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Ho"Oponopono: The Forgiveness Method

Ho'Oponopono: The Forgiveness Method
Scribed by Sir Royal LaMarr Hardy
14 January 2013
May your love be your guide on The Forgiveness Method
Preparing to do the Work
Personal Mind Conditioning
I am and I have the power within me to become a living “superconductor" of Cosmic Consciousness. I become a living, resonating key that unlocks the cosmic doors of divine love by using my loving, internal synchronous vibrations as the sacred instrument to allow this to manifest.
You can do this as well.
The Sacred Secret to this ability is to totally relax your inner resistance. If your inner resistance is too high, you will not be able to be the loving superconductor you desire to be.
To prepare, follow these steps.
1.      Slowly relax and go deep within to release any impedance or hindrance. Allow yourself to open up all the inner doors of cosmic consciousness to fully allow the flow of loving cosmic frequencies and other divine energies into your inner self. In this state, you allow yourself to be used as an instrument to instill love in the hearts of all who need this sacred love to help them on their path so that in time we can all truly become all of who we are.
2.      One of the most powerful and important things you can do now to become a living, divine superconductor of cosmic love is to consciously forgive any and all who have ever hurt you in the past. Doing so allows you to use yourself as a divine instrument to send love to all those who are now unknowingly trying to keep you in an earthly (3D) prison state or some kind of other spiritual bondage.
3.      Next, read over the secret inner alchemical formula (see the section on the formula below). Firmly place it within your heart so you can subconsciously use it as an outline as you slowly go deeper and deeper into sacred meditation.
4.      As you still your mind, it is very important to be of good spirit, at peace with everyone, allowing your inner love to fill you heart. I suggest that as you continue to go deeper, that you keep your eyes  closed and put ear plugs in your ears to not hear anything but your inner thoughts. (I grease the ear plugs with a natural lubricant for comfort.) It also helps to put on some dark sunglasses or, even better, go to (email or call 888-705-3805 and order the “Mindfold eye cover." It has internal cutouts which allow the user to experience 100 percent total darkness even with your eyes wide open. This creates a sacred environment to encourage your mind to see in the dark (which we call "visible darkness”). This exercise will help awaken the spiritual light within by using darkness meditation.
The secret key here is the total darkness and soundlessness that allows you to focus and go as deep as possible within yourself to maximize the power of the sacred work. I would also recommend that before you start your work that you make yourself a cup of hot green tea (2 or 3 tea bags) with a little honey for taste. The green tea will give you a supernatural form of herbal energy that will help you to  focus your thoughts and keep you mentally alert and aware as you explore the inner depths of your divine self.
5.      Once your mind is clear, open up your third eye (your mind's eye) and "see" in the dark. Visualize the first person with whom you have chosen to do this loving exercise. (Remember, you don't even have to know his or her name. It works just as well as long as you can visualize or see the person within your mind's eye.)
Doing the Work
Now you are ready to do the work. Once you clearly visualize or see the person, "smile” at them using all your facial muscles. The Universe is holographic and you have just opened up a cosmic "wormhole" with your DNA/RNA and your pineal gland, which is now secreting a new hormone like substance we call DMT. This is the organic alchemical elixir within you that allows all the magic to happen.
Here is the ancient alchemical alchemy to use to manifest your work.
The Secret Alchemical Formula
Read this aloud to yourself. Once you master it, just do it from memory in your future works (though as I state above, I always review right before going into meditation).
1.      Visualize the person (along with his or her name, if you know it)/
2.      Say in your mind, “Hi, it is me and I have come to you this moment to ask you a few loving questions.”
3.      Pause. Look lovingly at the person and smile while you carefully look at him or her. Use all your facial muscles as you do this to set the tone and allow you to feel joy. It also helps the other person  to relax and allow the work to manifest within them.
4.      Ask the first question: “What is it that is within me that is or has caused this rift between us for you to behave in the way you are or have toward me in our past?”
5.      Pause again and keep smiling while you look at them. Feel the joy and love that the act of smiling allows within you. Allow them to see your loving smile and feel the joy and love that is in your heart. Note they have no choice here. You are spiritually there within their subconscious mind at this moment and they are subconsciously recording all of this in real time as you are performing your work with them. By doing this you have bypassed their conscious mind and you are now reprogramming their inner self with these magical words. Note: the reason this works is because we are all "One," as this loving exercise will prove to you as it manifests for you.
