Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Our Holographic Universe

Our Holographic Universe and how we Create our Reality 
Blog  post for September 28, 2016 
We are living in a holographic Universe and influence reality that creates our atmosphere.  Through Gratitude we manifest our reality by the seeds we plant, the patterns we put into our tapestry and by the use of our minds.  Using our Imagination and  the law of attraction based on the hologram.
Everything follows Natural Law and there are consequences for going against the Law.  Natural Law is the Flow of Life.  Represented by the Trees, the natural flow of the River, the rising of the Sun, and the evolution of the Earth.
The human being must decide now what is our Purpose for existing in this Universe?  Why are we here at this most important time in her story? Chief Shenandoah, “ to give thanks, and to help the Earth.” 
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