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TIME KEEPER - Moving From One Level to Another With our body.


"Dare to be yourself. Dare to be who you are."!!!!!!
"You are the first beings that have ever dared to challenge this and 
believe that we can consciously move from this level to this level 
without releasing the physical bodies"   

Beacons-September 2012

Singularities of Light
Welcome Elrah and the Keeper of Time


From the group:

Greetings from Home.

You have been waiting for this and moving around trying to find the 
perfect space to perceive what is about to happen. It is getting very 
exciting for many of you, as some have reached the level where the 
excitement turns into a little bit of fear because you are not 
comfortable with where things are at this moment. But here is the only 
piece that you need to know: every being is moving. Every, single level 
of vibration is moving to the next level and it is literally moving as an 
entire bandwidth of vibration, not a single layer but a whole bandwidth 
of vibration that you would call Earth. All of its creatures and beings 
are going through this transition right now. Both you and we have used 
the words raising your vibration, and that is a very accurate description 
of what takes place. The biggest challenge when we say raising your 
vibration is that you immediately go into your field of duality, which 
dictates that one vibration is better than another vibration. That is 
part of what we wish to speak of, for you are seeing evidence all over 
your planet right now of exactly what we previously predicted. So, let us 
bring that to your attention on a few different levels.

Balancing the Wobble  

The Earth has changed her wobble because of the shift in dimension and 
the shift of vibrational change. The Earth had to enter a new dimension 
in order to grow and make a space for empowered humans on this planet. As 
a result she has moved, and because of her movement it has literally 
caused physical reactions. You have seen these in the form of 
earthquakes; they have happened in more ways than just earthquakes, but 
that is the basic idea. You have seen this happen in Chile, off the 
coasts of Australia and also Japan. Those three earthquakes changed the 
tilt and the rotational spin of planet Earth. Although it was known that 
this took place, no one was aware of the long term effects it would have.  
You are now experiencing these effects, as the Earth re-balances herself 
through the re-distribution of water.

A couple of years ago, Russia experienced a severe and unprecedented heat 
wave. Now you are seeing similar extreme temperatures and those same 
energies in different parts of the world. You are calling it a drought or 
heat wave, but it is actually the re-distribution of water through your 
Earthly systems. Just imagine a big ball spinning perfectly balanced and 
even, then and all of a sudden you move it to another dimensional level. 
It will have a tendency to wobble until it finds its perfect spin again. 
The way that Earth is finding her perfect spin and balance is by re-
distributing water on the planet. This will continue for the next 3-5 
years then it will gradually start to settle down and anchor in the new 
Earth. This is actually a healthy process that is moving energies 
forward. However, this may be challenging for the next several years as 
the Earth makes this transition herself. Crops will fail and many of the 
things you rely on will be distributed in different areas around the 
planet. The Earth is pregnant and that is the beautiful part. She is 
about to give birth and it is much closer than you ever imagined. Is she 
giving birth to another Earth? No. She is giving birth to another form of 
human. Previously, all the humans would have had to leave planet Earth 
through some sort of cataclysmic event in order to wipe out one 
vibrational level and start anew. But that is not happening right now. 
You are the first beings that have ever dared to challenge this and 
believe that we can consciously move from this level to this level 
without releasing the physical bodies. Congratulations, dear ones, you 
are doing it! You are way ahead of the game with this and are working 
very effectively to achieve it. 

