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11:11 Global Meditation/Link UP

Contents: Patricia Cota-Robles 11:11 Global link up *** Message From Michael - New Reality Transmission



This is an incredible opportunity for ALL of us, and I did not want you to miss it.

Click on either link below and then click on the link that says LEARN MORE. You will be amazed and thrilled!

It is time for us to reap the rewards of our long and arduous labors.

KNOW that the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and WE are that Light!



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"The New Firmament Begins in the 2011 Trinity Triad ".......
Message from Michael - Oct. 29, 2010
Love spoken here! - "Peace on Earth...Day"

If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life.
~ Abraham-Hicks

1) One Million Plus - 11-11-11 - "IMAGE" Event

Note from Michael - I am asking all my dear subscribers and worldwide 100-Groups members, to share this NOTICE with every possible person, or Lightworker Group list holder they we want to be a UNIFIED WORLDWIDE collective of One Million Plus at 11:00 PM on 11-11-10 (for 11 minutes) for 11 consecutive days, begining 11-11-10....SO BE IT.


11-11-11- info:



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Archangel Metatron - 11-11-11 Info, as Channelled via James Tyberonn

The 11-11-11

The validity of the Triple Date Portals is evidenced in myriad ways. The TPD points, which we shared with you a decade ago, are hologramic insertions that effect the crystalline transformation of the planet through the crystalline grid. The point of initial surge is the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas.

On the 9-9-9 your media reported via local radio that an unusual green fog had formed over Mt Magazine as the Emerald Master Crystal flashed into activation from a long dormancy. The Crystal created the mist, and it not only covered the mountain, it was viewed from satellites. Its energy also short circuited the electrical grid in the area for a short period.

On the 10-10-10 earthquakes took place in areas of Arkansas where they had not been recorded before. And these quakes were unique in other ways, the usual 'white-out' in terms of the frequencial 'song' of the Schumann Resonace that precedes seismic releases did not occur, and the animals were not afraid. It was the Crystal Activations,Dear Ones, these were caused by the pulse of the Master Crystal Activations beneath the massive chasms of the Crystal Vortex. It is quite true, quite real. and their energy is magnificent.

Watch for these confirmations, for they will become more tangible and baffle your scientists.

We tell you that on the 11-11-11 another validation will occur.

The Triple-Date Portal of November 2011 will be perhaps the most potent singular day of the year. Masses of humanity will form the human grid and tie into the Cosmic Energy that is amassed in the final stages of activating the 144-Crystal Grid. - (***SEE GROUP "IMAGE" DATA BELOW)

On the 11-11-11 the Atlantean Master Crystals will further activate with the initial awakening of the Crystal of Multidimensional Communication in the Crystal Vortex. This awakening will sequentially recode the 12 Golden Sun Discs around the planet.

These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field, of pure love, unconditional love, a light-code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above. On the 11-11-11 the Sun Disc of the Crystal Vortex will be activated beneath the area of Pinnacle Mountain in Arkansas, and this will complete the energy of the Arkansas Vortex and then network the new DNA codes across the planet.

The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blue print for the unified crystalline field in the Crystalline Transition of the planet. Indeed these are being reprogrammed by and within the Crystalline 144 Grid!

The Golden Sun Disc discs will emit a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that will serve, as the prototype of the DNA for the crystalline aspect through the 144-Grid. Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, becoming in aspect the DNA pattern or blueprint of the New Earth. They are energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc- like when viewed.

Now as your Ascension completes itself, you will have greater access to the multi dimensional aspects of yourselves. In truth, for some of you, the Ascension has, for the most part, already occurred, in terms of multidimensionality. Do you understand?

The New Firmament Begins in the 2011 Trinity Triad

So we tell you that as the grids grow into completion that beyond the 144 Crystalline Geometry will be the Polyhedron 120 Geodesic sphere. This begins formulating in 2011, initiates in 2012, and completes in the year of 2024. While multidimensional access will be fully achieved within the 144- Crystalline grid in 2012, the new firmament is spawned thru its completion.

Consider the geometric-crystalline completion of the geodesic grids as a flower achieving full bloom, at which point a cosmic pollination will occur and an energetic seed- field will come into effect. You see the very completion of the perfect geometric form germinates a new field from its unified perfection...and that field may be called the (new) Crystalline Firmament.

It will emerge as two great elliptical bands of energy that intersect at 90-degree angles around the planet.

One will carry the color and essence of platinum, the other of gold. One will be crysto- electrical in nature the other crysto-magnetic. Their energies will circulate in modulated opposition, and the field between the two will encompass the planet in a spherical manner.

And from this a conscious self-aware field of the OMM WAVE circumnavigates the planet to allow for an even greater perfection of the Earth. This Crystalline Firmament will allow for what was termed by the ancients as the 1000 years of peace.. The crysto-electromagnetics of the planet will be in optimal balance.

Now the Earth and Human Kind will have need for the Crystalline Firmament, and will call it forth. It will assist in many roles, perhaps more than you imagine.

