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Sept. 2 ,  2012
Telepath, Greg Giles
say “I now choose for myself a completely new reality
The Galactic Federation of Light speak
Glancing over your shoulder you may see recollections of you that were experiences and lessons designed to strengthen you, to build upon prior lessons and experiences that have slowly, but ever so surely allowed you to become the strong, wise, experienced and knowledgeable being that you are today. We, your friends, your family and your guides of the Galactic Federation of Light have been with you since your birth into the physical in this lifetime and far beyond your present incarnation as well, back hundreds, even thousands of years in your past, as you have been repeatedly and consecutively without breaks or stoppages reincarnating for ages.
We tell you this as it is now the time for you, our dear loved ones, to begin to awaken from your journey, to begin to unwind from the trance that you have been under throughout all of these incarnations. This time for many of you is quickly closing in and it is time for us to begin to reveal to you hidden secrets, hidden knowledge, things that could not be shared with you at any earlier period in your history, as this kind of knowledge would have in many ways disrupted your learning process. We certainly did not wish to do this, so we kept to our end of the bargain. We saw that you many times searched for answers to your many queries, but we could not furnish you with many of these answers that you searched for. Instead, we chose to offer you alternative theories and ways in which you could measure truth and measure what was not your truth, and in this way you could find your way down your path of truth, a path where you would find many of the answers you searched for, but these answers were not simply handed to you.
Do you see how this has all unfolded for you? Do you see how we have perhaps led you in ways that were not your truth, to allow you to look into a mirror and see that it was not your reflection and know that you did not find your truth yet, so you persisted to carry on with your journey knowing in your heart deep down inside you would one day come upon your true reflection in a stilled pond at the end of the trail. Today is that day for many of you who have come upon that pond at the end of your long journey and you are thirsted from your walk and you need rest. We wish to furnish you with all of the rest and refreshment that you will require. This day is approaching fast, but for today there is much work to be done as your journey is not over for you. You have not reached that point where you can look in the mirror and see the reflection of who it is you truly are and have always been, no, not just yet.
This day will come, it will come soon, you will see this and you will know this, though today you must get busy, you must continue your hike down this dusty trail. You must continue, you must persevere. Do not slow now, do not even think of stopping, for your momentum is so valuable to you at this time and you want to increase it and not decrease it, not for one moment, not for one step. We assure you that we are with you, we are watching over you, we are guiding you and we are leading you down the path that you have made clear through your intentions you wish to travel.

There are none of you where we are not certain of where it is you wish to be and what you wish to experience. Do not think for one moment that any of you have gone lost in the shuffle or have gotten buried deep within the sands of time, as this has not happened and we would never allow this to happen, not on our watch. We take great pride and responsibility in how we protect you, watch over and guide you. We would never let anything happen to you, and we never for one moment or one step of your great journey have neglected to watch over you, for you are in some ways our children, in other ways our brothers and sisters and in some ways our parents, and if you could understand today how much effort, manpower and technology went into watching over you and protecting you each and every moment of each and every day we feel this kind of information would put many of your minds at complete ease, for nothing has been spared for you, our dear ones. Would you have spared anything to watch over your children in this lifetime? No, you would not have, and we would also never choose to do this.
Today marks a turning point, a crossroads for some of you. Today is a day where you will be asked to make a choice of where it is you wish to go from this juncture You are now exiting, stepping out of your current reality, the reality you have known for, in some cases, so many eons of time and the only reality you have any recollection of whatsoever. We understand this, and we are here to remind you in some ways of another reality, a reality that was at another time the only reality that you understood and experienced. You now have two very different realities to choose from, and it is this choice that many of you are asked to make at this time,  
So what will it be? Do you choose to hang on to what it is that has become in your recent history familiar? Do you wish to cling to these, which you may see as outdated and no longer fruitful, or rewarding, or pleasurable, or fun, or enjoyable, or exciting, or new, or surprising, or challenging, or uplifting experiences? Or do you wish now for a new life, a new world, a new universe, a completely new reality with twists and turns, steep climbs and dives, mysteries, challenges, excitement, adventure and fun? If this is what you now choose for yourselves say “I now choose for myself a completely new reality”, and this is just what you will receive.
It is the time for this. These are your magic words. This is your command that will open the dimensional door. This door will not today open, please do not become too over excited or over anticipate when the door will open. This command will be the key to open this door and it will begin to crank open, but it will open slowly and measurably. This is what this command will do for you. This is a large decision for each and every one of you and we wish you to understand this, and we wish you to think long and carefully about this. Do not rush to any decisions, as there is no going back, there is no putting Jack back in his box once he springs up and out of the current dimensions of his reality. Once you spring out of your confines and into the higher dimensions of this universe you are here and you will be here forever, there is no going back to your lower dimensional world.
This is how it must be. This is why it is such an important decision for you to make at this point of your travels. We honor and respect each and every choice each of you will make and we wish to give you all the time that is possible in your world for you to make this very important decision. Take your time, there is still plenty of it available for you all to think long and carefully about this, the most important choice you will make throughout your entire journey, for this choice for many of you will end this journey and no one choice that you have ever made throughout each and every one of your previous incarnations possessed this power, and this is why you are advised to take all the time in the world and think long and hard about it. Once you have come to your decision we will be listening. You can shout it, you can whisper it and you can leave it as a comment under one of our messages. We will look for your answer, for we need to know for sure if this is your choice or not to leave your current reality and step through this door and come home.
We are your family, waiting for you in your home.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

