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11:11:2009 (11-11-11)

11:11:2009 (11:11:11)as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The energy of 2009 comes to one of its many peaks thru the valley of change, as we enter a placement of time and light that has disguised itself as a date. 11:11:2009 is an 11/11/11 vibration ushering into the essence of 33, which is another master vibration.

The Living essence of the number ‘Thirty-three’ offers you a choice. The holy trinity is activated within the tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid) in your DNA structure. This number offers an opportunity to connect with highly evolved spiritual beings/masters/angels/Christ. The trinity is the holiness within all of your choices. Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul's evolution. Within this number, you are not allowed to straddle the razor blade fence of indecision. Connection with the wisdom of the Oversoul and seeing the sacredness in all of your choices no matter what the outcome.

The energy of 2009 has birthed itself into an every changing configuration all year long. one feels as if they have slipped thru time into a fractal pattern of living geometries changing every moment of the very long and very short days. What is cloaked is seen what is visible is an illusion, a magic trick asking you to look at the pretty girl instead of the black box. The mercaba of fear and peace and the tetrahedron they hold within merged into a holy trinity vibration and spun the people out of a black hole they had not been destined to enter.

Both the words fear and peace have the same numerical encodings within them always leaving one free to pick. The word ‘CHANGE’ is a 29/11 vibration. The energy of change can be great or small, good or bad, black or white. Change that comes out of deep pockets can hold many other energies like a Bill that tries to pass Congress with lots of lint attached to it. Tools for transformation are not always what they seem as one stumbles through the lightless Light to find a friendly shade of gray 2009 is a 29/11 year, one of the 11 Gateways of the 11:11 Encodings.

Watching ones words is animated within the structure of 29/11. The power within the word and how one chooses to use it. Speaking problems and solutions in and out of existence. Balancing positive thought, creation with doubt and confusion. Wanting to finish but sometimes afraid to start. The lungs, the heart and the throat hold the vibrations of 29/11 stresses and strains in manifestation or creation is seen in these areas. The volcano holds its tongue until it is ready to let go in fullness. Learning to hold ones power via the spoken word until it is ready to birth at a higher vibration. Using your heart and head as the Creator would. Knowing ALL THOUGHTS COUNT! Believing absolutely in your ability to create. Divine certainty on a DNA level. The polarity of 29/11 is 92/11 another door thru the 11:11 GATEWAY.

Earth is a planetary home for a group of entities that are destined for greatness beyond their awareness. The announcement of 92/11 asks one to embrace the thought of GREATNESS, without anything attached to it. God is seen face to face in the reflection of ones deeds and thoughts. This sacred encoding asks what God do you worship and do you believe there is more light beyond the level of God that you are aligned with at this time?

Light was birthed to become more. Seeking more Light, more God, more truth beyond the highest thought of God and Light you have at this moment in time. Standing at the threshold of immediate change and shift in alliance with every expanded thought. When the forces of Eleven become fully activated they have the power to change history. Within the number and sequences of Eleven lives all answers and even more questions. Eleven teaches us every problem comes as a divine opportunity to learn. It shows us how to see beyond what is everyday and boring. It try's and tests our faith and our belief system and our faith. It forces us to listen to that small still quiet voice within the silent witness. It reminds us we are all vast beings who have come to earth to help with the healing and awakening process starting with ourselves. It asks you to locate the light within and share it with all. Eleven is our Best Friend and Teacher.

On December 31, 2009, we are given the rare gift of a New Years Eve Eclipse. This is a sacred energy portal that asks us to be exact of our wishes and in speaking the future into existence. On this New Years Eve, plan a Holy Holiday with deliberation and exactness. Write down what yearns within your heart to be birthed into the fullness of earth at this time. Give those powerful words to the New Years eclipse as an offering, a blessings, that yearns to be fulfilled. Speak your powerful words aloud into the ethers and command the elements of time to seize the day and become all they have yeaned to be.

Dec 31, 2009: Partial Lunar Eclipse is numerically a 7/11 (#9) vibration. This expresses Cosmic and personal completion! Entering the next level of love of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self. Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly line of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have.

Your New Years resolutions on 12/31/2009 will be more powerful than a super nova. The heart vibration of these resolutions will surpass space and time and land at the feet of God. Be careful what you pray for, as it will come to past. You are not a sacrificial energy! Honor your original creation, your ability to even be alive and in form, and create from that wonder forward.

In 2010, there is an eclipse that ushers us into a 2 year expedited experience. On 12-20-2010 we have an eclipse that is a 3-3-3- energy. The numerical vibration of 2010 wears many faces and one of them is of the vibration of 3, the trinity in all its myriad forms. This number offers you choices. The holy trinity is activated within the tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid) in your DNA structure. This number offers an opportunity to connect with highly evolved spiritual beings/ masters /angels/Christ. The trinity is the holiness within all of your choices. Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul's evolution. Within this number you are not allowed to straddle the razor blade fence of indecision. Connection with the wisdom of the Oversoul and seeing the sacredness in all of your choices no matter what the outcome. From 12-21-2010 until 12-21-2012 the vibration of time and light will show new expressions and aspects that have never been encountered before. The new years eve eclipse of this year (2009) asks us to pick our words and intentions wisely as one who knows the power of creation.
********************************************************************************************************************************************************PEACE PEACE IS THE PATHWAY OF PEACE - HAVE A BLESSED DAY

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Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
"The Pink Heart" by Ofira Oriel of Israel at

Beloved Lightworkers, so now you enter into the flow of energy that will create the month of October! Indeed, you have passed through the powerful "portal" or dimensional gateway of the 9:9 on the 9th of September, and now you are flowing towards the 10:10 on the 10th of October. At the 9:9 you were able to experience an ending and a new beginning.

The 10:10 will be a 1:1 doorway, an entry to new levels of experience and awareness that will culminate at the 11:11 gateway, when you will experience the full impact of the new energies in new levels of awareness. At the 12:12 in December and at the December Solstice, you will be guided into a powerful new understanding of your work as a creative expression of Divine Love on Earth.

Indeed, beloved Lightworkers, December and January will be months of transition, bridging energies away from the old and into the New that wll be expressed in the first half of the year 2010. So, Beloved Ones, let us now focus on this month of October. The Full Moon falls at the beginning of the month, on the 4th. The Moon will be in Aries and the Sun in Libra. At this time, the energies of BALANCE will be most important. Can you hold your inner balance in PEACE and LOVE at this time? Can you center in your I AM presence and be at PEACE with yourself and all others, and at the same time, can you be part of the One Heart and the One Mind.

Can you say "I AM" and also "WE ARE", together as ONE? Beloved Souls, in this New Energy, it will be necessary to be able to feel yourself as part of the wider community and to feel as "one" with others, and to feel that from your Heart. The question that is now being asked of you is "how may you serve the new energies and the new light?". What will you do to be a full expression of the Love of Source that is being transmitted through you?

At the time of the New Moon, on the 18th,
it will be a good time to meditate on your relationship with your community and how you may best serve that community by being a bearer of the New Codes and energies for the New Earth. Meditate on how you can be an expression of Love just be Being Who You Are and by fully expressing Who You Are. Remember, Beloved Ones, that each of you carries the Divine Flame within your Heart, and each one of you is an expression of the Divine Love and Grace of God. It is only for you to exercise your free will and to choose how you, as an individual, will be an expression of the Divine Grace within the One Energy of Community.

