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Beloved masters, first of all, we wish to clarify WHAT ASCENSION IS NOT. At your present state of evolution, ascension of the physical body will only be possible for a few very advanced avatars that have opened the path for humanity's ascension into the next level of higher consciousness. The beloved Jeshua, along with many great avatars and the angelic realm, set the stage and planted the cosmic Seeds of Creator Light in preparation for this extraordinary process.

In order to ascend in the physical vessel at this time, you would have to almost complete the transformation of your physical body into frequencies of Divine Light, and raise the harmonics of your Soul Song to those of the highest planes of the fifth dimension and above. It is wishful thinking to assume that it is possible to transmute the density of a third- / fourth-dimensional physical body into a fifth-dimensional vessel of Light in one lifetime.

You, the vanguard, the Star Seed, are supplying the fuel, Adamantine Particles of Light, to activate the Seeds of ascension which were planted on Earth over 2,000 years ago. Humanity is in a purification stage, in preparation for a much greater expansion of consciousness, which is affecting more and more Souls as it sweeps the Earth and accelerates exponentially as a result.

At the present stage of evolutionary change, the physical bodies of the aspirants / disciples on the Path are in the process of being infused with the transforming power of Creator Light. The cells of higher consciousness are awakening and bursting forth with the alchemical formula of transformation. You are in the process of cleansing your Auric Field of a major portion of the negative / distorted vibrational frequency patterns which have dimmed your Auric Light and have resulted in the manifestation of all the miscreations within the physical vessel.

Locked in the cellular body are toxins which must be released or refined so that you may integrate the harmonious frequencies of your multi-level bodily structure once more. The Light Body cells have been dimmed, just as the Auric Field has become foggy and congested with negative energy. The God Cells are still present within and around you; they have just diminished and dimmed over time from a lack of nourishment. It is as if you have constantly been fed contaminated food which over a long period of time will destroy the bodily vessel. The ego-desire body is cunning and persistent, and it will constantly nudge you toward seeking more and more bodily sensations and self-indulgence, often with disastrous results.

You must understand, the different parts of your body resonate to a great variety of frequency patterns, depending on the spin and purity of your chakra system. You should always strive for maximum harmony within each level of your Higher Self that you integrate, and be aware that it is a never-ending process, for all levels of Creation have an inborn desire to attain the next higher level of consciousness.

Consider the notion that humanity is experiencing four realities at once: physical, mental, emotional and astral. In the physical / material world, where your body and physical senses are the major focus, your state of health determines how interactive you are in the world of physicality and how much you will enjoy the experience. Your progression into the higher realms of consciousness is a gradual awakening process, whereby you awaken to the nudging / wisdom of your Soul and immediate Higher Self /Over-Soul. As you step onto the Path of en-Lighten-ment, you initiate the process of developing a conscious / mindful awareness. You must first focus on the physical aspects of your Being: your physical vessel, the chakra system, your emotional nature and your mental capabilities. Gradually, over time, as you balance, harmonize and integrate a certain degree of unity consciousness within your physical State of Being, you are ready to access the vibrational patterns, the wisdom, attributes and abilities of the higher fourth- / lower fifth-dimensional realities. This is the basic process that we sometimes call Ascension in Consciousness.

You have an Etheric Body which contains a complete, authentic replica of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. When you die or leave your body, the Silver Cord (as it is sometimes called) is severed, and you totally vacate the physical vessel, which immediately begins to disintegrate. What will remain is the shell of the subtle body, which is composed of astral emotional and mental substance which must be dissolved before the Soul can proceed to the next level of conscious awareness. We have explained before how the unawakened Souls are taken to places which could be called Intensive Care Units whereby the Love/Light of the Creator is continuously radiated to and through each Soul's Auric Field until the negative shell of misqualified energy is completely transmuted.

However, it is important that you understand that the death/transition, after-life process has changed radically. No longer does any Soul go into the dense astral planes to await their turn to reincarnate on the Earth. If you are a Self-conscious person whose Soul Song resonates to the higher fourth / lower fifth dimensions or higher, you are automatically taken to the appropriate plane where everything seems much like the reality you left behind, only much grander, more beautiful and more joyful, loving and peaceful. You will go through the Gates of the heavenly realms totally aware. You will review your past life as an observer, and you may say farewell to those near and dear to you; however, they will slowly fade into the background unless they are members of your immediate Soul family.

Again, the frequencies you project or resonate to will determine which dimension or sub-plane dimensional level you will be taken to, and also the levels of cosmic information you will be able to access. Your Auric Field is like a cloak that surrounds your Etheric / Astral Bodies, and it is either a cloak of Light or a shroud of negative, inharmonious energy that you have accumulated over your many past lifetime experiences. You are composed of units of energy: mental, emotional, physical, astral and spiritual. You must learn and accept the fact that you are a creation of forceful energy, an original Spark of Divine Consciousness. As a Self-conscious cocreator, you are also a director of energy via your own forceful thoughts, actions and intentions.

You exist in a whirlwind of energy: energy forces comprised of either Primal Life Force substance, the half-spectrum Light of the lower dimensions, or the wondrous, all-encompassing Adamantine Particles of Creator Light of the higher realms of consciousness. Your mental state of mind and the quality or resonance of your emotional nature determine the outcome of your creative endeavors. As a cocreator, you will mold and manifest your creative ideas / thoughts, and then you must experience the resulting manifested expression of your thoughts and actions-so state the Universal Laws.

You are to become an efficient director of Cosmic energy forces. Become a conscious observer and practice detachment. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into a vortex of negative energy created by others. Learn to stand firm and in control, as the director of your Sacred energy. Do not allow anyone to disturb your serenity and harmonious nature. However, please remember, if you do occasionally have a human moment, stop and take a deep breath and return to center, as you send forth a burst of Violet Flame to transmute and dissolve any discordant energy. You are sometimes too harsh in your judgment of Self. Perfection is not expected, dear hearts.

It is the radiance of your Higher, Over-Soul Self that gradually penetrates and permeates your physical and emotional bodies, thereby gradually releasing any accumulated negative, astral debris. The combined Light of the Over-Soul of all humanity is gradually dissolving the contaminated, distorted vibrational patterns of the astral planes, which in the past have been called the "collective consciousness," the negative thought patterns of humanity. Love, serenity and joy are the primary qualities of the Over-Soul. Most people's thoughts are generally random and without focus. Lowering the frequencies of your brain waves or learning to maintain an Alpha State of consciousness provides a sharp focus of your ongoing thought processes and gives clear direction to the subconscious mind. The Alpha Mastery techniques are a profound and powerful tool. Your conscious thinking mind comprehends, but it is your subconscious mind that processes the incoming information and takes action. Becoming an Alpha Master and maintaining the appropriate Alpha level of consciousness will allow you to speak to and interact with your subconscious mind. It goes beyond will power as you develop the ability to communicate directly with your deep, instinctive inner mind and your Sacred Mind. You will find yourself naturally making the best decisions and taking the right action to achieve your goals.

The ascension process begins when your Soul Self has resumed its proper position as director of the physical Self. It is as if an ignition switch has been turned on within your DNA, which contains the blueprint for your perfect Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body. A series of latent encodings are activated via the higher frequencies of Light that you have begun to integrate. These Light vibrational patterns contain specific encodings of color and harmonics which will affect all the cells and organs within the bodily form. Gradually, the cells will begin to absorb and metabolize the Light, and these Light-bearing cells will begin to permeate and affect the entire physical vessel.