Now we will share some of the other changes that you see taking place all 
over your world. All you have to do is turn on your news to see what is 
happening. Countries of the world were organized on a vibrational level 
that would not be able to exist in the new Earth, and that is part of the 
reason many countries are having difficulties and revolts over old 
energy. It is very simple: You can choose where you wish to be. Please 
understand that as you move to the next level, there will still be both 
high and low vibrations within that next level. You will never all be on 
the exact same vibrational level, for that would be very exclusive. Here 
is what we wish to share with you, dear ones. Any organization or 
collective of humans is liable to have some challenges over the next 
several years as you go through these changes. They will be adjustment 
challenges, for many of you have formed your organizations. Whether it is 
a church, business, or club of some sort, you formed these groups on 
certain levels of vibration. So as they move to the next level, there 
will be some adjustments needed. Organizations formed on principles that 
will not exist on the new Earth will start experiencing challenges. 
Please do not judge these challenges as being good, bad, high or low 
vibrations, as that is an effect of duality in your world which you are 
now moving completely away from. They are simply adjustments the same way 
you are going through adjustments with your physical body as you are 
moving through one existence vibrational level to the next. 

Repetition and  Responsibility

What you are seeing right now, especially in the United States, is the 
presidential election process which has turned into something rather 
unusual. We are not quite sure what it is, but what you will see is 
duality played out over and over and over again. You have two sides that 
are arguing against each other. Even if there were a third position which 
has not not happened but would change the dynamics, many of the old 
energy techniques and systems have hung on  and simply refused to change. 
Doing the same thing over and over and over again yet expecting different 
results is what your definition of insanity is. That is what is now 
taking place on your planet more than you could ever know. You are trying 
to do the same things repeatedly and expecting the same results, even 
though you are now in a different vibrational level. Well, there is a 
responsibility - ahh yes, there is a word that scares many of you - there 
is a responsibility of being in this level of light. This is similar to 
the way that you often  see varying levels of abundance or money, if you 
will, on your planet. There are people who have difficulty holding any 
money, some who are barely comfortable, and then others who have so much 
abundance that they do not know what to do with or cannot deal with it 
all. It is not a perfect system, dear ones. Do not ever judge yourselves 
by how much money you have or how good at making money you are. It is a 
system simply that can be changed, and here is the interesting piece. If 
you look at the money aspect and translate that into vibration, you could 
say that the people who have the most money on this planet almost have a 
responsibility to somehow help people whether in monetary gifts or 
through programs that help empower others.  With regards to abundance if 
you choose your place on the ladder on a lower rung, you can live a very 
comfortable life. Yes, you will struggle with money at times but will be 
very comfortable. On the higher rung you may never struggle with money, 
but you will have responsibilities that you do not have on the lower 
rungs. Many of you have quietly chosen to be in the middle because it is 
somewhat comfortable. We are asking you to take the responsibility first 
and change all of it. Not only will it affect your abundance, but it will 
help you to move vibrationally and release any restricting conflicts that 
get in your way as you move to the next level. We are watching you 
starting to do this in many ways in your organizations, businesses, 
friendships,  and spiritual families. You are starting to spread this out 
in a very beautiful way.

Light Is Never Exclusive

The one piece we wish to leave with you is that light is never exclusive 
to vibration. Please understand that you have all of these different 
vibrational levels, yet the light that shines through all of them is 
exactly the same light. Because of this, you can make a difference on any 
one of these levels that you choose to. If you choose to make a 
difference on this planet, you will be drawn into one of these levels. 
Yes, right away you are thinking, "Oh, I need to be at the top level for 
I have worked so hard on myself to be at this level and make a 
difference." Light is not exclusive and the lowest vibration on your 
planet must also feel the light.  The moment you think you have reached a 
level at which you are you can relax and be comfortable, get ready 
because you will be very surprised when seemingly out of nowhere you are 
moved to another level. Your vibrational order is adjusted at that point, 
because you cannot go through that door when you are wavering back and 
forth blocking the path. You must be able to go right through the doorway 
with everything intact.

