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NEW EARTH RISING JUNE 14, 2013 Evolutionary Change

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1)     Jesus SPEAKS

2)     Mother/Father GOD - Message

1)  Jesus SPEAKS                                   
       June 13, 2013
       Telepath, John Smallman
       "You are bringing in enormous evolutionary change of a most essential nature."
Jesus speaks
Here in the spiritual realms we, in every moment, are pouring out our love and our assistance to help you in your awakening process.  To many of you it seems that your progress has stalled, but we can assure you with the utmost confidence that this is most definitely not the case.  Your progress is proceeding, as perfectly and divinely intended, and will continue ceaselessly until you awaken.  And we are your spiritual guides and mentors who contracted to be with you at all times throughout this period of intense spiritual evolution that you chose to undergo.
What you are doing is of great benefit to all sentient life forms.  You are bringing in enormous evolutionary change of a most essential nature, while for the most part remaining unaware of the immense task that you have so willingly undertaken.  And you are succeeding quite brilliantly.  It is a sweeping away of the dark, of the unreal physical limitations that appear so real.  Once, you believed that the earth was flat, that instant communication over great distances was beyond belief, and that rapid and convenient travel across the world and into space was impossible.  Those were all limited belief concepts that have been permanently proved erroneous.  What other beliefs do you have that will be proven false?  Countless numbers!
The unawareness that you experience of your essential divine nature – the joy of oneness with God and with all sentient life – is a choice that you made.  Within the illusory environment of confusion, pain, and suffering you are in the process of learning about and releasing the many restrictive, inflexible and very frightening beliefs you invented which are not in alignment with, and do not and can never resonate with, your true nature – Love .  While you hold on to them you close yourselves off or hide from your true and divine nature because Love is terrifying to anyone who is fearful.
Love is all-encompassing, all-welcoming; fear shuts out, excludes, disparages. When you release yourselves from the cloak of fear under which you are hiding, when you remove and discard it, you will see clearly and realize that your fear was just fear of the dark – as imagined by a small child – a darkness which does not exist, unless you could establish it by shutting out the Light, and that is impossible, except temporarily, under that imaginary cloak of the illusion.  The thought of removing that cloak frightens you because it seems to be a protective shield that is essential to your ongoing well-being.  To be without it would make you vulnerable, open to experiencing horrendous pain and suffering, the kind that you observe all over the world as people behave without love, defending themselves or attacking others.
However, the truth is that when you remove that seemingly protective cloak you become invulnerable, because you will have removed the barrier you erected to keep out Love – a barrier that to you has seemed almost impenetrable, because Love was hardly ever seen except when offered conditionally and in exchange for benefits or payments – truly love with a small “l,” another unreal aspect of the illusion.  Love is the most powerful field of energy that exists.  It is the only energy field that exists.  Any other energy that you can conceive of or experience is of the illusion, and is an enormously diluted and weakened form of Love, which allowed you to think that you had power without the Presence of your Father. Love is the life force; you cannot live without It.  You are, every one of you, essential parts or aspects of It.  However, when you constructed the illusion you attempted to exclude It, by apparently separating yourselves, shutting yourselves off from God.  That is not possible, but you were and are free to pretend that it is, and that is what causes you so much pain and suffering.
Your awakening process is in fact a process of uncloaking yourselves, of releasing all that is not in perfect and harmonious alignment with Loveyour natural and eternal state – and which effectively hides from your conscious awareness the fact that you are, always have been, and always will be beings of infinite Love as created by your Father.  The time for games from which you have attempted to exclude Love is over.
You are now very much aware of the pain and suffering worldwide which need to be brought to an end – pain and suffering in which many delighted and gloated as they watched others mistreated, abused, and tortured.  The insanity of that attitude has now become apparent.  Daily, more and more on Earth are becoming aware that they themselves did actually embrace it while at the same time denying it and convincing themselves that they were only making “fair judgments” of the unconscionable behavior of others, as was their god-given duty and responsibility.  This awareness has shocked them, and now they are making the firmest of resolutions to release that unloving attitude and replace it with compassion, forgiveness (of selves and others), and the intent to offer only love from here on in.  In the spiritual realms that change of heart, which is occurring throughout humanity, has led to the greatest rejoicing.
Relax into your quiet inner space at least once daily, talk to your guides, ask for their help, and open your hearts so that you can recognize the great changes that are taking place worldwide, as Love dissolves the fear that has driven and guided so many of your thoughts, words, and actions for eons.  Remember, anything other than Love is illusory, and intend to be constantly loving, as you make your way homewards.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
2)    Mother/Father GOD  - Message
           June 11, 2012
           Telepath, Kathryn May
           Anger and Self-Hatred are the Opposite of the I AM Presence  - Part 168
Mother Father Speaks
Now, Dear Ones, let us continue with yesterday’s discussion.  We told you about the Big Lie - that Love makes you vulnerable.  Our response to that idea is that it’s nonsense.  The opposite is true:  Love makes you powerful, and likely to join with others, which makes you even more powerful.  Now let’s examine why so many people feel helpless and vulnerable. 
During the process of development throughout childhood and adolescence, the brain continues to grow.  As it does, the optic nerve lengthens, and the distance from your eye to the operating center in your brain becomes greater.  However, if you have experienced trauma, confusion, painful feelings, they register along the optic nerve channel where the pain is stored, along with the sense of the insult - the people, places, ideas and images which caused the pain. 
When the difficulty occurs early and frequently, a corollary connection occurs from the place in the brain along the optic nerve where the pain is registered to the lower (reptilian) brain, where the fight or flight response is generated.  With repeated experiences of fear or pain or both, the channel to the lower brain becomes a major pathway, a trauma superhighway which then comes to serve as the primary response channel.  If used a great deal because of emotional conflict in the child’s environment, the fight or flight channel will become the primary response to any strong emotion, any intense experience, negative or positive. 
