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HEALING, Neutralizing Code-Numbers; AA Raphael

HEALING, Neutralizing Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – (Thanks to a forward to me from Bill Hanaoski in Canada)


Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma – April 25, 2014 Heilungszahlen für Nahrungsmittel und Gesundheit –

Posted on 25 April, 2014 by ContraMary

than sending my grateful “Thank thankyouflowers4You” to the Givers up there – beyond there – with a great “Hallelujah” !
Namasté to all of you !(Contra)Mary=Evamaria-Havah
Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma – April 25, 2014
My beloved Humans on Earth – this is Archangel Raphael speaking:
It is with much delight that today I am able to submit to your hands another new (and still old one) tool. With this message today I supply to you “Code-Numbers” which may be of immense assistance to you when you are to cope with various daily issues. Still, do make use of these codes only when you are really prepared to receive them as gifts of divine creation. To use them in some unconscious way may also lead to success but if you want to enforce their effects considerably you have to establish im
Now at first I shall give you some minor introduction necessary that you may comprehend the real sense and meaning of these code-numbers and how you may apply them in the very correct manner.
These Code-Numbers originate from Times of Atlantis – by which I mean that these codes have been granted by our Divine Creating Mother herself to the Atlanteans while she had incarnated many times then on earth and supplied these codes herself then.
This was one of her gifts to human people on earth at that time – however with the decline of Atlantis and the pertaining frequency-downfall of vibrations such code-numbers were no longer applicable.
Since today – when publishing these code-numbers again – we have reached this very frequency-level of energy again and thus these code-numbers are fully applicable and functioning again.
I shall now give you the Code-Numbers and their essential meaning hereunder :
Once having seen in real action how powerful these codes are – those will know what it is like to be in harmony – UNI SONO – and united     with All-Creation-There-is.
And now here are the first Code-Numbers which may be applied for
H e a l i n g   P u r p o s e s :
33 45 634 :
Healing of cellular damages of any sort.
44 56 789 :
Healing of open wounds (must be written above the specific open wound into the air)
33 78 133 :
Healing of severe injuries in the stomach-area which are not (at once) been able to be dealt with by immediate surgery.
44 57 678 :
Healing of open fractures, which are not able to be fixed (at once) and closed by some operational surgery.
Subsequent Code-Numbers are applicable for all nutrition and foodstuffs which are no longer of natural origin resp. being processed and altered by processes of the nutrition and foodstuff industry.
These code-numbers may also be applied to foodstuff which are not of confirmed origin nor trustworthy sources. They have to be written only once on the package/can in order to activate the entire re-programming.
24 46 713 :
Neutralizes gen-manipulated foodstuff. This specific foodstuff will be returned to its original condition with its maximum effect to human bodies.
24 57 892:
Neutralizes all toxid components in foodstuff which were introduced during process of production.
24 67 987 :
Neutralizes all additives which are not natural – which are being added in almost all the processing measures to foodstuff (for economic reasons in order to save money). This Code-Number should be applied always since presently there are insufficient declarations added to almost all foodstuff. This code may be applied always and everywhere even if the meal is being served on the plate already.
          24 60 123 :
Additional Code to be applied for foodstuff ( fruits or vegetables) to make it ripen to its full maturity. This Code supports the process of ripening on its cellular level.
With all already maturely ripened fruits and veges this code-number should not be applied – since they may otherwise over-ripen and thus will lose their full efficiency and their optimum of nutritional value.
            42 67 982 :
Additional Code-Number for all foodstuff on the brink of moulding. By the effect of this Code-Number such fruits may become again tasteful although they do not look like it.
This Code-Number has been invented more for needy cases or for those humans who -  by their living conditions -  are compelled  to feed themselves by such sort of foodstuff.
Please do not use this Code-Number in case of any foodstuff which is still quite in order. Otherwise this foodstuff originally -  still impeccable – would be turned into some inedible condition.
