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My precious friends and family,
We are in the midst of incredible changes, both personally and on a planetary level. Through the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May the 25th, we experienced a window of opportunity to step into a deeper level of our own Christed Radiance, of the knowing of ourselves as these Christ Conscious Beings of Light through the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom and a portal activation of new Light grid anchorings.  
The Lunar Eclipse experienced on May 25th amplified the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom, through the causal body of Helios and Vesta, Overlighted by the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis, and the many Legions of Light from On High.  
Additionally, the Mahatma energy assists in the activation of our Crystalline Solar Bodies of Light, and the integration of the New Earth frequencies, and I have been guided to share an invocation with you that you can work with, to integrate the Mahatma energy at this time.  
This month there has also been a further focus on the sacred Cosmic Fire of Power through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta. In early May, I hosted an Illumination with the Archangels telewebinar series, and the first transmission with Archangel Michael and Faith, focused on stepping into a deeper level of Power through the knowing of the Protection bestowed upon us by Archangel Michael and Faith and their Legions of Light. I have included this beautiful transmission for you to experience the powerful energy of Archangel Michael and Faith, and to bring a focus to a deeper understanding of your own Power. 
I have also put up a guided visualization on Forgiveness on my blog at should you be drawn to this.  
Thank you my precious friends and family for your support and connections in Light. I truly appreciate you all so very, very much.
Blessings in Love
Anrita Melchizedek 
Mahatma Invocation:
I now actualize my I AM Avatar blueprint, 
my perfect Adam Kadmon Blueprint of Light, 
my Crystalline Solar Body of Light, 
through the downloads of Cosmic Light 
spiraling forth from the Mahatma and his White Gold and Lavender Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom.
I now bring through the new ascension keycodes of Light, 
through the Mahatma and the Beings of Light from On High assisting in this Golden Age of Light. 
I anchor and activate these key codes of fractal geometries and numerologies within the Unity Grid of Divine Love, 
allowing these ascension keycodes to be available for all Life on this Earth plane.
I now direct the energy of the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis, 
and this beautiful White Gold and Lavender Flame of Light, 
into all those areas within and around this earth plane, 
needing these amplified frequencies of Power, Love and Wisdom. 
Through the power of Divine Love, 
and the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, 
I assist in shifting the polarity timeline 
into one of reverence for all Life 
in this Golden Age of Light.
I am a Child of the Light, 
an Ambassador of Light, 
in service to this Earth and all Life. 
I am One with all Life. 
I am One with all Life.
You now affirm: I request that the Mahatma energy continue to assist me in my ascension process and the creation of my Crystalline Solar Body of Light. I request that the Mahatma energy work with me through my Beloved I Am Presence until I achieve full self mastery. I request that the Mahatma energy assist in stabilizing the New Earth frequencies for my Self and all Life and in increasing my Cosmic Light Quotient.
Illuminations with the Archangels ~ Archangel Michael 
Archangel Michael  
Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now and to be taking you in these wonderful journeys of Light to the Spiritual Retreats of the Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts of Light.
Let us take a moment, sweet ones, to come deep within the heart. Have a sense of activating the soul matrix, of receiving the energy of the Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts, and now, of grounding into the energy of Mother Earth, into her crystal heart ~ you now merge with your Beloved I AM Presence, knowing yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, as these Master Beings of Light ~indeed, sweet ones, as the earthly angelic leagues of Light. This is in essence what you are, for you are transforming every sub-atomic particle within your Beingness into a greater level of Light as you step deeper into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, ever upwards in the expression of your spiritual truth and spiritual reality.
You find yourself now being gently guided with the Beings of Light from On High and your Master Guides and Guardian Angel into the Temple of Faith and Protection of Archangel Michael and Faith. As you make this energetic connection to Archangel Michael and Faith, Angels of Protection and Power, you are now taken in Soul consciousness to the etheric realm over Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada. As you enter into this Spiritual Temple of Light, you find yourselves, sweet ones, in a pyramid shaped altar made of the most beautiful white and blue diamonds. And you see around this altar concentric rings of Light accommodating thousands of Angelic Beings of Light; and you feel yourself being welcomed and greeted as the earthly Angels of Light into this magnificent dance of Light by these Angelic Hosts and Legions of Light. Archangel Michael and Faith come forward, and they welcome you to their Spiritual Retreat of Light, taking you into the central pyramid shaped altar where you are surrounded now in this magnificent electric Blue Flame of Light. It is explained to you that each one of you in your own way works with the energy of Archangel Michael and Faith ~ for as this Angelic League protects humanity and the lower world, you are the Spiritual Warriors of Light that work with this legion of Angelic Beings for the protection of the lower world; and understanding that you are surrounded always by the Legions of Light, behind you and next to you and in front of you, guiding and directing you in your everyday life, sweet ones, brings with it an immense sense of power, of knowing of this truth, of knowing that you have the power to create and effect change, of knowing you have the power to stand in your Light in the utterance of your spiritual realities, as the Warriors of Light, and as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.