The transmutation process is then initiated whereby toxins, emotional trauma, painful memories and experiences stored throughout the body will begin to surface, thereby creating a multitude of uncomfortable physical symptoms: aches and pain in various parts of the body, flu-like symptoms, headaches, confusion and temporary memory loss, to name only a few.

The next level of Auric Field reconstruction involves the emotional body and the astral planes of consciousness. As your physical body evolves, it becomes capable of integrating more and more refined frequency cells of Light. Your fourth-dimensional reality begins to crumble, and your illusional world becomes distorted and confusing. Your religious belief structure may begin to fall apart, leaving you feeling vulnerable and without guidance or direction. There is a Higher Self merge at this point whereby the Over-Soul facet of your Higher Self that has resided within your Soul Star (the Eighth Chakra) begins to send impulses/beams of higher frequency Light packets into your Sacred Mind, Sacred Heart and the entire chakra system. These beams activate your intuitive abilities and also contain vital information for your greater understanding of who you truly are and may also activate a Divine Discontent within.

Your Diamond Core God Cell is now integrating more and more God Light, which activates and increases the power of the Rays of God Consciousness within your Sacred Heart Core. This process is programmed within your Divine Blueprint and is also encoded within your DNA. By this time, your cells have begun to respond to the Light as their main source of energy. This is the major reason aspirants on the Path often radically change their diets to less dense food, for their physical and emotional bodies are being saturated with Adamantine Particles of Light-the food of the gods.

As you move deeper and deeper into the realms of refined Light, the physical senses may become enhanced, and your awareness of colors and sound will increase. The magnification of the physical senses means the cells within your Auric Field are beginning the task of clearing the dense, restrictive energy that has built up over many thousands of years. The foggy prison that has dulled the senses and has kept humanity in bondage is gradually being bathed in Light cells, which will result in the Auric Field becoming more radiant as more and more Souls awaken to the Divine potential within. The physical body must gradually be reintroduced to the transformative effects of the Living Light in order to reclaim the original Light Body form that was designed for all humanity. Beloveds, cast not your eyes on the chaos and destruction that are rampant on the Earth at this time. Live each day centered within your Sacred Heart / Solar Power Center so that you may integrate into your physical vessel the maximum amount of Creator Light, and then send forth that precious gift down into the core of the Earth and out into the world of form. Know that the joint efforts of the World Servers around the planet are making a difference. We are a force for the greater good that cannot be denied. I am forever your faithful guardian and protector. I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.
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"We Are Creating A New Golden Galaxy"


June 2000. Archangel Michael transmitted through Ronna Herman

“We Are Creating a New Golden Galaxy”

Beloved masters, can you feel the excitement in the ethers/air? The changes you have dreamed about, hoped and aspired to are swiftly coming to fruition. You visions, mantras, and meditations are bearing fruit as the refined patterns of Light are drawn forth from the higher realms and begin to take roots in the world of materiality. Your expanded consciousness is affecting those around you and the unified force field of your spiritual family is growing stronger each day. More and more of the Creator’s Light is available to you, the gift of life via God’s great Rays of Expression.

You are turning your thoughts inward and upward as you remember your origins and your home among the stars. You yearn to complete your mission in the physical so that you may go back to your true state as a Being of Light. Many of you think you will be returning on the path in which you descended as you slowly moved down through the dimensions, compressing your “lightness” into density. This is not possible, dear ones, for the universe as it was then no longer exists. What you envision as your home amongst the stars has changed, every part of this and other universes have evolved and changed radically mostly for the better, but not all. The expansion of the God Mind is just that allowing its Sparks of consciousness to co-create, to expand, experience, learn and fill ever more of the Great Void with the radiance and Light of God-consciousness.

Even though you may believe that there must be more failures than successes, the beauty of the plan is this: You were sent out to the far reaches of the universe to experiment, co-create and learn, then were called together again to bring your special God-given talents to planet Earth. You can all see what the diversity and separation of consciousness have wrought on Earth, but as we repeatedly tell you, the experiment is not a failure. The reunification process is moving forward at an ever-increasing pace as you, the Starseed and the Holy Innocent Ones, awaken and take up the banner of Light.

We have told you the Earth, your solar system and galaxy are gradually being drawn upward into a higher refinement. Or to put it another way, in order to give you a better understanding, the next step in the Grand Plan for this universe is to glean the positive experiences or energy patterns from the negative; to balance, transmute and transform the negative energy patterns back into neutral cosmic Light substance (It will be as if they never existed), as all moves forward on the next turn of the cosmic spiral.

Not only is the Earth to reclaim her perfected state and gradually lift and clear the density patterns through the gift of divine alchemy or the Violet Transmuting Flame, but the creative thought forms which contain the rich history of humanity’s sojourn on Earth, the wondrous experiences and wisdom garnered the successes minus the failures are being accumulated and stored in the higher realms. Your astronomers have reported strange bursts of Light and unexplainable happenings in the heavens. If they only knew what is really taking place. A new galaxy is being formed, my precious warriors. A new galaxy which will eventually seed the next universe. It will be called the Golden Galaxy for it will radiate the golden Light of the Prime Creator. Allow us to give you a vision, a sneak preview, you might say. What is now being formed is the future Great Central Sun for this new galaxy and the great Beings of Light who will be infused with God’s blueprint and the overall theme for this new creation are presently being called forth. Many of the great Beings from far-distant universes who have come to observe the transformative miracles have expressed a desire to be part of this next great undertaking. Your quadrant of manifested creation is very popular, my friends, it is where the action is.

This new galaxy will radiate a golden aura and all manifested worlds in this galaxy will also be infused with varying hues of gold, silver and copper. No, the streets will not be paved with gold, as described in some of your popular myths of what heaven looks like. Again this is a misinterpretation of the wisdom teachings of the great masters by those who had to make heaven earth like so they could comprehend it. Since gold is one of your most precious commodities, what could be more desirable than streets of gold? The radiant colours of the higher realms are beyond the imagining of most people. Some of you, in your times of meditation, have tapped into the frequencies of the higher dimensions, and while there have seen the glorious colours and experienced the bliss of communion with the Holy Spirit of God. Once you experience this blessing, you are forever changed and you will always strive to recapture the feeling. This is bliss you will experience when you incarnate in this new world of Light.

While we are on this subject, let me explain that this also holds true for the statement that you are made in God’s image. The God Force is a great radiant Being of Light and that is what you were when you were projected from the heart of the Creator, not a male (usually portrayed as a wise old man with a long beard), nor a female, or any type of physical body at all. God is pure Spirit without form and yet God is all form and incorporated in all things. The wise, all seeing, all-knowing Essence known as God cannot be confined to any one form or any one concept, because there is nothing outside of God. You are here because of God, you cannot get away and you cannot hide for your soul and DNA are encoded with God-consciousness which is divine love, divine intelligence and the desire to create in your own unique way.

I will give you a glimpse of what this new world will be like: You will be much taller than you are now (as you were in the beginning on planet Earth), the average Being will be from ten to twelve feet tall. You will have form, but you will not be as solid as you are now. To a certain degree, you will be able to manipulate your form at will, assuming masculine or feminine characteristics, so that you may enjoy the duality and broad spectrum of sexual expression. Therefore, there will be no misunderstandings of the masculine and feminine attributes and no gender restrictions or barriers. Your skin will glow with a golden radiance and your eyes will be of varying shades from light gold to a deep copper colour and they will truly reflect your soul. You will speak a language, but it will sound more lyrical and will be more a creative expression than to communicate, for you will have full use of all your sensory perceptions: telecommunication or telepathy, clairvoyance or clear seeing and yes, you will be able to communicate with us, for we will all be there together as we were in the beginning.

