear of scarcity. This giant bubble of illusion has burst under the pressure of the Living Light of truth. What humanity is now experiencing is the cause and effect or the karmic results of following the impulses of the ego-desire body insteapd of the whisperings of Spirit. Many dear souls have never experienced lack or deprivation–they have lived a life of instant self-gratification–while others, who believed the old teachings that they were not worthy of abundance, have lived many lifetimes of scarcity and impoverishment. You, the StarSeed, are in the midst of the astounding process of awakening to the awareness of your celestial heritage, which has been encoded within atom seed crystals and stored within your Sacred Mind. Also, be aware that there is a magnificent history of bravery and excellence woven into the violent and often tedious journey of human evolution. You are experiencing a resurrection of extra-sensory abilities and higher consciousness abilities which have been dormant for many ages. However, it is not always an easy or comfortable process, and it takes dedication and effort to open the sealed door to your inner wisdom; the Sacred Mind. It is vitally important that you learn to trust your own inner guidance once more. A loving and grateful heart purifies the consciousness and creates tranquility and peace of mind. It gradually develops into a constant state of serenity and Self-assurance, rather than just an occasional occurrence. It is apparent in every facet of earthly existence that humanity is awakening from the illusional dream of past ages as the refreshing Light of God-consciousness permeates all Creation. Each Soul has an unique consciousness code within their Diamond Core God Cell. This code contains the perfect resonance or harmonics for each lifetime. One of the wonders of recalibrating your Energetic Signature with your Soul Song is that the attuned frequencies begin to resonate with the streams of Living Light, which gradually connect your OverSoul-self to the many other fragments of your Higher Self. At that time, your ascension process truly begins. You still cannot comprehend that you are strongly interconnected with all the facets of your Higher Self. One of the greatest, most astounding awakenings is when you become aware that you are a facet of a great, multidimensional Being of Light. It may be unbelievable at this time of great suffering, but the conditions the people of the world are presently experiencing with regard to abundance will eventually result in great blessings. When the suffering and pain of loss become great enough, more and more dear souls will turn inward for answers, and all the mighty forces of the higher realms will be waiting to answer humanity’s pleas and will be ready to offer assistance.
It may seem as if your lifeline is being tugged and pulled in many different directions as Spirit tries to get your attention You can resist and hold back, kicking and screaming; however, you will eventually move forward on the spiral of ascension. There will be no denying that the evolutionary cycle, which is now in full swing, is creating chaos and a momentous breaking down of old belief systems and structures. Remember what we have often said, “Out of chaos comes new creation.” Every person’s Soul-self is nudging and prodding, to one degree or another, in an effort to get his/her attention. No one can maintain the status-quo, coasting and drifting, and ignoring the call to awaken. You must either grow and ascend in consciousness, or sink deeper into chaos and limitation–only postponing the inevitable.
Beloveds, rise above the fear and sense of helplessness that are rampant around the world. See yourselves in your fifth-dimensional, Pyramid of Light and ask that the infinite abundance of all Creation flow to you and through you. You are to take what you require and then allow the rest to flow out into the world of form.
Remember, when you are infused with the Light of Spirit, it affects everything and everyone around you. As your radiance grows and expands, you will draw more and more like-minded people into your sphere of awareness. The spiritual trumpet to awaken is growing louder and it is reverberating throughout the land into the most sparsely populated places of the Earth, as well as the most densely populated areas. The Light has no favorites, it will infuse and bless anyone or anything that is receptive to Its transforming, enlivening energies.
You must also be aware that some dear souls will not be able to stand to be in the aura of your Lightness, for it is too painful. Whether intentional or not, they will try to throw you “off Center,” and reestablish the status quo or keep things as they were in the past, no matter how chaotic or unsatisfying. It is more important than ever that you, as the transducers and transformers of the refined Creator Light, stay focused and steadfast as you strive to incorporate and radiate more and more of the refined Light of Creation out into the world. Many around you will wonder and ask why you have changed so much, and why you are no longer willing to participate in the old games of drama and lower-frequency entertainment. As you move further up the path toward Self-mastery, the energies and actions of others will affect you less and less.