This explains why some people are afraid of commitment, for instance, or turn away from a loving relationship as if it would cause them terror.  Their brain and emotions are primed to respond with an adrenaline-charged fear response to anything that arouses emotion.  They may even respond to the loving partner with rage when they are actually being considerate and thoughtful.  This is confusing to the partner, and in some cases will make them doubt their own motives and intentions, even when they know they were being loving. 
With years of “emotional training” - the experience of fear in response to the behavior of the adults around them - the child grows naturally into an adult with brain circuitry programmed for fear and the resulting behavior, anger, rage, aversion and fear toward anyone who ellicits strong feelings, whether negative or positive.  If you are one of those people, or you are in a relationship with one, know that there is a “cure,” but it is certainly not medication, which will do nothing to rewire the brain. 
If you are in a relationship with someone who matches this description, be aware that it is not a trivial matter to correct it.  Behavioral training approaches the problem backwards - dealing only with the response, not the cause.  The work that needs to be done is the rewiring of the brain.  This takes determination and character - to remain mindful every minute of every day in order to rework how you use your brain in response to life’s events.  This is the way the Visual Centering works, by changing the original pathways to a more adult-centered and Heart-centered response configuration
As you have practiced your yoga meditations, you have learned to breathe and focus on your Heart center.  Now you need to create a new channel in your brain to wire in your intended changes.  It is the pathway of optimal functioning, when the information travels through the eye, all the way back to the center of the brain without interference, to register and be processed where all comes together - breathing, seeing, hearing, taste, touch and smell, and above all, intuition and body intelligence.  At the same time, you will activate the pineal gland, which increases your ability to connect with Us.  Here in the center of your brain, you are able to process the information in a neutral state, without undue emotion. 
When you establish this balanced center position as your standard operating procedure, as they say, you will bypass the fight-or-flight connections which have been causing all the problems.  You must then begin a rigorous practice of refusing to use the old pathways (refusing anxiety, rage, disgruntlement, and all forms of fear).  In doing so, the old channels will begin to dissolve and disappear - if you never use them!  The new channels, from the center of your brain to your heart, will replace the old reptilian bypass, and you will eventually find yourself in the fulness of Love, expressing joy in every breath.  This is the achievement of the I AM Presence, the powerful connection with your Higher Self and Us. 
You will need to clear away all old blockages along the way - the part of the process which Kathryn teaches - to create a smooth pathway for the information.  This we cannot teach you on paper.  It must be done with the help of the Visual Centering videos and the teacher’s feedback.  Kathryn is now training several people to teach the technique, which will help all of you to prepare for your coming Ascension. 
Now, let us add a bit about the practical use of this clearing and centering technique.  You are aware that we have been encouraging you to do your clearing work now, in preparation for the new era.  This means that we wish for you to take the stand with yourself that you will eliminate all old connections to fear and anger.  Yes, it is indeed possible to live a life without fear, and it is possible to control your emotions to the extent that you never find yourself in a state of extreme upset or rage toward another. 
The perspective you gain from operating in the center of your brain allows you to see in a new way You will have the palpable sense of your own destiny, as well as the destiny of others.  You will see that the current details of life are often not what they appear - there may be long-term contracts or profound personal lessons to be had from even the most dreadful experiences, for you and others.  There may be events unfolding that are beyond the scope of your current Vision, but if you ride it out, the Truth will reveal itself eventually. 
Most importantly, you will maintain your loving connection to Us, and We will sustain you through all challenges and difficulties.  Your job is to remain steadfast in Faith and to transmute every interaction, every feeling into Love.  This is the True Way. 
You will all be given opportunities every day to exercise your I AM Presence, which will always reveal itself to you with feelings of peace of mind, deep fulfillment and a sense of belonging to the One.  You will never be lonely, you will never need to be vengeful or “right” and you will have no fear of death, of losses, or of yourself.  We have especially stressed the overcoming of anger, because it is an emotion which causes most of the most traumatic discord in your lives, and it has a terrible boomerang effect.  You are developed enough along your path to see that you do not approve of irrational rage as part of your repertoire.  You may even have learned to disguise it from yourself and others by calling it something else, but you know in your hearts that when you do something vindictive or mean, you feel terrible afterward. 
Here’s the rub, as our dear Shakespeare said:  feeling terrible about yourself leads to wanting to correct the problem.  Your old familiar strategy is to berate yourself with more anger!  This continues a cycle of self-doubt, self-hatred and fear.  The fear is now about not trusting yourself, not feeling safe in your own skin, feeling shame about your mistakes, and you are off and running again. 
In order to avoid the terrible unpleasantness of self-blame, you must instead convince yourself you are Right.  Your vengeance is warranted, self-righteous, even God-given!  (Remember the televangelists who were disgraced by sexual scandals and money scams?  They were all loudly proclaiming their own righteousness, weren’t they?) 
Do not fall into the trap of self-hatred.  It is the toxic, destructive opposite of the I AM Presence.  No excuses.  Your poor self does not deserve a beating, no matter what your past mistakes or current difficulties.  In doing so you have usurped our position as your Creators and put yourself in our place.  YOU are not worthy! YOU are stupid!  You are playing God, Dear Ones.  We would never treat you that way, but you insist you know better than We do, and you proclaim yourself worthless.  We object.  Your portrayal of Us is a travesty! 
We want you to replace the anger and self-hatred with Love.  Notice: Rage and self-hatred always go together.  Rise instead to a higher level of vibration where you can communicate with Us, breathe the breath of Love we send into your mouths, into your soul. Reach for your connection to your Higher Self - your I AM Presence - which puts you directly into our loving arms.  Do this every moment of every day, until you know the God within you, and that God is Love. 
We wish you peace.  We are yourMother/Father God.
Via Kathryn May, June 11, 2013, 1 am. Kathryn E. May, PsyD
60 Lower 27 Knolls Road High Falls, New York, NY 12440
(914) 466-4250