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"Doomsday" Has Been Cancelled...Now is the New Dawn

1)   Why the Phase Transition is Smoother than Most People Thought - by Taansen Fairmont Sumeru
          Dec. 17, 2013
Taansen wrote
Beloved Friends, this is an update to insights I sent out years ago.  It is even more relevant today than ever before.  - - Taansen 
You already know that doomsday has been canceled, if your head hasn’t been stuck in the sand.  You are also endowed with the knowledge that Earth is going into a Golden Age in this generation, if you are fortunate enough to be keenly tuned in.
What less people are informed of, is just how SMOOTH this transition will continue to be.  Those who are still predicting severe Earth changes, a police state, famines, massive economic collapses, mass (meaning affecting hundreds of millions of people) electrical grid system failures, and other major catastrophes simply don’t have the right information.
Read on, if you are sincerely interested in the Truth.
The flaws in the scientific data predicting catastrophes, whether it be Clif High’s web bots or NASA or whatever source, are not in the data.  That's why most people don't see it.  The flaw is in not being aware of other influences.  I call the other influences "vertical" ones, whereas the data are "horizontal".  There is nothing wrong with the horizontal data.  But drawing conclusions from them to extrapolate global predictions fails to take into account the fact that we are in a time-space spiral . . . not a flat circle that goes round and round and repeats.  A spiral goes higher and higher . . . thus the vertical aspect.  Another word for it is "ascension".  This is a quantum physics fact.
In addition, another vertical factor is that there are ever larger waves descending from higher dimensions at accelerating speeds, meaning that there is an exponential increase in the buffer effects.  The data may indicate factual influences that previously had "A" effects when the buffer zone was weaker, but now those same influences have diminished effects because the buffer zone is stronger.  This principle is reflected in the Meissner Effect, which says that an influence of lower coherence cannot penetrate a field of higher coherence.
The way I know these things is that I had a time travel experience in 1976 while with Maharishi in Switzerland during which I stepped into the fully manifested Golden Age on this Earth in America.  I didn't get an exact date, but it feels like it is coming much closer now, like perhaps sometime in this decade.  I could go on talking about it for hours, but for this context I will just say that one of the highlights of it was the observation by everyone whom I met in the future . . . even the surprise of most people . . . was that humanity had gone such a long way in such a short time, so smoothly.  The surprise was that we had landed into such a beautiful global utopia with relatively little social turbulence or violent Earth changes to get there.
I know that millions of people who are good-hearted, open-minded, intelligent, and otherwise optimistic, but who haven't had such first-hand experiences of the Age of Enlightenment, wish that there were some way that they, too, could See it and Know it the way I do.  Likewise I wish the same thing for them.  I wish I could transfer my absolute, unshakeable, irreversible, invincible Knowing to them as much as they do.  It isn't quickly available just from ordinary scientific data or sensory, tactile, or empirical input.  However, if you tune into certain streams of specific information from those who Know AND who focus on empirical articulations of it as their public service, such as the findings of Gregg Braden, David Wilcock, or the scientists associated with Maharishi University of Management, and others, over time you can develop a healthy intellectual understanding which accurately corrects the flawed doomsday scenarios.  And most importantly, if you learn how to enter the fourth state daily, beyond the ordinary three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping, then you can begin to tap into the planes of Knowing directly and experientially.   Methods for effortlessly achieving that are available at,, and
The apocalyptic Earth changes predicted by so many seers and scientists, such as Dr. Paul LaViolette, Ph.D., author of “Earth Under Fire”, are usually based on data that are probably mostly correct.  The Elenin phenomenon is being studied intensely by NASA and is in the same category.  It is for reasons like these that the Rockefeller-Gates collaboration built a global seed bank near the North Pole a few years ago with ten-foot thick walls to house heirloom seeds as insurance against destruction of Earth's surface.  Not to mention all the deep underground cities around the planet, which is where most of the trillions of dollars of funds confiscated from the surface economies have gone.
What they don't seem to understand is that the Intelligence which has been guiding the ultimate destinies of all beings has other intentions for the near future of Earth.  This doesn't mean the karma of those who have been violating universal law on major scales will not have to be repaid.  The law of karma is absolute.  But it does mean that the grace of celestial subtle matter is washing over the Earth and overwhelming all of the smaller stories, giving everyone at least a glimpse of cosmic consciousness . . . which transcends all relative polarities and dualities.  The karmic bills will still have to be paid by each soul down to the penny . . . but each soul will have whole new worlds of opportunity open up for options to enter undreamed of states of awareness.  Every being will have liberating choices available that were previously hidden during the dark ages.
Any negative interpretations of scary scientific data, any notions that such phenomena are leading to some kind of awful catastrophe, are nothing more than shadows of a tragic past pouring out of the collective psyche . . . they are NOT reflections of the true destiny in the glorious near future of this planet.
This year, there may be some more geographic disasters . . . I don't deny that.  And there are still government, banking, military, and business crimes being committed.  But I do predict that they will fall way short of the huge multi-country destructions feared by the doomsdayers.  And they will climax and reach exhaustion soon, then fading into the oblivion of history.
The prediction of the Knowers is that this pattern of unexpected amelioration and fizzling out of would-be disasters will continue increasing.  The disasters have not yet come to an end, but they are not being allowed to expand to epic proportions.  And individuals who develop sufficient physical body integration with the inner pure cosmic consciousness, will automatically and intuitively know where to be, at what times . . . to be safe.  This last point is perhaps the single most important factor for each person in responding to the barrage of calamity information that still seems to keep coming.

