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NOVEMBER 16, 201

Room for Your Light
~ New Earth Angels ~
Beacons of Light-November 2011

From Steve:

In this message the group talked about a special kind of person that they called Earth 
Angel. They say that these people come in with a very bright light and sometimes have 
difficulty even being here. Often they burn out early, but leave a lasting impression on 
all of humanity. Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Nicolai Tesla and on 
the list goes. In this message the group asks each of us a simple question: If we were to 
start carrying that much light tomorrow, what effect would it have on our lives? So the 
question becomes. . . is there room for your light?

I hope everyone had a wonderful 11-11-11.  Ready to step up?

Big hugs and have a great month!

From the group:

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, this day is very unique for you have created a level of existence that did not 
exist before. You have opened a door to something very magical. The energy has been 
building for you to take this step. It has already begun in many ways, yet every day 
when you open your eyes and greet the new day, it begins again on a different level. 
Every part of this is starting to open up on a new level. Let us explain to you what is 
directly ahead, for some of you will experience this in your own lives right away.

"Bright Lights"

You have seen a variety of bright lights on planet Earth, those people that bring the light 
from Home and shine it through a bubble of biology to help you to more easily see 
yourself and the light from Home. You have always known that some beings come in 
with almost too much light to carry. It is as if their eyes attract attention because of their 
extreme brightness, and they are so creative that everything they touch turns to magic. 
But sometimes their vibration is so high that it is difficult for them to be comfortable on 
Earth, a planet with such a low vibration. Many of you have seen these bright lights that 
we call "Earth Angels." They come in with many gifts, giving of themselves freely and 
without hesitation. Sometimes this is done at their personal expense and the toll is often 
quite heavy.  Like Yet they leave behind incredible gifts to help the advancement of all 
of humanity. You have seen them in many of your famous artists, such as in musicians 
who have died quite young but left their indelible imprints behind. Some Earth Angels 
have had an extremely difficult time trying to be a human on planet Earth. We tell you 
this now because it has been limited to a select number on planet Earth that have come 
in with such incredible bright lights that they cannot hide. Well, dear ones, we are telling 
you that you are also about to take on that light. What we ask you is this: Is there room 
in your life right now, if that were to happen to you today? 

What you will find is that even though it sounds wonderful to have that much light and 
experience such a strong connection to Home, many of you do not yet have a space in 
your life for it. You have built your life around your daily existence, your desires, joys 
and passions, yet, what would happen if you suddenly shone this incredible light as do 
the Earth Angels? Now is the time to consider that. Evaluate your life-wherever you 
are. Many of you are evaluating relationships, jobs, or even what to do with your time on 
a daily basis. It is becoming incredibly important for you to do that, because you are 
here with a reason. You are here carrying a shade of light from Home that can only be 
brought to Earth through your being. Your soul has gone through incarnation after 
incarnation, just so you could carry this light be an expression of it. Here you are. We 
tell you, there will be many that will fear their own light, for that is much scarier than 
seeing it reflected in someone else. However, what is taking place here is that you are 
reaching a level of soul confidence that makes it possible for you to bring in this energy 
from Home. The important piece is that until now, throughout history when this 
happened it was only to one person here or another person on the other side of the 
planet. There was much separation between these light bearers, but now all of you can 
carry the same light. 

Dance in the Light

Since most of you are wired as teachers, healers and those who have chosen to walk 
through the door first to hold it open for everyone else, you are being called into action. 
What we ask you to do is to not be afraid of your light. Welcome your bright light and all 
the forms it is going to take. For many of you others will see it in you before you are able 
to, but you are finally awakening from the dream. It was your greatest desire to walk on 
Earth with all your powers and now it is happening. It is taking place just the way you 
dreamed it; just the way you set it into motion with your heart and your own energy. 
Dance in this light. Sing that song; write that book, ground the light in any way you can 
and you will make space for much more light than you ever dreamed was possible. You 
will become comfortable with your own beauty, which is something that scares most of 
you to death. It is okay for you to see yourself as a human being; it is fine for you to find 
yourself, as long as you can hang onto your imperfections. Get ready to lose them, dear 
ones. You have created magic beyond your understanding. We have told you many 
times that all eyes in the universe are watching planet Earth right now. You are the only 
free choice planet with no rules, and here you are making another conscious step in 
your evolution. You have won the game. You can go Home. You can decide it is all 
done, because you finished planet Earth. That is what happened, but you are here 
asking what more can I do? What can I do now? How can I take that step and be a part 
of it? Welcome your light. That's what you can do.

