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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation  

The Planetary Grid Transmissions 

New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ this Sunday ~ May 20     
 With unified meditation, receiving and transmitting
during 4 synchronized times:  
Sydney, Australia: 8 pm
Country of India: 8 pm
 Paris, France: 8 pm
      New York, USA: 9 pm      

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Dearest Family of the Monadic Sun,
We stand upon the threshold of the great unknown...preparing to take the greatest leap of our lifetime! 
These past moons, we have gone deep, deep into the core of our being to release the shackles of ego.  Our human mantle and any false structuring of reality is being shattered by Blue Lightening Fire. 
And now, as we prepare for the spectacular initiatory opportunity of Sunday's New Moon Solar Eclipse, we stand naked in front of the Door to Everything!  As the Earth, Sun and Moon move into direct alignment with Alcyone and the Galactic Core, let us come together upon the Grid and, hand in hand, take this great step into complete monadic absorption and accept our ultimate transfiguration into our I AM Avatar blueprint of androgynous perfection.
Having released all emotional attachments to the material world and surrendered the personality body, we melt into oneness with our great I AM Presence and, with a new expression of a unified male-female power, we now operate exclusively from that "sweet spot" of pure Divine Love, Will and Grace!  Here we find that we magnetically attract all that we require to fulfill our planetary and humanitarian service instantly...even before we realize the need! 
However, for many of us and much of humanity, the energies of the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse, and the following Full Moon Lunar Eclipse/Venus Transit are creating tension as they portend radical change for those who are out of balance.  Our Light Transmission Team, is receiving record numbers of healing requests as so much is coming up to be cleared on all levels of being. 
Our Sun continues to be active and Solar Flares are followed by erratic weather patterns, earth shifts and stress patterns for our planet as well as mankind.  Dear Light Servers, within the "sweet spot" of monadic oneness, our upgraded frequencies now transmit light codes to harmonize and support all required shifts gently and gracefully.  
We have a very important date on the Grid this Sunday, Children of the Sun!  Be sure to our wonderful "Initiation of Monadic Absorption" audio narrative or view the video.  We are also blessed with the meditation, "The Journey to the Great Central Sun" to assist us to build our Antahkarana.
Let us go forth as"Untouchables" and Light the Way!



Supporting Audios


Following are recommended audio recordings that give tremendous assistance to our initiation into multi-dimensional perceptions and deepening the connection to our Monad Body, the mighty I AM Presence.  
You may use these timeless audios as a way to build and sustain your personal momentum, for healing, activation and as a grid programmer, receiver and transmitter.       

The Initiation of Monadic Absorption 

Through the influence of these May-June celestial alignments, monadic level energy will catalyze an instant evolution of consciousness in the spiritually awakened... to spawn a quantum leap of the entire four-body system. This audio is a voice narrative to aid in understanding this initiation. 

Journey to the Great Central Sun (building our Antahkarana) 
The monadic absorption is a phase when direct contact is actualized between the Monad (I AM Presence) and the surrendered personality body. The gap in consciousness between spirit and matter is bridged by a well developed Antahkarana. In this audio, we build Group Antahkarana and realize union with our Source of Life.


 Children of the Sun Unified Focus

May 20 - New Moon Solar Eclipse

- Commencement of the Initiation of Monadic Absorption
- Transcending "Personality Love"
- Transcending Sexual Desire and Control Patterns  
- Transmuting the Distorted Sexual Imprint  
- Transcending Gender Identification         

We are preparing for the most incredible New Moon Solar Eclipse alignment which positions the Earth/Moon/Sun directly in alignment with our Milky Way galactic core and the central star Alcyone in the Pleiadian star system. It is expected that Earth dimension will commence an entire reboot of its operating system which includes our own bodily system.  This is heralded to also be a solar system, galactic and universal shift and recalibration.

This New Moon eclipse is setting into greater momentum a new expression of a unified male-female power that is fully aligned with the Divine Will and Love-Wisdom aspect of Mother Father God. With this comes healing and transformation at both a personal and global level including grand scale release of abusive control patterns, sexual dysfunctions, karmic patterning and negative imprints left from the mis-aligned expression of both male and female domination.
Our expanded human and planetary design is being alchemically reconstructed by these incoming light encoded frequencies which are anchoring the foundational overlays of multi-dimensional templating within the physical plane, ushering in the next stage of DNA activation and energy blueprint configuration.

As Planetary Light Servers, specifically those in attunement with the mission of Children of the Sun, our role is to consciously receive and physically integrate these incoming light encodements in sufficient numbers. This embodied multi-dimensional templating can then be transferred to and through the planetary Crystalline Grid, accessible to the higher consciousness of all humanity while impulsing the ascension frequency patterns into the global mass mind. 
From the Article:   Initiation of Monadic Absorption


Upcoming Grid Transmissions 
Help activate the Planetary Crystalline Grid to
its greatest potential in this pivotal year of 2012! 

~ Powerful Triggers ~

May 20 - New Moon Solar Eclipse
June 3 - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
June 4/5 - Venus Transit

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