The Enlightened Perspective on the Movie “Day After Tomorrow”

You may be delightfully amused to observe how the young children in adult bodies of the American public got all excited about the 2006 vehicle for the collective paranoia - - sudden catastrophic global climate change, as graphically suggested in the $125 million movie “Day After Tomorrow”, released May 28, 2006.
Tempest in a teapot.
True believers in the paranoia will immediately discredit anyone who doesn’t believe in it as being the one who is deluded, believing themselves to be free from paranoia, basing their information instead on scientific “fact”.
Devotees of the Light were not deceived or confused by this movie or the so-called “scientific research” backing it, and the hullabaloo surrounding it.  It was understood that one of the reasons such delusions were being given such strong credibility is that when past catastrophes happened, the critics who didn’t believe the doomsday prophets turned out to be wrong.
When Noah was building his ark and saying a flood was coming, the skeptics ridiculed him, but in the end, the skeptics were drowned and Noah was victorious.  Similarly, when the Seers were warning the corrupt government of Atlantis that a cataclysm would wipe them out if they didn’t correct their ways, the Seers were also ridiculed.  But as everyone familiar with the demise of Atlantis now knows, the Seers relocated to far distant safe lands and were saved, while their critics were destroyed with the sinking of Atlantis.
These events of thousands of years ago are still in the collective psyche of societies today.  Thus now the roles are reversed - - those who previously ridiculed the skeptics are now the doomsdayers, predicting with great conviction that the apocalypse will in fact happen.  They are further reinforcing these convictions with every shred of “scientific” evidence they can find.  Anyone who disagrees with them about it is instantly seen as deluded - - exactly like they themselves or people of their mentality used to be, thousands of years ago.
Thus now today when Earth changes are accelerating because the Earth is being sprayed by light energies from higher dimensions in preparation for a density level transition to the Golden Age, those who went through prior apocalypses and still have not realized their inner enlightenment are afraid that today’s Earth changes are leading to another apocalypse.
What they don’t realize is that the Earth and the solar system are now in a new cycle of history.  We are no longer in the Kali Yuga (dark age) vibrations that existed at the epochal midnight of Noah’s flood, or the sinking of Atlantis.  We are now in the very beginning of the Sat Yuga (golden age) vibrations.  Wake up - - it is morning!
“The doomsdayers say that the sky is falling.  But I say, it only looks that way because we are ascending!”   - - Swami Beyondananda
Yes - - Earth changes are happening.   Yes - - such changes are a fact.  But how we interpret those facts depends upon how high our consciousness is.  If we are in a low state of consciousness, we fear these changes and perceive them as unmistakable signs of apocalypse.  On the other hand, if we are in a high state of consciousness, then we see them for what they are - - omens of a progressively more elevated plane of global improvement.  This is reason for celebration, love, happiness, fulfillment, and peace - - not fear.
The Earth is going towards a paradise, not the other way around.  This knowingness is not just because many of the world's most highly enlightened Masters say so.  It is because of the inner prophetic planes of insight and foresight possessed by anyone of evolved baseline consciousness.  The higher one’s baseline level of established awareness, the more one sees the true glory that this time in history is now bringing.
Because the Golden Age is dawning now, the energies that are rising up are first emptying out the negative reservoirs of the public's inner nightmares.  These nightmares have played themselves out in their projections of fear in the movies, the literature, and the media.  That is to be expected.
As the Aquarian energies pour in, just like water, they first fill the lowest places.  The influx of these energies force society’s negative psyches to empty out its nightmares.  First is the cleansing . . . then comes the purity, the peace, the beatitude, the beauty, and the glory . . . through which is seen the truth.  This is as much true in individual spiritual practice as it is in society’s collective dramas.
About the “Day After Tomorrow”, the film’s main producer is Roland Emmerich, well known for his previous blockbusters -- ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Stargate.’  That fact alone should tell you what low level of consciousness “Day After Tomorrow” is on.  ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Stargate’ were Illuminati productions designed to make the public have fear of the ETs.  This is childish kindergarten stuff.
These big budget productions are nothing but collective catharses to empty out the inner fears of the masses.  Another example was Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”.  As Maharishi once said, “It is an insult to Jesus Christ to say that he ever suffered.”  Anyone in His state of consciousness is beyond suffering, regardless of what is done to His body.  To focus on the suffering instead of on the bliss, is the worst blasphemy one can commit against a divine being.  In fact everything Mel Gibson ever came out with - - “Signs”, and others - - all were nothing but low consciousness catharses.

