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HEALING, Neutralizing Code-Numbers; AA Raphael

HEALING, Neutralizing Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – (Thanks to a forward to me from Bill Hanaoski in Canada)


Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma – April 25, 2014 Heilungszahlen für Nahrungsmittel und Gesundheit –

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Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma – April 25, 2014
My beloved Humans on Earth – this is Archangel Raphael speaking:
It is with much delight that today I am able to submit to your hands another new (and still old one) tool. With this message today I supply to you “Code-Numbers” which may be of immense assistance to you when you are to cope with various daily issues. Still, do make use of these codes only when you are really prepared to receive them as gifts of divine creation. To use them in some unconscious way may also lead to success but if you want to enforce their effects considerably you have to establish im
Now at first I shall give you some minor introduction necessary that you may comprehend the real sense and meaning of these code-numbers and how you may apply them in the very correct manner.
These Code-Numbers originate from Times of Atlantis – by which I mean that these codes have been granted by our Divine Creating Mother herself to the Atlanteans while she had incarnated many times then on earth and supplied these codes herself then.
This was one of her gifts to human people on earth at that time – however with the decline of Atlantis and the pertaining frequency-downfall of vibrations such code-numbers were no longer applicable.
Since today – when publishing these code-numbers again – we have reached this very frequency-level of energy again and thus these code-numbers are fully applicable and functioning again.
I shall now give you the Code-Numbers and their essential meaning hereunder :
Once having seen in real action how powerful these codes are – those will know what it is like to be in harmony – UNI SONO – and united     with All-Creation-There-is.
And now here are the first Code-Numbers which may be applied for
H e a l i n g   P u r p o s e s :
33 45 634 :
Healing of cellular damages of any sort.
44 56 789 :
Healing of open wounds (must be written above the specific open wound into the air)
33 78 133 :
Healing of severe injuries in the stomach-area which are not (at once) been able to be dealt with by immediate surgery.
44 57 678 :
Healing of open fractures, which are not able to be fixed (at once) and closed by some operational surgery.
Subsequent Code-Numbers are applicable for all nutrition and foodstuffs which are no longer of natural origin resp. being processed and altered by processes of the nutrition and foodstuff industry.
These code-numbers may also be applied to foodstuff which are not of confirmed origin nor trustworthy sources. They have to be written only once on the package/can in order to activate the entire re-programming.
24 46 713 :
Neutralizes gen-manipulated foodstuff. This specific foodstuff will be returned to its original condition with its maximum effect to human bodies.
24 57 892:
Neutralizes all toxid components in foodstuff which were introduced during process of production.
24 67 987 :
Neutralizes all additives which are not natural – which are being added in almost all the processing measures to foodstuff (for economic reasons in order to save money). This Code-Number should be applied always since presently there are insufficient declarations added to almost all foodstuff. This code may be applied always and everywhere even if the meal is being served on the plate already.
          24 60 123 :
Additional Code to be applied for foodstuff ( fruits or vegetables) to make it ripen to its full maturity. This Code supports the process of ripening on its cellular level.
With all already maturely ripened fruits and veges this code-number should not be applied – since they may otherwise over-ripen and thus will lose their full efficiency and their optimum of nutritional value.
            42 67 982 :
Additional Code-Number for all foodstuff on the brink of moulding. By the effect of this Code-Number such fruits may become again tasteful although they do not look like it.
This Code-Number has been invented more for needy cases or for those humans who -  by their living conditions -  are compelled  to feed themselves by such sort of foodstuff.
Please do not use this Code-Number in case of any foodstuff which is still quite in order. Otherwise this foodstuff originally -  still impeccable – would be turned into some inedible condition.
               99 42 167
Additional Code-Number for all foodstuff which carry added parts of alcohol in order to turn them into long lasting condition. This Code-Number neutralizes all alcohol within the foodstuff. It may also be applied to any drink in order to neutralize all alcohol in it – it does not have any effect on its taste – still the alcohol looses all its effect on the human body.
This may turn out as essential for all people not being able to tolerate any alcohol in medicaments which were produced on basic alcohol levels. I urgently recommend always again to make use of this specific Code-Number when treating alcoholic addicted people in medical institutions. Neutralization within the particular medicament will lead to some positive effects in the body of an addicted acoholic which thus may reduce his addiction and later eliminate it altogether.
A t t e n t i o n    p l e a s e  !
Under no circumstances whatever – may this above code be applied for medicaments which were mixed  with alcoholic additives in order to gain some disinfective effects.
My beloved humans, these are the first and prior Code-Numbers and more will subsequently follow through this channel in due course.
Please spread these so important Code-Numbers as far as possible and all over the world. And deal with those in a most creative way ! Do write them down and alike some very diligent and good pathfinder and scout carrying with himself always his pocket knife – you should always carry these Codes with yourselves everywhere you go. Be it on your way in the car or when walking and wandering in nature or be it on an excursion there are always opportunities and occasions to make use of them and in case of emergency they will be of some good medical first aid and great support.
Once you have made your first experience with it – talk with other people about the effects of these Code-Numbers.
It is not permitted to sell these Code-Numbers nor to have these reprinted in a book resp. to publish them.
All these Code-Numbers are the Privileged Right of Everybody Human here on Earth !
They are – in fact – a present of the heavenly Forces of Light to all of us Human Mankind here on Earth.
By means of these Code-Numbers you may mutually take your part in levying out all the institutions of nutritional foodstuff industry.
Simply – by writing down these Code-Numbers you may reverse all harmful effects of additives or manipulations again.
Please, keep in mind that all these Code-Numbers will unite with your inner hearts in resonance if you will apply them in a certain conscious way.
There will be people which recall these codes, humans in the Now and Here which will remember these Code-Numbers because they worked with them intensively on Atlantis in old times.
Be very attentive and and very precise when writing down these Code-Numbers – since otherwise they will not show the desired effect and you will be disappointed in such case !
ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL and his team from the heavenly spheres.
Special Note:
concerning medical advice – please – always – when in doubt – ask medical advice from your medical Doctor…..
 Translated by (Contra)Mary=Evamaria
Copyright©(Contra)Mary=Evamaria H. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.
Source of English Translation:  Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma – April 25, 2014 Heilungszahlen für Nahrungsmittel und Gesundheit – Erzengel Raphael durch Marc Gamma – 25.04.2014

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