               99 42 167
Additional Code-Number for all foodstuff which carry added parts of alcohol in order to turn them into long lasting condition. This Code-Number neutralizes all alcohol within the foodstuff. It may also be applied to any drink in order to neutralize all alcohol in it – it does not have any effect on its taste – still the alcohol looses all its effect on the human body.
This may turn out as essential for all people not being able to tolerate any alcohol in medicaments which were produced on basic alcohol levels. I urgently recommend always again to make use of this specific Code-Number when treating alcoholic addicted people in medical institutions. Neutralization within the particular medicament will lead to some positive effects in the body of an addicted acoholic which thus may reduce his addiction and later eliminate it altogether.
A t t e n t i o n    p l e a s e  !
Under no circumstances whatever – may this above code be applied for medicaments which were mixed  with alcoholic additives in order to gain some disinfective effects.
My beloved humans, these are the first and prior Code-Numbers and more will subsequently follow through this channel in due course.
Please spread these so important Code-Numbers as far as possible and all over the world. And deal with those in a most creative way ! Do write them down and alike some very diligent and good pathfinder and scout carrying with himself always his pocket knife – you should always carry these Codes with yourselves everywhere you go. Be it on your way in the car or when walking and wandering in nature or be it on an excursion there are always opportunities and occasions to make use of them and in case of emergency they will be of some good medical first aid and great support.
Once you have made your first experience with it – talk with other people about the effects of these Code-Numbers.
It is not permitted to sell these Code-Numbers nor to have these reprinted in a book resp. to publish them.
All these Code-Numbers are the Privileged Right of Everybody Human here on Earth !
They are – in fact – a present of the heavenly Forces of Light to all of us Human Mankind here on Earth.
By means of these Code-Numbers you may mutually take your part in levying out all the institutions of nutritional foodstuff industry.
Simply – by writing down these Code-Numbers you may reverse all harmful effects of additives or manipulations again.
Please, keep in mind that all these Code-Numbers will unite with your inner hearts in resonance if you will apply them in a certain conscious way.
There will be people which recall these codes, humans in the Now and Here which will remember these Code-Numbers because they worked with them intensively on Atlantis in old times.
Be very attentive and and very precise when writing down these Code-Numbers – since otherwise they will not show the desired effect and you will be disappointed in such case !
ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL and his team from the heavenly spheres.
Special Note:
concerning medical advice – please – always – when in doubt – ask medical advice from your medical Doctor…..
 Translated by (Contra)Mary=Evamaria
Copyright©(Contra)Mary=Evamaria H. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.
Source of English Translation:  Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma – April 25, 2014 Heilungszahlen für Nahrungsmittel und Gesundheit – Erzengel Raphael durch Marc Gamma – 25.04.2014

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Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI
Ministerial Unit, TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.
On Friday, April 18, 2014 3:47 PM, "" wrote:
COTC Online News      April 18, 2014
Holy Week - 2014
Cosmic Christ  Consciousness
Resurrection - New Birth
New Heavens - New Earth
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Beloved Colleagues, 
Collectively we are moving through Holy Week with reverence, celebration, re-membering the life walk and example of our Beloved Brother Jesus Christ, what he accomplished on behalf Humanity over 2000 years ago.  We asked through prayer, for guidance, relevance to 2014.  How can we apply his example, with intent to  fine tune our consciousness focus to the Cosmic Divine Moment of the NOW?  We must embrace where we are in the Ascending/Descending Programs of The Office Of The Christ. On December 21-22, 2012 we bore witness to the Birth of the  New Earth, Humanities Collective Ascension, through the death of our individual consciousness, the Resurrection, new Birth as Divine Sons and Daughters of Light, Cosmic Christ Consciousness.
Collectively Humanity is Ascending into 5th-Dimensional expressions of life and living, in concert with and upon the New Earth. Ascending into the patterns of perfection, creating upon the New Earth physical bodies of vibrant health, eternal youth, radiant beauty, Peace, Harmony, as prophesied in many Spiritual traditions, many cultures. Ascension can only be accomplished, completed, Collectively, Consciously.    