Singularities  ~ "We" Are the Group

Now, we have spoken as a collective and for 17 years. We have gotten to 
know many of you as a collective, as a voice. But we are not one voice - 
we never were. We are a collection of beings, each one of them having 
their own expertise. Recently we used the analogy of the old typewriters 
you used to have. For the longest time you had the typewriters that when 
you would hit the key, a little thing would come up, hit the paper and 
put your message on the paper. Those were rather cute. Then you came up 
with an invention that had a ball in the middle that contained all the 
letters and characters. Do you re-member the key? When you hit the keys 
on the typewriter the ball would move to the perfect place on the page 
and make the indentation, return and then move to the next perfect place 
when another key was struck. It all happened in the blink of an eye. That 
is exactly how we are in what we call the group, for we are a collection 
of experts in many different areas. Our expertise and knowledge has been 
bundled through a collective voice that we have been working with the 
Keeper on for 12 lifetimes. We have been very successful in putting it 
out in this lifetime,  working with it on that level. We have considered 
ourselves to be very successful at reaching you with our message. Now you 
are reaching a different level, so we must change as well in order to 
reach the same depth that you can to communicate with us. It is for that 
reason that we now open to some of the singularities that have always 
been a part of that collective known as the group. The singularities we 
have introduced so far are two entities that the Keeper knows very well. 
They have been a part of what he calls the group from the very beginning, 
although there are certain members of the group that are transitory. In 
other words, then come away from the group for a while and when their 
expertise is needed they come back in. These particular beings have been 
here from the very beginning. They are very close to the Keeper in a 
number of ways. We will ask them to join you now, one at a time.

Enter the Keeper of Time

Greetings, I am. . . the Keeper of Time and I have worked with you for a 
long period to be here, now. You  knew better than anyone else where this 
was going and what was taking place. Here is what has happened, for you 
have now started to move time in a new way. You think of it as time, but 
we tell you that time has actually been an illusion on your planet from 
the very beginning. Now you are beginning to understand that and can see 
it in a new path, but you are also gaining the ability to control it. 
Many of you are thinking, "How can I move backward in time, because that 
would be the perfect answer for everything? I would simply go back and 
fix anything that was messed up in the past. I would certainly make a lot 
of money to bring forward, and suddenly my life would be fine." Well, you 
are missing one important piece. You live in a world where you see 
different perspectives at once. You see the past, the present and the 
future. The past itself is nothing more than a memory. Think about it. 
The past is a very ingrained memory that you live your life around, for 
you are who you used to be first and then you are who you are becoming. 
We would like to help you change that, and it is a very simple technique. 
So, we will plant a very deep seed with you right now and return to help 
you work with it over time to make sure you understand.

Circular Time

Considering the past, present and future, your belief is that there is 
only one of those that is real: the present. The past is a memory and the 
future is only a potential or a possibility. We would like you to think 
of it the way that Einstein thought of it as a continuous a 
continuous flow that goes from one area to another. You can think of this 
flow as going through here then over there. You would start your life over 
and as you would age, you would go into this direction so the flow would 
be going in this direction. That is how you perceive it. You plant your 
consciousness right here and the flow goes like this: here is your past 
and this is the future way over here. You are always trying to figure 
out, "How will I manage to control the future? Once I can do that, I have 
everything I need." What you do not understand is that the flow of 
consciousness that you currently see as time is actually circular in 
nature. Although you believe that this is a flat plane, we tell you it is 
curved. It is not only curved, but it is circular;  your past and present 
wrap around each other in the most beautiful way and connect.

Did you know that your future is connected to your past? Did know that 
the control of your future lies in clearing your past? Is that not what 
some of you have been saying? This is a very simple understanding of 
that, for circular time is the only time there is.