You will not have hair on your heads or bodies, but there will be what appears to be beautiful streams of light flowing from your head. The predominant colour will be the colour of your major Ray, and other rays will be displayed in a mandala of colours depending on your characteristics and Divine blueprint. In order to satisfy your creative desires for uniqueness, you will be able to arrange these beams of Light in various artistic ways, and you will clothe yourselves in glowing garments of gossamer material which will reflect your thoughts or moods of the moment.

You will bring all positive attributes you have acquired during your journey throughout time and space, and will have incorporated, in varying degrees, the broad spectrum of the twelve Rays of God-consciousness. You will not remember the negativity or painful experiences of your physical incarnations, but you will remember how you it felt to work in harmony with the elements and creative forces of nature. You will be given assignments and training so that you will be well-schooled when it comes to the time to be an active participant in exciting, new creative endeavours. You will serve side by side with us, the angelic forces, as we go forth to fulfil the Creator’s plan for the expansion of the cosmos.

When you agreed to participate in the experiment on planet Earth a promise was made to you that when your mission was completed, if it was your desire, you would have the opportunity to become a co creator and active player in the next level of cosmic evolution, the formation of a golden galaxy. The Earth has been your training ground, beloveds, and you have learned much. By trial and error, pain and suffering, you are gradually becoming masters of co-creation. You see, you must learn your lessons well, if you are to help create the next paradise world. Any and all are eligible candidates for this new and exciting adventure, beloveds, all you must do is move into neutrality and become harmless, and then contribute your unique Christ Light, or add your positive vibrational patterns to the Whole as, together, we assist your Earth to be birthed into a star of Light. Now that I have given you a vision of what is to come, I will give you some guidelines to assist you as you move through these next critical years of Earth time.

Are you ready to live in the pillar of Light instead of on the cross of matter, vertically rather than horizontally? In doing this you will have access to all Divine attributes of Creation: Love, wisdom, inspiration, compassion, creativity, joy, radiant health and abundance. In doing so, you will move across the chasm of cause and effect into a state of grace, you will live in a refined world of your own choosing as you encourage and assist others to claim their vision and join you in the quest.

Take a few minutes and write down whatever comes first in your mind.

What is your hearts desire? What would make your soul song? Are you ready and willing to take a chance, to step out into the unknown, to learn your Earth’s mission and fulfil it? Are you ready to expose, examine, heal and release your deepest core issues? This may mean facing and challenging your ego, your belief system and being moved out of your comfort zone. It may mean that those in your world will also challenge you and your relationships may change. Are you willing to release everything and everyone in your life to it’s/their highest good? Are you willing to allow your spiritual family to share your deepest secrets, pain, failures (real or imagined) and to be vulnerable, to also share their pain as they expose their souls, without judgement, or trying to “fix it”, to just “be there” to offer love and support? Are you willing to speak your truth as you presently know it and not alter or colour for the benefits of others? Are you willing to make mistakes along the way as you strive to reclaim your mastery? (It is the ego that demands perfection). As your new truths unfold are you willing to be true to yourself, even if it means disappointing others? Are you willing to begin to practise “self love” until you are filled with God Light and it overflows out into the world and to others? Are you willing to follow Spirit without hesitation, listen to your soul-song and follow your own sacred path? Will you endeavour to stay in the “moment”, concentrating on the task or opportunity at hand, one thought at the time, one step at a time leading you to mastery? Will you endeavour to see what is “right” with people in your life, instead of what is wrong? Will you practise seeing the opportunities, justice and beauty in your world, instead of the challenges, test and negativity? Are you willing to see yourself reflected in the eyes of others, accepting the judgment and criticism in the same manner that you accept the love and approval? Are you willing to do whatever needs to be done for your highest good, for your mates highest good, for your/the children’s highest good, for your friend’s or co-workers highest good, for the world’s highest good? Are you ready to accept as your truth that you are entitled to all the love, joy, beauty, bounty, and abundance of Creation as your Divine Birthright? Are you ready to accept the truth that whatever you ask for is already yours in the higher dimensions, and all you have to do is believe and claim it? Are you ready to be a leader, offering solutions as you assist in the refinement of humanity and the Earth? rather than being a protester and following the path of least resistance? At the appropriate times, are you willing to go into solitude to be alone with yourself to become accustomed to turning inward so that Spirit can speak to and through you? Are you ready to accept the truth that you are a Divine Spark of God and you on Earth as God’s representative?

Beloved Ones, it is time to come down off the cross of matter, to stop the practise of drawing the energy you need from those around you, the outmoded cosmic dance, the push/pull of polarity in the world of cause and effect. As you step into the radiance of the vertical flow of Spirit, your life will change dramatically. You turn inward for your strength and wisdom. You do not allow those around you to tell you whom or what you are, but validate your truths for yourself by turning to your Divine Self, then, you live those truths to the best of your ability. Your connection to your I AM presence will grow stronger each day and you will begin to feel the Oneness and Harmony with all Beings and all things. This is your goal – This is your destiny – Do you choose it now or later? Why not now, faithful Ones?

I enfold you in the radiance of the Creator’s Love.

I AM Archangel Michael.

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Matthew’s Message: June 11, 2011**
June 12, 2011
tags: Mathew Ward, Suzy Ward

Golden Age threshhold on target; reasons for imminent arrival of space family; effects of high and low frequencies, suggestions for relief; spiritual perspective of dark ones on the planet; no mass exodus during Earth’s ascension; lightworkers’ participation in world transformation

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Even the most dedicated lightworkers have occasional moments of doubt that everything long promised can be successfully accomplished during the months remaining before Earth reaches the threshold of her Golden Age. This is understandable. You have only your history as a frame of reference for a realistic time span between the onset of major changes and stabilization afterwards.

2. But this is an era of revelations and transformation with speed and scope unlike any before in universal history, and once again we assure you that all darkness in your world will be gone by the end of your calendar year 2012. Furthermore, with everything in acceleration mode, linear time will pass more swiftly by the day, and the next eighteen months or so on your calendar will come and go faster than the past eighteen.

3. What you perceive as time actually is energy in motion, and as Earth continues her journey toward fourth density, she will enter ever higher, lighter energy planes as she approaches the continuum, where everything that you deem past, present and future is a series of events happening simultaneously. In this moment you cannot imagine that reality, but you will know it as you gain spiritual clarity and understanding of the universal laws. Ah, what wondrous knowledge and experiences await you!

4. Now then, back down to Earth, where many of you are asking “When?” specific situations will start—or end. We know that you are requesting which day or week or month, so we also know that “Soon” is not a satisfying answer. In this moment, however, “Soon!” is all we can tell you—but please notice the exclamation point! That punctuation mark would have been appropriate all along because of the unprecedented speed with which your world has been rising out of deep third density, so why now are we adding that emphasis to indicate that stunning developments are imminent?

5. The Illuminati have held onto control politically, economically and technologically several years longer than reasonably anticipated when the Golden Age master plan was designed. They know that despite the erosion of their global network, they still can control the population unless spiritually advanced civilizations come to Earth. That would completely doom all of the Illuminati’s dark activities, so they are determined to do everything within their power to prevent the arrival of our benevolent universal family members.

6. Due to that determination and tenacity, timing adjustments relative to landings have had to be made over and over again, and contingency plans also have had to be altered. A recent example is, the globally televised program that was to include space family members was scrapped because essential aspects had not been finalized. The dark ones among you strategically initiated turmoil in the respective countries of your participating leaders so that they had to divert their time and attention from planning sessions to dealing with the upheavals in their nations. And that comprehensive program’s replacement, a straightforward announcement acknowledging the existence of other civilizations, no longer is considered sufficient.