Clif High’s Web Bot Data

Clif High and his partner invented a computer software to gather news headlines and other public data from all over the world in huge quantities, and analyze it to create syntheses of real information.  This mass of information is then distilled to produce predictions of trends.  Many times the predictions were celebrated for their uncanny accuracy.
In November 2010, some friends sent me the notice about Clif High's prediction of global nuclear war that month.  The message said:
"This interview with Clif High is absolutely explosive. He said that if his predictions for this week are wrong then both his credibility and his future in the web bot field is over. And this week makes 911 look like a church picnic.  A lot of people will find this hard to take, but there is such a thing as 'cosmic consciousness.'  And, the CIA and the NSA take this subject very seriously."
First, the reason Clif High HAD credibility is because of a pretty good degree of accuracy in predictions to that point.  The reason for his accuracy is his software, which trawls the Internet with electronic "spiders" called "web bots".  They gather billions and trillions of bits of data and synthesize it all into coherent predictions, based on the sum total of the thinking of mankind as revealed by the Net.
Since 2008, those of you who have been reading my messages know that I have been predicting a failure of this method of prediction, for the simple reason that mankind's current thinking only takes into account the surface level of consciousness.  This is because most of mankind is still spiritually asleep.  Although collective consciousness IS starting to rise faster than ever before in history, lately, the vast majority of humanity is still only picking up its thoughts near the surface -- like the top ten feet of a mile-deep ocean.  Those are the weakest and least informed, least accurate, and least potent thoughts.  And those are mostly the thoughts Clif High's web bots are picking up off the Internet.
Any predictions based on a fair and equal proportionate synthesis of the content of the Internet can only succeed as long as world events continue to move along the horizontal plane of timeline destiny.  However, increasingly the higher vertical dimensions are pouring in their influences.
As Ken Carey said, “The influence of fear spreads numerically.  But the influence of love-light spreads exponentially.”
Only the more conscious minority of mankind are aware of this.  Thus it is not detected very much by a proportionate synthesis of the Net.  Yet it is far more powerful and far more influential in determining collective destiny.  It only takes a tiny minority of people who are fully awakened to THIS hyperdimensional power, to affect the entire population in a good way.
Allow me therefore to go on the record as saying that with all due respect, and with compassion and appreciation for all the good work Clif High and his partner have done so far, dire predictions that include major global catastrophes such as nuclear war will continue to fail to materialize.  If that crashes his credibility, then I am sorry, what can I do?
Collective predictions cannot possibly be entirely accurate without embracing the deeper and higher vertical energies pouring in from the invisible but far more powerful supramental dimensions.  And these energies are far more life-supporting, positive, and wonderful.
Paradoxically, you may be surprised to hear that I find news of dire predictions to be incredibly encouraging . . . because it means that the incoming energies have risen to a point where the collective "boom or bust" point has been reached . . . and my prediction is that the "booms" will increasingly exceed the “busts”, in a most positive and pleasantly surprising way.
On the other extreme, there are also the tiny minority who are hell-bent on creating a global Armageddon, and although it will fail to happen for most people, the universal law of free will shall grant these souls their cherished wishes.  Everyone will get what they are creating from within, so if that's what they are stubbornly determined to create, then they will be given locations and vibratory frequencies supportive of their wishes . . . but such realities will get removed from the heavenly ones, so the lower ones won't impinge on the higher ones.
As the Meissner Effect in physics says, a field of higher coherence cannot be penetrated by influences of lower coherence.
To those who see the Dawn clearly right now, I bow with reverence.  Good Morning!
Taansen Fairmont Sumeru