Now, many of you would wish to move backwards in time and have all the 
fun of being able to control your environment in that way. We tell you, 
once you understand time and see the larger picture of what it truly is, 
you will have no desire to move backwards. It would be like turning 
around your own internal digestive system. Not a pretty sight at all. The 
idea here is that you simply work with this to grasp your own past, for 
that is the piece that you can change. Your piece is an ingrained memory 
and yes, it is stamped on your heart. So, it is more than just a memory. 
It is an emotional memory that you will carry Home as you re-turn to 
bring all the experiences of Earth. Here you are, working with it and it 
is so beautiful!  If you could ever see who you truly are, you would 
change everything in an instant to walk in your true magnificence instead 
of pretending to be the lost little children that you sometimes pretend 
to be. "I need this, I must have that, someone must tell me the way." 
Dear ones, you silly things, you can walk there any time you wish. You 
simply have to open your eyes and realize that you are already aware, 
then move accordingly instead of waiting for everything to find its 
perfect spot before you make that next step...just step into it. Make the 
mistakes. Dare to do the two-step if you have to in order to catch up. 
Whatever it is, you will harmonize and adapt into the energy once you 
move in that direction. 

We tell you the key to your future is in your past. It is not in the 
present moment, for it is in clearing up and reconciling each present 
moment as if it has already passed. If you are holding unfinished 
relationships or energies from the past, that will hold you back. It will 
not allow you to be complete, because you must take that negative energy 
back into your future, so it seems to place you in a holding pattern. The 
past, present and future are not separated the way you thought. When you 
connect your past and your future, you then understand that you have 
control over your life and you can make it grand. You ask, "Why should I 
make it grand? Yes, I would love to be here but what makes me special?" 
You have no idea how special you are, until you actually get Home and see 
all the people that stepped aside so that you could be sitting in this 
seat right now. They are so incredibly proud of you for you have already 
done a job of changing planet Earth. We are incredibly proud of you for 
the beautiful work. We promised that before this day was over we would 
make room for Elrah to come in himself, so we will leave you now. I am. . 
. The Keeper of Time.

Enter Elrah

Greetings, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. I am here to work with you in 
many different ways. You are all trying to figure out my accent right 
now. Where is this coming from? What part of this Earth is this from? No, 
it is not from the Earth, it is a rhythm. Many of your languages are 
rhythms, different patterns that you fall into quite often. We wish to 
share with you how I will be working with you in the future. You are 
grand beings that have put on the veil of forgetfulness, and we wish to 
tell you how to start removing that. Many of you will start to find that 
this is who you really are and who you have always been. Now you are 
simply now taking off the pretend part. You are removing the jackets and 
coats that are no longer needed for your path.

Elrah's Smile

What is my gift? Now that is what I am here to share with you. I wish to 
tell you a little bit about this, so you can better understand how you 
react on planet Earth. I have a gift that is known all throughout what 
you call heaven, or what I call Home. My gift is very unique, for I have 
the ability to communicate with humans from Home. It is done 
vibrationally through a rhythm.  Now this is part of the reason that the 
Keeper and I mesh so well, for he is a drummer in this lifetime and he 
has always done everything with a rhythm. Every time he walks from one 
side of the room to another, he is counting out a rhythm in some fashion. 
Many times it is my rhythm that I have overlaid upon him, so that he may 
feel and communicate with me. We have walked together with that 
connection and he trusts that. He has worked with this now to learn how 
to use some of his channeling abilities in a different way. Because of 
his willingness to move, it allows us to come through in a slightly 
different manner with  a more focused area of vibration, to bring you 
expertise all the way to the core of our being.

My expertise is communication and I have communicated much on this side 
of the veil. There are many that I have personally taught to be able to 
communicate with humans. Many of you call it channeling, but some of you 
call it other things. You have no idea how many prayers we hear on a 
daily basis and you pray for the strangest things, dear ones. Sometimes 
you pray for money then you pray to not have money; you pray to have a 
relationship and when you get it, then you pray to get out of it. You are 
very confused beings sometimes, but that does not matter to us because we 
love you unconditionally. We do not judge you in any way and that is 
something we wish you would learn from us, for it is the next level of 
helping each other.