In this month too, the old energies of the Atlantean Negative Codes continues to be released on very deep levels, to allow for it to be replaced with the Light of the New Earth Codes that are guiding the Evolution of Humanity on its Journey into Higher Expressions of Light. The old trauma of the Atlantean "disaster" continues to reverberate through the psyches of those who seek to hold onto the old ways of power and control and manipulation. Beloved Ones, know that those who seek these darker paths do so because they feel a deep inner fear and a sense of guilt and unworthiness. They fear that they have "failed" and that God has abandonned them, so they need to try to control their own destiny instead of allowing their destiny to be a part of the greater plan of Love and Compassion. And, when you enter into dramas of duality with such ones, you merely reinforce their sense of unworthiness and lack. Far better it is, dear ones, to forgive such ones and to release then from their roles as bearers of the illusion of darkness. For when you forgive, then you release. You do not condone actions that are based in low vibrations of fear, but you release the effects that such energies may have on you.

Now, as for the Negative Atlantean Codes and the energies of "victim" that are surging through the Collective to be released, we will say that FORGIVENESS is the first step. Forgive, Release, and let go. The Victim Dramas are not part of the New Earth, nor ever will be. As you forgive those who still seek to perpetuate those dramas, you also release yourself from being drawn into the weavings of this very old trauma based energy. And, you move upwards into the clear Spiral of Light that expresses the Divine Energies of COMPASSION and BEAUTY and KINDNESS and CREATIVITY and PEACE. For, Beloved Ones, in this month of October, you will be challenged to make that choice to be a vessel for the flow of the energies of PEACE and COMPASSION.

Now, firstly, Compassion is not a passive energy, it is the active expression of Divine Passion, the Divine Passion to Love and to Create. Those who express Compassion are those who are motivated by Love to be an expression of Divine Grace and Peace. And, Beloved Ones, Peace is not just the absence of war and aggression. Peace is the Active Energy of Creation expressing itself through Harmony and Balance and Love. PEACE is an energy that Flows and Creates! It creates Joy within communities and Contentment within the Hearts of people. To be an "instrument of God's Peace" is to bring Joy and Contentment to those places where they are lacking. And, beloved ones, when you are awakened and awake, each one of you has the the ability to be a vessel of Peace, just by being who you are and centered in your heart.

When you offer yourself in the service of this energy, then you will be shown new opportunities to be a Light to the Earth, and to express Compassion, Tenderness, Intimacy, Beauty, and Grace to all that you meet. Beloved Ones, we will say that the creation or weaving of Peace is the Dance of Love on the Earth. You hear the Divine Music coming from the Great Heart of Source, and being echoed in the Heart of the Earth Mother. And so, as you align with the Divine Tones and Sounds, and the Divine Colors and Forms, you begin to weave your life and to move in harmony with the Divine Music.

As a skilled dancer, you follow the flow of the music and each step is an expression of that music in Time and Space. You are the Dancer and Life is the Dance! You are the Music - you are the Artist, Creator and Weaver! When you weave with the Conscious Intention to follow Divine Harmony as it flows,you become One with the Divine Dance of Love. You become the Dance of Love, and where you are people hear the Music of the Dance and they feel inspired to begin to dance themselves. And soon, everyone is moving in alignmenmt, everyone is dancing the dance of Love that is called Peace. So, Beloved Ones, we ask, in this month of October, that you center in your Hearts, that you hold your Inner Peace, and become a Living Expression of the Dance of Love. The Energies for OctoberThe Full Moon in Aries falls on the 4th of October, and the New Moon in Libra, on the 18th of October. The 10:10 portal on the 10th of October will also provide momentum in the unfolding and experience of the New Earth energies. The sun moves from Libra into Scorpio on the 23rd of October, and the energy will then shift towards an inner focus of awareness and inner light as you move towards the 11:11 portal in November. We wish you Joy and Peace as you Dance with the Music of Divine Love in the month of October. © 2009-10 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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City of Eagles the Andean Masters Message

Ankasmarka - City of Eagles - the Andean Masters Message

September 14, 2009 ~ Sacred Valley PERU
The Andean Masters of Ankasmarka through Aluna Joy
We finally returned to Peru, and the mountains were calling me. So instead of following my own strict advice of resting during the first day in Cuzco, I had to go to even higher elevations to connect with the Apus (spirit mountains). I knew I had to announce our group's arrival to the Apus before our group began its adventure. This trek came about on a suggestion from our dear friend Carolan. She said there was a nice site very close to the village of Calca, in the sacred valley, called Ankasmarka . . . The City of Eagles.

Well . . . we had to go : ) She made it sound like it was just around the corner. I invited our old pals Jasmin, Yukia, of course my sweetie Raphael, and our constant companion, Willaru, for the journey. So we took off in Willaru's little compact car. We discovered very quickly that what we really needed was a Land Rover! Several hours later, while bottoming out on a dusty and windy dirt road, we arrived at the site . . . Ankasmarka.

The energy at Ankasmarka was as potent as Lake Titicaca, and the air was just as thin. The wind was blowing so hard that if we had wings we would have taken off like a condor. We discovered that the site was shaped much like an eagle with wings extended across the mountain top. Ankasmarka had several round chulpa-like buildings, much like the ones at Silustanni near Lake Titicaca. A chulpa is said to be Inca tombs, but that is just archeology talking. A sacred site expert said to me once "Archeology is not history. It is assumptions." We have to think with our hearts, not our heads, to understand a culture that is very different from our own.

We found a nice chulpa to rest inside, and we began to receive messages from the site. I quickly began to have a vision of an androgynous god-like being from a distant age unknown to us now. He/She was full of brilliant blue/white light. This one was connected in a collective family of master beings called "The Bird Tribe family", or what I call the Masters of Ankasmarka. I was aware of their feelings of immense love and a vast, yet egoless, sense of self. They have a very advanced and intimate relationship with our earth and the entire universe. I was struck by the fact that they didn't feel small like we do when we look in the mirror in the morning. These ones know they are as big and as powerful as the mountings that we were standing upon. They know that they are as big as the planet and the solar system.

The message was clear . . . it was time for us (humanity) to quit thinking that we are small and have little effect on the earth and our circumstances in life. It is time to quit hoping and keeping the faith, and KNOW that we are living masters. Faith has little to do with awakening or being aware. The only thing that stops us from being living masters is that we believe that we are the small ones we see in the mirror. It is our belief that we are small and powerless that keeps us small.

To the Masters of Ankasmarka, size does not matter; only small thinking does. This was the message that we received . . . just as we received it. As you read it, just imagine that you were there with us.
. . A bit of history . . .

In the ancient past, a family, which we call the Andean Masters of Ankasmarka, lived on Earth in this dimension. They didn't understand separation, duality, and especially the creation of the separation of genders. The world was regarded as a dense world of duality, but duality wasn't in their natural coding. They had to learn to adapt to it while they were here. At the end, but NOT the fall, of a great but nameless age of light, they returned to an inner dimensional world to watch over the evolution of humanity.

They kept watching through many other great ages of time. They are coming to us today to help set us free from this duality and to help us see ourselves as we truly are.