The fastest and most effective way to complete the Ascension Process  is for ALL of us to transcend our individual human egos, release old patterns that no longer serve the Divine Plan, and function within every thought, word, action of life and living through: 
Cosmic Christ Consciousness - A joining through Soul Level agreement of those personalities who have released the individual I AM growth pattern, into the COLLECTIVE I of GROUP UNITY; living in the Group Aspect of the Christ Body; going beyond personal-soul expansion and joining in GROUP  to create a synergism of combined spiritual evolvement within and through the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST.”  1
All of Humanity is being made aware, informed through ever accelerating communications, technology, social networking, inner and outer Collective Consciousness Infusions of Divine Light, Grand Cycles Coming to Completion - Opening a New Cycle - Transfiguration: Collective Ascension of Humanity. On some level every human, Child of God, is aware of the Ascension Process, step-by-step, for example, the rollover from 1999 to 2000, and the publicity, world consciousness focus on the "end" date of the Mayan Calendar.   As representatives of the Priesthood Of Melchizedek, The Office Of The Christ, Lifestream, gifted with greater understanding, veils lifted, we bore witness to the miracles taking place, the Birth of the New Earth on December 21 - 22, 2012, shifting to the next Consciousness Evolutionary Cycle – Program Adonai Tsebayoth Creator Daughter’s Aeon, Program of The Holy Spirit Shekinah.   
As the process from Crucifixion to Resurrection took three days for Jesus to manifest his Light Body, visible, but not of the old Earth,  so does the Collective MessiahShip, Body Of Christ, move through three - 12 month cycles….and Humanity Collectively is half way through…now in the period of chaos, death (of the old self), “the dissension into Hell”, moving into the resurrection, Ascension, wearing, manifesting New Garments of Light, 5th Dimensional Human Expression. 
Since 1999 COTC/TE-TA-MA Ministers have manifested 12 Worldwide Collective Conferences bringing from Heaven to Earth the Vibrational Matrix of the Conference Program, activating through the “physical embodiments in form2, The Priesthood of Melchizedek, the Divine Plan unfolding.  Of note, the 2nd Ordinating Minister Conference, Medford, Oregon,  March 17-21, 2005,  focus Heralding the New Heavens and New Earth.  
The Conference consciously anchored, infused the Collective understanding, “Heralding the New Heavens and New Earth”  almost 10 years ago. This is accomplished through Amplified Infusions, Heavens to Earth, Alignments  utilizing: 
CONSCIOUSNESS GRIDS “The network of Light Energy created and maintained, facilitated by specific consciousness focus; these grids are functional co-creative energies for the manifestation of Divine Truth on Earth, unifying the inner wisdom planes with this plane of reality.”  1  
Collective Focus, in this Plane and Dimension, Aligned with the Heavenly Hierarchies,  is a function of The Priesthood of Melchizedek, who we are and what we are doing as COTC Associate Ministers.  As we come together Collectively, perfectly synchronized within and through the Office Of The Christ, through human free will choice, we activate through asking and receive the amplified assistance necessary for Consciousness Evolution, the Divine Plan and the Ascension of Mankind, this Planetary Sphere and its Systems, - "Church Of The Creator®"
Dictionary References:
  • Consciousness - the upper level of mental life of which the person is aware as contrasted with unconscious processes  
  • Evolution - the gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form.  
As we review the Easter Story: What Does It Mean?  How does it relate to NOW?
Within the Priesthood of Melchizedek, Moses, a trinitized expression, was in his part, the ordained receiver, bringer of the LAW, clarity – “There is only One Living God.”  During the time of his infusion of the Higher Truths, (Process of Receivership - his memory re-activation lying latent within the Mind), there was also a reactivation of the opposition gaining credibility within those close to him. Trusted individuals within his auric field were choosing to build a parallel universe, an overlay on the blueprint, of that which he was in receivership of, thus limiting the outcome and necessitating another furtherance of causation conceptualization.  
Our Beloved Brother Christ Jesus demonstrated a profound truth of Divine Law. One representative, of Commissioned Spiritual Lineage, through human choice can stand in the place (space) of the Whole of that which they represent. He died so that we might live. He experienced consciously the illusion of death, publicly witnessed by representatives of all 12 Lifestreams, so that we automatically inherit the Divine Birthright of Everlasting Life within the Kingdom of Our Father's Many Mansions.  