As we have often told you, first you must teach by example, via your intentions and actions, and finally through words of wisdom offered at the appropriate time. However, if those around you are not willing to learn to act and react in a more positive, harmonious way through observation or listen when you offer loving suggestions and moral support, it is important that you withdraw from the drama they are creating and assume the stance of an impartial observer.
Seekers of wisdom and self-transformation learn from their own actions and reactions, whether positive or negative. From a spiritual point of view, negative events offer an opportunity to learn which course of action brings forth the most positive results. Your Higher Self always tests you, over and over again, until you reject those things that are not in your best interest, and authenticate that which is your truth.
An important component of Self-mastery is to learn to focus on your inner world or the sanctuary of the Soul. The Soul, the physical vessel and particularly the mind have their own rhythmic cycles and agendas. The Soul’s desire is focused on becoming en-Lighten-ed. The mind is focused on attaining and retaining information. The physical body is focused on experiencing the physical world via the senses. Humanity is constantly experiencing cycles of growth, stagnation and decay, which make way for a new cycle of growth and expansion. The master turns inward and strives for an enhanced quality of life, while the unawakened Souls seek outwardly for stimulus and gratification through pleasurable, physical sensation and material possessions. Love as an external focus, exterior to yourself, will always bring a sense of vulnerability, always needing constant validation by someone or something.
Love as an internal focus projected outward is a constant flow of self-assurance, of self-acceptance, always striving to incorporate and project more of this blissful feeling of unity and harmony with all creation. You will begin to feel more and more levels of intelligent, unconditional love, and eventually, Sacred Love, when the Soul becomes the dominating force within, and the ego desire body and personality are brought under control. As you turn inward, your thoughts become more harmonious and less critical and resonate at a higher frequency, which refines your Energetic Signature. You must keep the channel of communication open between the Soul and the brain via the mind. This initiates the slow reactivation process of the Pineal Gland, and the opening of the portal to the Sacred Mind, which is located at that back portion of the brain, close to the crown of the head. When your frequencies reach a certain level of compatibility, the membranes of Light that guard entrance to your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind begin to dissolve, and you gradually gain access to the treasure chests of love and wisdom stored within.
Once again we will remind you of this important fact: All Creation is constantly moving in and out of specific vibrational patterns, which we call energetic signatures, or OCTAVES OF ENERGETIC SOUND. You are identified by your energetic signature and your Soul Song, which determine the Light brilliance of your auric field. Your energetic signature is composed of the frequencies of your physical vessel in your third- /fourth-dimensional environment. The balanced frequencies of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions are stored within your Soul-self and become part of your Soul Song. Beloveds, ingrain this thought firmly within your mind. There are an incalculable number of unified fields of consciousness. You are in the process of connecting to the magnetic power of many of these higher frequency fields of Cosmic awareness. You are beginning to attune to the vibrations of Divine Will, Divine Wisdom and Divine Love, which are primary attributes and qualities of our Father/Mother God.
Another important attribute of your powerful, inborn condition is that your two hands are among the most highly developed links to your brain, for there are etheric generator crystals embedded within the palms of the hands. They were designed to be some of the strongest, electromagnetic impulses of the physical vessel. That is why those who have activated or developed the healing power within their hands are so effective in the healing arts. In the future, you have the potential of redeveloping the memory cells within your fingertips so that you may access conscious and subconscious information through touch.
A good exercise would be to hold a crystal which you have Self-programmed as a generator healing crystal in one of your hands as you focus on activating the healing abilities within the palms of your hands. Via the Infinity Breath exercise, concentrate on sending/feeling the Adamantine Particles of Light within your palms. Your palms may become very warm or begin to tingle. It may take a while for you to feel the sensations; however, you will gradually gain the ability to send healing Creator Light to localized parts of your own body. Future healing will include en-Lighten-ed, dynamic healers with the ability to send almost laser-like healing beams of Divine Light to their patients. Reiki and other energy modalities are based on this ancient, esoteric knowledge.