The Masters of Ankasmarka have begun to call for the return of ones that had the courage to continue to reincarnate on Earth. There is a now a trickling of people coming back to Ankasmarka that are part of this ancient family. Some have come before us, and many, many more will come after us. They share that many on Earth are part of this ancient lineage which didn't understand duality and the unnatural separation of male and the female. Even though they have had male and female bodies, it didn't seem to matter. They carried the code of the ONE unity between the two. We were part of the universal ancient ONES that came here.

So now I can see that the Masters of Ankasmarka are bringing us what looks like a ancient bundle. They are returning it to us now. It looks like they have been saving this bundle for a very long time. What they tell me is that this bundle helps us ignite a golden flame inside of us. This golden flame can only be ignited when we have the male and female side integrated in our bodies, but all of us on a spiritual path have done that a long time ago.

This bundle is full of rays of light. The Masters are showing me what happens when the blue ray (male) and the magenta ray (female) is merged together. It creates a violet ray. They say this is why we have been attracted to the "I AM" Master teachings, because we have already ignited the violet flame in us. This violet flame has been used for purification and clearing of consciousness. Now the Masters of Ankasmarka are gong to help us encapsulate our violet flames within a brilliant golden flame. It is happening for us here at Ankasmarka, but it is also happening for ALL of us in the world who hear this message.

This gift is for the collective of humanity. Since humanity has now placed their feet solidly in the new world, it is available to all to have a golden flame encapsulating the violet flame. What does the golden flame do?

The golden flame is the pure energy of the SUN. Not just the sun that we see in the sky . . . but the great central SUN, and also the great Sun within each of us. The light of the Sun holds the unadulterated creative power of the universe. A physical manifestation of this golden flame was created in many Solar disks that are now in safe keeping in a multi-dimensional crystal city inside of Lake Titicaca. They have been safe keeping this golden flame until now, because we still had a foot in the old world of duality until just recently. It has been kept safe because the golden Sun flame could have been used to further the effects of duality. We might have hurt ourselves and others while we were still in a world that was so fractured and convoluted. This would have been dangerous for humanity, the Earth and the universe. This is one reason why Masters of Ankasmarka abandoned this sacred site and many other sites around the world like Chaco Canyon, Sillustanni, and the dimensional doorway of Lord Meru at Lake Titicaca.

Secondary sites that hold the Golden Flame would be Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo and Pisac. Moray acts as a bridge between the sun and earth. There is another bridge. The bridge at Ankasmarka is at the center of the body of the Eagle (The center of an eagle-shaped site). It is a bridge between the Earth and the sun. In the center is a beam of golden light that radiates out for several miles. So it doesn't really matter that you are standing right on the center point. Getting fairly close to this place is enough. Some will make the hard trek up the mountain, and some won't. It does not matter.I asked the Masters what we can do with this information when we leave this site. They answered by saying that they turned the energy off in Ankasmarka, and other sites, like you would turn off a water faucet . . . only very slowly. They did this very slowly until there was no energy of the sun left. Now they are going to trickle the faucet back on. The faucet is now dripping golden light. It is going to get stronger and stronger over the next few short years. More and more people will get their golden flames ignited. Some will know this when it happens to them and others won't. It doesn't matter if you know or not. But you will feel the effects of the Golden flame. The Gold Flame of ONE will change how you will react in the world, and how the world will react to you, because there is something different happening inside of you. So all we have to do is listen to your hearts and follow its lead.

There was something else in the bundle. In this bundle is memory of the awakened parts of ourselves. We left this memory here to be kept safe. It is the memory / self awareness of our ancient selves. They say that we might start feeling that ancient part of ourselves return. We could not have that memory while we were in the density and duality of this world, and while we were going through the dark cycles. This would have caused too much pain. Also in this bundle was an advanced wisdom. They knew that the wisdom was going to be remembered by each one of us at some point in time. They knew that we would treat it with the utmost respect. It doesn't look like wisdom or knowledge as we understand today. It looks like a feeling that is returning. It doesn't look like knowledge or technology or teachings. It looks like a state of being; a state of feeling. It is like a little piece of a giant puzzle. The great library of the wonderful ancient past is now being given to us

.If you received this knowledge without the memory of your ancient self, you wouldn't be able to understand the knowledge. If you received only the memory of your ancient self, then the knowledge would mean nothing to you. This is one of the ways that we protected the knowledge. The contents of the bundle was protected by this two fold process. If we didn't evolve to a certain point, we could never access the knowledge in the bundle. So the worry that people could steal and misuse ancient knowledge is an impossible feat. There is no way anyone could access this wisdom / memory if their consciousness / frequency was low. They couldn't get to it. It had its own protection. This bundle is the higher mind connecting to the higher heart. Once this is done, this ignites the golden flame.

So now, the Masters of Ankasmarka are starting to leak out the energy of the Golden Flame. Archangel Michael just popped in and said "It's a cosmic drip system." So they are going to start dripping it into us like an galactic IV; a little bit, by little bit, so we can start remembering our authentic selves, and start reacting to the world with a knowing that comes from an ancient place. It will change our reaction and the world's reaction to us.(end of message)

As our Peruvian trip progressed, we received many messages from the Andean Masters that built upon the message that we received at Ankasmarka . . . and we will be posting them for you a.s.a.p. :) Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic who inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph:928-282-6292 Webpage: E-mail: aluna@alunajoy.comCopyright © 2009 - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Center of the SUN - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339 USA Ph:928-282-6292 Ph/Fax:928-282-4622 Email:

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The Sacred Chamber of Love Meditation

The Sacred Chamber of Love - Meditation

Let us go now to a sacred place, a place deep and quiet. Go now within the depths of your heart, to that place where peace reigns, where you are completely alone and completely yourself, that place deep and quiet, so quiet that it almost echoes with its own silence. Go there now and feel the sweet wonder of your heart of love, the place within you where love flows, where there is nothing but love, that chamber of your heart that is untouched by anything other than love, the place that survives no matter what happens, that stays ever within love. Let us go there now, to this sacred chamber of the heart. And here, within this space, relax and feel how peaceful and safe it is.

You are held here within your own love, a space that you created for yourself and that is always here. All it requires is that you take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let silence lead you. And now, deeply within this space and place of love, become aware that you are not alone at all. Become aware that this sacred chamber of love is full of spirit. Yes they are here at all times, these angels, filling your heart with love and light. They live in this sacred space and glow for you always here, no matter what is happening outside, no matter what your mind is saying, no matter if you are peaceful or troubled. They are still here, shining for you, and sharing their love with you.

And now, from this place, expand outward. Take this quiet place of love, this deep connection with the angels, and expand it outward from this tiny chamber of your heart until it fills your entire heart, your chest, your torso, your entire body and now expands out for several feet around you, so that you are a zone of love, an expanded state of love and grace, glowing for all to see and feel. Let your own glow of love and connection touch all those whose lives touch yours. Let your heart of love overflow into everything you say and do. Let the peace of your wondrous being of love fully enter into your mind, so that you embrace being this person of sweet flowing love, of glowing light, of wonder and beauty. This is who you are. And even if you forget it for a time, this presence of your true being is here deep within your heart, in the sacred chamber of love. * There are things happening out at I have finally written the book that sums up my 15-year spiritual odyssey--and it’s all about you. It’s about what I learned over those years while sharing Quado messages with you, performing your shaman healings with Running Wolf, and lifting up into your sacred soul space to glimpse your greatness. I’ve done my best to not only capture those experiences and the knowledge I gathered, but to share exactly how you can manifest your own greatness, a greatness I know, absolutely, is within you, in your life. I’m very excited about A Call to Greatness, The Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take and am delighted to offer it to you on

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D.K. - Oct. 17, 2009 - A Turning Point

Djhwal Kuhl speaks Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek. Alright.