Jesus, High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and Lifestream of Christ Michael, brought in the Redemptive Body as LORD REDEEMER. He carried within his Divine Pattern the seed of balance with the female, the daughter, the co-creative balance to the Son, the manifesting aspect of Our Divine Mother Essence. What he planted and nurtured was unable to mature in that the evolving consciousness chosen (his apostles) denied, on this plane and dimension, the Divine Principle of Balanced Creation. As history clearly shows in this human drama, histrionics played a large part in co-creating through ego personalities caused by spiritual immaturity. The human choice once again was to readjust the given fabric and pattern, to suit the circumstances of effect, rather than weave on the Divine Blueprint of causation. Hence the continued domination of the masculine Priesthoods and mind concepts, still evident in this day and age.3
  • Resurrection - to bring (a dead person) back to life; to cause (something that had ended or been forgotten or lost) to exist again, to be used again.  
While ministering in his garment of flesh, Christ Jesus always beheld the females on equal status, a necessary balance he lived and preached. Through their unconditional love and perfect beholdance, (immaculate concept), deemed necessary to support his resurrection, their dutiful commitment helped accomplish what could not be done through the male apostles. It was with the women apostles, Ministers in the fullest sense of the Word, that he remained, his mother and those other feminine beholders and supporters, who chose to be close to him and form a protective buffer.  
Their camp, the women's Apostolic Corps, was a place of refuge and retreat, enabling him to have freedom of movement whilst living in their midst. Through him they learned of the Greater Plan or larger picture, becoming adept from the Wisdom Plane to see the true Spiritual Reality in concordance with the physical relativity. It is to be understood that for every male apostle there was a feminine counterpart. Not necessarily mated, but in a functioning manifest expression. And so it continues in the now, perpetuity of consciousness, forever attempting to sustain and maintain balance.  
Today in the continual flow of Lifestreams (incarnations), the feminine representatives are here in form, to support the Shekinah Promise, to transcend all concepts, for this must take place before the next part. The "Feminine Movement" taking place on the planet, in itself provides the gearing up for the next sequence. This Process of Receivership is ready and awaiting (in the wings) its cue. The Gifts and "Miracles" require the molecular-alchemical balance of the Holy Spirit Shekinah. Once achieved this Divine Coding Template can only activate at the precise timing of mutual recognition and dedication to the unified effort in the earth plane within and through the Office Of The Christ.  
Only now is the feminine aspect, Mother, Daughter, Sister, beginning to be given the recognition she truly is due. In the Glorious enfoldment upon us, the seed held in the purity and rich fertile ground of the Heart, is blossoming into fruition. The Divine Image within us, and through Her, brings the fullness in revelation and truth of the Triune Nature of All Creation, Three In One, Holy Trinity, Divine Deity. NOW is the Creator Daughter's Aeon, HOLY SPIRIT SHEKINAH.  
Our Beloved Parent Creator Source is a Trinitized Expression of ONE, infinite and evolving. For those choosing release from the death program and dying estates of consciousness, the Exodus Vehicle is aligned to and upheld by the infinite Love of this Paradise Trinity. In order to participate in the next part of the Greater Plan, individual and singularly minded consciousness, (isolated states), will need to come into alignment through the trinitized vehicle of all planes and dimensions.   COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, the Spiritual-Physical (in form) Family. Again we refer to the Hierarchical Family Tree, the overcontrol synthesizer of the Divine Blueprint.  