It will change the way the human body receives sunlight. It will asssit in the translucent luminous transformation of the body physical. It will change the nurtitional needs of the human body physical. It will defend the earths magnetosphere by deflecting meteorites and comets, it will lessen the effects of gamma rays into the Earth's atmosphere. It will come forth by a natural and scientific effort, it is the natural offspring of the completed 144-crystalline grid. The New Firmamant begins formulating in 2011, and in the process the arc - swing of the pendelum of duality will begin to vastly lessen.


Dear Ones, in closing, let me express unequivocally that I and the Angelic Realm are in a special role of supporting you far more than you may realize. For you too are Gods in creation, sparks of the Divine becoming violet flames of the All That Is.

We love each of you, all of you, and beyond the veils you are part of us.

We spin a light vortex of great honor and appreciation to you, We are sending this energy to each one of you in the 'NOW' moment that you read these words, Can you feel it, open your heart and receive what we send forth in love.

We sincerely honor you as you move into the final two years of Earths Crystalline Ascension. And we tell you it is the Ascension of the Earth that will spawn the critical mass movement of physical humanities Ascension in two to three centuries. All in free will, all by choice. And in that time, there will be no global war, no mass starvation.

In the next two years, the love of power will begin to be displaced by the power of love. Do not doubt it, for it is already in motion. This transformation occurs one heart at a time, inside each of you.

It is a future of Ascension that you are creating...and we tell you that period of less than three centuries is the blink of an eye. We salute you. You are on the appropriate path!

Before you lies an incredible awakening and completion. 2011 is the midpoint of the Trinity Triad, and a time of omnipotent calibration, amplification and indeed celebration. You each have made a difference, and you will depart this planet a greater light, than from hence you entered. And you did it your way. In Love. I invite you to feel joy, for you have earned it !

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

And so it is...


11-11-11- info: (starts 11-11-10)



CLICK on the orange 'box' "LEARN MORE" - and read. Awesome!! We can
do it. Share FAST with everyone on your list... We can do it. Let's do it!!!!

New Earth Rising
Caroline Dawley
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Guided Visualization by Anita Melchizedek

~ Mental Body Upgrades and Career Transitionings ~

Following 10:10 and this portal of transformation, we are now moving more into the direction we need to go in alignment with our Soul contracts and Highest Potentials. Often this means a change in career or direction, and this can be confusing if we do not have the tools to take us to the next level of our service work.

WORLD LEADERSHIP VISUALIZATION Realigning with our Soul Contracts

A transcript of the guided visualization by Anrita Melchizedek on World Leadership in this new Golden Age follows, Anrita and Michael Patterson, a transformational Life Coach and Career Transitional coach, then talk about taking on a new level of leadership, transformation and direction.

World Leadership in this Golden Age

A message by the Elders

Welcome sweet Ones, we would like to start by welcoming you as leaders, as Light workers, as star seeded ones and as wayshowers. Simply by choosing to remember your heritage as star seeded ones, as keepers of wisdom and Light, you are already leaders and it is the process of Self Mastery that takes you into a deeper level of leadership and Service. For in Self mastery, you are simply choosing to Mastery yourself ~ as you transmute old cellular memories and patterns and dualities inherent in the lower bodies, you are moving into Self Mastery ~ as you shed old beliefs and paradigms around every aspect of your life you are truly are stepping into a deeper level of Service and a deeper level of trusting and surrendering to the Divine ~

When you move into a deeper level of merging with the Divine, of merging with your I AM Presence, taking on the I Am Avatar blueprint of Light, you take on the mantle of leadership ~ experiencing the wisdom of Mother/Father God, experiencing Life through Love, having humility, integrity, honoring and appreciating all those that you are networking with, and connecting with, as well as following the guidance and intuition of your Higher Light, with inspiration, creativity and focus.

So, what makes a good leader sweet One. Well, it is the embrace of many of these qualities we have just mentioned, which comes with practise; with the practise of communicating with the Company of Heaven, with your I Am Presence, bowing and surrendering to these Divine servants of God, while recognizing yourself as this servant too, and co-creating and manifesting a better future for all Life on this earth plane.

What is often not understood is that you already have these leadership qualities as these Light workers and star seeded Ones, and in this now moment, it is simply to reactivate these key codes, if this has not already occurred. For your energy field as one of Light, will attract others of a Light frequency, and create more leaders, more masters, more servants of the Light.

The confusion comes in sweet Ones, in these transitioning times and stepping out of paradigms, there often seems a moment in time where everything falls apart; from the mental body perspective, this may be experienced as retrenchment, or a deep desire to change careers or direction, the loss of financial security, or earthly possessions or a need to relocate; from an emotional body perspective, this may seem to be experienced in greater cycles of emotional oscillations, or moving out of long term partnerships or friendships and on a physical level, as complete exhaustion or lack of passion, focus or creativity ~ these are all transient and fleeting sweet Ones, and in these moments of perceived challenges, know that you are this Spiritual Leader choosing these experiences to take you to the next level of your service work, trust in this and trust in your connection to Mother/Father God and your I AM Presence, the Highest Light of Who You Are and Have Forever Been within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, no matter what your external reality is currently reflecting to you.