We are going to work with the energy of a turning point, as I call it, a Turning Point in Consciousness.

We have upon us a New Moon October 17 or 18 that literally allows for a turning point in consciousness. Now it also allows for what I would call a flipping of the coin, if you will. In other words, if you’ve had the negative side up of a coin lately, maybe health or finances or relationships or career, and you want to turn that over, to create positive side effects for yourself, this is a perfect New Moon opportunity for creating that. So it will depend upon what you decide. You want to be your turning point in consciousness.

Now the Ascended Masters will be working with the mass consciousness of humanity on a turning point that is actually a very key issue that is affecting not only personal decisions, but governmental decisions, and particularly so in the health realm. The turning point in consciousness for the mass conscious will be about freedom and what constitutes freedom.

For example, in the metaphysical realm, you would say, “I choose happy healthy cells.” or “I choose to go for a walk right this moment and I’ll come back in about 20 minutes.” or “I choose to brush my teeth right now.” And you see that as little expressions of the freedom to do what you are choosing in the moment, what you are choosing for tomorrow morning or the next vacation that you are planning ahead or whatever it might be. Now when I get to the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccinations coming down to freedom of choosing it or not choosing it, some are being mandated to take it, others are just being pressured to take it and not sure whether they should use their own freedom or a choice that would appease others.

And so we are working with this turning point in consciousness at a mass level to empower true freedom.

Not being blinded by group thoughtforms or scare-tactics or any number of things. And then of course it is not just regarding that particular issue. It is regarding all aspects of freedom. For your own personal turning point, again I would ask you, “Really what is it? If I could eliminate something in my life right now, and maybe ten things in my life right now, what would they be?” Maybe you want to eliminate procrastination, or clutter, or lack of clarity, or maybe indecision, or maybe you want to eliminate moving forward too fast. Or maybe you would like to eliminate moving forward too carefully. Whatever is, seems to resonate with you, as a turning point that you could work with, I would say, declare it out loud, perhaps write it down.

As I mentioned, you can have one major turning point of consciousness or you can just look at your life in terms of “What little things am I ready to turn over?” Like catching up on paying bills, firming up a budget, getting into an online dating like or something like that. Getting, magnetizing more money, magnetizing more free time. Creating a stronger circle of friends or planning vacation. What is your personal turning point and then go ahead and choose to literally flip that over into its positive aspect. Alright dear ones. As always, thank you and my love to you. Djwhal Khul Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Emmanuel Via The Rainbow Scribe speaks

October 5th, 2009

The Rainbow Scribe speaks
Beloved Brothers,

We of the Higher Realms have been working with mankind throughout the centuries, and we know that never before has had your plane of existence such an opportunity for anchoring the Christ Consciousness through the twelfth Golden Cosmic Ray.

Lightworkers and Wanderers-–such as this channel--on your Planet are achieving great progress in spreading the highest vibratory frequencies of the Pink Ray of Love throughout the collective consciousness, raising the collective frequency rate, thus facilitating the download of new packages containing DNA activation codes.

The packages are being stored in the Golden core of your Heart center. Many of you are beginning to sense these new vibrations in the morning, just after waking up.

Once each download is complete, the codes will be activated through beams of light. When you go through the activation, your body must have enough water in order to spread the vibrations throughout your whole system. You should drink at regular periods of time, three liters of water everyday. It is also important to eat well and to rest well. A well-fed, well-rested body has a more balanced energetic field.

Your energetic field possesses the same power centers as the Creator’s energetic field. Your own singular field is like a drop of water from the ocean. The drop is a miniature ocean with all the components of that ocean.

Within your energetic field you have more than three hundred energetic centers or chakras. However, your seven primary chakras are responsibly for maintaining the balance of your energetic field.

For a successful/total activation of your new DNA your energetic field must be fairly balanced, there are many methods you can use to delve deep within yourself to balance your chakras, balancing your energetic field.

In addition to the seven primary energetic centers, seven other major chakras are being activated within your subtle body, the Crystal chakras.

If you recall all the great spiritual teachers who have walked the face of your Planet, they each one had all 14 chakras active.

In the past, that was the energetic configuration of a few, but now all external help has been set in place for a massive activation, thus all of you have the possibility of reaching the same state in energetic expansion than those spiritual masters.

Prior to your incarnation you have agreed to aid the collective activation by activating your own system. All external help is ready at the periphery--this opportunity is too good to waste--but your personal activation can only start by unlocking your Heart center. Love is the key. There is no lock that cannot be opened by Love.

Unlike some of your others energetic centers, the opening of the Heart chakra always stars with glimpses. Has to be gradual, just as a flower opens so gently that you cannot see when the opening is occurring.

You have come to this plane of existence determined to help and make a difference, and this is your time to do so.

Regardless of how you awakened to the spiritual dimension, once you have experienced it, a tremendous amount of power will flow throughout your system reaching the seven level of consciousness, enhancing every aspect of your being.

This power is the primary aspect of the Creator’s energy, and corresponds to the Pink Ray of Love. Once your Heart chakra resonates with the highest frequency of Love, a smokeless flame will shine in your chest. This flame corresponds to the hyper-dimensional Christ Consciousness and is the most mysterious thing in the Universe; the whole of life depends on it.

When you open your Heart and the Christ Consciousness flows through, it will have a tremendous impact on you. It will literary transform you.

No matter what your condition or awareness development, no matter what your age or position in the social network of your plane, seeking for this flame should be your primary task. Remember, one of the Laws of the Logos is: everything that you seek also seeks you.

The Christ Consciousness exists outside of space and time; It is the multi-dimensional awareness of Prince Sananda, the awareness that held my beloved Brother and Master Jesus. It is the awareness of the One and the Oneness of All That Is.

Work on balancing your chakras and energetic field, open your Heart and spread the highest vibrations of Love, soon the total activation of your new DNA will occur, and you will be born into a new species of Divinity.

Do not settle for less.

I AM Emmanuel.

©2009 Langa

Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.

Sunday, October 11, 2009




At this Magical time we invite you to join us in celebrating the "Harmony of One" around the Planet. Join together as groups with other Lightworkers to celebrate the New Earth energy that is here! We invite you to create your own Sacred Ceremonies to Honor the Earth at this Miraculous time of Realignment and Rebirth.
For those of you who might like to work alone, we offer this meditation to guide your energies and thoughts. It is a blessing from Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene.
So, begin this meditation by sitting very quietly and breathing deeply. Allow yourself to relax and center your energy into your Heart. Breathe the energy in your Heart and ask your I AM to connect you to the balanced Sacred Heart energy within. Feel the flow of that energy moving through you. Now, feel also the Beloved presence of Archangel Michael who has guided this process of Transformation for so long. Feel also the presence of Mary Magdalene and her Beloved Partner, Yeshua, and how they hold the Christ Light as One. Feel these energies guiding you as you enter into your own Sacred Heart and your own Mastery of the Light. You are here on this Sacred Earth as a Master of the Light.
And now, you are being welcomed into this Sacred Earth Space by the Angelic Kingdoms and the Ascended Masters and the Extra Terrestrial Light Beings who have guided the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity to this point where Humanity is ready to become part of the onward Co-Creation and Manifestation of the New Earth within a balanced Energy Matrix.