Through the  Collective Grids of COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, the supportive energies of the Order, Brotherhood and Priesthood of Melchizedek, the axial-nucleus alignment to Archturus for this planetary sphere and its systems, Church Of The Creator© represented through the Heart, Mediatorship of the Feminine Principle, has been accomplished. Those choosing to transmute in all aspects, each of the 12 Lifestreams, through unconditional Love and Light, are bringing about the upliftment of mankind's vibration, from this duality plane into the Trinitized expression of the Redemptive Christ Body. 3  
Current and unfolding events are not random. The Great Pyramid has been reactivated. Tangible movement is unmistakable on the Earth Plane, current events.  The Seven Seals have been broken. The prophesy of the Capstone returning, in the coming of Moses, Jesus, Uriel, Metatron, and Michael is close at hand.  However, the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, Christ Body infused, death program released, already resides within each of us, we need only resurrect it!   4 
Encouragement is given to all Ministers to review, reflect, petition in prayer, “What Father within and through the Office Of The Christ are the next steps to be taken, highest and best use of my God Essence Energy in Service to the Divine Plan?”  Listen and take action, implement the inspirations of the Heart, for the Heart knows the timing is NOW!  3
In Oneness Of Service,
Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI
Ministerial Unit, TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.
P.O. Box 157, Ashland, Oregon 97520
COTC National Office - (541) 776-9191

1.  Glossary of Terms - Definitions supplemental to English Dictionaries and complimentary to understanding being established through the Order of Melchizedek and the Office Of The Christ. © 1984 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.
2.  Sacred Mandate, Treatise of Joining in Principle and witness, Mission Statement, © 1977  TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc. 
3.  Historical Legacy & Foundations Of The Church.  © 1983-2006  TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.
4.  Signposts - "Camino Divino"  ©  2011 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.

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This EVENT understandably, obviously dwarfs all other "matters" in our individual or collective Human Life on Earth.
by Therese Zumi Sumner
Therese Zumi Sumner wrote
I consider this article to be one of the most important articles that I have ever written regarding the coming Event. We know that each day we are growing closer to this day of the Shift of the Ages to this Mass Ascension experience we speak of as The Event. There are as you all know many facts to be considered when one discusses the many Events of this day and the following weeks and months. Besides this being the day that we are finally liberated from 25,000 years of imprisonment, the day that the unfair financial system in this matrix is finally closed down, and we begin a time of true Renaissance here in every sense of the word, this day, will be forever remembered by the many, as the day of the Huge Wave of Ascension en masse, the day of the Tsunami of Love.
I am writing this for all of you who do not yet understand that this day of The Event {and the following weeks} will not in any way be an ordinary day. For most of you reading this now will on the day of The Event be experiencing the most amazing experience that you have ever had in your body. I was given a gift of a two weeks ‘tasting’ period of this in 1989 so I do know, I do understand what I am talking about here to a great extent.
From here on the letters AAM refer to the words of Archangel Michael spoken in a recent channelling on In-Light radios ‘An Hour with an Angel’.
AAM: “Very soon in a timely, very timely manner you will be swept away in the Tsunami of the Mothers Love in the Tsunami of Awakening”.
In all of the discussions found about this time of change here on Gaia the greatest focus has been placed on the actual physical changes like the New Financial System, New Worldwide Governments, Free energy etc. Today I want to bring the focus to the most important aspect of this Shift namely our transition – our crossing over to the 5th Dimension as individuals. How will this feel? We have spoken before both Cobra and I about how this experience at the time of the Event Flash will be ‘felt’ by everyone and this is exactly what AAM discussed now in greater detail than ever before, with Steve Beckow early last Friday morning, which is why I feel that we cannot be too far away from this Event now.
Firstly let us keep in mind that for at least two years now we have been showered with waves of pure Love from Divine Mother – from Goddess. We were recently bombarded by the Light of clarity and purity. I am sure that all of you have noticed changes in your relationships and in your abilities to communicate more lovingly to one another. This is Mothers way of preparing us carefully for the day when the energy will be so strong so intense that had she not been ‘washing’ us in Her Light, many of us would most likely leave our bodies in the ensuing hours after the Event Flash. AAM reminded us that this is a first time in this Universe that an entire planet ascends to a higher dimension while the inhabitants remain in physical bodies. Michael has told us earlier that this was a decision taken by the heart of humanity less than 18 months ago, the decision that we would wait until we could do this together and not leave people behind.
The ‘carnival’ is coming to town – it is a very BIG carnival ! says Archangel Michael This Rare and Precious Ascension Event is Being Carefully Monitored.