Monday, June 3, 2013






I AM the Great Divine Director, also known by the Hindu peoples as Ganesh, one of the sons of Siva. I am known by many names, but have always worked for the forces of evolution upon this planet, for the benefit of her people. Know that I do not belong to any one culture or religion, but that I serve all humanity, all life, in my alignment and service to the Will of the Mother / Father God and the Creator.

These many past days our scribe has demonstrated God’s will in her life by again committing to her path, to its importance and position in her life. Know that you are constantly tested to see if that commitment is still held, although all experience is useful for the shard of the Creator that you are. However, those who would lead, teach and demonstrate to the awakening masses must first be willing to commit their lives into the hands of their Self, the internal connection to Source, in order that the connection be of the highest, purest possible.

The temptations and distractions of the departing third dimensional paradigm has caught up many a light worker if only temporarily, as was the case of our scribe. Still, the pattern of following her inner guidance was too strong to ignore. She was willing to listen to the subtle messages of her body, knowing that they originated in her Higher Self. She was willing to submit to going in the direction that the messages intimated, to cross that narrow bridge through the remaining heavy layers of the astral body surrounding her own auric field and the planet and to go on, reaching the other side, the higher plane of beingness. She was more than willing to release all need to conform to the wants and needs of another over her own inner convictions and feelings, a difficult choice at times for many who hesitate to take their first steps on the path of return.