7. According to Hatonn, serious consideration is being given to a dramatic display of spacecraft and a simultaneous special bulletin on radio and television stating that the crews have come in peace and will land to assist us in ways that will be enumerated. Discussions are ongoing about the risks of “surprise” vs. the risks of waiting until safety can be absolutely assured for all involved.

8. On one hand, the peak of the Illuminati has not been yet dislodged, and except for starting a nuclear war, those individuals’ free will choice to take other steps to prevent extraterrestrials from landing must be honored. On the other hand, Earth is in great need of technology that can rid her of toxic pollution, particularly at Japan’s damaged nuclear facility; that technology, which is aboard the ships surrounding Earth and has been of some assistance ever since the earthquake damaged the reactors, will be much more effective on site.

9. There is another issue of urgency too. The nonstop man-made geophysical events and weather manipulation is having a double negative effect. The death toll, property damage, financial loss and other hardships to residents in the affected areas is obvious, but the other effect is global and not realized except by the perpetrators.

10. At the same time that you are continuously adjusting to the higher vibrations Earth keeps traveling into and the influence of the changing juxtaposition of celestial bodies, you are being bombarded with low vibrations emitted by the quake and storm-causing technology, and the combination is producing new or stronger physical, emotional and mental anomalies. This is affecting persons who otherwise would be in sound health and it is exacerbating the dis-ease of persons with organic malfunctions and weakened immune systems. At the least, low energy and exhaustion are prevalent, and at worst, many individuals are experiencing severe pain, illness, depression and mental confusion.

11. Only the elimination of those low frequency emissions can eliminate their effects, and because the various technologies being misused are integrated with power and communication systems, dismantling them without interrupting the services you need must be done at the sites. Security measures preclude unauthorized persons from entering those areas; however, members of our universal family have the ability to bypass those measures and successfully separate the various systems.

12. Those two vitally important situations are the reasons for their imminent arrival, but please do continue being patient. Prudent preparations to manage all potential situations on the ground are imperative, and the locations and timing of landings are crucial factors of overall readiness.

13. Another consideration is the realistic anticipation that a media blitz of “alien invaders!” will attempt to evoke fear among the masses. Although you will greet landings with jubilation, for most people it is one thing to see crafts in your skies and quite another to see them on the ground. By Illuminati intention, there is an abundance of “entertainment” that reinforces the invasion idea and a dearth of information about the civilizations that have been helping Earth ever since the populating programs started in antiquity.

13. Consequently, skepticism about strangers’ motives is natural, and persons who believe that they are to be feared will need understanding and truthful information. It may be helpful to have relevant books or printouts of pertinent parts of messages from light sources for family, friends, coworkers and neighbors who are afraid of the “aliens’” presence. However, feeling fearful is a choice, so please share your knowledge with those who are receptive and do not impose it upon those who are not.

14. Let us return to the effects of the low vibrations previously mentioned—that is, how you can obtain some relief until the source is eliminated. It is important to not become fatigued and to avoid abrasive personal encounters and crowds. While the planet’s movement into a more favorable celestial alignment will be helpful, the collective energy level at the moment still is unusually low.

15. Get as much sleep and rest as possible, even if this means foregoing usual activities except exercising in moderation, which also is helpful in keeping yourselves in balance. Walking—not sauntering, but as fast a rhythmic pace as you can manage without overexertion—is the best exercise during this time. Spend as much time as possible in natural settings—the energy of trees is immensely beneficial—and listening to soothing music promotes smoother energy flow throughout your bodies.

16. Eat less than usual, and a diet of primarily fresh fruit and vegetables will be more beneficial because those foods contain more light than cooked foods. Especially now those foods are more easily digested than meat, sea food and starchy foods, and it is advisable to reduce your intake of salt, sugar, sodas, tobacco and alcohol.

17. Drinking a lot of pure water helps your bodies’ electrical systems to function properly, and monatomic gold will be helpful in ridding confusion and permitting clear thought, also in restoring temporarily faulty memory. If you are taking prescription drugs, especially antidepressants, ask your health care specialist if the dosage can be reduced—the chemicals in all drugs always have adverse side effects, and these are exacerbating the effects of the conflicting vibrations.

18. Actually, all of those suggestions are applicable from now on. As your cells continue changing from carbon to crystalline, you will need less food and you will find light-filled foods more satisfying. Some changes from your former preferences and habits will come naturally in accordance with what your bodies and minds will tell you and other changes from your routine will require discipline.

19. Now we move on to another timely issue. We have been telling you about the dark minds and hearts that cause death, destruction, suffering and turmoil. The purpose is not to “point fingers,” but to explain what has been going on in your world for millennia, what is happening now and why, and what is yet to come. The truths about those individuals and their activities will be emerging, and it is vitally important that you regard them from a spiritual perspective.

20. For long ages darkness dominated Earth’s civilizations, and when the planet’s very survival depended upon ending the cycle of third density karma that the darkness perpetuated, certain individuals agreed to create situations and conditions that would give billions of souls the opportunity to experience what they needed to complete their third density karma and evolve into fourth density. It was a massive collective agreement designed to immeasurably benefit many, many souls.

21. After those individuals fulfilled their commitments to be the “heavies”—and they did that extremely well—the agreement was that they would join the light forces and this part of the galaxy would be rid of all darkly inclined beings. Instead, they became so attached to the characteristics and behavior their roles required—greed, lust for power, brutality, ruthlessness, deception—that they refused the intense light being beamed to them and they reneged on their agreement.

22. Regardless of the darkness that became pervasive in those individuals, they are inseparable parts of the Oneness of All, eternal parts of God and unconditionally loved by Him. God will not judge them—God judges NO soul!—but your world will when they are identified and held accountable for what they have done. Most will deny all accusations; others will admit the truth if it serves their own interests, such as immunity or reduced sentences for helping to convict others; and some will escape your legal and justice decisions by dying prior to the conclusion of their trials and appeals.

23. However, none will escape the consequences of their thoughts, intentions and actions in the “higher court” of lifeprint review in Nirvana, where they will experience every moment of the Earth lifetime. That process includes their feeling the identical feelings of every person whose life they touched in any way whatsoever, and in many cases, that number is in the millions. Your ideas of hell cannot begin to encompass the reality of what those individuals will experience during the lifeprint reviews or the primitive conditions of their next physical lifetimes.

24. Rather than the harsh punishment that third density mentality will demand for those individuals who became bereft of light except the spark that is the life force of every soul, compassion and forgiveness will best serve you and all others in the eternal Oneness of All. This does not mean condoning or excusing any of the actions that continued after those individuals reneged on their soul-level agreements.

25. It means that because all souls in this universe are inextricably related as independently experiencing parts of God, collectively you are family. Rather than punishing the weak ones in the family, send them light. When all members are supportive of one another, the family is stronger and grows in the love, wisdom and spirituality that is the goal of every soul.

26. Now we shall return to addressing some issues being questioned. To parents who are concerned about how to explain to their children why people will die during Earth’s ascension, we say: The same way you explain death to them now. People will continue to die daily from all the causes they do now—it will not be a simultaneous exodus of billions as some theories purport.

27. As for the care of children whose parents die, that will be no different from now, when other family members or closest friends step in. Children will accept forthcoming changes more easily than adults, whose beliefs and customs that have been molded by authorities and superficial societal standards will require a great deal of adjustment.