AAM: “and what lies ahead even what is in the guise of momentary chaos {many have been in fear of the momentary chaos at the time of the Event} is sheer delight. It is what you have yearned for, and what many of you, literally some by your nails or the skin of your teeth, have been hanging on for….You have been actively and consciously receiving increases in your vibratory frequency, in your ability to hold and maintain a more Light higher frequency….. The entire purpose of this glorious Ascension is that it is being done while maintaining the physical vessel, which is something that is brand new. Do you know, my family, how rare something new is throughout the multiverse? It is rare and it is precious. And therefore it is being very carefully monitored”.
AAM then uses the analogy of the carnival coming to town, to help us see and understand the series of events necessary that have been necessary to prepare the way for this day. “There would be the clearing of the park or the land, and then there would be that magical night when all the vehicles ­ the trucks, the tents, the workers ­ would arrive and begin construction. And then there would be opening day.”
The series of events preparing us for the final day of the carnival have been the gifts of all the Waves of Light from Mother and although the Light gifts might seem to be intangible they have been “translated into tangible gifts, openings, understandings, relationships, creations, better work within our life”.
Celestials and Star Family Making Sure that Nothing goes wrong
AAM: “But dear heart, those transformations into what you think of as tangible, touchable, tasteable human experiences or circumstances are taking place. It is a very big carnival. It is a very big fair. And part of Our job, as well as the job that your star brothers and sisters have volunteered for and been fully involved in for hundreds of years, is to make sure that nothing goes wrong.
So, do not think that the day of the Tsunami is not at hand. And will it sweep you away with love? Will that sense of the creative force of all be overwhelming? Yes. Will it be sweet? Yes. Will it anchor firmly and permanently within your being? Yes.”
As I write this article I am reminded of the Hopi Indian end of time prophecy “Hopi Elders Speak” {press this link to go to page and roll to bottom to find} which many among you will have read. It reminds us not to fear diving into the river and that although it will be moving quickly to let ourselves be carried along and we would find that there were others in there with us. I just realised that this description in this Hopi prophecy is partly an analogy to describe the Ascension process at the Event, the time of the Tsunami of Love.
Steve asked AAM to give us some advice for those among us that may find ourselves overwhelmed when the time comes.
Overwhelmed by an Altered State of Awareness – Go With It!
AAM:”Go with it. You have various things at your county fair, do you not, or other forms of amusement where you will begin a process of going down a chute or a roller coaster ride? You don’t jump off halfway. You don’t stop the water slide halfway.
Once it begins, dear heart, you have need to simply breathe deeply, extend your heart, know that you are not in danger, that this is what you have worked, prayed and prepared for, and allow the expansion, the lightness, to come.
That expression that you have, “the lightness of being,” that is what you will experience. But do not fight it. Simply allow it. So if it means that you are so overwhelmed, blissed out that you cannot go to work that day then stay home. If you feel that you cannot put one foot in front of another because you are in what you may feel is an altered state, then do so.
Now, understand, also, that pretty much everyone upon the planet is going to be feeling the same way. So it is also a day where there is elimination, absolute disposal of many of your previous concerns, judgments or fear.”
Angelic realm in ‘full attendance’ at the Event
There is nothing more important, not in this or any other life.”
“So let Me be very practical in this. For many of you, my sweet angels, you would wake up or you would be getting ready for work, and you would say, “I am just so full of love that it makes the importance and the potential of being able to drive to work safely impossible.” And then you would try and do it because you would be concerned about letting someone down, not being responsible, being in trouble, being docked a day’s pay. Put all that aside and allow the energy to do its transformative work.
We are speaking of an outpouring from the Mother. There is nothing more important, not in this or any other life.”
SB: In previous times, if we felt afraid, that could block love. But at this time, this love seems to be dissolving fear. Is that correct?
AAM: That is absolutely correct, and that is why we are using the term of tsunami, and even the term of storm, of sailing, of moving from the North Atlantic to the placid crystal cove. So, yes, it is pushing it out so that you look at it and you may think, “I used to be afraid. I should be afraid. I am not afraid,” because that is the residual illusion of the old third, and it is being swept away.