It is important that you work with energetic protection, sweet ones, for of course this earth plane still has many differing frequencies and wavelengths, and upon this plane of duality you protect yourself both energetically and physically. This energetic protection that comes through from Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light assists in cutting through the astral realm, of lower astral entities, and indeed of the energies of those that wish you harm in thought and in consciousness and in vibration, intentionally or unintentionally, sweet ones. The energy of Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light is with every single one of you ~ and to assist in your journey through this earth plane as these spiritual warriors of Light, you are going to receive your Crystalline Shield of Light, your Diamond Sword of Holy Truth and your Golden Helmet of Light. This will always be your energetic protection, sweet ones, that you will work with, with these Legions of Light.
Archangel Michael comes forward through this beautiful electric Blue Flame of Light, and places within your right hand, should you be right handed, this Diamond Sword of Holy Truth or in your left hand, should you be left handed. This Diamond Sword of Truth comes from the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and it is wielded in the power of Unity Consciousness, of Divine Justice, of Empowerment and Divine Will. And as you take this Diamond Sword of Truth you experience these qualities as a Spiritual Warrior of Light. As you now align into a deeper level of will, of power, of might, you become the warrior on the chariot, wielding power rather than submitting to it.
You now receive this Crystalline Shield of Light in your left hand or your right hand, should you be left-handed. This Crystalline Shield of Light covers your entire body as a huge Crystalline Shield of Light made from the energetic matrix of the New Earth Templates of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, all the key codes of the collective Consciousness of Light and your own individual key codes, sweet ones, are programmed within your individual Crystalline Shield of Light, and as you reach out and place this on your arm it merges into your energy, becoming one with you. As your subatomic particles spin in this increased Light frequency, the Shield of Light now radiates around your entire body and energy field deflecting, protecting, shielding, activating and increasing your Light, sweet ones. No matter where you stand this shield is a three-hundred and sixty degree protection of intense radiating Divine Love through the core crystalline frequencies of the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, activated through the Unity Grid, activated through your own level of consciousness and Light. Use this wisely, sweet ones, these are incredible gifts that you are being given once more.
Lastly, you are given what is known as the Golden Helmet of Light. This Golden Helmet of Light has four faces, each face symbolizing a particular characteristic of the primary four Archangels ~ Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael. One side shows this human face, symbolizing Love and emotion, and is connected to Archangel Raphael; there is a lion's face symbolizing justice and majesty, connected to Archangel Michael; an ox's face symbolizing power and strength connected to Archangel Gabriel, and the last face is that of an eagle symbolizing wisdom and connected to Archangel Uriel. And as you look around in this sacred energetic Blue Flame of Light you see these Archangels now, each one standing around you in the four directions, and you are gifted, sweet ones, with a knowing of how to use this sacred Golden Helmet of Light. As Archangel Michael places this upon your head and further activates the pituitary, the pineal, the hypothalamus glands, you bring in the memories and the connections of having worked with the Archangels in many lifetimes, sweet ones. Wonderful.
You are ready for any "battle", any perceived challenge that comes your way, as a Warrior of Light; knowing when to step forward in dynamic right action and when to step back in Love and wisdom, and the Legions of Light surround you always, sweet ones, know this to be your Truth and your reality. As you are now taken with your Master Guides and Guardian Angel down a long corridor of Light into the first part of a series of initiations in which you strengthen your role as this Warrior of Light, and as this sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love. There is nothing to fear, sweet ones. You are going on this journey of cutting old karmic cords, of healing relationships that have wounded you, through the understanding of pre-birth agreements, and through viewing of the Akashic Records. And as now you find yourself traveling through these Grids of Light, you come into the Akashic Records and you see before you at this gate three Akashic Record Keepers and you let them know that you have come to understand what lessons you are still working with in this Now, what karma it is you may still need to clear and you come as a Warrior of Light through the protection of Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light. The Akashic Record Keepers acknowledge your request, and as they open the door, you are guided in with your Legions of Light, your Guardian Angel, your Master Guides, your soul and star families and the Overlighting of your Beloved I AM Presence. As you enter into the Akashic records now you see before you these computer banks and as you touch each one now that you are guided to, a three dimensional holographic representation appears before you of a current challenge that you are still working with, with friends and family, sweet ones. For your deepest betrayals come from those you know, from those you consider your partners or your ex-partners, your family, your friends, your colleagues. And now you truly see through the Akashic Records a deeper understanding of this current challenge. As you travel through the Christed Timelines you view the same yet different events of the current challenge in parallel realities, whether this current challenge is one of you needing to come into a deeper level of your own power and choosing those around you that are abusive in nature or violent, or choosing those that do not see you or appreciate you, where you have suppressed the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine, these images and stories appear before you, and you have a deeper understanding now of your pre-birth agreements, of the roles that you chose to play, sweet ones. Some of you chose the Light warrior, some of you may have chosen the dark warrior. You may have created vows of poverty consciousness, or had curses placed upon you or placed these upon others, and through the Akashic Records now you see clearly what it is you need to clear and to shift, to truly become this empowered Warrior of Light. And you now bring in these timelines each one of these souls in soul consciousness that you are connecting with, that you have perceived conflict with. And you have a look at these old karmic cords that state "I do not see you, I do not hear you, I do not love you, I do not appreciate you, I do not understand you". You now cut these cords with your Sword, your Diamond Sword of Holy Truth, sweet ones.