The astral plane of this planet, made up of all thoughts ever thought but not acted upon, is in the process of breaking up. Thus, the waves splashing across her feet (see Dream Land, posted 31 May 2013) were unable to catch her up and toss her into the troubled waters. That and her own determination guided her across the narrow bridge, dark in her dreams, but symbolizing the antahkarana or Bridge of Light, that connects the human consciousness to that of Higher Self and Source.

Everything in your life is presented as an opportunity for learning or re-membering that you are a bright facet of the Creator, who volunteered to come here and forgot all about your mastery, beauty, strength and gifts. In these days of transition, from the kali Yuga (or Dark Age) to the Satya Yuga (Light or Golden Age) it is perhaps easy to become confused about the meaning of one’s path and commitment to growth and re-emergence into a fully-fledged being of Light. Self-judgment, self-doubt, distrust of one’s feelings and guidance, self-denial and remaining issues of self-hatred and condemnation haunt the footsteps of many of the light workers who have come here to bring the heaven to earth. Perhaps you simply do not feel that you can adequately fulfill your role. Perhaps you feel that you do not deserve love and forgiveness, having dwelt in the land of darkness for so long.

Know, dear ones, my brothers and sisters… for that is what you all are, you are ALL Masters. Every one of you, both those who play the dark roles and those who play the light ones; all of you are masters extraordinaire. There are many who would condemn us and our scribe for saying this, but sometimes those who act as villains in your life, such as our scribe’s father and her disappointed suitor, these ones are your greatest teachers. In the higher dimensions, each of you chose the roles that you would play and how you would come together, if only for a short time, to play out those roles, offering opportunities for growth as a result. There are no “enemies” that exist in this world, only teachers, only You, the great collective of humanity, as one entity.

As each of you, especially the light workers, those who are more self-aware than the populace in general, as each of you opens to this self-awareness and begin to reconnect to the Source of your being, you will let go of the need to condemn self, whether that self takes on your own image or that of another human being. Soon, you will no longer have a need to see enemies all around you or danger in the air. You are returning to the awareness that you belong to a unified field of consciousness, that you have never left this field, but have only stepped away from it in consciousness for a short time. Your awareness of Self has been blocked by self-imposed veils of forgetfulness; those veils have been torn asunder and are swiftly dissolving for all humanity, even the most intransigent of beings, the former “controllers” of this planet.

Beneath the attacks and vile deeds, the manipulations of corporate interests to control whole governments in an attempt to control the entire planet, these beings have taken on the darkest roles in the “game” of duality. And now, as the rest of humanity begins to awaken to the horrors and the misdirection taken by the world as a result of the guidance of these beings, they are now suddenly taking on a new role, not of directors and puppet-masters behind the scenes, but of being the newly exposed targets of a growing anger, rage and a desire for vengeance emanating from an awakening populace. This is a new and generally uncomfortable role for anyone to assume, especially for those persons whose arrogance and contempt for society at large thought themselves far superior and unique from the struggling masses. They are to be greatly pitied, for their role, although chosen voluntarily before being born into wealthy and powerful families, has taken them into areas far afield from the connection to their own inner beings, to Source. Yet, even these ones, who have temporarily taken on the mantle of great evil, can turn to the light, learn to love themselves, especially when the light of others is shined upon their activities and they are shown forgiveness and understanding from those they formerly sought to destroy or control.

Destruction of other is destruction of self. To condemn another is to condemn self. You are all a part of the collective of Humanity, one being, who, for the sake of experience and learning has been divided up into seemingly independent and lonely individuals. As you come into self-awareness and learn to love yourself, you naturally open your heart to receive the guidance of your Higher Self. Your connection through the union of heart and higher mind, binds you to the path on the journey home to self-mastery. All experiences that you undergo are presented to you to reinforce your self-mastery, to act as opportunities to see how you will think about yourself, whether you perceive the experience as being positive or negative or merely neutral. You are constantly given the opportunity to learn to lift up your own feelings, out of the mire of the astral plane with its conflicting emotions, and to focus on being who you already are, a master of life, a lover of life, a being of grace, strength, beauty and wondrous gifts.

