Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Book release; an inspired message for our time. PATHWAY OF PEACE - JOURNEY TO THE NEW EARTH  by Rev. Caroline Dawley Available on Createspace and Amazon now. https://www.createspace.com/6466504

PATHWAY OF PEACE holds the intention and purpose of Dreaming Oneness through Sacred Circle gatherings.  We collectively imagine a better world through meditation, drumming circles,  prayer and ceremony that allows us to actively participate in creating our Dreams.  Through collective ritual and ceremony we awaken the Dream with vivid images imprinted on our Hearts, while imagining Peace, we embrace the divine pattern of new pathways to Oneness, and plant seeds for the New Beginning. Opening the Golden Gate to the New Dawn, we behold a New Heaven and New Earth.
When the Earth is in crisis and out of balance and man and species are dying, we turn to Ancient Wisdom of the Native Americans, and First People Nations, for ways of healing our fragmented worldview. It is through relationship with the Earth and with the Peoples who hold the knowledge for survival and sustainability that we restore healing and balance to our culture, the environment and all living species. As we turn our prayers and intentions to a worldview that is inclusive of all Peoples and Nations, and a prayer to Creator for the Greatest Good for the Whole; we create a world that includes  all “Nations” and the four sacred races of humankind, the Tree Tribe, The Four Leggeds, The Winged Beings, The Mineral Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, including the herbs and grasses, as well as the invisible world.  Our Worldview, when expanded and anchored in the Earth with branches reaching the Sky; heals the Sacred Hoop and the Divine Feminine blossoms once again on the flowering Tree. We awaken the Rainbow Dream for Peace on Earth.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016



A Message for our time. PATHWAY OF PEACE : JOURNEY TO THE NEW EARTH, By Rev. Caroline Dawley 

is a true story of my spiritual journey in search of Peace.  Read the Iroquois Prophecy for the Earth spoken at the United Nations, "Cry of the Earth Summit" for First People Nations. The Universal Laws; the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois and the Law of One, from the Essene teachings of Jesus.  Modalities for raising consciousness, Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, Meditation, and Drumming Circles. An Inspired message for our Planet.  Available on Createspace and Amazon now.

Friday, August 5, 2016



Rev. Caroline Dawley

TO BE RELEASED ON AMAZON BOOKS AND CREATESPACE/STORE AFTER  AUGUST 8, 2016 https://www.createspace.com/6466504

The story is rich with symbolism leading us on a new pathway of planetary consciousness and Peace on Earth.  We have raised our awareness and have seen glimpses of a new earth where all life is thriving; living in harmony and balance in a peaceful new world.  We have sojourned through the “Great Change” or Shift, acknowledging that there is no turning back, while extending our boundaries beyond time and space, we look to an Ancient teaching, now, having taken root, has grown into a Great Tree in the midst of awakened hearts, and the Soul of Mother Earth.
The New Earth is thriving with pristine forests, animals, birds of every kind, children laughing, and mothers and fathers smiling.  Deer is the Monarch of the Forest who leads us to new life, a new Heart and new Mind.  The Peacemaker uprooted the tree of war consciousness, and embracing the gift of Love for all beings to live in the high mind, planted the seed of the white heart in the consciousness of every man woman and child for seven generations has come to fulfillment, it’s the time of the Great Awakening.   The straight spine of the Tree symbolizes the constitution of man living according to Natural Law, a symbol for humankind to manifest the new life living peacefully with Creator, the Earth, and each other.As the four sacred races of humankind  join  together as One in alignment with Creator and Mother Earth, we transcend the old world, and enter a new frontier of consciousness where the Tree of Life blossoms in the Garden and the Earth is made Green again,  creating a Pristine New Earth, thriving with life, light and peace.