Wonderful. And now you replace these old karmic cords with new Golden Age of Light cords that say, "I forgive you, and I Love you, I see you, I hear you, I appreciate you, I thank you for the lessons that I have experienced with you". You understand the pre-birth agreements, sweet ones ~ these lessons that each one of you chose ~ particular roles ~ and your role now is to simply be Light. To no longer hold this anger and resentment and betrayal and unforgiveness. It is not important ~ you have betrayed and been betrayed, you have been the abuser and you have being abused. It matters not if the role is that of victim consciousness, or persecutor consciousness, or justifiable on a personality level; what you understand is that each lesson was chosen at a Higher Light level so you may come at a deeper knowing of your own Divine magnificence as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, as these Masters Beings of Light and through your Light allow others to find their way, their Light. It has been challenging but you are ready now for a deeper show of strength, for a deeper knowing that you have a choice of how you act and react, of knowing that your Beloved I AM Presence is center stage and no matter how much you have been wounded or hurt, you are always Divinely protected, Divinely Loved, and a Child of God.
You establish clear boundaries now with each one of these souls that you have connected with at a Higher Light level, lovingly and gently you let them know how you would like your relationship to unfold. You heal these relationships that have wounded you, sweet ones, and establish these clear boundaries, standing in your power, standing in your Light, wielding power rather than submitting to it. You see the gifts that fear has brought you, of strength and courage, of raising up to the challenge ~ everything is Divinely Perfect within this seemingly imperfection and the synchronicities within your daily life are guided by your Beloved I AM Presence and Higher Self, always taking you deeper along the pathway of Divine Love. Trust in this, sweet ones, surrender, surrender to the Divine, surrender to Life.
Wonderful. As you find yourself back in this Spiritual Retreat of Archangel Michael and Faith, you are now being initiated as the Warrior of Light to the Legions of Michael, to his Legions of Light.
As you come back into your sacred space now, sweet ones, we give you an invocation and attunement that you may work with on a regular basis to deepen this connection of Light, and you now repeat aloud the following invocation to Archangel Michael and Faith ~
Invocation to Archangel Michael and Faith
I call upon Archangel Michael and Faith, 
to actualize the electric Blue Flame of Power and Protection, 
and to take me in my Spiritual Body of Light, 
into their Spiritual Retreat in the etheric of the Canadian Rockies, in Alberta, Canada, 
so I may discover the gifts of fear, 
so I may heal all my relationships, 
so I may become a leader and teacher and protector of all Humanity
I call upon Archangel Michael and Faith, 
to activate my Crystalline Shield of Light, 
and my Diamond Sword of Truth, 
with the New Earth template signatures and key codes of Light, 
in power, in protection, in faith, and Divine Love.
I call upon Archangel Michael and Faith, 
to honor me with the Golden Helmet of Light, 
so I may forever serve the Archangelic Beings of Light, 
through Justice, Wisdom, Power and Divine Love, 
and the mantle of leadership through dynamic right action.
I am Purity, Righteousness, Balance, Peace, Knowledge, Justice, Strength, Protection and Divine Love. 
I AM a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love, 
I AM a Warrior of Light, 
I AM All That I AM. 
You are now ready for the leadership and peace attunement through Archangel Michael and Faith, and you now repeat aloud:
"I, (giving your full name now), give myself permission, and ask Spirit, Archangel Michael and Faith, their Legions of Light, and my Beloved I AM Presence for this Archangelic Leadership Attunement now.
I ask to be attuned to Archangel Michael and Faith and their Legions of Light from On High through a beautiful electric Blue Flame of Power and Protection and Obedience" ~ and you now visualize this electric Blue Flame coming in around your body and energy field.
You now state:
"I now request that Archangels Michael and Faith attune me to the deepest levels of leadership, and peace that I may receive in this Now".
Archangel Michael now comes forward and places his Seal of Light within your throat chakra, signifying the receiving of this attunement.
Wonderful, sweet ones.
You now affirm:
"I am a sacred transfiguring Flame of Light, a Warrior of Light, to Mother Earth and all her Life. As I stand in my power and Light, I wield power, rather than submit to it. I am a leader, a teacher, and a way shower in this Golden Age of Light, and surrounded by Archangel Michael, Faith and their Legions of Light, I find my way through every perceived challenge in Love, in peace, in faith, in justice, and in the knowing that all is Divinely Perfect".
Wonderful, sweet ones. Bring yourself back into your sacred space while keeping this Angelic connection of Light. Know your Self as the earthly Angels, grounding once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, keeping this connection open to the Company of Heaven and the Legions of Light, merge once more with your Beloved I AM Presence. Have a sense of your Crystalline Shield of Light, your Diamond Sword of Truth, and your Golden Helmet of Light, surrounded by the Legions upon Legions of Light, and directed by Archangel Michael and Faith.
We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, and with this, we bid you a most magical day. 
Transcribed by Zulma
Should you be interested in the eBook to this series of eight beautiful guided visualizations, which you are also welcome to facilitate, please send a $10 donation via this link, stating in the comments box that you would like the Illuminations with the Archangels eBook.
Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network 

