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Net of Light

You Are Urgently Needed


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The Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites
acknowledges this plea from the Grandmothers and will pray upon rising every day that this terrible mistake be reversed and waters and animals revived .....AHO
"You Are Desperately Needed"
Today the Grandmothers woke me with this message and asked me to send it out. Please forward it on so we reach as many people as possible. "We ask you to cast, anchor, and hold the Net of Light steady for the Gulf of Mexico," the Grandmothers said. "This crisis is affecting the entire world, and humanity is asleep. Wake up!" they cried. "Animals are dying, plants are dying, and your Mother is writhing in agony. If you hold the Net of Light steady at this time you will help stave off further catastrophe. "You have been lulled into a false sleep," they said, "told that others (B.P.) will take care of this problem. This is not so," they said. "And this is not the time for you to fall into oblivion. Determine now to stay awake, and once you have made that commitment, think of, cast, and hold the Net of Light. Hold it deep and hold it wide. Amplify its reach to penetrate the waters of the Gulf and dive deep beneath the crust of Mother Earth. Anchor it at the earth's core and as you hold it there, ask it to unify with the mineral kingdom of this planet. It will do this and will harmonize with all the solid and liquid mineral states on earth-including oil and gas. The Net of Light will call these minerals back into harmony. Men have wreaked havoc. They have abused the kingdoms of life on earth for many years, but this time their destruction has reached crisis proportions. "Whatever human beings have damaged, human beings must correct," the Grandmothers said. "This is the law. We repeat: This is the law. You cannot sit back and ask God to fix the mess humanity has created. Each of you must throw your shoulders to the wheel and work. We are asking for your help. Several years ago we gave you the Net of Light so you would be able to help the earth at times like this. Step forward now. This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you," they said. "First move into your heart and call on us. We will meet you there. The Net of Light is lit by the jewel of your heart," they said, "so move into this lighted place within you and open to the Net of which you are a part. Bask in its calming presence. It holds you at the same time that you hold it. "Now think of magnifying your union with us. We, the Great Council of the Grandmothers, are with you now, and all those who work with the Net of Light are also with you. There are thousands, even millions now connected in light," they said. "Along with this union, call forth the power of the sacred places on earth. These will amplify the potency of our joint effort. Then call on the sacred beings that have come to prevent the catastrophe that threatens to overwhelm your planet. We will work together," they said, nodding slowly. "Think of, cast and magnify the presence of the Net of Light in the Gulf of Mexico. See, imagine or think of it holding the waters, holding the land, the plants, the sea life, and the people. Holding them all!" they said. "The Net of Light is holding them steady; it is returning them to balance. Let the love within your lighted heart keep pouring into the Net of Light and hold, hold, hold. Calmly and reverently watch as the light from your heart flows along the strands of the Net. It will follow your command and continuously move forth. As soon as you think of it, it will happen. We ask you to practice this for only a few minutes at a time, but to repeat it throughout the day and night. "We promise that this work with the Net of Light will do untold good," the Grandmothers said. "We are calling you to service now. You are needed. Do not miss this opportunity. We thank you and bless you." Sharon's note: To lean more about the Grandmothers and the Net of Light, go to -

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Walking The Road To the Fifth World

Native American who posted a great blog post.

Ngungu'taota (greetings we are relatives), Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are One),

As a brother, let me share some ideas with you that I recently spoke about (a shorter version) in reply to someone’s blog post. These ideas reflect what my people and other mentors have taught me over the years. They are offered to you for your own reflection, as always, with an open-hand for you to take or leave as you choose.

Firstly, we do not believe that we reach the Fifth World automatically, but
that we are in process of making ourselves into pure and loving people that
merit the Fifth World. This means that we are learning to purify ourselves by
filling our minds with love, charity, and compassion, and then acting that out
in what we do and say. As we hold pure ideals and make them parts of
ourselves, we naturally walk the road home. Yes, this is not an easy road; we
would rather believe the easier idea that we need only profess certain beliefs
and are then home free. But, we believe that talking is not enough; we must walk
our talk, finally becoming loving people who earn their places in the Fifth World.
According to our Law of Life, those who hold fast to the Earth, but who have
not yet attained a high enough degree of purity to reach Taalawsohu, will
continue their evolution on the new Fourth World
following this purification cycle.

As Jesus is quoted in scripture: "...strait is the gate, and narrow is the
way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it....wide is the
gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be
which go in thereat..." This is a warning, the same as my people believe,
that we must not fall prey to ideas that lead us astray, such as believing in an
easy road to the Fifth World, rather than the road we must actually follow, however
difficult that road may be-- the results of following that more difficult way—shown
to us by Jesus and others-- is well worthwhile: eternal life upon our heavenly Earth to be.