28. Although we hope that none of you is apprehensive about the recent predictions of cataclysms, we shall tell you that there will be no 1000-foot tsunami; no celestial bodies will collide with Earth; radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant will not cause population extinction; no plague will annihilate most of the world’s peoples; living underground will not be necessary; the fight for freedom in Arab countries will not ignite WWIII. Your desires that none of those will occur are added to Earth’s intention that they will not, and the energy produced in the collective consciousness assures that none of those devastating events can be manifested.

29. The godliness of generously sharing with those in need does not extend to forcing your beliefs upon those whose own beliefs are different. Third density peoples embrace spiritual and universal enlightenment at the right time for each of them, and your ultimate responsibility is your own evolution in those respects.

30. Many are asking how they can best counter damage being done by a number of disparate sources or can help those who are enduring severe hardships. Rather than inserting all the questions, we shall mention only the specific areas mentioned: financial institutions, military actions, radiation, local and national governing bodies, homelessness, pollution, unjust laws, unfair taxation, poor health care, gasoline prices, deforestation, renewable energy sources, food production and education.

31. We rejoice at the outpouring of caring about others and the eagerness to participate in transforming your world! Follow your heart, do what you feel inspired to do. On a practical basis that could be sharing with needy individuals and local charitable groups whatever resources you have—time, talents and skills, knowledge, money, tools and equipment, transportation, shelter—or supporting national and international organizations engaged in environmental preservation or legal, political and economic reforms.

32. On a higher plane, visualize the world you want for yourselves, your children and their children: a world of love, peace, mutual respect and life in harmony with all of Nature. Never underestimate your power to turn visions and thoughts into actuality!

33. Our overall guidance in every area where betterment is needed is, Know your god-self and live your light! Knowing that love-light, the most powerful energy in the cosmos, is the “ingredient” of souls and the basis on which soul contracts are made is part of spiritual clarity, and expanding that clarity is the purpose of all physical lifetimes of every soul. The speed at which awareness is available and the scope of enlightenment being offered to your civilization at this time is unique in this universe.

34. All light beings are beaming love to you, and some are walking beside you, unseen but ever present.

Suzanne Ward

Healing words from the Dali Lama:

Never Give up
No matter what is going on
Never Give up
Develop the heart
Too much energy is spent developing the mind
instead of the heart
Be compassionate
Work for peace
and I say again
Never Give up
No matter what is happening
No matter what is going on around you
Never Give up

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New Earth Rising

Caroline Dawley

Peace is the Pathway of Peace

Friday, June 10, 2011

AA Gabriel Message


May 6, 2011

Archangel Michael speaks

Beloved Ones,
I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love called transcendence. This quality employs the ability to overcome the seeming transgressions of others by moving into a higher level of understanding, feeling forgiveness in One’s heart and rising above the situation. By employing this quality, One is working with the Higher aspects of One’s Self. By doing so, One can be said to transcend the situation. However, this must truly be felt in the heart in order for this to occur in reality.

Transcendence requires the ability to always see the glass as half full rather than half empty. It requires a positive attitude towards life no matter what transpires in One’s life. It is a quality that needs to be cultivated while in the earthly form and is one of the tests of life that each of you will have to engage in at some point as you live your life here on Earth. It is not an easy quality to embody, for it requires for you to have a Higher perspective on each situation that comes before you in order for you to surpass all obstacles and human limitations.

Many people in life find themselves in physical bodies that are disabled in some way so that their movement in life is severely restricted and through employing this quality of transcendence surpass their limitations and find a way to live their lives fully and completely even though they have these challenges and these people become great Beacons of Light to others, as a great inspiration to show others that it is in our attitude towards what is in our lives that counts and that our reality is created through our determination to fully experience this opportunity called life whilst in the body. The World has many such Souls who have helped Humanity see the unlimitedness within each of us to surpass and overcome all challenges.

Employing this quality brings great rewards to the Soul who successfully embodies this ability and attribute, for they move forward and progress much more quickly than those who have not yet employed this quality, for they have tapped into a great secret of life, one which will serve them well for all time, for in some way they have tapped into the great potential and majesty of their true Being and they never look back. When One is always looking at ways to move around an apparent obstacle to find another solution or way, and going within for guidance, there is always a solution that comes forth.

Transcendence requires great faith in the Higher power of the Spirit and is a surrender to this power and can bring many miracles to the One who employs it and with this quality One knows that in life, nothing is impossible if we put our Creator into the equation. Creator loves to move through into manifestation within each Being and does so lovingly and completely. It only requires the willingness of the Soul to open to this loving attention and it is done. So it is incumbent upon each Soul to reach up into the Higher realms in order to surpass their current challenges and when this is done, the answers come forth in wonderful ways that they could never have imagined.

I leave you now to ponder on these words with my Love and devotion.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included.

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Archangel Michael's Monthly Message




Beloved masters, there is a Light epidemic whereby every person on Earth is being bombarded by the refined frequencies of God Light; however, each person can only absorb and integrate the frequencies of Light that their physical vessels can accommodate. You must be able to metabolize the God Light in order to benefit from it and make use of it.

Remember this term: MEMBRANES OF LIGHT, for it is important that this concept is clearly defined within your mind. There were membranes of Light placed across your memory when you began your journey into the illusionary realities of the third / fourth dimensions. There were membranes of Light placed at the entryway to your Sacred Mind and your Sacred Heart. There was / is a membrane of Light surrounding your Third Eye / your inner sight. When your Higher Self determines it is time for your Third Eye to open, it will be as if you received a surge of Sacred energy upon your brow. These specialized frequencies open the Seed Crystals of Light within the Pineal Gland, which initiates the ability for telepathic communication.

Most of you have heard of the Ring-Pass-Not, a thin Membrane of Light Radiation, which encircled the planet. It was a restrictive quarantine of sorts which was gradually dissolved from the Earth's atmosphere, and the Cosmic information flood gates were flung open so that the next level of Cosmic Wisdom could pour forth to a select group of World Servers / Cosmic Messengers. Everyone if these brave Souls have, for many lifetimes, been in an intense preparatory stage in the higher realms.. This intense training period was necessary in order to bring forth these advanced teachings in an accurate, orderly and timely method. It is Cosmic Law that you must integrate and experience each level of new truth in order to move to the next, more advanced level. It is a unique and specialized path of initiation. The Ascended Masters of the Cosmic Council of Light do not openly teach in public. They work entirely through their disciples and initiates, mostly by conveying inspiration. Initiates work on the mental levels, also mostly behind the scenes. However, a select group are actively teaching out in the world, for inspiring others to become World Servers is their most important task.

Those of you who have steadfastly followed the Path that was designed for you are quickly coming to a state of completion for the particular stage of en-Lighten-ment you have been in for the past ten years. When you attain true Self-mastery, your thoughts and words will become harmless, for criticism and negativity cannot dwell in the Light of love and truth. Service is an intrinsic impulse of the Soul-self, just as desire is the major impulse of the ego.

Your transition from the impulses or nudgings of the emotional, ego-desire body to the inspirational thoughts of the Soul and the Higher Self, have mostly been accomplished. Your focus has moved toward group consciousness and how to serve humanity. You are also well on your way in the transition from I / me / my selfish interests to a we / our unity consciousness. The intuitive thoughts you receive and the guidance from your guides, angelic helpers and Higher Self become stronger as you integrate more pure God Light. Your personal reality expands from a small-world focus of a me / my consciousness to an expanded consciousness which includes the world, the solar system and beyond. No longer do you respond to painful events in life as fateful or punishment, for you realize they are challenges and opportunities for growth.