As you stand within this Light of the Ascended and Angelic Ones, you see the Earth as a Shining Mandala of Light, Sound and Patterns, an exquisite jewel of the Cosmos. And now, you become aware of the presence of the Sacred Keepers of the Earth Grids that are there to welcome you.....the Ancestors of the Earth tribes, and the Sacred Keepers from the Animal, Plant, Elemental and Mineral Kingdoms. All are present to welcome You and the Human Collective to the Light of Oneness and Harmony as we enter the New Earth together.

By Carolyn Evers

One of the questions that come up most frequently when someone requests an Akashic Reading or a Metatron Soul Healing revolves around the concept of MISSION. People usually want to know about their mission. What is it? Am I following my mission?
While working with people, I have found that if one is not following their mission, there is an empty feeling like something is missing, along with a feeling of not being fulfilled. This especially happens if one passes the time when their mission should have been implemented but hasn't.
I have also noticed that if one is following their mission there is a sense of bliss. They will have their ups and downs just like everyone else but there is an excitement about life and one feels passionate about living and every new day becomes a gift. When on target with your mission, you will feel appreciation for your experiences and your place in the world.
Let is examine the different aspects of mission.

While in the akashic library, I am able to watch an event as if I am experiencing the event myself in that moment. This is because a part of my soul still resides in the center of the cosmos as my ego self resides in this dimension.
As I watch the souls created, I am aware that the central or core mission began when the soul was called into spiritual form. The scene is a moving and intensely emotional sight and one that I won't forget.
There is a Prime Creator that exists in the center of the cosmos. The Cherubim Angels considers this force All-There-Is. You have your own name for this great composite of love and you might call this love, God or Source.
Between the rounds of Brahma, no vibration exists as it is a resting period for Source. Since there was no vibration during that resting period, the Cherubim Angels who hold the records of vibration are not aware of how long this period lasts. At the beginning of a round of Brahma, Source moves into vibration and there is a period when a vast amount of planning passes through the different aspects of Source.
The Cherubim are able to read the strip of the very first thrust of vibration as Source awakens from the resting period. It is a momentous event and they feel the wonder of that beginning and initial thrust, along with the ensuing thrusts of vibration as they slowly pick up the wave motion until the rhythm of vibrations is at its optimum speed.
From the records, the Cherubim cannot perceive what action brought forth the desire for Source to begin this new round of Brahma, or how Source began the awakening process, but they feel the joy, excitement and anticipation as the process begins.
As you might imagine there had to be a great planning process before all of creation could be brought into form and there was indeed. Every contingency of creation and the need for those who would implement this plan or Tree of Life as it is called, was carefully thought out and planned. In the center of the cosmos, there is no time as we understand time but it would have taken epochs to complete this planning as we might consider the process.
The souls were all created at one time, but in groups as they would implement the Tree of Life.

As Source was in the center of what appeared to be a void, the Creator could see all of the possibilities present. Source understood that they could not move into the void in their entirety, therefore they decided to send particles of themselves to venture forth and experience.

As Source began implementing the Tree of Life, souls were called forth to work with every concept and requirement found in the plan. The first group of souls required would be those who would go forth and divide the void into dimensions.

From the Akashic Records we see that the creation table was so large that it seemed to cover the vast stretches of eternity. To view this experience is like being drawn into some mesmerizing dream of a cosmic dance that one does not want to ever leave.

What I saw was a light so brilliant that it was impossible to see what lay beyond it, but I could feel the wonder and the magic of it. From this great light came small particles of itself that seemed to be injected to the creation table in ribbons of dancing, vibrating light, and they swished and swirled in their dance as the love-force emanating along with them increased the tempo. It appeared like a mammoth display of an intense cosmic fire works seemingly without parameters or end. This was occurring as far as I could perceive. I felt like I was searching to find the end of eternity and I could not.

It was almost simultaneously that the colors came forth interacting with the light dance and joining in its magic. I could feel the intent of Source as the particles danced even faster in the intensity of the swirling movement and then the creative sound came forth uttered by Source themselves.

This is the haunting creative sound of Source. It is difficult to describe this sound as I know nothing that sounds quite like this. But if I had to describe it I would say that it must sound like the blast of an unknown musical horn emitting a low, eerie, but majestic sound as if it were resonating upon a lonely, deserted Irish Moor.
Before this sound there were no souls in existence and after the creative sound was issued, the first group of souls was called forth; blinking in astonishment at their existence. The colors that swirled with the light at their creation were shades of burgundy with golden undertones and slight images of green. These colors placed there by Source's intent became the driving force of their mission.

It is the color used at the creation of the soul that defines the core mission. These colors change along with variations in the pitch of the creative sound and that means souls are created to fulfill every conceivable aspect of Source's plan down to the smallest detail.

All the souls come forth from Source, but each are unique in their abilities and fulfill the plan perfectly as no other one could.
At this time the soul is given all the abilities required to carry out this sacred trust.

Be assured that at creation you were given all the abilities required to interface with your creative thoughts to complete the mission that you were sent to do.
The records of this first group of souls appear to be shaped in the form of a scroll, as other souls' records appear to be formed in a book.

In actuality these records are really circular vibrations somewhat like a backed up computer disk and they are contained in magnetic spots that form a library of sorts. They are cared for and monitored by the lower branch of the Cherubim Angels. The shapes of scrolls and books are shown as such so that human beings can relate to these records in our manner of understanding.

This original group of souls was given the responsibility of dividing the cosmos into dimensions as we said earlier. Memory of former rounds of Brahma does not seem to be available after the rest of Source between each round of Brahma. Therefore there wasn't a record available of what existed in the void in earlier rounds of Brahma, other than what appeared as possibilities.
Yet these brave souls were given the command to go forth and experience and divide the void, all the while not understanding if they would be able to get back to Source. So there was expectancy and wonder held by the Cherubim waiting for the return of these souls to report back to Source of their experience.
Again there is no record of time in the center of the cosmos but we suspect that the mission of these souls to divide the dimensions would have taken a long time by our reckoning. Source was not idle during this time though. They were bringing forth the other souls and incorporating their missions within their structures through myriad arrangements of colors and sounds. As we mentioned, these arrangements of colors and sounds produce all the necessary requirements to fulfill the implementation of every aspect of the Tree of Life.

The souls that we call the Scrolled Ones were created with more particles from Source so there was no necessity for a period of development between creation and sending them forth to experience.

For the other souls there was a period of development and the Cherubim Angels cooperated with Source again through vibration to help create the other souls as they did with the Scrolled Ones. This was a long process and it is one of the reasons that the Cherubim Angels, even though androgynous, show themselves to us in a feminine nature as they still identify with souls in a nurturing capacity.
Next Month
Part -2-
How Missions Change As Souls Move Through the Dimensions

Video of the Week:
We are all one
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have a look. You'll love it.