Someone recently said in a Blog post that "time is not running out."
Our knowledge holds differently. At least in the sense that we are at the end
of a cycle in nature which will bring about changes and choices to each of us--
we believe the time is very short before these things will come to pass. For those
who understand our purification time, the signs pointing this out have been all
around us for awhile now. We cannot alter the cycles of nature set in
creation according to how we choose to believe; but we can understand all
our Earth means to us, how far we have come with Her, and how near the end of
that journey we are now. We can also begin to take responsibility for our lives
and how we are living them, choosing to be the best people we can be on a daily

We believe, along with others, that if we live in the above way, always clinging
tightly to our Earth Mother, unafraid to die upon Her good soil as we have done
many times before, then we need have no fears. Then we can appreciate the
joyful times we are in-- that we will soon join our Earth Mother when She
ascends to the highest place of our system as Taalawsohu, the new heaven-Fifth
World, the kingdom we have been striving toward for many ages on Earth.

naawakna nihqe kyaptsita - with love and respect,
upaava - your brother

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The Wesak Festival is a display of spiritual unity: the Buddha, the Light, bestows the blessing from Shamballa on all humanity, through the Christ, the Love. This is a very POWEFUL time for humanity and our spiritual growth, and offers an opportunity to recognize the Essential Divinity in all beings of all faiths. In this activity, the synthesis of Love and Will is further demonstrated in our world.
The Taurus Full Moon Festival is an opportunity to meditate and honor the blessings that come to all of humanity at this time.

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The Wolf Song

By Julia Griffin

The wolves have a great deal to say about the time between the spring equinox and summer solstice. They envision many changes, including earth changes, following the summer solstice. Astrological details from Cal Garrison's book, The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond, are included as additional information that supports their missive.

From the Wolves:

In this time, there is much to know and little time left to say. Therefore, visit with us and see what we have to say:

Come into the valleys and canyons of the mesa. It is there that we roamed with you for hundreds of years when your continent was new. Before that time, we traveled with you and shared our great love of you. Through the initiations of your soul, we have been present. In the woods, we watched your spirits evolve. We are in forgiveness for the time that you had forgotten us, when we almost perished for we have walked through time with you.

Our numbers are not yet strong. We are threatened by forces that are larger than we are. They are called politics, and they threaten many parts of the earth. This is not so great a matter to you because there are changes which are much larger than these that will transform the earth. We no longer care if many people listen. We are howling our message at the last minute for those of you who have listened with your heart for many times throughout many ages.

The Earth is transforming, and, yes, we know that everyone says this. Of course, you do not think that it is a surprise, but much will happen that will surprise you. It will be very different from anything that you have known; therefore, remember that the Native Americans called us "The Great Teacher" and learn now for there is only a slice of time.

We howl at the moon every night. The whales sing and the dolphins send sonar waves to awaken the part in you that must become what you call "conscious" very quickly. Between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, there is a ripe period in time. It is a thin slice like the sliver of the moon just after the new moon. It is a time when songs and thoughts and feelings count. This is more serious than you know.

In this sliver of time, you must align with the Earth. If you meditate or sing to hear the Earth, then do this. The Earth must hit a very special frequency to align with the gate in the heavens. It is as though two points of a triangle are merging. Heaven and Earth are merging. They are both very strong powers. If one is stronger than other, then imbalance (destruction) is created through their union.

Planetary Movement

An excerpt from Cal Garrison about Uranus Conjunct the Aries Point

… Uranus will move to the Aries Point on May 28, 2010. As soon as he hits that point, his strength will increase and Saturn's power will diminish…it is entirely possible that humanity will awaken at that point; the potential is there-but because Uranus will move on and off the Aries point for the next two years, my sense is that the matter of us waking and supporting his cause is one of those things that will take time. [1]

The Aries point is zero, the beginning of the zodiac. Aries is fiery, spiritual and the beginning of the astrological wheel. Fierce intelligence, will power and acuity are qualities associated with the sign. Ruling the head, the sign is mentally developed with intuitive skills. This is the energy that is amplified by the conjunction of Uranus.

The channel between the spring equinox and the summer solstice is occurring now. As I write Mercury is retrograde in Taurus and stationed in Taurus 13 through May 11. According to Franz Bardon who believed that every point in the astrological wheel contains a divine blueprint symbolized by an angelic group for each point on the wheel, Taurus 13 means "nature magic". The divine blueprint contains knowledge on how to set various powers into motion through natural means, how to various causes through nature that border almost on the supernatural. [2]

According to the wolves, it is the magical forces of nature that are necessary to harness the fiery spiritual forces. The fiery spiritual energy that has awakened our souls must be balanced by understanding how to interact and befriend the forces of nature through our physical bodies.