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Michael Quinsey

Dec 15 at 4:02 PM
HILARION SPEAKS 15 December 2013
Beloved Ones,
As the solstice approaches and comes into effect, humanity is lifted higher and higher in their energetic fields and each is being gifted with the presence of the Angelic realms more pervasively than ever before. This is enabling each individual to receive the grace of the Angelic realms which assist in opening their hearts and souls to the higher frequencies of light and of love. As each being receives a greater influx and download of Christ energies into their own heart, a profound and subtle change takes effect in their daily lives. This will begin to show itself in the expressions between each member of humanity as they interact and connect with each other. The attributes and qualities of peace, loving kindness and goodwill will become more often expressed, one to another, as humanity begins to understand the greater purpose of many things that were not available for their discernment before.
All across the planet, a movement of love consciousness will rise up and humanity will be lifted into a higher perception of their true purpose for being here in the history of this planet at this time. Many revelations will begin to take place within the consciousness of each individual and it will be reflected by the mirrors of love and unity consciousness in the greater expressions of life upon the Earth. People will no longer be afraid or feel constrained to fully express the love they feel within their hearts at any given moment. All the beauty of the higher qualities within each soul will rise to the surface in joy and happiness in their outer expression. Each individual will make the effort to redirect their thinking processes into avenues that bless others and themselves by their actions, thoughts and deeds. Paying it forward will become the normal expression within each individual as they comprehend that by giving to others they in turn, give to themselves.
The laws of the universe will be seen to fulfill humanity’s higher intents with greater frequency and people will find it much easier to receive the fulfillment of their deepest and dearest dreams than ever before. The understanding that each soul is responsible for the good that manifests in their lives because that is what they have given out will become a reality. This law was always in effect but with the density upon the planet was one that was much slower to realize. All of that is now changing rapidly and the wonders of the world in which humanity lives and breathes will be seen, recognized and valued. Truly, this is a most beautiful and wondrous planet in the universe! Humanity holds great potential within their cells and in their DNA system and these will begin to unfold naturally and joyfully.
All across the planet, voices will speak in peace and harmony, decreeing a better life experience for all souls who choose to incarnate in a physical body so that they can bring completion to their life’s plan and purpose. The energy of love will manifest with greater frequency and intensity than ever before and because of this, there will be a transformation within each person, the likes of which has never before been imagined. Each person will feel humble as they realize what a great opportunity they have been given in their incarnation upon this planet during these times and this will attribute to a resurgence of the higher qualities of expression within each individual and within the systems that have been operating upon this planet.
Humanity will rise in unison with the Earth as they become uplifted in the energies that are pervading all life upon the Earth and there will be a huge effort to rectify all harm done to the Earth and her kingdoms in the pursuit of wealth above all else. There will be better ways sought to provide the essentials to all humanity that will be in harmony with all life upon the Earth. This will facilitate the implementation of new technology which was suppressed in times past and this will make life upon your planet much simpler and easier than previously experienced. All who receive this new knowledge are those who have agreed to share it freely in order to bring the transformation into the higher dimensions of consciousness more quickly into effect. This is a most exciting development in the process of ascension upon your planet.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included.

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Believe in Your Dreams: the Unicorn and Magic Key

NS1.25.10.3: Red Electric Dragon (58th blog post)
“Once someone dreams a dream, it can’t just drop out of existence. But if the dreamer can’t remember it, what becomes of it? It lives on in Fantastia, deep under earth. There are forgotten dreams stored in many layers. The deeper one digs, the closer they are. All Fantasia rests on a foundation of forgotten dreams.”
—Michael Ende (Kin 33), “The Neverending Story”
With the increase of solar activity now is the time to pay special attention to your dreams as they relate to the synchronicity in your waking life. A deep and mythic story is being revealed and YOU play a key role. We are all part of the One Supreme Dream which is now dreaming itself awake through us.
This particular blog is shared with the hope of inspiring you to begin to share your deeper dreaming so that we may weave together the invisible story that is occurring parallel to our day-to-day existence (as perceived third-dimensionally).
Sharing our dreams and synchronicities is one of the key purpose for the creation of Galactic Spacebook. So sign up if you haven’t already and share the deeper dream!
People ask if the 13 Moon calendar continues now that Dec. 21 has past … The answer is YES! this is only the beginning!
The 13 Moon calendar/synchronometer is the chief tool and timing frequency that allows us to enter into the synchronic order. Within the synchronic order are the keys to the mythical/imaginal realms that provides us with maps of the inner landscape giving new context for the Unfolding of the Greater Dream.
These codes serve as memory triggers of the deeper dreaming and contain the frequency of the New Galactic Beam now being phased into our Planet. The continuation of the Rainbow Bridge Meditation is also of key importance… for how long? Until we manifest it! Its physical manifestation is a sign of the Power of the New Collective Dream.
Recently I have experienced a string of synchronicities that has left me in sheer synchro-galactic Awe! When these occur, the whole body vibrates with a new electricity.
The synchronic order is God’s telepathic message service bringing us ever closer to the wondrous and unimaginably Magical Intelligence behind the Divine Plan of Creation.
Since GOD = Galactic Ordering Dynamic, following these codes also re-ORDERS your mind and perceptions as you are now operating with an underlying harmonic matrix in alignment with the 13:20 natural time frequency.
In this way experiences are not fragmented and random but are experienced as one interconnected radial whole. Daily use of these codes equip us with a fourth/fifth-dimensional perceptual lens that allows us to weave together and understand the deeper connections between all aspects of our life and experiences.
If you are new to this, the best place to start is with the Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, which gives full instructions of how to begin this process — also highly recommended is  Eden and Bob Sky’s artful 13 Moon Natural Time wall calendar. (see full list of 13 Moon calendar makers at
The Law of Time — Part of the Neverending Story
“The synchronic order and Law of Time is the accelerated evolution program for this solar totality (13:20). It contains the holographic codes of the New Time that is superimposed over our mechanistically encumbered space (12:60). It has always existed but has been covered over by artificial time constructs that breed false notions of reality.”
We can relate this statement to the movie “The Neverending Story”.
In this movie the Nothing is taking over the planet. Every day the Nothing grows stronger. The Nothing is the darkness fueled by the human’s who have given up on their hopes and dreams. It is the feeling of powerlessness and empty despair that comes when we have forgotten our divine purpose and light. The further we get away from our dreams, the more the Nothing grows. This Nothing is destroying the world and overtaking the wondrous land of Fantasia.
The Nothing = the veil of 12:60 artificial time — mechanistic time is money reality.
Fantasia = 13:20 synchronic time –entry to the the Timeships Magical Kingdom.