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Meditation Focus #204:
Dissolving The Illusion of Separation

WE ARE ALL ONE...Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network
What follows is the 204th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 (FOUR) weeks beginning Sunday, October 4, 2009.
1. Summary2. Meditation times3. More information related to this Meditation FocusNOTE: If you are located in Europe, please note that the fourth Sunday meditation on this theme, on October 25, will start one-hour earlier because Daylight Saving Time will have ended. To verify if your location is included in this time change, click HERE. In North America, Daylight Saving Time will end on November 1st
.Eye of The Storm Series #8: The Big Propaganda Game
(October 2, 2009)
As we all know, life on Earth can be fraught with a treacherously deceitful series of nagging experiences while we are deeply immersed in the thick of duality consciousness, which is specifically designed to make us believe we live alone, isolated from the rest of the universe in our own little bubble of consciousness. To most humans, this illusion is so overpowering that is it nearly impossible for them to try to understand or even believe that this sense of alienation is the direct result of their own choice, made a long time ago at soul level, to disconnect themselves from the Universal Matrix of Oneness Consciousness in their desire to go explore the vast expanses and infinite possibilities offered by the then newly created universe.
This process of ever deeper segmentation through countless successive subdivisions of the initial Spark of individuated existence then issued from the Originating Source has been going on almost forever and is still continuing to this day. And yet, if one was able to trace its soul lineage all the way back to Source—while becoming aware that, just like any fragment of a holographic picture holding by its very design all the exact same components and attributes of the whole picture, each soul in existence holds within itself the very same qualities and innate sentient abilities of its Original Source—then one would come to the conclusion, in a sublime "aha" moment of epiphany, that we are absolutely indistinguishable from the Omniversal Source of All That Is and, as such, could claim to be one and the same with It .
This self-isolation bubble-bursting realization is the penultimate antidote to the all pervading illusion of separation that is at the very root of all ill conceived actions, words and thoughts on this planet. But coming to this conclusion, is not a matter of rational thinking - although once experienced it stands as an utterly rational, logic and incontrovertible fact. No. It can, indeed, only come through experience, when we simply turn on the Light of our Total Self, reaching inwardly/outwardly to this sacred, holy place where Bliss coexists with Infinite Love, where our limited sense of self is instantaneously dissolved into the Absolute Vastness of Who We Really Are... and then we KNOW... and everything makes sense... perfect Sense... and all there is to do is to BE and let this Beingness guide the flow of our existence in the Omniversal Cosmic Soup in which we thrive and derive our very existence... Reaching this ultimate State of Grace is the Holy Grail humanity is here to experience and is the true catalyst for the dimensional shift we are gradually going through as more and more souls on Earth awaken from the slumber of duality consciousness back into perfect synch with and ever greater remembrance of their original and eternal nature as One with and in All That Is.
As we are exponentially, ever more rapidly reaching the critical mass of planetary awakening, tapping ever deeper into the sense of forming a vast sentient Being, on Earth and beyond—infinitely beyond—we are now fast approaching the threshold point, now a mere 3 revolutions around the sun away, when our collective amnesia and illusion of separation WILL BE NO MORE. Our Key role and responsibility in the meantime, as part of the awakening community of Light bearers, is to invest ever more of our time and attention into developing, through deep immersive soul communion with All That Is, our inner resonance with all other awakening souls in this physical realm and beyond, and thus expanding the field of awakened Oneness on Earth, which is exactly what we will do/be together in the coming four weeks, for the Highest Good of all as One.This whole Meditation Focus has been archived for your convenience at
"In this great story that is my life, I am conscious of my ability to co-create every moment in which I live. I strive to remain awake at all times, knowing when to lift my voice and when to be silent in awe of this magnificent creation of which I am but a drop in the ocean. If I had to declare what is the most defining characteristic of who I am - the ultimate question that drives us seekers of truth - I would have to say that I am one who sees no greater work in life than the work of helping humanity to awaken to the reality of universal Oneness, dispelling the illusion of separation from Self, others and Nature, and lighting the spark of remembrance of our common Source. Our greatest crisis today, the root of ALL of our global dis-ease, is the belief that we are separate...when we are not."- Isis --
"The persistent illusion of being separate from those around us, even of not belonging in the community of humankind, is a painful condition. On an individual level, it evokes an aching loneliness and the sense of an inability to love and be loved. On a global level, the illusion of separation results in indifference to the suffering in underdeveloped nations and even to war. Spiritual teachings of all times and places say that separation is not real, that we are children of All That Is, all emanating from the life force and the love that dwells in every atom of the universe."- Donna Cunningham -- Taken from Healing the Illusion of Separation
"When I take a deep breath and go inside to think about that question, the first thing that comes to me is that I think one of our biggest challenges is to look at our way of thinking, and see if there might be a way to serve ourselves even more powerfully by ending the myth that there is somewhere to get to--that there is something else that needs to be done, that there is all this brokenness that needs to be fixed, that there is something….
When I check in with my intuitive self and with my spirit and with the world I am a part of, I think part of our healing has to come from just standing and being still and claiming a healed world, claiming a healed humanity, claiming a healed self.
So much of what I see, in people who are out working so hard to make a difference in the world and help cause transformation, is I see a lot of hurting and sick people doing that work. There's a piece of ourselves that's afraid to acknowledge our own grief and our own pain and our own out of balanceness, and there is also a part of our self that's afraid to be bold enough to just claim whole, perfect and complete as the planetary condition and choose to stand there and cause our world to meet us there.
So I feel like for a lot of our work we stand at the place of wrong/bad/sick/unhealthy/broken and then struggle and work and sacrifice trying to get to healthy/whole/complete. For me there's something scary as all-get-out, but also really powerful to the point it gives me goose bumps, to imagine standing in myself and the world as whole, perfect, complete, beautiful, connected, community, family. And standing there with everything that I have, and powerfully--through prayer, and through actions, and through words--causing and calling the world to meet me there."
- Julia Butterfly Hill on the Essential Shift (the whole interview is included below)
"It is in the stillness of our heart that we find the peace we seek in the world. It is the connection deep within to the very source of our being where we recognize the oneness of life. It is here that we transcend the duality of perceived right and wrong thinking, judgment, control and attachment.
In this awareness, we let go of the need to have the world behave according to our preconceived expectations and we dare to love unconditionally. We embrace love for love’s sake and in doing so, we also experience peace. To know unconditional love is to know peace. When we love without condition, we naturally engage the dynamic quality of peace and allow this energy to permeate our outer experience as well. We balance the inner and outer reflections with a grander perspective that sees beyond the obvious before us. We know we are simply experiencing life from our unique viewpoint in the moment and we have the power to choose love and peace.
Although many assume peace to be quiescent, idle and quiet, it is truly an energy that is vibrant and alive. It is colorful, engaging and encouraging. It is filled with potential and enhances our creativity. It calls to us to explore without limitation and to express ourselves with a distinct sense of freedom. Peace is also something we easily share as it is in limitless supply. We joyfully convey it to others and witness its expansion in ever growing waves. Peace begins with us. It has always been this way. The more we express our love, the greater our sense of peace. The more peace we radiate, the more profoundly we comprehend the sublime beauty it reveals. Since love and peace already exist as a state of consciousness within us, it ensures that it will become our collective reality. Peace prevails in you and in me. Together, we are the establishment of peace on Earth."
- Harold W. Becker -- Taken from - Also available in video format at
"Many native peoples wisely made policies holding before themselves a question: How will decisions today affect the next seven generations?
Today, the world is interconnected as never before. It is not only connected presently but decisions made today will have permanent consequences long into the future. If our decisions today are flawed, we cannot say how long the future will last. This is unique in human history. We are the first generation which must ensure consciously and intentionally that we are not the last.
Our most critical challenges require new levels of holistic creative thinking and governance that can integrate local concerns with global responsibility. The dangers that used to threaten just a few now threaten the existence of all. Wisdom to understand the interconnectedness of these dangers is now also required. No longer can we afford to think locally and act globally.
Humanity’s global footprint must be met with appropriate thinking and policies. There is an Axis of Responsibility. Three issues require global cooperation, the rule of law, and universal norms. Whether we effectively address crushing poverty, adequately organize ourselves to protect the global commons such as the oceans, the climate, and the rainforest—living systems upon which civilization depends—and eliminate nuclear weapons before they eliminate us, defines whether we pass on a sustainable future.
Successfully addressing the Axis of Responsibility requires new levels of international cooperation. No state, nor even a powerful group of states, can succeed alone. Universal coordinated approaches using our highest values and the arts of law and diplomacy are needed. Globalization reminds us that we are in fact one human family. The living ecosystem of the planet is our shared home. We would never permit conduct that dishonors our personal homes. Healthy people know that nurturing a family is a crucible of training wherein learning to care for others determines success more effectively that dominating others. The lesson of the last century is that we cannot find security by attempting to dominate each other, nor by trying to dominate nature. In fact, learning to live in harmony with each other and nature is not an ideal; it is both a moral and practical imperative."
An "Aha" moment is one of those times in your life that all the pieces fall into place. A moment of clarity that enlightens and actually changes you. These moments, though they may be far and few in between, are defining moments where true knowledge has been gained and it is up to you to seize these moments and use this newly discovered wisdom to change your life."- Taken from
Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.NOTE: If you are located in Europe, please note that the fourth Sunday meditation on this theme, on October 25, will start one-hour earlier because Daylight Saving Time will have ended. To verify if your location is included in this time change, click HERE. In North America, Daylight Saving Time will end on November 1st.These times below correspond (for most countries) to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 PM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 4:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Perth, Hong Kong, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AMYou may also check at;p1=0 to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.