Friday, May 17, 2013

NEW EARTH RISING GLOBAL MESSENGER - 5/17/2013CONTENTS:  Inspirational Message ** AA Michael's April Message


Friday, May 17th, 2013
Begin to observe yourself and notice what frequency codes you are most comfortable expressing and which traits you repress or shut down. We invite you to begin to stretch yourself when you discover a limitation or ability that feels opposite to your most familiar way of being. Remember, the quality, trait or function that is the most opposite or difficult for you to bring forth or express holds the answer, the means, to your personal wholeness.
As a multidimensional being the idea of gender is not an aspect of your wholeness. However we realize that here in physical form gender is basically a requirement. The idea of gender and what is proper or improper for a certain gender to express has been a part of the limited matrix of your reality for eons of time.
--Feminine Lineage by Peggy Black and the ‘team’
This beautiful flower was sent to us by Gil Dekel (copyright). Send your photos to with permission to use them on the internet and whether you want your name included - thank you.


AA Michael about The New Earth Energies April 2013

Celia Fenn
Monday, 22 April, 2013
Beloved Family of Light, in this time of intense Shift and Change, and Emergence, you are feeling the Turbulence of the Birthing of the New Galactic Human within the New Golden Rose Galaxy. You are becoming accustomed to the New Energies and the Frequencies of the New Reality. We would like to say to you that coping with this New reality is very Simple if you remember just One Thing - that Everything is Energy and Frequency!