SB: Wow.
AAM: That fear has never been part of who you truly are. So the Mother’s love is pushing it, dissolving it, not simply leaving it on a distant shore, but completely eliminating it.
Steve asked AAM what other new potentialities/expansions might be coming into play at this time, when our fear has been dissolved so much by Mother’s Light.
AAM: It is as if you have been looking at a very narrow piece, and all of a sudden your field of vision and your field of what is the potential to experience, to create, to co-create, what is open and available to you is broadened one thousand, two thousand, twelve thousand-fold.
SB: It’s a rather unique kind of experience, because initially one doesn’t know if one’s imagining this or if this is really true. Is this a new faculty that I have, or a new area that’s opening to me? So there is this moment at which one kind of hesitates and says, “Gee, I don’t know what to think right now.”
AAM: And that is all right. All you have need to do, all we would ask you to do ­ and do not think, for one moment, my beloved ones, that We will not be in full attendance, because that would not be so ­ so, when you have that moment, then do not feel that you need to push forward. But also know there is a plan!
SB: Yes. At the time of the Event – on the day of the Tsunami of Love’s first wave the Angelic Realm will be ‘in full attendance’ to Support our Ascension.
So AAM is making it very clear to us that we have nothing to worry about on this day. You heard him say that if you felt ‘so full of love’ and too overwhelmed that you may have to postpone certain things for a while. He goes on to explain that this gift of clarity that we have been downloading from Mother is already anchored and that this can increase dramatically at the time of the Event. Earlier we might have felt ‘fuzzy’ and now AAM say’s “So that fuzziness that you are referring to would not be at the same level as it might have been previously. But if you experience these moments of, “My goodness, I think I could do this, and this is how,” and you experience a download of how everything would occur, right down to the finest detail, just breathe, sit with us, allow it to anchor into your bones and then go forward. Confusion is a part of fear.”
Steve wondered if we had to be available so to say to sit down and receive this amazing gift at the time or else we would lose it by just going about our daily business. AAM explained that as we now humanity as a collective agreed to ascend together – this is one of the changes to the original plan for this time a pivotal change.
“You said you wished to do this as a collective, and so the Mother is not so narrow as to say, “We will only give you a five-minute window of opportunity. Make up your mind.” So some will feel the full force of the Tsunami. Some may feel it but feel like they are a cork bobbing on the ocean.
What you have need to do is continue to breathe, to anchor, to trust and simply allow this to merge with you. We do not remove the opportunity or the opening.”
Some People will say “No” – Free-will will Not be Suspended – Some people will die
Are there some upon your planet, upon sweet Gaia, who will still say no? Yes. There are. Will they say no in that wash of love?
Dear heart, we are the fortunate ones, and we know that. Because we experience, know, live, connect, unify with that love of the Mother constantly. It is a never-ending flow. It is what sustains us. Do we have what you think of as unique natures? Yes, we do. But we are completely unified in that love. So when I speak to you of this I am also speaking to you of something that we have constant experience of.
Now, it would be a rare human being, or hybrid, that would ever say no to this. Is it possible? Yes. Because the Mother will not suspend, in this situation, free will.
So what occurs in that situation ­well, you are simply swept up in a tsunami of love back home. You surrender your body.
Is it guaranteed? Yes. That everyone will receive? Yes. Will some choose to say, “Oh, no, thank you”? Yes. But that decision, that choice also has the ramification ­and we’re not talking five minutes here but it has the ramification of consequently not being able to live on Nova Earth, renewed Gaia, because it is in a vibration of this higher realm of love. So if you do not want that within or without, it is not that we are going to alter the universal law.
If the choice is to reject, to say, “No, I don’t want this,” which to us is inconceivable, then it is not that they don’t receive it. It is simply that it sweeps them out of their body back home.
This article is one of several I will be writing on this subject. The next article will be in about a weeks’ time.

~ ~ Therese Z Sumner 14/01/2014