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St.Germain: Hold Fast Your Light

October 3, 2009
St. Germain speaks

Beloved Lightworkers of the World,

I am coming forth this day to bring to your attention the need to hold fast to your Light, to anchor your Light into the central core of Mother Earth. In the next few weeks, there will be much that will be coming forth that will continue to shock the entire World.
The revelations that will be coming forth concern the long held repression of the truths of many, many people upon the Earth and each day there will be more and more of these coming forth, until there will no longer be a way to repress these people from bringing forth their truths, for as one or two courageous, brave Souls come forth with their truths, so it enables others to gather their courage and come forth and bring to the World, their truths, and so on, and this will continue to build in intensity and revelation in the coming weeks and months.

The people of the World will feel ungrounded and shocked by that which comes forth, and this is why we ask you, the Beloved Lightworkers of the World to hold fast to your vision of the New World reality, to hold fast for your visions of peace and harmony to manifest upon your World. Hold your Light, Dear Ones, it now becomes much, much needed! We ask you to hold together, to band together in Unity and become a powerful Force of Light, daily performing your disciplines, daily calling forth the Violet Transmuting Flame to do its work upon all facets, all actions and doings upon this World, for the Violet Transmuting Flame is working actively to bring forth the truths that have long been hidden, to bring forth that which has been repressed for millennia from Humanity.

Daily invoke the Violet Transmuting Flame to work within your own lives and within all World events. Daily invoke the assistance of the Highest planes of existence and your Teachers and your Guides and the Angelic Realms. Daily invoke their assistance, for this is a task that is needed and required on a daily basis. Be not discouraged by recent events. Hold fast to your truths and your Light and work your Light each day. Many there are who rely on your Light to stabilize the Earth in the days ahead. Many there are who look to you to hold fast. We advise each of you each day to remind yourselves of who and what you are, we remind each of you to hold firmly to your Light. We ask each of you to ground the Cosmic Light energies into the crystalline core of the Earth as you have been doing. We ask you to continue to work with us each and every day. Know that the Light will prevail, know that the Light IS prevailing and that the outcome is already victorious, that the outcome is that the Light forces incarnate upon the Earth have achieved their tasks and their goals. It only remains for you to hold that Light now, Beloved Ones. Keep on keeping on!

I AM St.Germain

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

Sunday, October 4, 2009


CONTENTS: FULL MOON IN ARIES * Mayan Message Day 19, Carrie Hart Message -You Are Deeply Loved
Full Moon in Aries Sat 10/3-Sun10/4 "The Moon in Aries encourages us to have the courage to be ourselves, to trust our own intuitions and be bold enough to try something new, to figure out what we need in a situation. Aries' inherent self-interest or selfishness is offset by the Sun in Libra, which teaches us how to balance Self and Other. The peace and harmony that Libra loves isn't achieved by denying your real needs, but by negotiating a real balance of needs between partners. Aries can show us new ways of getting what we want, while Libra keeps us on track with diplomacy and fairness.For this Full Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus (Libra's ruler) are all in Virgo. We are still trying to figure out who we really are and how we can be of service to the world. Mercury turns to direct motion on September 29, a few days before the full Moon. The messenger god now has to integrate what he's learned during the past three weeks, and we won't have the message clear until Mercury returns to where it began its journey on October 14."
Cardinal fire in it's most illuminated form! My moon is in Aries so I am certainly feeling the heat.
I keep reading over and over that this is the moon of courage, and since the full moon is a powerful mirror, let yourself celebrate where you have been courageous this year. Aries, as the baby of the signs, is also about play, so maybe some fun activity, something a little wilder or more playful than you normally do. The full moon hike is amazing. Chinatown is also having their moon festival this weekend so go enjoy the festivities. Go for a full moon swim to balance the fire of Aries- lots of possibilities. Barbara even suggests seeing the movie "Whip it" as the perfect aries moon flick!
The main thing I wish, though is for us to simply be aware of the full moon and it's energy. Maybe sit out under her with your lunar journal and write about the things you would do if you had the "courage." build on our "commitment" work at the last gathering and write a bhavana about yourself doing this courageous act in a way that is positive, specific and concrete. (Thanks again, Christy!)
I honor each of you and the fantastic things you are doing. It takes courage to simply recognize a need to do this work.Lisa Dale Miller

Ascension – Hurry Up by Slowing Down

I am Cauac, Keeper of the Gate to Ascension. It is through me that you can discover portals to your own evolution. Within each of you is the ability to find your way back to Source. However, many of you are "asleep," yet, on the verge of awakening. My role is to assist you and your Guides in gently rousing you from your sleep and nudging you along the way. There is much talk about the ascension of your Masters. It is currently a hot topic for those interested in metaphysics. But, what is ascension?