The antidote to restore Fantasia?  RECLAIM YOUR IMAGINATION! AND FOLLOW THE INNER DREAM! Believe in Yourself and the Power of Your Highest Dreams to Recreate Reality!
We are all difference facets of the One Galactic Being.
Each of us holds a unique Key that, when activated, unlocks different doorways or secret paths. When we collectively activate our unique Key it serves as a sacred medicine for the planet helping to “light up” Timeship Earth and propel us as a collective into Noospheric Consciousness.
Following the synchronic order we discover the internal maps and invisible pathways that we might not have noticed before. This is all part of a Telepathic Unification program, long foreseen and brought to light through the prophecy of Pacal Votan (as discovered by Valum Votan/José Argüelles).
Allow me to share recent synchronicities and feel free to add onto them so we can reveal the Larger Galactic Neverending Story unfolding rapidly and majestically before our very eyes…

White Cosmic Mirror Reflects the Magic Key

On the morning of Kin 78 I awoke to a dream. I dreamt I was in an underground cave with Crys’tal, Kin 60 (Pacal Votan). In the cave we discovered a SECRET KEY. It was like a SKELETON KEY that fit all dimensions. I woke up excited as I had been working on the synthesis of the Cosmic History Chronicles and knew that the introduction should be called “The Skeleton Key.”
This day, Kin 78, is the key to the tomb of Pacal Votan (The sum total of the tones of the 13 clear signs on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan)
keysThen I went to a Farmer’s Market, and the first thing I noticed was a man (named Ulysses) selling unique jewelry. I was amazed to see two  KEY necklaces wrapped in copper. I told him my dream and got the two necklaces, one for me and one for Crys’tal.  (photo to right 2 keys sitting on Excalibur crystal and red rose sitting on Star Rainbow Serpent. Cosmic Serpent dodecahedron New Time crystal in front)
Next I was driving home wearing the Key and was listening to a CD that Spectral Seed had made me, particularly a song about Camelot and Merlin casting a spell (“Are you Sitting Comfortably” by The Moody Blues, from the album “On the Threshold of a Dream).”

Then I arrived home, only to receive a Beltane message from O’ran Kin 58 about a MYSTERY KEY.
(Synchronic Note: Dream about Key in morning with Kin 60 (birth of Pacal Votan). Message about Mystery Key in afternoon from Kin 58 (death of Pacal Votan and clear sign on his sarcophagus lid). Also on this day Kin 78 I received the book from Kin 60: The Hidden Teachings of Tibet about terma (hidden treasure). On page 58 it says: “At that time various manifestations appear for different beings according to their natures”).
Below is an excerpt of the message from Orin:
“… now i find myself at the foot of a beautiful Green Door and I’m holding a Mystery Key…I also find myself holding a Red Rose, Pte San Win medicine, a Hopi Thunderstick and a Magic Ball which im sure have all been guiding me to you… I feel perhaps the Key may be the right fit for the Green Door as within its arms holds tiny blood heart embers with the mathemagics of 78 ( 6 x 13 ) … If it fits, I’ve been lead to believe the embers will rise up with her love and compassion and will ignite a Timeship and a Flowering Tree. “
I was electrified. I contemplated each of these items. In fact I had also got 1 red rose this very day (a very unusual thing for me to do). I meditate each morning with Valum Votan’s Excalibur Crystal. I am currently staying in a space called the Greenhouse. And we enter the Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of Synchronization on Galactic Seed (26 July).
Pt. San Win is another name for WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN (who I have always felt connection with and is associated with the 7 stars of the Pleaides…)
The Magic Ball I related to the Ultimate Sphere—the return of the feminine energy: “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere I see the Light.”
Neverending2Most interesting was the Hopi Thunderstick which to me has parallel meanings. I kept feeling the Thunderstick was an interdimensional talking stick much like the Telektonon talking stone of prophecy.  Contemplation of the thunderstick led me to Chief Crazy horse which helped me make sense of events that occurred several days prior.
“I dissolve in order to dream – releasing intuition … “
Fifteen days before the Magic Key, on Kin 63,  I had cut my eye on a tree branch and so had to remain with eyes closed for about three days.  During this time I had many dreams and visions. (the psi chrono unit of this day was Crystal Wizard, galactic signature of the opening of tomb of Red Queen).
I viewed this cut as an initiation of the 4th mystic Moon — the Planetary Moon, which fractally corresponds to Kin 205, two days before the closing of the cycle. On this day, Kin 205–Red Planetary Serpent (19 December)–I was in Palenque and cut my big right toe (Serpent toe) and   bled down the steps to the Temple of the Foliated Cross. It felt line one extended initiatic process.

