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Crystallize your Avatar Hologram
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For all of you sun warriors out there, if have been feeling a little topsy turvy lately, you have a reason why. You are one with our SUN, which has recently undergone reversal of its magnetic field, completely flipping in polarity!  

Scientists at NASA claim this to be a 'big event', affecting the entire heliosphere, which extends past the orbit of Pluto to the very edge of interstellar space. Supposedly, this happens every 11 years at the peak of each solar cycle and when the sun reorganizes its magnetic dynamo.

While not an alarming event, what a tremendous reflection this is to those of us exploring conscious evolution. This 'overturning' energy has just launched us into a new annual cycle. This first quarter can be quite a phenomenal experience if we take full advantage of this momentum and apply it to our own dynamic field, of polarized perception.
This far-reaching solar activity is helping us to unlock yet another crystalline seal in our energy matrix that initiates us, collectively, into expanded states of multi-dimension.
The purpose of this next group focus is upon our liberation from the prison of perception that keeps us confined to human-limiting thought programs. This opens the way for the crystallization of a brand new reality and its manifestation into the physical experience. 

Invalidate the Polarized Perception

In December, the morphogenetic stress web was introduced, described as a carbon blockade fortified by an army of degenerative, time-coded programs that eventually stresses the body's entire energetic matrix.  
It is from inside this mortal shell that the all-encompassing stress web adheres us to a locking mechanism, preventing the full opening of our crystalline seals. These seals comprise the frequency overlays that give passageway to the dormant DNA programs.


The unlocking process into our full genetic potential involves not only the removal of the stress web but also a permanent shift in our perceptual awareness. We can then expand into new realities of a more limitless, multidimensional nature.

The vast subject matter of 'human perception' can be simplified all the way down to four fundamental truths. These are not new ideas, however, if we were to truly live our life by these key understandings, our reality is guaranteed to shift, radically.
Invalidate the Polarized Perception ...
1. Nothing in the Physical Dimension is Real
"Perception" is generally described in the dictionaries as... the interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment. Yet, most everything that is perceived through the human senses is an illusion!
We are now removing the convincing perceptual lens that locks us into conditioned belief and constricting feedback loops. These limitations are created based upon all of the materialized appearances that we see and regard as real.
In fact, we know that there is no solidity at the core of physical existence. There is only substance that carries the illusion of solidity due to the repulsive forces that exist between its charged particles.  
Scientists discovered long ago that all matter is comprised of oscillating fields and waves of rhythm. At the heart of the atom and its compacted nucleus, there is no solid object to be found, but rather a dynamic pattern of tightly condensed vibrating energy.

In other words, we are nothing more than densely compacted energy particles constantly in motion. Our physical form is temporarily cohered from the billions of electrical signals running through our body in accordance to how we are interpreting and defining reality through sensory stimuli.

All of nature and even societal frameworks are coalesced and reflecting their appearance of dense matter based upon how we, as a collective consciousness, are interpreting what we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel.
Invalidate the Polarized Perception ...
2. Human Reality is a Projected Illusion

Quantum physicists continue to find clear scientific evidence that the universe we inhabit is a giant holographic existence.

This means that we are living inside an encoded light projection, analogous to an IMAX movie theater and its animated screen. Depending upon the lens of the perceiver, material substance in a hologram can change its form depending upon the point at which it is being observed.

As the main viewer, we are essentially living our own version of a virtual reality game. This illusionary experience is being played out within a dimension that is constantly reflecting back to us, our thought vibration. Everything around us represents the thoughts that we have emanated into this creation field.
This is all part of the morphogenetic time-coded template and its interconnected grid matrices that have been empowered by both individual and collective consciousness. It is what creates the façade of a material world.

Our game token and how we maneuver in this matrix is through the apparatus of 'thought'. Our thinking births live energetic substance into motion. This stream of living light energy then responds back to us through a superimposed projection upon a reflective backdrop, appearing right in front of us.

You, as the thinking game master, are then living out an experience from what is showing up on your personal life screen. This is why it is said that all realities lie within us. We are truly creator Gods in training.

What we perceive as being real is nothing more than sensory-based projections from our own mind. These mental perceptions trigger the creation of our reality and attract to us circumstances, things, situations and people to play in the role as our game pieces.