In the past, through art and religious teachings, Masters such as Jesus were generally depicted as "rising" or floating up toward heaven when their life on earth ended. And so, the word "ascension" came into popularity as the term for this process. There are many teachings today suggesting that the earth and humans are going through an ascension process. Many predict that the end of the world will come in the year 2012. There is a growing frenzy to "get on board" and clean up your act or you will miss the boat. Although we cannot say what the future will hold, we can tell you that never in your history has there been the need to "hurry" to do anything. What is more important is to be in joy and express love each and every moment. This entails releasing fears and habits that keep you from enjoying a passionate and compassionate life. Learn how to maintain a state of calm and peace no matter what storm is brewing around you. Have courage to stand in your truth, no matter who may disagree with what you say or do. Take time each day to go within, quiet your mind and set clear intentions for what you wish to accomplish. Pay attention to what is happening around you, especially in nature and be respectful to all beings who reside on the earth. Fill your heart with gratitude each moment, reveling in the beauty that surrounds you. This is your path to ascension.

There is none among you who is "lost." All have full ability to "ascend" and to merge once again with the Source of All. Like everything else, it is a matter of "timing." Each of you chose to leave the Source in order to experience "other things." Some beings have incarnated on earth and other planets; others remain in the higher dimensions as helpers and holders of Light. There are myriads of "angelic" beings carrying out an untold number of "jobs." It would boggle your mind to know of all that is happening in your universe and beyond. Every creation is experiencing their "lives" in a unique way. One day we will be reunited as "One" and enjoy the sensation of love and Oneness in its purest form. There is no need to "hurry" to get to "get there." Hurrying is part of the human condition. We suggest that you learn to live in the moment and make the journey memorable. Stop and smell the roses and be kind to those you encounter along the way. So many things you pray to experience become missed opportunities because you have been focused on getting from point A to point B.

Some of you may argue that there is a need to hurry because the world is falling apart, that it is on the eve of destruction. What we would say in response is that if each of you would stop in this moment and make the decision to be kind and respectful to others and to share your wealth, in an instant your world would become the utopia so many of you dream of. In the twinkling of an eye, world hunger would be resolved. You already have enough food to feed all. However, we do suggest making corrections to the synthetic ways you grow food. All wars could cease in the moment your leaders learned how to communicate and be respectful of each other. It is the need to control others and take their property and resources that feeds the war machine. Teach your children how to turn off the TV and their electronic games. Let them explore and re-learn how to play outside with the tools and games nature supplies freely such as sticks and stones. This simple thing will not only increase their ability to solve problems, but will also alleviate a huge portion of the problems created by the plastics corporations. Watch drug companies collapse when stresses caused by toxic food, unresolved problems, poor communication and fear decreases. If in a moment each of you resolved to live in your truth, remaining in joy with the courage to take responsibility for your actions, thus allowing you to let your creative juices flow, there would be no need for drugs, illegal or prescribed.

An exorbitant amount of money is spent on medical research, insurance, surgeries and mental health. For years, scientists such as Rife and Tesla have provided cures for all ailments. There are now many volumes available demonstrating the correlation between dis-ease and "stinking thinking." It is common sense to know that the use of herbicides and pesticides on your food and water sources can only result in toxicity in your bodies. Most of you are so far removed from the thoughts of where your food comes from that you don't even stop to realize that the more a food is processed and the longer it takes to go from garden to mouth, the less healthy it is. By the time the majority of your food goes from farm to mouth, there is no life force in it. You are eating dead food full of toxic substances and wonder why there is such a rise in cancers, ADD and other diseases and disorders. It is greed that generates most of your insane governmental programs and disallows the use of ecologically balanced technologies.

For centuries you have murdered those who attempted to bring forth ecologically balanced ways of making your lives easier. Why is it you are not harnessing the power of the sun, wind and water more? Why is it you still power your engines with earth's natural resources? The balance of the earth is at a critical stage at this moment, yet is not all due to man's irresponsibility. Much of the earth's energetic imbalances are caused by centuries of negative and greedy thought forms. Many of you do not take into account the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth, the sun and the universe. No thing is stagnant; all things are always in flux, shift happens. And so, we conclude by saying that if you still feel the need to "hurry," we would suggest your quickening be focused "inside" rather that upward. Take time to look at how you can be part of the soul-ution when it comes to creating heaven on earth. It is you who has allowed your representative leaders to gain so much control over your lives; it is you who is responsible to reclaim your self-empowerment. Now is the time. Take charge of your life by learning to respect your self and your neighbors. Move past the walls of fear that you have surrounded around yourself as invisible shields of protection. It is not through isolation that you will create a utopian society; it is through teamwork based on love.

We leave you now with the hope that you will take time to reflect on these words and to take action. Be in joy and create peace within you! Selamet! Cauac 6 An eBook containing all 260 Mayan Messages (one for each day of the Tzolk'in calendar) is available for purchase for a donation of $15.00 USD. These messages are unedited, in their original channeled form as received by Theresa Crabtree. To read previously published messages, to receive free weekly messages or to purchase the eBook, visit The website also includes many resources on herbal remedies, gardening and ways to gain optimal health and wellbeing. You are encouraged to share the Mayan Messages with others as long as you send them in their entirety and with the contact information attached. ************************************************
Monday, September 28, 2009
It is not necessary to know all the answers. It is not even necessary to know all the questions you might ask. All that is required is that you know that you are not alone, that you are surrounded by the hosts of heaven, by angels and spirits, by love unbounded, by caring and attention. Know that you are deeply loved.

Go ahead, walk your life. Walk it as a man or woman walks, solid and centered, true to his or her own truth. Walk it making choices and decisions, being as brave as you can be, opening doors and saying yes, trying new things, being open to the newness that flows uninvited from the world. Hold your head high and do your very best to shine out unafraid as you travel the path that is laid out in front of you. And as you walk, be certain of this one thing: you are surrounded by love, by help and guidance. At any moment, you can take a deep breath and ask: What shall I do now? How shall I handle this situation? How shall I face what I fear is behind that door? And in that moment, an answer will come. Not an explanation, not a way to set your mind at ease with formulas and processes, not a map for all the steps to take. But an answer, an answer that says: Right now, in this moment, do this. And that is answer enough. For in this moment, things are as they are. It does not matter what happened to make them as they are. Right now, things are as they are. This is not a statement of despair or resignation. This is a statement of truth, of wisdom. Things are as they are. And the blessing is that there is always a response to things as they are, even if that response is to sit quietly and wait for the sun to rise another day, for the earth to take another turn, for the moon to pull the tides toward a strong and brilliant new day.

Have faith in yourself and in the help that is there for you. Trust that in its great mystery, the universe knows all and that this keep knowledge, that contains all that is and is likely to be, is conveyed to you when you ask your simple question. All the wisdom in the world is contained in a single drop of water as it falls from the heavens. Hold out your hand and catch it. Watch it spread and fill your palm, then your heart, then your life. Gaze into the deep waters of grace and know that the answer is there. And what is that answer? You are loved, you are deeply loved. * There are many resources available to you on, including powerful meditations to quiet your mind and pull you deeply into the moment and a crystal full of energy to hold during your meditations. I am sending you my love and caring. I hope that these messages help strengthen your inner light. Love & peace, Carrie
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