Birth of a New Baby Unicorn

‘Well, now we have seen each other,’ said the unicorn, ‘if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you.’ —Lewis Carroll
The night of this initiation, I had the most amazing dream.
The dream began when I was in a house with Votan making dinner. It was nighttime. We were chopping vegetables and everything seemed ordinary enough.  Then, a bright Yellow light flashed repeatedly through the house. This was followed by the sound of helicoptors.  Then a not-so-nice voice said “you are coming with us”.  I said to Votan, “Quick, change the Timespace!”
Then I found myself on a Ship sitting in front of a familiar ET. He/she was tall, thin, like a pure electronic body large purplish head and large eyes. I was not afraid. I felt a heart connection. He/she kept repeating: “The more you help us the more we can help you.” Then the being shapeshifted into many different “alien” forms revealing its different manifestations.
Then I awoke into another dream. I was in a comfortable, familiar room. I got up and attempted to go downstairs to where I thought the kitchen was. But when I opened the door I found myself falling through a portal.
I looked around and I was underground. Intuitively I knew I was beneath Mt. Shasta. I was crawling through dirt in a barely lit cavern. It seemed there were government video cameras and I thought they were trying to catch a glimpse of the intraterrestrial civilization (sometimes referred to as Telos).
Neverending1I called on the underground beings for help as it seemed I was trapped.
No sooner had I called for help than I saw light appear on one of the cavern walls. I touched the light and fell through another portal. I was now in a bright meadow with many flowers (like when the “Wizard of Oz” goes technicolor). I was alone.
Then I saw the most beautiful sight: a newborn baby unicorn! So pure. So sweet. I walked toward it and it rolled on its back and allowed me to pet its stomach. The feeling was indescribable purity, healing bliss,  beauty and innocence. I felt it was telling me that indeed a new energy has been born at the center of the earth and it is now releasing a great healing for the planet!! The sounding chord for the Return of the People of OMA = Original Matrix Attained! 
A few days later I spoke with Crys’tal who informed me that a 4-day old baby horse (who was born at the house I had been staying at) mysteriously died around the same time as the dream. This was very haunting. She also turned by attention back to Jose’s poem: Merlyn, A Song of The Crystal Earth.
surrendering to you
following you
I arrive at last
at the deepest point of your realm
the innermost Earth
which is also
the flight room
of the mighty crystal ship
Needless to say, I felt a deep connection with the baby horse and the baby unicorn.
baby horse
baby horse that turned into a unicorn. “Nothing is ever lost, it is just transformed…”
This leads me back to the Thunderstick and Crazy Horse whom I have always felt a connection with. My grandmother (and main female influence growing up) was born on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. This was the home of CRAZY HORSE, the great Oglala Indian chief. He had a vision of a flying horse that allowed him magical flight and clear vision.
Ever since I was a child, I had recurring dream visitations of a unicorn/pegasus that I called Pegacorn who would take me on midnight journeys through the stars.
I thought of the warrior Atreyu in the Neverending Story who loses his horse in the swamps of sadness, only to gain a magic flying Luck Dragon.
Then I realized that Oran who had sent the message was a name similiar to ORIN. Orin (or sometimes Auryn)  is the the sacred talisman used in The Neverending Story. Neverending3The ORIN is symbolized by the double headed serpent biting its tail, the ororoborus, the Eternal Return, the Regeneration.
Also the day before the dream on Kin 62 occurred the Boston bombings. I was amazed to see that it was the 117th marathon (117 is Key to the Synchronotron) and the emblem was a unicorn!!
Then I noted Orin ended the message with his poem entitled: The Visible Manifestation of Excalibur, which I will post here.
 ~   The Visible Manifestation of Excalibur  ~

Deep within a Forest, within an ancient cottage a wise old man with a white beard holding a big old Book has been reading a story to the original Star Children

   The boy and girl run out of the cottage, and there, just as the old man read to them, Excalibur is standing tall in the misty Garden - Awestruck, they are mesmerized by its presence and beauty – the Oracle Ball, merged between its Cross – all lit up like a bright Lantern  ~
It has a swarm of Divine Bees around it and they are flying in and out of the Ball as if it was their Hive.  A gentle wind spirit picks up and blows on the inner embers. They rise even more with rainbow light, ready to grow into something more ~
“Now the Portal is open and the Heart Embers are rising, when will it be drawn from the Earth and grow into the Flowering Tree?” He asks the old man
“Yes indeed, the Eternal Present is open within it. So, you see we can relax as we have all the ‘time’ in the world!”  He answers with a confident chuckle…
The boy knows he is to return home to his people to help restore something that’s been hidden for a long time now.
In this new moment, the sword of light awaits, stirring with the power of love and truth! Wind Spirit Woman and the Bees await patiently                                                                                        for the Tribes of Time to Unite and pull it from its crystal sheath
“Only when we Unite and stand up as One Being this will happen”  The wise old man quietly speaks with assurance in his voice…

Standing within the Wizard’s talking Groves of Procyon, Excalibur and the Magical Ball are ready and waiting!…