Moving Through the Passage

From the Wolves:

There is no stopping the union. You must do your part when the Earth begins to sing in this harmony. Your part is about being one with Nature.

A great star gate is opening. In your world, this is every 26,000 years, but how can one measure this length of time? It is only a circle, an opportunity, a time for truth. When the great light of the stars pours down upon us, the earth responds. It is only beginning. There are many changes that will come.

In this small slice of time, your body must learn what your spirit has learned in the past few years. There is a frequency that as you say "the planet must feel to ascend". The frequency is within nature. It is not in the stars, as the star frequency is already here with us.

The changes that you have made with your spirits are powerful. We acknowledge this. The holders of the spirit song have learned to use intuition to talk through your "internet" or sing sounds through your telephones; you have mastered sound and light through technology. You have forgotten that there is more to life than sending messages or sharing light.

It is only one part of an equation. To understand an equation, you must be able to work both parts of it. The other side of the equation is the earth. Many of you have forgotten your bodies. Do you jump, run or play with earth? Do you speak with the trees? Or have you forgotten that they are great beings who breathe for and with you? Many secrets of breathing are known by the trees. The trees are awakening and will share these secrets with you.

You know that you are awakening; yet, you have little understanding of what is really happening. Nature is awakening too. We are aware of your every thought and feeling as we were in the beginning of time. Every part of Nature is reflecting you. Have you wondered at the earthquakes, floods, volcanoes and "disasters"? Do you realize that they are not just happening?

They are reflecting you. You are who and what is imbalanced. As the wolves, the teacher, we will say that it is you. What will you do with your body when more changes come?

Nature loves you, even if you have forgotten. It is awakening to this love that will sing the planet into harmony. Your senses awaken when you find it. Suddenly, the plants look beautiful, or you notice that something smells wonderful.

We ask you to remember to dream with your body. Once you knew how to dream of a plant and how to find it. Once, you sang with the moon as we do, and now it is a miracle if anyone notices the moon or stars. What are the tiny plants that grow between the cracks of the sidewalk or that you think of as grass? Each of these plants has a spirit that sings to your soul. Every rainfall has different message. It sings of the season, the moon, the sea, and, washes the earth with its dreams.

We ask you to simply dream of us, the whales and dolphins. We ask that you walk until your body begins to dream and life becomes delicious. If you cannot walk, then sit outside for a long time. Notice when your body relaxes.

As simple as our message may be, it is important. When your body relaxes and joins with nature, the earth relaxes and connects with you. The trees relax and the wind becomes gentle. The earth's currents flow through your heart and the hearts of many.

Check for more tips, videos and thoughts from the wolves.




For those of us who live north of the Equator it isn’t hard to figure out why all of the Earth based spiritual traditions perform their fertility rituals during the month of May. Infinite cycles have shown us that this is the time when the Great Mother rebirths everything in the manifest world. As the earth and the sky meet in the oneness that calls them together there is more to this particular rebirth than most of us are aware of; because it isn’t just the yearly cycle that’s clicking into gear this time. As wheels within wheels reach a thirteen thousand year climax May 2010 becomes significant enough for the Indigenous Prophets to predict that this will be the time when we make our entrance into the Fifth World. Do we have any reason to believe that the ones who have kept watch over the Earthly cycles since the time before time might know whereof they speak? In honor of their wisdom we dedicate our May edition to articles and presentations that explore different aspects
of the Ascension process and the ways in which all of us are being called to make adjustments as the gravity wave carries Mother Earth and all of humanity through the opening that separates one world from another.

Welcome to the Void

By Sarah Biermann

I have spoken to and gotten emails from so many people all wondering about basically the same thing.

People are tired, exhausted even. There is no enthusiasm for anything, even the things that they used to feel so excited about?

Physical, mental and emotional and spiritual bodies are out of whack. The physical symptoms can include sinus, throat, and ear problems, headaches, weird pains that seem to come and go for no reason, sometimes it feels like the pain is swimming around in your body. Digestion is off, uncomfortable, too fast or too slow. And appetite is skewed; things that used to taste good don't taste so good any more. There can be body aches, fevers and flu like symptoms, and of course just being really, really tired. Vision is variable, sometimes being quite blurry.

Mental symptoms include either being unable to even think or getting lost in mental loops. Keeping track of time is challenging and so is doing anything that requires a sharp left brain. It is much easier to distract ourselves and to just sit and stare at the sky, the television, a book or the wall. Those little things that used to give you pleasure just don't do it anymore.