And now, just experience and feel these Spiritual qualities of Light, leadership qualities now been reactivated, as we place you in a Spiritual Leadership Re-Integration Chamber of Light.

As this three dimensional rectangular grid of Light comes in now, to activate the dormant DNA related to your Spiritual Leadership qualities, you repeat the following invocation.

I align with my I Am Presence, Mother Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,

I now activate the key codes of Spiritual leadership, taking on this mantle of leadership through my I Am Avatar Blueprint as this first wave Soul in human embodiment of these key codes of Light.

I now request the following key code activations:

Unconditional Love,

Loving kindness and humility,

Intention and Focus,

Integrity and appreciation,

Wisdom and empowerment,

Trusting and surrendering to the Divine,


Creativity and Passion,

Networking support and assistance,

Manifestation and Magnetization,


One Unity Consciousness.

I now request an activation of my own Ascended Master gifts from past lives and parallel realities in this Now.

I am a World Leader in Service to the Divine,

I Am a World Leader in Service to All Life,

I Am a World Leader in this Golden Age of Light.

Wonderful, in your own time now gently come back to your sacred space, grounding into the energy of Mother Earth, grounding into the heart of Mother Earth and the embrace of Mother/Father God.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Reaching Out to All Beings and
Holding Them All in a Fusional Embrace of Love

What follows is the 216th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 weeks beginning Sunday, October 3, 2010.

1. Summary
2. Meditation times
3. More information related to this Meditation Focus

Reminder: As it was suggested in the Meditation Focus #214: Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness, in which you were invited to develop and explore group consciousness with other like-minded souls, you are welcomed to participate to a global group soul communion, once a week, starting 30 minutes before the beginning of the weekly Meditation Focus, thus building up your level of group soul communion prior to joining with the larger assembly of souls at the usual time (16:00 Universal Time) every Sunday and applying your revved-up group consciousness towards the current global meditation theme.


Once upon a time, there was a Light that sprung forth from the center of this Universe. This Light was so intensely powerful and so pregnant with infinite possibilities of divine manifestation that it gave birth to a mighty Creation that, to this day, continues to expand and become ever more perfect. At the very heart of this dazzling Light stands a Force that is at the very Origin of All That Is. This ultimate Power is the Power of Love, and every single soul entity that has emanated over time from this initial Source is endowed with the same willful Spark of Love that can create whatever it wills into existence. Because most souls on this planet have lost touch with their inner Power of Love as they delved deep into the material realm, they have experienced a gradual descent into the chasm of aloneness consciousness. Having forgotten Who they truly Are, which is beings of infinite Light and Love experiencing some of the multitudinous possibilities offered by this vast experiencing field thought-formed into existence by Creator Source, those memory-impaired souls now need a little power boost from all those who have started remembering their Origin and allowing the Light of Light within themselves to ever more shine forth.

This vital service we are thus being prompted to provide can and will have a profound effect on the consciousness of all soul beings on Earth as they will gradually experience ever clearer glimpses of their true nature and thus eventually recover full Oneness Consciousness. But for such an awakening to occur, we each need first to entirely let go of any residual sense of aloneness we may still harbor subconsciously as a remnant of the pervasive cultural programming we have undergone since we first entered our current body with its first breathe at birth. This is what the first 10 minute segment of these next four Sunday meditations will be devoted to. To achieve a proper level of Oneness Consciousness, all we have to do is to first use the four Remembrance Keys provided so far through expressing forth, from the holiest sanctuary of your soul consciousness, with enough pause between each to fully impress your entire Self with its resonance and evocative power: I AM LIGHT... I AM LOVE... I AM PEACE... I AM HARMONY... and in so doing, remain aware that at the same moment countless other souls are going through the same process all over the world, thus attuning in synchronous willfulness with the immanent Consciousness of their eternal Oneness.

Then, in the second 10 minute segment, resonating as One with All That Is, we will each think and willfully express "I now reach out to all other soul beings on Earth" while being fully aware that the "I" that thus speaks Its Will is the collective "I" we will then be forming, thus truly breaching the ephemeral, illusory barrier of our self-contained aloneness consciousness and collectively experiencing a new breakthrough level of Oneness Consciousness. As the collective "I" extends Its all-encompassing embrace to reach the very heart of every embodied and disembodied soul on Earth, It will then further express "I hold you all in my heart and suffuse you all with Love", thus Light-healing the sense of separation and igniting the power keg of Love that had remained dormant for countless millennia throughout the Journey of karmic interplay into the vast bosom of this wondrous universe. In the last 10 minute segment, as the collective "I" is then being guided, moment by moment, It will successively direct Its global embrace of Love to touch with Its healing Grace the soul beings on every continent, thus ensuring that not a single one of them is left outside the Field of Love that will each time rekindle the memory of our Oneness with Source, and It will complete Its collective Light service through including all other sentient, living beings in Its fusional embrace, from the tiniest of life forms to this entire global sphere of Life itself, for the Highest Good of All as One.

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