Initiation into Light

Awakening Light
Dear Ones,
You did it! You made it through the wormhole into the Light. There is great rejoicing in the celestial realms as you now enter the new time of Awakening Light. Revel in it. Rejoice in the Light! This is the time when those in the northern hemispheres are basking in more Light than you have ever experienced. Those in the southern hemisphere are also basking in waves of Divine Light streaming from the spiritual realms, even though it is less apparent in their outer world.
So rejoice and again we say rejoice! Use this time! “Make hay while the sun shines!” so says the old farmer’s expression, and it applies to this time in which you live as well. Forward movement is at last upon you and there is great expansiveness in the planetary realms that support your ascension.
Like racehorses at the starting gate, you have been gathering energy all year for this time of movement. With very few exceptions, all are feeling the momentum of great change. Those of you who have been diligently applying yourself to new visions, clarifying your dreams and creating the framework for the new foundations you want in your life, will find your efforts rewarded in this coming time period. The next season, from the Solstice on June 21 to the Equinox on September 21, will give you a preview of the new realities you have been creating on an inner level.
Like the proverbial stars that you are, some of you will be bursting like comets through the skies, blazing the trails for those that follow. Many are feeling a calling within your hearts for new work that fulfills the stirrings of your Soul. This will be your time to bring it forward. You will find your pathways have been opened so your momentum will feel more graceful.
Great gratitude abounds in the heavenly realms for the power of the work that you have already accomplished. Of course there is more, yet know that since the Solstice on December 21, 2012, you have alleviated many old patterns from the way you will now be working. Be very clear about the fact that the energies in which you are now living are very different from those before the end of the infamous 2012 year. There is no need to bring any of the control issues, doubts or past history into your new foundations. They are no longer relevant and will only serve to release those chaotic monkeys into the works of your new life. Much of the extreme chaos you perceive comes from dragging those old patterns of thinking, doing and relating into the new reality that is here for you.

Initiation into New Life Awakening

As we have said many times, and the masters of the ages have encouraged, there is only the present moment in which to immerse your true being and manifest the reality you desire. As the power from the Realms of Awakening continues to escalate, you are in an Initiation of Light that will be activated on the Solstice, June 21. This is your time to become aware of the deepest impressions from your Soul where your gifts, talents and the skills you were born with have been housed. On the Solstice activate and empower them, then release these offerings from your Soul to the pure expansive Light of God, Goddess, All That Is.
Imagine that you are holding these dreams, the purest desires of your Soul, in the power of this light activation and raising them up to be Beacons of Light. These are the beacons by which the Universal Presence is attracted: the strength of your empowered desires, the love that enriched the longings of your soul and the pure joy in which you fling them out of your heart to the embrace of the Beloved. The exuberance and purity of this action allows a new form of Light Radiation to act on your behalf. You are creating this Beacon of Light to remind and inspire you of your true desires so they can attract the support of a loving Universe. Know that there is a Divine Presence that adores you and is willing to give to you whatever you have focused on and brought forth from the deepest recesses of your heart to be fulfilled. It is the power of your attention that activates your Beacon of Light.

You Are the Visionaries of the New World

This is a Visionary Practice and you, Dear Ones, are the visionaries of a new world. You are the ones who are clearing the way for others to not only follow, but to be inspired to the heights of their greatest expression as well. When you let this Divine Light, so expansive and radiant now, permeate through you into every cell and fiber of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, you are setting free the true expression of your Soul into action. All your activity now is to be inspired from this place. There is nothing to figure out or to think into dull boringness, when it is pure heart-soaring inspiration from within you that is being called into action.
As we move toward the Solstice, let the power of this Divine Light, the greatest manifestation of Light that you have ever experienced, expand and fill you to the fullest capacity of your being — and then beyond that into your greatest imaginings. Perhaps then you will have the tiniest inkling of the sweetest Love and empowering Light being offered to you from the Realms of Awakening.
These Realms of Awakening Light are responding to the call of your Soul. You are loved beyond the greatest understandings of your mind. Only a clear willingness and the opening of your heart will allow it into your being so the fullest expression of who you are can be present now in this new world.
Experience the Light. Breathe in Light. Be Light. And so it is.
Archangel Gabriel
through Shanta Gabriel
Copyright: June 9, 2013
Permission to use this post is given as long as it is used in its entirety and credit is given to the author(s)with the website name.

New Awakening and Anchoring Light Meditation

Awakening LightExperience the fullness of your being and a deep abiding connection to your most Divine Self through this guided meditation with Shanta Gabriel.

When you open to receive Divine Light within and through you, it allows a powerful force of energy to be anchored in the Earth for your own evolution and for your world.
This meditation is an activation that floods your being with Divine Light, which carries the intelligence and love of God, to spark every cell in your body with higher frequencies. As you experience a connection to your most Divine Self, you are surrounded in a protective cocoon of Light that you can reactivate throughout the day.
In a soothing grace-filled way, Shanta creates a high vibrational space and a process that you can use again and again to activate your next steps, and empower your life. This meditation, with background music by Thaddeus, is 18 minutes.
To help support your evolution during this powerful time, we are Making this meditation available for listening online for free.

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Awakening and Anchoring Light