Your acceptance of self becomes an acceptance of the beauty and grace that dwells within all individuals who surround you in your daily life, your family, children, friends, co-workers, and even those whom you have called your enemies. The grace that you discover that dwells within will begin to radiate outward to those who meet you during the day. None of you exists as a truly separate being; you are connected by subtle energies at all times.

You have perhaps forgotten that as a baby you could read auras and see angels. You have perhaps forgotten that you can hear the guidance of your guides and mentors who are always at your side. Perhaps you have forgotten to base your decisions and actions upon what you feel within, not what others tell you to believe. You knew this as a child before you were subjected to the conditioning of the older children and adults around you. You have perhaps forgotten that you are loved greatly by all of us, who stand as brothers and sisters, committed to guiding you back into self-awareness. All of you have the gifts that you require to carry you further on your journey Home; you just need to open up these presents, unwrap them, and again take up the mantle of mastery that you temporarily dropped when coming into this world, into physical incarnation. You need to learn how to step out of the time loop of third dimensional consciousness and back into the eternal Now, the present moment time, where, in each moment of present time, you are again as pure and unsullied as you were when first you arrived here on this planet straight from the Realms of Light.

Original sin does not exist; it was a fabrication of lies to bind you to the earth plane so that you could be controlled by forces and beings outside your own body, outside your self-awareness. Break free from whatever early conditioning that has warped your sense of self and regain your freedom to determine the direction in which you wish to carry your life. Your true being is pure, strong, beautiful and beloved by the angels and Ascended Masters. That is true of every living being that exists physically in this world, as well as for human beings.

Some of you have never forgotten your ties to the higher worlds. You have always known that you were different. You have always known that you had a mission; that you had come into this world for a purpose. Many of you lost an outer awareness of the connection and the mission as you allowed yourself to become conditioned to the demands of your world, the noise of those who sought to mold you to their expectations. Some of you had the strength to resist the conditioning, choosing to live alone or separate so you could keep the flame glowing in your heart; others fell into a temporary forgetfulness of the higher planes, but all have followed the call of Soul, in one manner or another until coming out the other side and re-emerging into the light (or awareness) that you are greater than the sum of your physical parts.

Now the cycle is turning, from a dark age into one of light. The planet is returning permanently to its original blueprint, as one of the twelve sacred planets, a lighted water planet and ark containing an astonishing abundance and diversity of life. Those of you who have dedicated and daily re-dedicate your lives to being way showers, guides, teachers, mentors and active participants in the new world, you walk and lead the rest of your brothers and sisters through the demonstration of your faith and trust in Self, in the Source, in the Creator, in your Mother / Father God.

Even acts that appear to contradict one’s immediate understanding of self can be turned around and presented as a lesson for others to absorb and benefit from as an example of being true to self and to the greater Self, the collective of humanity. Our scribe saw this in the growing self-awareness of one of her friends, as she told her of recent experiences, of mistakes and of her decision to be true to self, to acknowledge what truly was hers and what belonged to another.

While you may belong to the collective, each of you is a unique individual or facet of the diamond of creation; so each of your paths takes you in seemingly different directions than those of your neighbor or even those who are closest to you by blood, your family members. You are under no compulsion to do things exactly in the manner in which you have been taught by parents, teachers and other mentors. In fact, you need to step out of the conditioning and beyond the guidance of what is outside your consciousness and listen to what exists within. In this manner, you begin to walk the path of self-discovery, along the path that has been created by your Self for your own unique journey Home. Along the way, you will discover that you are suddenly in the company of others, those whose interests and missions are similar to your own, but even then you will need to follow the signature beacon that is yours and yours alone back until you are completely prepared to re-immerse yourself into the collective pool of consciousness that exists in the higher planes.

Your journey is designed to strip your auric field of all that is not of yours, what you are as you ever exist in the higher planes. The outer garments of the astral body will be stripped away, your four lower bodies become united as one unified body and you are revealed in a glory of colors, as your body of clay dissolves and your Light Body again comes fully online here in the physical plane. Then you will have the choice to move onto even higher planes of consciousness or to remain behind as a gatekeeper and way shower to those who come behind you. Such is the journey ahead for all; when that transition point is reached is up to the individual. There is no judgment on our part; we support whatever decision you make, whether to remain as a third dimensional human being or to re-member your connection to the higher planes, your native existence in the worlds of Light.