The chakra system also has both magnetizing and radiating capabilities. The higher the frequency patterns you can accommodate, the faster and more perfectly your chakras will spin, thereby radiating a greater force and higher frequency patterns throughout your bodily form and out into the world. Energy is always in motion. Creation is always in motion. The only pause is during the STILL POINT moment of Creation. As many of you are aware, over the past several years, the term “Earth Angel” has become a common term in spiritually-focused messages and channeled missives. To clarify, this can mean any Soul who is steadfastly striving to attain Self-mastery so that he/she may join the ranks of World Servers. There are many blessed Souls who agreed to embody on the Earth in order to be representatives of the Archangels, who RAY-diate the energies of the Twelve great Rays of God-consciousness within this Sub-universal experience. Remember, the major focus of your mission on Earth is to help intensify the Love/Light of the lower dimensions, thereby gradually returning the third/fourth dimensions into a balanced and harmonious state of existence. We of the angelic realms are here in great force to help you move through these times of evolution and great change with ease and grace; however, you must ask for our assistance, for we cannot infringe upon your free will. Reclaim your rightful place as a Master of Light, dear ones, and remember, as you integrate the knowledge of Spirit and illumined truth, we ask you to go forth and share your wisdom. We are ever near to guide, protect and inspire you, but mostly to love you I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
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Thursday, November 7, 2013



CONTENTS:  The Energies of November  2013 and  * FOUR BLESSINGS AND MORE FROM JUDI SATORI 

Energies of November 2013
November is a month whose energies lend themselves to tying up loose ends, cleaning out our emotional, mental and spiritual closets, and taking a long look at what we want to change in our lives. That doesn’t mean we can’t start new things, but the energy may not be there to support new beginnings in an easy or graceful way right now, partly because of a pesky Mercury retrograde which is going to keep us on the path of clearing out our stuff all month.
We’ll be making lots of changes this month but they may not be outwardly visible until December. Remember that density (3D)  is the last place that changes become visible, not the first. By the time they trickle down to 3D so we can ‘see’ them, they have been propagated everywhere else energetically. Since early 2013 we have been in the process of profound transformation, individually and collectively, and if we have been avoiding certain issues, we will find ourselves facing them and having to choose our path. There are only two options now, the past or the present, one keeping us where we are, the other propelling us into an unknown future.
November begins with the fourth of seven Uranus/Pluto squares, a retrograde Mercury (in Scorpio) , and a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio (Saturn impacts all of these and it is also in Scorpio). The forces of transformation are knocking at our collective doorway, are we going to answer? If November’s energies could speak, they would say ‘It’s time to make your move’ or at least, to consider it, because it doesn’t matter what we choose, as long as we choose something.
The comfort zone of our past is where we decide to stay when we are too afraid to confront the discomfort zone of our unknown potential. And yet, when that potential screams loudly enough, we have to put our fears aside and decide to take a look at what else is available for us. We know it’s time for a change when nothing is working and we feel stuck but whether we are ready for that change or not and willing to take action on it is another matter.
If we look at the 7 Uranus/Pluto squares as aligning with the 7 chakras, as written by Carol Ciocco, then this one corresponds with the heart chakra, which is chakra four. Think of opening the heart, learning to receive, valuing ourselves, working through issues around love — in both the energetic and the emotional aspects, repairing our broken heart energy, recapturing our love energy, and learning to love ourselves. Does this resonate with any of the changes you are facing now? All blessings begin with self love so if you are not feeling blessed, it’s time to take a self love inventory and work on evolving into love.
The keyword for November is excavate, or dig deeply and then to have the courage to dig a little more deeply. So much of what blocks us is waiting for us to let it go but we have to dig it up first.  Many of our life experiences are now helping us to pinpoint those areas where our beliefs, experiences, attitudes, fears, judgments, and memories are locking us in place. But letting them go is just the starting point, we must also have an intention for our next steps or we’re creating a vacuum that we don’t know how to fill.