You are swiftly moving out of the energy vortex, or collective consciousness band of thought forms created by humanity, for it is a vortex of violent activity. Ascension is a process whereby you consciously move forward into higher and higher levels of the energy / vibrational fields of your *OverSouls; forever moving forward into more rarified fields of Divine Energy called the higher dimensions.

(*OverSouls / same as your many Higher Selves) RH.

Your Soul is aware of the imbalances you brought forth from the past and also those you have created in this lifetime. It will do everything possible to bring these imbalances to your attention so you can rectify the imperfections and develop harmonious attunement with the next level of your Higher Self. That is the Soul's main purpose for being. Your Soul and Higher Selves will also make every effort to raise your vibrational frequencies and to harmonize the fluctuating energies of the emotional and mental bodies. As you progress on the Path and begin to tap into the higher vibrational patterns of Light, you will experience the effects of the intensity of the frequencies of Cosmic Sacred Fire / heat. You will be affected by the fiery forces of Creation in three ways: Fire by Friction: Fire of Body ** Solar Fire: Fire of Soul **Electromagnetic Fire: Fire of Spirit.

Eventually, you will learn to recognize the source of the frequency patterns of the various Beings of Light that you are to work with. You will also be able to differentiate between the subtle forces and the Rays. You must strive to become a Divine observer and a master of detachment.

You know who you are, we do not have to tell you. We ask you to steadfastly maintain your Center of Power within your Sacred Heart as you are drawn into the higher levels of World Service. As you move deeper and deeper into the realm of the Ascended Masters, your chosen path of service should become easier-almost effortless. Your major challenges and tests are behind you as you draw greater amounts of God Light to you. The warring factions within will slowly release their hold on you as they submit to the transformative vibrations of Love. My brave warriors of peace, as your Light shines brighter out into the world, you must be vigilant so that you will do nothing which will make you a focal point for negative vibrational forces. You are learning to be a director of the Higher Forces. As you refine your skills of Self-mastery, you will learn to identify the quality and force of all energy around you

In every era and major cycle, Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Truth are made available to those with open minds and loving hearts. It is time for an understanding of where humankind stands on the ladder of evolution. Each person must gain the knowledge of and have a desire to fulfill his / her personal destiny.

You must understand where and how you fit within the group dynamics.

1. First, you will become what is called an aspirant on the Path.

2. After you achieve a certain amount of balance and harmony within, and have gained access to your Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart, you become an Initiate on the Path.

3. After the first level of Self-awareness is reached, you become a disciple / Light worker. (In the past, this journey into Soul-awareness was described as moving through the levels of initiation. This term no longer applies).

4. Eventually, the time arrives when you have successfully dissolved the membranes of Light which guard the entrance to your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind. As you refine your Energetic Signature and your Soul Song, you will elevate your capacity to quickly turn information / knowledge into wisdom (integrating and practicing the higher wisdom truths you have accepted as your own), so that you may move from the Hall of Learning into the Hall of Wisdom of the higher Mental plane. By this time, you are well on your way to becoming a Self-master and you are ready to become a World Server.

FOR ALL OF YOU ON THE PATH, your major goal at this time is to return the vibrational patterns, which make up your personal world in the third- / fourth-dimensional reality, to the originally designed Spectrum* of Light and shadow. By doing so, your pendulum of consciousness will not swing so radically from positive to negative and your mental and emotional natures will once more become stabilized and centered. This is an important step in learning to live centered within your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind. A disciple on the Path of en-Lighten-ment must strive for heart-centered detachment and wise discernment.

(*Spectrum - noun (pl. spectra) 1. A band of colors produced by separation of the components of Light by their different degrees of refraction, e.g. in a rainbow. 2. The entire range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. 3.The components of a sound or other phenomenon arranged according to frequency, energy). RH

In the unawakened person, more choices are made unconsciously than through intelligent awareness. It is as if they are in a semi-conscious state of awareness. The initial phase of becoming a Self-aware person is to realize that he/she is not consciously awake. This begins the process of striving to awaken to the nudgings of the Soul-self, for this is an intrinsic part of becoming spiritually aware and a master of Self.

When you succumb to irritation and respond in loud, angry words or thoughts, you are using astral energy that is contaminating to the auric field. Continued use will build a negative thought form that must eventually be resolved/dissolved via the Law of the Circle. Envision your negative thought forms adding another stone or brick to your emotional prison. Remember: you are composed of units of energy, which create your Energetic Signature, and ultimately your Soul Song. You must learn to control your thoughts and focus your power. Your thoughts will increase in strength according to the intensity and repetition of your Seed Thoughts. Dear hearts learn to focus on the highest and best attributes of people and conditions within your inner circle of Light-this is one of the most important aspects of creating your personal fifth-dimensional environment.

The language of the unconscious and subconscious minds is primarily imagery. The refinement of the subconscious and conscious minds and attunement to the Superconscious mind are greatly speeded up by the deliberate practice and perfecting of the imagery and visualization skills.

The Soul needs a vehicle of expression on the physical plane in order to bring forth the power and magnificence of Creation. You must rise above and shelter yourself from the emotional chaos of the mass consciousness existence; however, you must also function efficiently among the masses, and spread your Light as you go about daily life. You cannot live in a detached world and forsake the material world in order to attain en-Lighten-ment. Becoming an unrealistic, vague mystic serves no one. The introspective, inward-focused meditative practices of the Eastern philosophies are being joined with the creative, outward-focused practices of the Western world.

In a third- / fourth-dimensional environment, your mental body is prone to projecting into the future, which creates fear and uncertainty. The emotional body is always replaying the events of the past, some fond memories, but mostly reliving experiences of failure or pain. The present moment is hardly registered at all unless there is some positive or negative drama involved.

You must strive for a strong, highly-developed connection between the mental and emotional bodies, and also between the Soul and Higher Self in order to develop refined spiritual values. As you tap into the higher frequencies of Divine Wisdom, brilliant ideas pour forth from the higher planes of intuition. You may experience exhilaration one moment and depression the next as you gradually achieve a blissful state of awareness, only to lose it again. However, the times of depression will grow less intense and also less frequent. Be assured that your ego desire body will rebel and resist the efforts of the Soul and the Higher Self, and will try to keep you in your habitual practices/habits of serving only the little self and its selfish desires. You must tap into the realm of the Sacred Mind and learn spiritual discernment. You must constantly monitor and critique your words, deeds and motives as you train yourself and gain discipline over the little self. Remember: ALL knowledge is a form of Light.

You must strive to understand your role and purpose for this lifetime. You must turn inward in order to understand who you really are, why you act and react the way you do and how to tap into your greatest talent and potential abilities. This should be your major goal at this time. Reflection, contemplation and active meditation will unlock the mystery of your true Self, and what your major goals are for this lifetime.

You are an energy center, a receptacle / physical body which contains a measure of pure Creator Essence. You are responsible for integrating and using the Light Energy you need to empower yourself and you must then send forth the balance out into the world, for the benefit of all.

Submission to your Divine Mission and to Cosmic Law means adherence to all Universal Laws as they are revealed to you. Walking the path of ascension requires a constant effort to make the highest choices for the greatest good, with an intense desire to serve. You must take responsibility for all actions and the energy you qualify, whether positive or negative, for it will return to you via the Law of the Circle.

Your present earthly goal is to become a World Server, and the quickest way to attain this level of Self-mastery is to stimulate the flame of God Power within. Self-mastery is attained in small increments, not giant leaps.