Self-respect and respect of the journeys that others have chosen to undertake is important as the chaos of the transitional period continues to dominate the outer world. Seek the peace that lies within your own inner sanctuary, within your Heart and within your Higher Mind. There you will find the needed clarity and calm to make your next steps, in whatever direction you choose.

Understand, also, that some of the guidance given to you through the heart will confuse and confound your rational mind, the ego, as much of the guidance that emanates from the higher planes exists in a state of paradox; i.e., that which is true today may not be true tomorrow. The ego was designed to protect you and to keep you “fitting in” within the rigid structures of the third dimensional paradigm and becomes anxious when you seem ready to slip the confines of the artificial cage. Now that the structures have been dissolved, many stand at the entrance of their former cages, paralyzed by indecision and fear, thence the chaotic and unbalanced state of many individuals who do not yet have ahold of the lifeline of awareness, the connection to heart and mind. It is this very fact that demonstrates the importance of focusing on your own self-awareness, purpose of being, and inner guidance, so you will not get caught up by the commotion and noise playing out all around you. There will be times when you need to be willing to act without thinking and step forward in an act of faith onto that invisible bridge that will carry you across the abyss. And so that you can act as that guiding light, if only for one other individual, so they might also find and take hold of the lifeline and begin the journey within and back to Home.

See yourself as the beacon of Light on the headland, standing tall above the fog and mists of the stormy astral sea. Your example, your light and love, your gentle smile and inner strength and commitment to your own journey will shine forth and encourage those who now struggle to release themselves from self-judgment and self-condemnation. Your love for self and for your own source of strength will be and is communicated through the connection between subtle bodies, between the auric fields that you past through during the course of the day. Not for you is the choice to act as one who has chosen to withdraw physically from the world, as an anchorite, a nun, or a denunciate. No, you must walk through your daily life, displaying your light and auric colors to the world. Your light body is displayed through your actions and choices. It changes as you grow in self-awareness, becoming more “real” and brighter.

As you connect to Source with greater self-awareness and consciousness, so too does the presence of your Light Body grow in strength. Some day you will step forth as a living being of light, present in your Light Body, looking like a human being, but in reality so much more. You will be and are a living demonstration of what it takes for a being, one who has voluntarily dropped their mastery to step back into self-mastery and to regain the Coat of Many Colors, your Light Body, your mantle of mastery of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.Go forth, dear ones, and discover the steps that will carry you Home. We eagerly await your return and the celebration of our reunion with those who volunteered to come to assist in bringing a darkened world back into the higher planes of existence. We act as your guides and mentors, as your cheerleaders, but you must walk the path on your own. Re-discover the strength, beauty and grace that exist within each of you. You each act as mirrors to one another. Be a clear mirror and reflect that great beauty that exists within to the one in whose face you gaze.

May the grace and wisdom of the Mother and the strength and knowledge of the Father ever be with you in your daily life. I AM the Great Divine Director and I go now, only to return on another day with more counsel. Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Great Divine Director.

Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.
Posted: 02 Jun 2013 08:52 PM PDT
Dear Ones, you have an old saying that used to be given to teach beginners to type. It was “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” We would change that to men and women. Few people stopped to think about the meaning of those words. We ask you to do so now.
It is a wonderful time and a challenging and sometimes terrifying time for some of you. You do not like change, many of you. You are unsettled by the idea of letting go of everything you have used to define yourselves and your way of life. Yes, many of you are making a sincere effort to be open to the changes, but you often find yourselves defining the new Golden Age and your place in it as if it were nothing more than the present circumstances with perhaps nicer neighbors and fewer money problems.
We have tried to help you open your hearts by giving you a vision of life in which fairness and justice reign, and in which there is no more poverty and want, no more prejudice and cutthroat competition in which the deck is stacked in favor of the few, and everyone else battles for the leftovers. What will take its place? A world you have never seen or experienced except perhaps in the rare fairy tales which described peace and beauty, but then it was always amidst the dangers from gremlins and wicked step-mothers. We are telling you now: No more wicked step-mothers, or step-fathers either.
Wickedness will be a thing of the past, but it will require some work on your parts to clear yourselves of the dark memories and feelings which carry you back to a place in which your light does not shine as brightly, and your capacity to love is handicapped by being swamped in anger, resentment and fear.
There is a way out of those feelings, a way to find your way to the Light which is the God within you. It will take concentration and dedication to relearning the truth about yourselves, and applying the lessons of The True Way, which we have begun to offer you in these pages and will continue to teach you in the coming weeks and months. You will not be sorry you applied yourself to learning this new way of life, for it brings with it the greatest joy you could possibly imagine, greater than you have ever known.
We ask that you apply yourself to working through the book, “Who Needs Light?,” which is a gift to you from Us, and from our dear channel, who is the embodiment of Lady Portia, the beloved Twin Flame of St. Germain. She is here among you to be the Voice of our Hearts, our Love for you, and our teachings. She has dedicated herself to doing this work, regardless of the challenges or the cost it might present to her personally. We believe it is time for the Masters among you to reveal themselves, if they are willing, to allow you access to their teachings and to carry the Word of God as our blessed Messengers.
We will be asking those who are incarnated now to come forward as we request it of each of them. Do not pester your teachers to reveal themselves. We will let them know when it is the right time for each of them. We are doing this at this time because of the massive shifts which are taking place on the planet and because of the great need for psychological change to keep up with the physical/energetic changes.
There is an intimate connection between the psychological state of being and the level of spiritual development one can attain. Together with Kathryn, we have offered you tools to help you with the changes you need to make, to evolve quickly from the memory states of childhood, which for many of you involved a state of overwhelming fear, to the peace of mind which can only be felt in a fully-evolved adult consciousness. We offer you the book, which has written between the lines the energy of Love we feel for you. We ask Kathryn/Portia to go out across the country and the world to teach you the wonderful Visual Centering technique which you will find miraculous in its simplicity and effectiveness.
The technique of Visual Centering is based on ancient understandings which came with our great Masters from Venus, and has been brought to you via our beloved Sanat Kumara, who incarnated to demonstrate and teach this method, and who trained Kathryn in its practice. She studied with him for 30 years when he was there, and continues to be in daily contact with him to bring the teachings to the world, now that the time has come when people understand more thoroughly how important it is to take command of their own mental, emotional and physical processes.
Do not underestimate the power of these tools we give to you. Do not allow yourself to imagine that you cannot shake off your depression, or you cannot learn to conquer anxiety. You may not have previously had the perspective you needed to learn how directly and powerfully you can change your own feelings and thoughts. Nothing is written in stone inside your brains, Dear Ones. A feeling is a response to a thought, and a thought can be changed. Yes, you can literally change your identity - at least what you thought was your identity. And you can learn a new language for talking with yourself and others about the true meaning of life.
We say that WE offer you these tools because We include Lady Portia as Us. She is Us, as You are. She carries valuable information which she is willing to pass on to you, and you will impart it to others as you gain in wisdom. You are all on this path together - teachers and students alike, elevating yourselves as you give yourselves in service for the Highest Good. You can step into the Light of your own I AM Presence, experience yourself as the Godbeing you really are. We want you to do that. We know you can do that. To help you, we send our Own Dear Children, those Masters who have worked with us for thousands of years on their own paths to Enlightenment, just as we sent our Jesus Sananda, to help you and support you on your way.
Be at peace, Beloved Ones. You have everything you need to become the brilliant Light of Love and Kindness which will raise you into higher vibrational levels. We are here with you every day, and we send you gifts more precious than diamonds. Look into your Hearts; open your minds to see everything anew, and do not imagine we have abandoned you. How could we do that? You are beloved beyond words, and we want you to succeed in this difficult and challenging task you have set for yourselves - the glorious transformation of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants. The time is now.
We are Mother/Father God
via Kathryn May, June 2, 2013, 12 am.
Posted: 02 Jun 2013 08:52 PM PDT