It's All About Frequency!
Finding your bearings in this New Reality and finding Peace, Harmony and Abundance is a Simple Matter of Frequency. It is a matter of Aligning with and Resonating with the Frequency of Divine Love and Compassion, the Frequency of Divine Creative Intelligence that flows from the Divine Heart.
This is not something that you have to work hard to achieve, or to study for, to suffer for or to be good enough for. You do not have to heal yourself or remove blocks, it is your birthright and you simply have to make a Choice and Step into It! It is a Frequency that is Within You, and you simply have to find it within your Heart and align your being with this Frequency.
All the mind "chatter" about wounding and being fallen and blocked and "not good enough" is simply your mind attempting to justify an inability to align with the Frequency of Peace and Abundance, as if it were very difficult to achieve. "There must be something wrong with me", it says, and then spends time trying to find out what is "wrong". Beloveds, nothing is "wrong" when you drop out of Frequency. Do not judge yourself, simply find your way back! Stop! Breathe! Ground Yourself, connect with your Higher Aspects, and return to the Frequency of Peace and Abundance. It is there for you!
So, you might ask, what is this Frequency of Peace and Abundance, and how do I make this connection?
As We have explained to you before, it is the Flow of Divine Love and Compassion from the Heart of the Cosmos, the Heart of God, the Divine Creative Intelligence. It issues forth from the center of All That Is, and is transmitted to You via the Sun at the Galactic Center . In the past, these transmissions of Light Codes and Information from Source were of such High Frequency that they were diverted via Sirius and the Pleiades, among other Suns, and then transmitted to you by the "Frequency Keepers", Higher Dimensional Angelic Beings of Light who were charged with the work of Assisting the Development and Evolution of the Earth. Now, since the 2012 Transit, the Earth is fully "Re-connected" to the Galactic transmissions and has no need of intermediaries. The Transmissions are received directly from the Galactic Center via Solaris, or your Sun. You, as Awakened beings, are now receiving the frequency transmissions directly from the Divine Heart into your Hearts and Light Bodies.
This Full Reconnection, Beloved Ones, has created a Turbulence that we call "Dimensional Instability" or "Dimensional Imbalance". The Earth is now situated in the Fifth Dimension and is aligned with the incoming Light Code Transmissions, mainly through Multi-Dimensional individuals who can hold these energies in their Light Body fields, and also through some Sacred Sites and Spaces where the Energy is held and transmitted by the Site or Space itself. In this way, the Flow of Divine Peace and the Frequency of Abundance is anchored on the Planet. This Frequency is Powerful, Pure and Clear, and when you are aligned with it, everything in your life flows with Grace and Ease.
But, in the present time, most people are unable to find this Frequency fully, seeking for it outside of themselves, and not in the Heart, where it is anchored and from where it Flows. This external seeking creates anxiety, stress and projection dramas, which means that people "fall" away from the Frequency of Peace and Harmony and Oneness and "drop" into the "illusions" of the past, duality and fear and judgment. This creates an unstable environment that is explosive and "flammable". That is why, Beloveds, you are seeing so much instability and anxiety, because the external "anchors" of the Third Dimension are gone, and people are still learning how to anchor themselves in their own Sacred Space within the Heart and to manifest this in a Grounded way on Earth.
Beloved Family of Light, it is simply a Frequency of Energy that you seek, and that is located within you. The Divine Light is not an external force that you must seek because you are separate from it. Know that Divine Light lives within you in the Sacred Temple of your Heart. When you Align your being with this Light, you can anchor yourself in this Flow and transmit and project these Light Codes. You become an Anchor and Transmitter of Galactic Frequency, of the Heart and Love of the Divine Intelligence.
Beloved Ones, it is simply a matter of being Aware, Awake and Empowered, and of choosing to align with the Frequency of Divine Love and Compassion. You will feel that Frequency within and you will manifest and experience Peace, Love and Abundance in the New Reality.

Galactic (Re)Connection Vortices
Beloved Family of Light, each of you who is Awakened and Conscious becomes a Galactic Connection Point, a living and breathing Point of Light on the Grid of Living Hearts of the New Earth. Your Light Body becomes a Transmitter of Galactic Codes and Frequencies. The Sacred Spaces that you create, both within and in your Environment, become Anchor Points for Divine Light and Wisdom, beyond Fear and Duality.
But, also at this time, many points on Earth are being activated, or reactivated, as Galactic Connection Points. In the past, many of the guiding Star Civilizations created Galactic Vortex Points, or Stargates, where they could link the Earth with their own home Stars and assist in the Evolution of the Earth according to the Divine Plan as expressed through the Light Codes. These Vortex Points included Ancient Egypt (Sirius), Iran and Iraq (Nibiru) and the Aegean (Andromeda), as well as many other Galactic Reconnection Points.
Now, the Earth has ascended into her New Reality Grid, and these Connection Points are being reactivated as "direct" lines of Communication to the Galactic Center with the assistance of those who created them in the service of Divine Light. Also, many new Galactic Connection Points will be activated to assist the Earth in her Ascension to a full Galactic Entity in the Golden Rose Galaxy and a Full Member of the Galactic Council.
Many of you will be called to assist in this work of Galactic Connection and with the Establishment of Galactic Connection Vortices on the Earth. These will be your connection and communication points with the Galactic center and the Galactic and Solar Councils of Light. Some will also be called to be Ambassadors of Light to the Solar and Galactic Councils.