Why would we want to suddenly pull the veil aside and show you exactly 
who we are, bringing through a little bit more of the personality and the 
expertise of each one of these beings? Because your own human evolution 
is doing the same thing. You are starting to move to the next level, 
where you are branching out in new ways that you have never felt 
comfortable with before. It is magical. We dare you to stretch to see 
what is there, push your boundaries and your comfort zones a little bit 
more. See where your joy is, see where your heart is. We are so familiar 
with this side of the veil and we wish to take you here, we wish to bring 
you Home. We wish to help you re-member what it is like when you come 
Home. Why would we do that? Ahh, because each and every one of you has a 
part of Home that you have brought to Earth that you are holding within 
this physical bubble of biology. Many of you have already found your 
special piece from Home and you call it passion.  When you find it, you 
cannot do anything else. It is so beautiful because your eyes just light 
up when you passion. Even if somebody tells you that you are doing 
something wrong, it does not make any difference because you know in your 
heart you are right. You know this is your essence, and you feel it.  
That is the piece that will work for each and every one of you as you 
move forward. Elrah is here to keep you laughing. Yes, I will tickle your 
funny bone if you take me too seriously. Make sure you know this is a 
game you are playing; it is not your responsibility to take everything 
seriously or to fix everything. We want you to enjoy this ride. We want 
you to enjoy every part of yourself here and to be able to be your 

If We share with you that there is an influx of beings coming Home from 
planet Earth, for once they die they must come here and re-member Home. 
Some of you are very involved with how we can prepare and help these 
beings ground to find the light from Home. Do not worry about it, we are 
Lightworkers and we can fix it. The idea of this is very simple, because 
what takes place is that each and every one of you is carrying a unique, 
individual a puzzle piece that no one else can carry. Now if you dare to 
step forward and trust it, you will find your space; it works every time. 
You will see the next generation of this popping forward and making you 
laugh in many different ways, but you will feel it always. You will feel 
that deep connection and you will move in that direction. These are the 
parts of the new energy of the new planet Earth.

Passion Anyone?

Over the years, many of you have heard us speak of your passion. Some of 
you get quite frustrated at that and say, "We hear you speak of this 
passion all the time, yet I have not been able to find mine. I feel 
little parts of it but it does not make sense to me." Most of you are 
trying to figure out how to make a living at it, but that is not what we 
asked you to do. We asked you to find your passion. Most of you will end 
up making a living at it, but do not start with that for it will taint 
that vision as soon as you put it out there. Instead, find what makes you 
happy. Many of you say, "I cannot find my passion. I do not know what 
this is. I do not understand it when you talk about it." What if we took 
you Home? What if we brought you Home and showed you around, and then 
told you all the fun things that we can do at Home? Suddenly you would 
start to re-member who you were when you were not on planet Earth. There 
is no problem finding your passion quickly now, because there are no 
human belief systems all around to taint it or make it seem weird. The 
idea is very simple. As you move from here to there, your passion 
changes. Now, what are you going to do with your passion for that is the 
biggest piece. How are you going to work with this? Well, dear ones, we 
will be there not to show you the way, open the door or push you in one 
direction. But we will be there to tickle your funny bone, make you laugh 
and re-member Home -- re-member who you are and why you came here and 
what this is about. Dear ones, you may not believe it, but you are the 
greatest angels that have ever lived.

I have had many lifetimes with the Keeper. There were times when we were 
best friends, and other times when we were business partners. There were 
times when he was my brother, and there was even one time when he was my 
wife. We have had many lifetimes together and we know each other very 
intimately, we reflect one another to the highest degree every single 
time. It is magical and we wish to share that with you, for you can do 
that with each other. Yes, you can channel. All of you have the 
capability. The voices are there, they are waiting for you to listen and 
find what fits for you. Dare to be yourself. Dare to be who you are. We 
share that message from your heart for the rest of the world.

I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service and I leave you with the simple reminder 
to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you 
get. Re-member it is a brand new game you are playing, so play well 


The group
"Dare to be yourself. Dare to be who you are."
Rev. Caroline Dawley,  Publisher, New Earth Rising - Global Messenger
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