It is known and understood by now that all within the grand universe is vibrational by its very nature, including each of you. The Spirit of your Whole Self is pure energy dear ones, fluctuating within certain vibrational frequencies. Learning how important your vibrational frequency is will provide you the knowledge required for you to apply concentrated focus in all areas of your life and journey. 
Remember the basic Law of Attraction, “like will attract like”. When you are moving within a high vibrational frequency you will attract even more high frequency which means you will encounter more positive situations to enter your life, whereas low frequency obviously will have you attracting lower vibrational frequency which means you will be attracting more negative situations to enter your life. It is from your thoughts and of your feelings that you create your vibration and through these thoughts and feelings you begin to manifest your experiences into reality. 
Knowing what your vibration frequency is, is very simple dear ones. All you need to do is determine how you are feeling. Ask yourself, learn how you are truly feeling, be honest, don’t exaggerate – be truthful to yourself when asking how you are feeling. The better you feel, the more high spirited you are, the higher your frequency will be. On the other hand, the worse you feel, the more negative your thoughts and feelings are produces a lower vibrational frequency. 
When you are moving at a high vibrational frequency, you will be bringing into your whole life greater opportunities, new situations, and relationships that will preserve this wonderful Inner High feeling – you exuberate energy, love and beautiful light. When you are moving within a lower vibrational you will attract new opportunities, situations and relationships but they will continue producing a negative, low feeling. Remember dear ones, it is through your feelings that your Inner Self finds its guidance; change your feelings you change your vibrational frequency and open yourself to attracting more positive situations into your life. 
You are now understanding that your vibrational frequency is determined by your leading thoughts and what you believe in the most that holds tight within your consciousness. It is through this knowledge that your awareness focuses on your thoughts and it is through here dear ones where you make your choice to have negative thoughts or change your thoughts into positive ones. When you maintain positive thoughts you will find yourself feeling great, on top of the world. Whereas if you are holding only negative thoughts you will recognize early on that you are irritable. And it is true; your vibrational frequency can change as the topics of your day change. But it is your overall frequency that silently tells you where you vibrate on all topics and areas of your daily life. 
It is important dear ones to discover the power of love combined with gratitude. These two when working together create a very important and divine vibration. Adding more gratitude into your life denotes discipline and that you take your journey and life seriously. You can increase your vibrational frequency just by being more grateful. 
Many dear souls have a special journal just for gratitude. What they do dear ones is record each day what it is they are grateful for. These words can be expressed simply without attaching anything personal to them. Just by writing down simple words, such as sun-shower, birds chirping, or an interesting insect is on your windowsill will help lift your spirit and if your spirit is lifted then so is your vibrational frequency. 
 If you are meeting with friends or family, or even while writing a letter or speaking to another through your communication device, begin the communication or conversation by sharing your celebrations and encourage the other persons involved to do the same. By focusing on what is a celebration to you even if its small helps to reset your mind and you begin to attract more positive energy which in turn raises your vibrational frequency. Sharing simple celebrations is very healing. Even if your celebration is deciding to wear actual clothes for the day instead of your comfortable pajamas, this dear ones is worthy of celebration and to be mentioned. 

We encourage each of you to set a goal each day to find a few things to be grateful for. You do not need to write them down, but speak them. When you vocalize these finds, you add your own personal power to them. Remember your words have power, so when you speak with gratitude towards something you are encouraging more positive flow of positive energy and raising your vibrational frequency. This can be a great nightly habit to get into as it creates a more positive feel before you go to sleep and at the same time encourages a bright and positive next day. 
As you become more comfortable with adding more gratitude into your life, you will learn very quickly how simple this principle is and how rewarding it is on a whole. Those around you will benefit from the positive spirits that flow through you and around you. 
Remember dear ones, this is your journey; it is your thoughts, your feelings and your actions as a result of your feelings that determine where you are heading. And it is you that holds the power to change what you do not like. 
And So It Is…
I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller 
Posted: 02 Jun 2013 08:52 PM PDT

A.A. Michael:Dear children of the light. The time has come yet again and I call upon you to join me in the highest realms of existence for the initiation process to lift your energies into a higher vibratory state of being.
Those of you who are ready to meet your true selves, who are ready to discover your true potential, shall walk into the light in the next 10 days. Some of you will be called into a deep meditative state, others will know it is time, yet others I am asking to consciously call upon me – A.A. Michael, so that I can guide you and show you the true manifestation of your existence and grant you the gifts that you are ready to discover.
Simply go into a meditative state and ask for me A.A. Michael and the Ascended Master of your time to come and join you in a circle of light and love. Once you are in a meditative state, those of you who are ready for the initiation process to take place now will experience our presence.
We are standing by you. We are ready to welcome you into the light dear children. Call upon us this moment, for the gates have indeed opened up yet again. The next 10 days of your linear time, are the initiation of AA Michael into your true highest perception and potential.
I A.A. Michael am with you. I love you. Goodbye for now.