Like everything else in our lives, it’s a process, seek and find, let go and embrace, contract and expand, moving us from our past to our present, as we choose our energetic space in each moment. As I wrote for the month of November in the 2013 predictions,
“November — The month starts with Mercury retrograde, the fourth Uranus/Pluto square and an eclipse so it will be interesting. Those who are firmly grounded in the changes they  have been making all year (and even all of the work they have done for the past decade)  will not feel the pressure of this month.
In fact, it will feel more like confirmation of the work they have done. There will be a strong feeling of the world’s people united in creating a more sustainable, loving, supportive world. ‘Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide’ comes to mind as I think of November, as those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. Don’t let the chaos distract you, remember — change is inevitable, chaos is optional.”
So we as move through this month, pay attention to your thoughts about the past, hurts, regrets, things you haven’t done yet and want to do, things you have avoided or feel you are now ready for, especially things from the past, which Mercury retro is good for dredging up and that happens at an enhanced level when it’s in Scorpio.
We’re ending a 19 year eclipse cycle that brings events from 1992 to 1994 forward. What did you do then and what can you do now that is different, more supportive, fulfilling, with a focus on blessing you and your life? The Mercury retrograde ends on November 10 and is completely over by the 27th so you may feel that uncovering your truths is a little more pressing, involved, or heavy, all month.
Don’t get discouraged, keep pressing forward and you will make progress. We still have one more month left in 2013 and we’re going to be working through this until the very last minute. 2014 will present with a much different set of options and opportunities — the 2014 predictions will be posted at the end of December 2013.
If you want to review what I wrote about this part of 2013, you can read my 2013 Predictions here.

Monday, November 4, 2013



An hour before you go to bed, ask Archangel Metatron to prepare his Light Bath for you.
If you are in peaceful surroundings, you may be aware of a gentle current of light running through your body. Relax and allow this to be. Archangel Metatron is the Primary Source of Pure Light available to Humanity, and an absolute expert in Light Quotient building.
Once in bed, or in your receptive state, state the following, either aloud or mentally.

'Archangel Metatron, please now place me within your light bath'
Visualize yourself lying horizontally, completely relaxed, on a bed.  All around you are pillars of beautiful, golden, glowing light.  These are all around you, in precise geometric locations. You are lying directly within the Centrex of a Metatron Cube. ( ART PICTURES OF METATRONIC CUBES )
It is the size of an average bedroom and has more than enough room to fit you comfortably within the centre.
Close your eyes, and imagine yourself and every cell of your body, becoming pure, Honey Golden, Liquid Light.
Feel Archangel Metatron's beautiful, divine presence, as he places his hands upon you. All your stresses, strains and worries dissolve as the Archangel pours his frequency through every cell of your being.As you become more relaxed and more immersed in his Light, you will notice that the room is becoming brighter. This does not disturb your relaxation. You become more at ease. Archangel Metatron is simply amplifying the Light Quotient of your bath to precisely suit your needs.
You will never be 'overcooked' or receive more light than you individually require.
Ask Archangel Metatron to dissolve anything within your body, aura, or fields that you know has been an issue within the course of your day, for example, anxiety, any fear that you may be running, physical issues ( i.e. headaches, injuries, any other 'body stuff').Feel his golden light flowing through every chakra, opening them and spinning them at a fifth dimensional frequency.
Finally, ask Archangel Metatron to hold your perfect level of Light Quotient within your body and fields at all times, day and night. Relax and sleep.
Thank you AA Metatron
Archangel Metatron
Metatron is considered to be one of the most supreme angelic beings sitting next to the throne of God and at depicted as the crown of the tree of life in Qabbalistic teachings. He is the representative of the Source, creator of the outer worlds. He helped in building the Great Pyramid of Giza and placed within it the purity that goes with that high vibrational area.
Creator of the Electron, Metatron transfers the Divine Blueprint of Creation to all levels below him. He is credited as ministering the sacred geometric patterns of the universe and his vast consciousness is very involved in Earth evolution especially in bringing in the Platinum Cosmic Light of Union. He teaches classes on inner planes, especially in the use of Light within physical manifestation to raise consciousness