Dear hearts no matter the level of Spiritual / Self-awareness you have attained, we encourage you to make the Path to higher awareness a priority in your life. The world and the reality you have lived and experienced in the past is swiftly changing. You have a golden opportunity to join the ranks of those who are creating a bright new world for themselves and their loved ones. You also have the right to remain in the negative environment of the lower world of reality that is swiftly being cleansed, cleared and modified, thus creating the chaos and monumental changes the masses and the Earth are now experiencing. Which will you choose? Whatever your choice, we will guide and protect you to the limits of Cosmic Law, and we will always love you beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from :

Monday, June 6, 2011

Eclipse and Solstice Invocation / Meditation


Introduction to Night 3 ~ Eclipses and Solstice

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From June 7th to June 24th, we enter into Night 3 of the Universal underworld, guided through the tail end Light vibrations of the partial Solar eclipse on June 1st, amplifying the focus of the Divine Masculine and Feminine rebalancing experienced in Day 3 through the heart chakra,

As we enter into Night 3 we experience the potential of perfectly balancing the threefold flame through the tenth ray of Divinity, and taking this sacred threefold flame into the total Lunar eclipse on June 15th, amplifying the higher qualities and key codes of the tenth ray in a beautiful pearlescent flame, and globally focused on lifting the veils of illusion on political, financial and economic institutes through empowerment, Love and wisdom. Additionally, the tenth ray of Divinity lifts the veils of illusion by merging timelines into this Now; in divinely orchestrating a synthesis of past, present and future possible realities through integrating this sacred flame and aligning more deeply into our I Am Presence and the realms of Illumined Truth, we take on these streamlined keycodes as these first wave Souls in human embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint.

We are further invited to travel to the Crystalline City of Light above Mt. Fuji in Japan, a vortex of Light linking into the Hall of Records through the sacred three-fold flame. And on June 21st through the Solstice activation, we have the potential to access the Hall of Records as we assist in taking this sacred Flame of Divinity through Divine Equality into the Unity Grid and into all the sacred sites within and around this earth plane, and from here, into the Solar Grid of Light Overlighted by the Company of Heaven and Helios and Vesta. As the timelines converge in Love and Unity Consciousness, as we enter into the sacred Hall of Records, and take on the mantle of Self Mastery through the knowing of ourselves as Perfect Love, with our open hearts, we become the center of creation within which all resides and lives in Love, empowerment and wisdom.

Through the eclipses, solstice and Night 3 Universal Underworld focus, we are propelled at warp speed into the higher dimensions and the receiving of these numerous celestial keycodes and activations, both personal and planetary in nature. This is further accelerated through the Spiritual Microtron, Divine Light emissions radiating from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God potentially able to increase the Light vibration of the sub-atomic particles within the body through the creation of even smaller sub-atomic particles. As the sub-atomic particles within the body spin at increased frequencies of Light, we awaken to the full magnificence of our Selves while letting go of any three-dimensional limiting belief systems and stepping into the I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light. We are at the point where we choose to step into the Flame of Eternal Divine Liquid Light and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God through empowerment, Love and wisdom, whilst continuing our Service work to this Earth plane.

Invocation to Night 3 ~ Eclipses and Solstice

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, the Archangels and Angels, Mighty Elohim, Christed ET's, Ascended Masters, Chohans to the Rays, Helios and Vesta, Mother Earth and Nature Intelligence, and all other Beings I personally acknowledge as I merge now with my I Am Presence.

I now ask to be taken to be taken in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light to the Crystalline City of Light above Mt. Fuji in Japan.

As an initiate of Light, I am welcomed into Mt Fuji by three gatekeepers and taken into a pearlescent colored icosohedronal shaped Temple of Light pulsating in the essence of this sacred tenth ray of Divinity.

Surrounded by my family and friends of the Light, I now request for the Spiritual Microtron to be activated at a cellular level within my body; increasing the Light frequency beyond the speed of common light while activating the dormant DNA to its full potentiality.

I now release any limiting beliefs and judgments I may have at a cellular level through all timelines, dimensions, and realities. Genetically inherited, carried through from past lifetimes and parallel realities and created in this lifetime, as I bring back my Soul fragments that left in pain, shame, betrayal or simply for the experience of it.

I wrap my Self and these Soul fragments in this sacred pearlescent three-fold flame of empowerment, Love and wisdom, as I let these Soul aspects know: "We are Home my beloveds, we are truly Home, All pathways before us are simply of Light. I welcome you into this safe, sacred and loving place, my Home, my Heart and Yours".

I now bring a focus to the lunar eclipse as I find myself on the Unity Grid of Light, connected to the starseeded ones, Light Workers and the many Legions of Light as I align with the Sun and Moon and Mother Earth. With the assistance of all these Beings of Light, I now wrap the earth and all her Life in this sacred pearlescent flame of Divinity and the potential to experience the three-fold flame of empowerment, Love and Wisdom.

I now bring a focus to the political, financial and economic institutes on earth, lifting the veils of illusion and creating a forcefield of pearlescent Light penetrating into each country requiring these ray frequencies, through this lunar reflection of Light.

I now experience the merging of all timelines into this Now, bringing with it my past, present and future potentialities as I merge with my I Am Presence through these timelines and take on these keycodes of Light as this first wave Soul in human embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint.

I now bring a focus to the Solstice energies of Light, and Overlighted by Helios and Vesta, surround this sacred Earth and all her Life in this beautiful pearlescent three-fold flame of empowerment, Love and Wisdom. I now take this sacred flame of Divinity into all sacred sites within and around the Unity Grid and allow this sacred flame to be activated within the hearts of all Life on this Earth plane. And now, this sacred three-fold flame is activated within the Solar Grid of Light, linking all Life into the essence of Divine Love.

As this sacred flame is amplified, I find myself within the Hall of Records. As I access these records, the full realization of my preciousness and perfection is activated and actualized. I experience my full multidimensional nature as this Being of Perfect Love, in the knowing that this is Who I Have Forever Been.

As the Holy Light of Mother/Father God.

I Am balance and equilibrium,

I Am justice and Love,

I Am infinite wisdom through empowerment,

I Am the center of creation within which all lives and loves.

I Am All That I Am.

I now find myself back in my sacred space, connecting to all Life through the sacred pearlescent flame of empowerment, Love and wisdom as a Keeper of Light to this three-fold flame.

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek

Co-created by Adi'El

Music by Mike Hammer

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The Elders on Night Three of the Universal Underworld

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Welcome, my precious friends. This is Anrita Melchizedek and I am going to make a connection now to the Elders to bring through more information on Night Three of the Universal Underworld.

Welcome Sweet Ones,

It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this moment. And what an Interesting ride you are in for, for this month of June. Starting on June the 1st, you experienced this partial solar eclipse, which amplified the focus of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Rebalancing experience through the Ninth Ray of Highest Potentials in Day Three, primarily through the heart chakra. For many of you, you may have experienced a lot of activity around the heart chakra or stresses on the shoulders - the upper shoulders in particular, the neck and the head area. This recalibration was part of the energy matrix expanding within the energy body and physical body; and with this too, creating levels of stresses as they were being released into new recalibrations and flows of Light. Now, as you enter Night Three of the Universal Underworld this is amplified through the focus of the Tenth Ray of Divinity, experienced through the crystalline city of Light above Mount Fuji in Japan. This vortex of Light holds the energy, as many of these sacred cities and ashrams do, of the Sacred Three-Fold Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom. In holding the energy of this perfect balance through this sacred pearlescent flame over the month of June, you will experience for yourself too, many of the lower frequencies being integrated into these finer frequencies of Light or the higher qualities which is brought through, through this Tenth Ray. The energy of this is further amplified on the lunar eclipse on June the 15th, as you take these keycodes of the Tenth Ray in this beautiful pearlescent flame and focus it on lifting the veils of illusion on this earthplane. The focus, initially, through the push of the First Ray of Will and Power, which is energy which embodies this earthplane -- as does the Third Ray of Divine Intelligence, brings to focus the 'lifting' of veils of illusion on the political, financial and economic fronts.

