Wednesday, April 7, 2010


New Earth Rising

Ngungu'taota (greetings we are relatives), Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are one),

Native peoples know of a Great One having different names among the

peoples and religions of the world: Quetzlcoatl, Lord of Wind/Lord of
Wind and Water, Masau’u, Pahana, Elder Brother, the Pale
One/Healer/Prophet, the Chosen One, Anointed One, Moshiach-Messiah and
other names. All of these walked among the common people as a true
brother, teaching the brotherhood of humankind, how we are part of one
family of life on Earth. Jesus reminded us that "what you do to the
least of these, you do to me."

I have learned-- from my mentors and my own heart-- that these great

lives were given as patterns for each of us to follow, so the world
could realize its highest potential, and each of us along with Her. The
grand secret mostly lost to our age is that the wondrous life these
souls demonstrated on Earth connects to the great life of the Earth
Herself, as Prince Siddartha (soon to be Buddha) pointed to when asked
from where his authority came to become enlightened-- he answered by
reaching down and touching the Earth.

So, let us work as members of one Earth family, one circle-of-life. As

we show loving respect to one another, let us remember to give our
gratitude and devotion to the one who has nurtured us throughout the
ages-- our Mother Earth. We are all Her children.

with love and respect,


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