Emotions are running rampant; apathy, hopelessness, despair, sadness and a feeling of being totally empty and stuck. Alternately, you might be feeling really frustrated. It's like long term PMS, you just want people to leave you alone and take care of their own problems. (People can be so annoying.) You might feel loss of interest in your work, your hobbies, your friends and even the whole planet. Just brushing your teeth (again!) seems like such a chore, and so stupid. Why bother, it's all illusion anyway.

When emotions are running high it is difficult to maintain your connection with spirit. It's like the emotions have filled you up, over your eyes and ears so you can't see or hear clearly and there's no room for new information. Have you noticed that when you are most miserable, afraid or sad that when you call on spirit for guidance you get nothing?

What is going on here? We're getting so close to 2012 and we were promised that things would get better. But right now I don't give a damn about any of that, I just want to sleep.

It's like every cell, every molecule, every atom is going through a major transformation. And it's stressful! Imagine an acorn. It's been in its seed shape for a long time, waiting to express its potential and become a great oak tree. But now the conditions require that it starts the transformation. This process is stressful. Chemical changes happen inside, creating pressure on the seed shell. This pressure builds and builds while the moist environment softens the shell, making it weaker. Eventually, the shell splits and the tender, vulnerable sprout begins to emerge.

Think about what that would feel like to the seed. Its protective shell is getting weak and breaking apart. The tender inner parts, once so safe and protected, are now being exposed to an unknown environment. This is something that the seed has never experienced before and it doesn't know what will happen in the end.

This is what is happening on a cellular level within our bodies. Not that we are becoming trees! It's a metaphor. This is the stress that we are feeling in our bodies and it is using a lot of energy. Most of you have been living on will power alone, making yourself do the things that you must.

And at the same time a powerful spiritual transformation is going on. The energetic connections between the new reality and the old reality are disconnected. All the things that defined you in the old reality are falling away. Those things include your roles (daughter, son, mother, father, etc.) your dreams and the ways that you manifest your dreams. You have already let go of so many things. It can feel like chunks of you have been chiseled away. Now, at the end of the process it is necessary to release even those things that you have loved the most. These are things in your life, like creative interests and also things that make up your very self.

We all have ways that we define ourselves. The things that we like, the things that we don't care about or dislike; we take it for granted that this is who we are. We have all had dreams about the future, perhaps to open a healing center, or write a book or live in a community and grow your own food. Many of these things are what we really like or love about ourselves. Right now we are revisiting these definitions and dreams. Do we still desire the same things? Is it appropriate to take these into the new reality or are they based too much on the old energy?

Here are some examples:

One woman always wanted to have a healing practice. She had studied many modalities and finally started to work with clients. The work was not fun anymore. It was not satisfying or even interesting.

I spoke to a man who has had a regular yoga practice for many years. It has been very important to him for many reasons. Now he doesn't feel like going to class anymore.

I have always loved plants. My mom was a landscape architect and an organic farmer. I was raised to work in the garden and care for the plants. I have always had a "green thumb" and if I couldn't have my own garden, at least I always had lots of houseplants. This was something that I really liked about myself. Recently I felt that all those plants were nothing more than more responsibility, just more things that I had to take care of. The joy and love was completely gone.

This is definitely not a comfortable process. There's a little voice in your head that says, "If I surrender to this then everything will be lost and I will never feel hopeful or creative again". There is a fear that we will never get out of the void. What I have discovered is that the opposite is true. What is required is to embrace the void. Let yourself feel the hopelessness, apathy and fear. Spend some time there experiencing the intensity. Do not take any action yet. I had a thought that I would throw all the (stupid, needy) houseplants into the trash and be done with it. Luckily, I decided to wait it out. (Or maybe that just seemed like too much work.)

A few days later I noticed an orchid in a pot by my driveway. Its blooms had just fully opened and I paused for a moment to appreciate the beauty. It made me feel good and grateful. It seems that I did not lose forever my love of plants. Now, instead of this definition being unconscious, based on my childhood and habit, it was a choice.

We cannot live in physical reality without any definitions. In order for something to be manifested it must have some definition. What is going on now is that we are being giving the opportunity to look at how we have defined ourselves, see what it feels like to not have those definitions and to choose what we want to take with us into the new reality.

When you combine the re-defining process with the transformation of the physical body you have a potent mix. And yes, the two are related. So be very patient and gentle with yourself. Don't try to fight it. As I read the energy, we have no more than a couple more weeks of intense void time.

Focus on the little things that give you pleasure, whether it's a flower, some awesome cloud formations or a hug from someone you love. Soon things will start to light up again. Trust in the process.

Sarah Biermann

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