Up to now, most of us have lived our lives based largely upon assumption and false appearances created by what we perceived to be real. Our entire reality is really an illusion.  

Once we understand these principles and master the 'thinking', our new creations begin to take on majestic form. We can also maneuver much easier on the bridge between dimensions.
All Relations are Aspects of the Self    
All of the relationships that are appearing in our lives are aspects of our personal human hologram that represent parts of our whole; the child self, the parent self, the friend self, the brother-sister self, the business self, the spiritual self, the playful self. 

Some of these aspects are kind, happy and loving. Others might be experiencing pain and struggle. Some might not be fully expressing themselves while others are commanding a greater personal expression. The majority of these people in our intimate sphere are mirroring the thoughts that we have about our self. If you contemplate this, you will discover a lot about yourself.  

The revolving door of association reflects your evolution as a thinking intelligence and sentient being. You, as God, are the thought and you, as God, are the thinker. Each person is relevant and plays a part within the totality of WHO you are. As we expand, departing from established relationships is normal and natural due to the mirror that is no longer needed.  

Knowing this, there is no reason, whatsoever, to blame or negatively judge any person or life situation ... ever again. You have created it all! Whatever it is that you perceive about another individual, you are forcing that quality into your own experience, whether negative or positive. The moment that you think either perfection or imperfection, you bring that quality into your own experience.

This is why the only desirable feeling to be projected is love, pure unselfish love that holds everyone (you) in their highest potential.

Instantly Change your Reality Game   

If you want your projection screen to remain status quo, you may continue to think in the same way. If you want any of your pictures to go away, STOP THE THOUGHT and walk away from the energy that you are currently giving to it, especially the emotional bond.

You can recall past thoughts surrounding any projection back to you to cancel its manifested effect. Re-qualify every thought in love and then shut the door. Think in a new way to create another, more desirous reality projection.

The more that you think, feel and enliven any projection, the bigger it grows and the more stable it becomes. Remember, it is always your choice, your creation and your reality game.    

Evolve from the Sensory Driven Matrix

For those of us ascending into more intelligent realities, we are moving off of the playing field that is sustained by the sensory driven, 'what you see is what you get', perceptual distortion. As long as we are being guided by what our human senses are reading to the brain, we will never move beyond the lock and chain of dual awareness.

We are also detaching from our controlling memory banks that are clothed in time sequenced looping patterns. This keeps us bound on the wheel of human cycles and historical aging sequences. As challenging as this is, we are missioned to do this as a collective grouping in order to cut the pathways into multi-dimension. 

It is a scientific fact that memory greatly alters perception. To permanently expand perceptual awareness, we must shift beyond past association and into timeless awareness. We are then liberated from the matrix of tradition and mass societal patterns.

Help Create a New Earth Hologram

Has our planet been hijacked by alien forces? Do elitist factions dominate the world? Are we being lied to, cheated and deceived by our governments? Are we really in a financial crisis?
As long as we think this, project the thoughts about it and abide within the matrix that upholds this illusion... this will, no doubt, be the reflection coming into our personal mirror of truth. (Many people are transitioning away from these perceptions.)   

The collective consciousness of humanity, together with its toxic thoughtforms, has created the appearance of a dominantly controlled world in conflict and suffering. To un-create this, could it be as simple as withdrawing our thoughts given to it?     
According to divine principle, yes. According to quantum physics, yes.

Carrying out the final answer to this question is a very big and very bold responsibility for those of us who are creating new Earth realities. One thing is certain. Talking about how bad the world or criticizing those things that are seemingly wrong and victimizing greatly empowers the appearance by feeding it with our energy, as if it is real. This delays our societal transition.  
One of the quickest ways to stop the seeming insanity is to STOP THE THOUGHT that negatively judges it. With compassion, we are allowing Divine Intervention to do its job and living what we know is true in our heart according to its highest ideals. Adore the world for what it truly is as a learning ground for consciousness and assist others where you can to rise out of the illusion.

The continued withdrawal of our collective energy from the matrix of fear-based consciousness is buckling the grids that frame it. Everything upon its projection screen will eventually collapse. This helps us to understand what is going on in the world today. The fictitious façade is coming down.