You are going to see a change in your reflection in the world around you. Have the 
courage to step into it, to own it. You have worked on this for so many lifetimes and you 
deserve it. Now it is here it is right in front of you, so take the step in joy and take it 
consciously. We know that there are many, many millions of other beings in other 
dimensions of time and space. You call some of them ETs or visitors, but they are all 
beings of light just the same as you are. There are different degrees or flavors of light 
beings. Some are very far advanced technologically, and others are quite advanced in 
heart energy or what you call spirituality. There are some places in the universe where 
incredibly advanced beings are able to connect their multidimensionality, for everyone 
experiences that. However, none of them are making a conscious step into the next 
stage of evolution like you are.

The End of an Age

You are creating history in All That Is. We would love to tell you that if you walk  down 
this hall, open the main door on the right then the  third door on your left and you will be 
Home. The reality is that you are creating a new path with every breath you take. You 
are creating a new part of this, as your dream is beginning to expand even before you 
have fully manifested it. You are coming towards a magical date, December 21, 2012. 
There are so many prophecies as to what is going to happen. Many of you are 
confused, yet none of you are as confused as we are about what will happen in 2012. 

Originally 2012 marked a demarcation, an end of an age. You have already pulled that 
date forward, as you did not wait for the end. You started the new before and now you 
are in this limbo time. You are moving into this new energy still having some of the new 
rules that seem to affect you, and there is much conflict around that. Know that you are 
not alone. You are not the only one in your city that is taking this step; you are not the 
only bright light out there. You can help each other in ways that you have yet to 
understand, for this has begun and you have created it.

This was not something that was predicted. It was not even a possibility when planet 
Earth began. This is something that you created and we honor you. We watch as you 
start to lift the veil, as you awaken from the dream and take your power. It is magical 
beyond your understanding, for you are showing the rest of the universe how to love. As 
long as you carry that forward and hold it as your first and most important edict  you will 
create an energy on a dimensional level beyond your wildest dreams.  So we ask you, 
dear ones, are you ready to be the light? That is what is happening. All you have to do 
is smile and the light from Home will shine on whatever, whomever, or wherever you 
direct your gaze intentionally. Find those spaces of darkness that exist around you, and 
courageously shine your light on them. You are the precursors of the light; you are the 
guardians that will make it safe for the others. It has already begun and we are in such 
joy and celebration of what you are doing on planet Earth right now.

The Big Picture

Know that we are behind you watching every step and trying to help when possible. We 
are trying to share with you the roads, turns and obstacles you will experience as you 
step forward. But it is important to know that you do not need us, for you do not need 
any guidance. Own your energy and feel that empowerment. You are re-turning to be 
the creator beings that you always have been. Over time your physical body will adjust 
and the two halves of the brain will work together completely as one. You will see a 
balance between heaven and Earth that you have never seen before as the separation 
is diminishing. You have done it all and it is important to honor that achievement.  Walk 
in pride dear ones with your head held high, as you have earned it.  We bring this point 
Home because it is important you understand you are the creators. You have created 
this reality that you are now stepping into.

We are here to help share with you insights, overviews, and concepts that can help you 
in the future. Yet you are on such a beautiful path now. There is no way you will miss 
the opening just ahead.

Enjoy this step, dear ones and make space for your light in your life and all will be right 
with the universe.

It is with the greatest of honor we greet you in these times, that you feel our heart 
beating within yours, feeling the connection and hopefully the truth of Home as it enters 
your heart. Love holds the answer. It is the part that will lift you from one step to the 
next. We are behind you cheering you on, celebrating each step and movement. Enjoy!
Nurture one another every chance you get. With each person that you help to journey 
up that step, it becomes easier for you to take the next step. Know that you are devising 
a new game to play. Play well together.

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