The Galactic Human Evolution 2013 and Beyond.....I AM/WE ARE.....
Beloved Family of Light, in this Turbulent time of Change you might ask "What is 'human evolution' and what does it mean to me as an Awakened Being of Light?".
We can explain, briefly, that "All That Is" is in a constant state of Evolving and Becoming, according to the Energy or Consciousness of the Divine Creative Intelligence. These impulses of Evolving Consciousness are transmitted to All Creation via the "Light Codes" that carry the Imprints of Divine Consciousness. As All That Is evolves to new levels of Awareness and Being, so also Humanity evolves and Becomes in its Journey through Time and Space in the Fifth Dimension. Most recently, Humanity has evolved from the Third Dimension of separation and duality and into Multi-Dimensional Purpose and Oneness of Being. The Planet has begun to become aware of itself as "one" through the Consciousness and Interconnection of Humanity.
In this Shift into the New Reality, Beloved Ones, you have moved from the old "stories" of victimhood and disempowerment into a new sense and perception of yourselves as Human Angels, Empowered beings of Light who co-create reality with the Divine Creative Intelligence. In this new space of Power, you connect fully with your I AM presence, the work of your Soul, and the Flow of Divine Abundance.
But, Beloveds, what is new is that this Transformation is not only about you and "I Am", but also about the Global Community and "We Are". It is a fine point of Balance between individual Soul Expression and the needs and creations of the Collective Community, the "We Are". Seeking only your own Abundance and Highest Good will not bring Joy, it is only when this Journey of Self-Expression is undertaken within the complexities and challenges of the Global Community that the Soul finds its true expression of Divine Love and Compassion.
Beloved Ones, this is why many of you seek and yet do not find. Your Higher Self seeks to express and create within the Community of Light and not just for yourself. Beloveds, if you look at those beings who are most Joyful and Successful in the New Reality, you will find that it is those who have found the point of balance between I Am and We Are, between knowledge of the Self and Knowledge of the Self within a Community, a Global Community of Interconnection and Oneness.
In this New Reality, it is indeed true that what you do to others, you do to yourself, for your actions have repercussions and reverberations in the wider community that will come back to you on the same frequency as they are put out. If you work on the frequency of Love, Peace and Harmony, so It Will Be. If you work on the frequencies of Dimensional Imbalance, you will experience turbulence,anxiety and stress.
Your work, Beloved Ones, is to hold that Frequency of Balance and Alignment in yourself and to Anchor It for the Wider Community. To Flow with Harmony and Abundance, and not to allow others to pull you into Dimensional Imbalance and Illusion.
Beloved Ones, the past is behind you and the future is yet to come. Now is the moment when you can anchor the frequency of Peace and Abundance and serve as a Galactic Connection Point and Transmitter of Light Codes for the Global Community. In so doing, you are aligning with the work of the Earth Keeper Council and the Council of Elders, who serve to focus Divine Love to those places where it is most needed to being the Community into Balance and Alignment with the Frequency of the Divine Heart.
Beloved Ones, our message to you at this time is to stay focussed and committed to the Frequency of Divine Light. Be powerful and Strong, be Clear and true to Yourself and your Vision. Remember that you have evolved into a Multi-Dimensional Being of Light that expresses I AM and WE ARE. What you were before is not what you are now! It is a New Day and a New Reality. We wish you Joy and Abundance as you Evolve into your New Reality as Galactic Humans and part of the Galactic Communication Grid.
© 2006-12 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global


Saturday, May 11, 2013




In case you've missed the call in the flow of emails!
Seven years of global unity, standing for the well being of earth's children!
Please join us on Sunday May 12, 2013 at 1 pm local time
as we stand for a better world with 5 minutes of silence.
Read Sharon Mehdi's inspiring story offered in many languages, join in the Mother's Day Peace Prayer** and sisterhood of projects holding hands across earth's hemispheres, and
let us stand as one!

Join the legions of women and men around the world who have united behind the following statement:

[Please notice that our site is now located at .net . Please direct your friends to or to the link at the top of this page.]

Thank you,
The Standing Women Team at LightPages
There is a new field of possibility and power present with us as we move into May 2013,
an expansion of our inner experience, a newness already here...
Every person's step (or stand) toward unity for the sake of earth's children is making a difference.
Every group's shared intention to be as One is substantiating the newness.
Every alliance of projects united for the greater good is
prefiguring the world of which we dream for the children
Let us invoke the power of unconditional love and commitment
From all the mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and all women,
Circling the Earth, to awaken the Global Heart,
By lifting our voices in a chorus for peace.
We will move forward to influence humanity
For a more caring, just, tolerant and peaceful world.
Let it be so.