This Tenth Ray of Divinity is certainly a ray worked with in self-mastery as it further lifts the veils of illusion by merging timelines into this Now. And we are seeing these streamlined timelines coming through from past, present and future realities, merging into this Now as you step more into this infinite and eternal continuum, this everlasting moment in Now. For there is only Now. For some of you this may have been experienced in long moments of periods of inactivity or feeling like you are being in a bubble. For others of you, this has been experienced in a lot of emotional oscillations. And yet, for others, there is a center of balance coming through these emotional oscillations and streamlinings of these timelines to create a level of clearing old cellular patternings, while bringing in new keycodes of Light. And, with this energetic tightness can further be experienced as well as many lifetimes in one day. But, these streamlines in consciousness are very particular in that they are bringing through the highest potentialities of each one of you individually. And as you merge and align more with your I-AM Presence, you truly are taking on these imprintings of the I-Am Avatar Blueprint of Light, this 'perfect' blueprint of Light. As the focus continues through this Tenth Ray of Divinity, it amplifies all the sacred sites on the Solstice, and further brings through the ability to understand yourselves as these Beings of Perfect Love, knowing that you are the center of creation, within which all lives in Love.

Through this focus of the Solstice activities you are further taken in Soul Consciousness into the Hall of Records. The Hall of Records goes back approximately 5.5 million years on this earthplane. And brings through all the genetic lineage of all star-seeded ones and Lightworkers as well as the Highest Potentials and also the consciousness of Light of all dimensions. When entering into the Hall of Records, you receive instantly just what you are needing to move into that center of Love within yourself. More than the merging of timelines, which create possibly a level of emotional oscillation, as you move into a temporal timeline of stability in the knowing of your gifts and purpose, the Hall of Records is simply the experience of all Life in Love. And, also Master keycodes of those pioneers, Christed ETs, Ascended Masters and Beings of Light that have come before and are too Master Teachers to this earthplane. It further links you into a deeper level of the ashrams and inner-plane centers of learning and Light. And, in accessing the Hall of Records you take on immediately those keycodes of Light that will lift you into the level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, ready for your next level of service work.

As you move into Day Four of the Universal Underworld focus, this is amplified through the Solar Eclipse on July the 1st. What this brings with it is the energy and Overlighting of the Eleventh Ray of Illumined Truth. And this ray, Sweet one, is the energy of this year, the energy of the Divine Feminine. It activates the chakras, the heart chakra in particular, and the third eye in particular - by removing all veils, to completely see and acknowledge yourself as this Being of Love, spiraling through from this Tenth Ray of Divinity into the utterance of your spiritual reality, and into holding yourself as this Keeper and Flame of Divine Love.

This amplification through the Solstice energy takes you into the level of energy which merges the Twin Flames of the Divine Feminine with that of the Divine Masculine or the Twelfth Ray of One-Unity Consciousness, which is further to be experienced following the Eleventh Ray. But it is the energy of the Eleventh Ray which amplifies and imbues all the rays as you move forward into 11-11-11. It is this key focus of activating the Divine Feminine for all life on this earthplane into the experience of the Flame of Unconditional Love. And, as Keepers of this Flame of Light, you are the way-showers and leaders, creating this vibration of Love to be experienced for all life.

Now surrounding the Unity Grid of Light, this beautiful Golden Flame of Light of the Twelfth Ray, which accesses into the Unity Grid of Light. This Christ Consciousness Grid of Light, holding the highest potentials of all Life is now further activated through the anchoring of the Solar Grid of Light. This Ray is focused through the First Cosmic Ray, a combination of all twelve rays with the focus on Love and Wisdom. And is experienced as a beautiful Copper-gold Flame of Light. This grid of Light which is activated around the solar system is now coming in to the holographic matrix of anchoring around the earthplane. And hence, you can now access both the Unity Grid of Light and the Solar Grid of Light. And it is the energy of the Solar Grid of Light that takes you into the year 2012-2013, in positioning you into the Galactic Center of Light to the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun, into this Galactic Center of Divine Love. So the frequencies of the energy of that which we talk about as ascension, is already here, amplified through the Unity Grid and the Solar Grid of Light. Choosing to work as this planetary lightworker with the Unity Grid of Light links you into the Lightworkers and Beings of Light along this Unity Grid of Light as well as receiving the keycodes that are updated on a planetary level. And, on taking on these keycodes, more of the service work is undertaken on the inner-planes as well as allowing these keycodes to be activated for all Life on this earthplane. And in holding the focus for the rays as we move through them through the Universal Underworld, you are further amplifying these frequencies and making them available to all Life on this earthplane. And that is in essence what you are doing, you are accelerating your consciousness and all Life on this earthplane through your individual keycodes and the planetary keycodes of Light.

Create a focus too of wrapping yourself in this beautiful Copper-Gold Flame of Light of Solar Christ Consciousness. And amplified at this time through the Solstice energy on June the 21st, which further takes all the sacred sites into a new level of the keycodes of Light. Through this Tenth Ray, through the Unity Grid, and in particular this is a moment in time when the Solar Grid of Light will be further activated for all lightworkers on this earthplane to experience these energies of 2012-2013, these keycodes of Light. What you may notice too through the focus of Night Three and working with this pearlescent flame, this Three-Fold Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom, is an activation of the heart and throat in particular. For this ray activates the throat chakra too, in the essence of the communication of your spiritual reality and your truth. So bring a focus to communications, not only in 'how' you communicate with others, but in how you 'act' and 'react'; how you express yourself, how you 'connect' and 'network' through the energy of your voice.

We leave you there now, sweet ones, to the understanding of your magnificence as you further take on these keycodes of Light amplified through the Spiritual Microtron. Having the ability to accelerate the frequency of Light in your body faster than the speed of common light, through the persuasion of micro subatomic particles, due to the splitting of the atom. In other words, the Spiritual Microtron has the ability to create even smaller subatomic particles as it increases the light vibration of these subatomic particles within the body. So the molecules within the body are spinning within these increased frequencies of Light, and with it, bringing up all cellular memories to be cleared while activating more of your multi-dimensional memories, primarily through the DNA and these increased and accelerated frequencies of light. So do not be surprised when you step into that higher level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, in knowing, in Higher Mind Intelligence, in Wisdom and in Love, while empowering yourself as a warrior of Light, and trusting and surrendering to the Divine.

As these first wave Souls holding the encodings of Light of the Perfect I-Am Kadmon Body of Light or the I AM Avatar body of Light, know that these changes are occurring to create these crystalline structure at a cellular level. The chakras are merging in one unified field of Light. This, sweet ones, is being experienced in this Now by many lightworkers. And, with these accelerated frequencies the next wave, the next wave and the next wave is imminent. And together we hold this focus of Divine Love, as Light bearers, star-seeded ones, and wisdom keepers and Master Beings. And we honor you as you step into this level of service and self-mastery. And truly, it is wondrous to behold!

We wish you a wonderful, magic Cosmic roller coaster ride over the month of June. And with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by AliceAnn.


Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network