6.  Now ask, “Do I have your permission to go into your heart?” Visually look at their chest and slowly see yourself going into their heart. (It's okay! At the spirit level this is permissible.) Once you are inside, pause and feel their heart beat. Say, “Thank you for allowing me to be in this sacred place within you. I give you my love as a gift for allowing me to be here within you!”
7.      Pause again. Feel your love radiating within him or her. After you have given this love gift, say:
“For whatever it is, I hereby accept full and absolute authority over it. Yes, I hereby accept total responsibility for whatever it is now!
“I now give you permission to release it all to me, as it belongs to me. Yes, release any and all past hurts, feelings or pain that I have ever caused within you. At this moment now I fully accept them and take full possession of whatever it is within you, so that from this point forward we can be 100 percent at peace with each other.
“Thank you. Now it is mine, it belongs to me and you are now forever free of this hurt or pain or any type of animosity that you have ever had in your heart towards me. And for allowing this to happen I once again give to you my everlasting love as my gift for allowing this to be!”
8.      Pause to reflect and ponder all that is happening and allow it to start to manifest.
9.      Say, “Now I humbly ask you to please forgive me for whatever it was that I have ever done to you, to make you feel this way about me. For whatever it was, I am very sorry! I meant no harm and I now ask you to please forgive me 100 percent from the bottom of your heart. So that from this point forward in time, we can have 100 percent total peace and unconditional love between us.”
10.    Pause to give them more love from your heart and allow it time to manifest as your love radiates within them.
11.    Then tell him or her, “It is now time for me to leave you. As I slowly leave your heart I give you more of my love and I thank you again for allowing this all to be.”
12.    As you see the person again in your mind's eye say, "I have to go now but if I ever feel that we need to be together again to perform more healing, I ask your permission to come see you again in the future."
13.    Smile at him or her and wave goodbye! (Smile with all your facial muscles. Use your hand and really wave.) Now clear their image from your mind. This part of the work is now complete.
14.    Turn toward your loving Infinite Self, the Divine Power of all there is, and say, “I (state your name here), now turn my attention to you and send you my everlasting love as a gift for allowing all this to be. I thank you for allowing us to grow in your sacred love and I thank you for helping us clear this up between us and helping us to become more ‘One’ in peace with each other and with you.”
15.    Pause to allow all this to sink in deep with your divine heart. Use this moment to be totally thankful and grateful. Express your gratitude as you continue to radiate your personal love energies to All That Is.
Do this part of the exercise until you start to feel good and tears of joy well up inside of you and in your eyes. Feel your heart overflowing in a cosmic flood of Divine Love. Take all the time you need here. There is no rush!
Experience the joy of full release of what you have just done to and with your fellow man or woman. Feel how awesome it is to be eternally blessed, that you have the divine power within you to heal anyone you choose to work with!
16.    When you are ready and you feel that your mission is complete, you must close and seal your thought creation, then send it to be manifested into reality.
         Here is the secret of how to do so. Say it out loud with strength in your voice.
“So shall this be written.
“So shall it be brought forth.
“So shall it be done.
“For I am the Child of the Great I Am and by the Divine Power vested within me, I (state your name here) hereby make this living decree. I now exercise the Divine Power within me and I will all of this to be.”
Now it is done.
All you have to do now is allow it to be and it will be. You do this by your decree and your will that seals the future manifestation of this creation.
If you like, you could also spend the next five to ten minutes in meditation loving the Divine Universe. Thankful to the "All That Is" for allowing you to be a loving Divine Superconductor and generator of Cosmic Love. Grateful that you are allowed to be one of the living human keys able to open up the cosmic doors of divine love, letting it flow through you to those still in need of this sacred, sweet, divine love. Feel blessed to be a loving example and sacred influence to others as we all progress on our individual paths within the Sacred Eternal Quest we are all experiencing at this epic time in our spiritual evolution. 
© - 2013 - Sir Royal LaMarr Hardy - All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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