We are not creating the New Earth by playing in delusive duality games. Instead, we are creating something entirely different from divinely inspired thought projections. We are operating from evolutionary principles that do not exist in the polarized fields of the sensory driven perception.

We are ever grateful for the human play. All that has been in our experience as a race has been the perfectly chosen and purposeful experience deemed into existence by our Creator. Everything has been and continues to be driven through this greater Will and Purpose.

By activating the mutant code in all atomic matter, this force of Good is now enacting a evolutionary exodus that is ascending every form of life into a more loving and intelligent expression.  

Invalidate the Polarized Perception ...
3. We are Particles of Energy inside the Body of God
Everywhere there is conscious life all made from the exact same core substance. This starts from an innate intelligence in the very nucleus of the globular atom. For years, scientists have known that atoms are intelligently driven particles of energy that can discriminate and choose.

Just as our physical bodies are made up of spinning atoms, all of our human forms cohere together to create an even greater body. This evolved entity comprises the sum total of a group consciousness.

The evolved group atom and its unifying nature demonstrates further as planetary consciousness which is the sum total of all of the groups and states of awareness. The evolution of the atom continues on into solar consciousness, then into galactic consciousness and on and on. At each successive stage, the evolving atom expands into more encompassing fields of intelligence that eventually returns to the consciousness of the Creator Deity Itself.

From macro to micro, everything is a representation of the larger whole and part of a deeper reality where all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected. This holographic nature of life expresses through a whirling spheroidal form as it works out an intelligent purpose.

Your consciousness is born from and permanently resides within this vast body called God awareness. You are this Source entity experiencing itself in a form. There is no other recognition possible.

Invalidate the Polarized Perception ... 
4. Every Atom has the Mutant Code
It is said that there are about  7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in our human body.  

This is quite amusing but imagine that in every single atom there is intelligent life. Imagine further that each of these atoms contains a divine mutant code to undergo morphogenesis. Our shift into a unified, immortal species is our destiny!

We are being assisted in a great acceleration due to Earth's evolved position in hyperspace and the photon light that is emanating to us from the sun. We, as a planetary existence, are transitioning from one reality into another at an exponential pace.

There is substantial help from the advanced grids that have anchored and are providing us with an upgraded morphogenetic 'how to' template that propels human evolution into another race genetic. We are leaving the extremes of polarized experience by gradually shifting into a new morphic resonance that operates from Universal Law. 

God, the entity, is changing its program of experience through us as its thinking atoms. It is this all-pervasive consciousness that is expressing through the kingdoms of nature, societal systems, governments, religions, financial institutions, philosophies, all destruction, reconstruction and everything that we call life on Earth.

As this divine pulsation now moves with seeming greater determination, causing great shifts upon our planet, we, as a unified cell, respond to each transition. As our consciousness expands, we enter more and more into the knowledge of the Divine Plan.

It is through personal inspiration, that we are called to collaborate with this Greater Purpose.   

Be Inspired!

Inspiration is defined as the divine guidance that is exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.

To be inspired means that your mind has reached a stage where you are consciously and positively under the control of your higher aspect of self, the God within.

This benevolent influence can control your physical brain; enable you to make decisions and to understand the truth, apart from any rationalization. This inner guidance can speak and write through you without your use of the lower mind.

When we can contact this inner Presence, all truth is revealed to us. We become Knowers. This is the highest meaning of crystallizing the 'Avatar Hologram' into physical plane reality. This is when we can live our lives governed by Providence, the direct revelation of spirit on the highest plane.   
We are thinking humans endowed with intelligence and a divine mutant code that is activating. We are an aspect of Source playing out a virtual reality game through our body vehicle and its maturing consciousness.

You, as a divinely inspired atom, are challenged to evolve yourself into an awakened state of omnipotence. As you do this and as all of your atom friends do this... God, the entity, expands.  All is Perfection. It always has been.


I hope some of this can help bring any welcomed 'ahas' to trigger a permanent shift in your daily awareness. When everyone can truly live by these key consciousness impressions, widespread compassion and peace will be realized upon our transitioning planet.

With all my love and blessings,   
Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation

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