Saturday, December 17, 2016


WINTER SOLSTICE marks the time of change; the end of our present cycle of 2016. It is the time of the longest night and shortest day.  With the rising of the New Sun on Dec. 22, we celebrate the Victory of Light over darkness and begin a new cycle and longer days of light in the northern hemisphere.. 
Pathway of Peace Community celebrates this event around the Fire, lighting the World Peace Flame and extending the Peace around the Globe forming one Large Circle of our Human Family.
"Our Dream is for the World Peace Flame to burn in every major city in the World."  If you would like to receive a taper from this flame, please email me at for instructions. 
This year we celebrate this yearly event at the Dunedin Dharma Center. 
May the Yule flame burn for all and brighten the eternal flame that glows within each one of you this year.
Wishing you Peace and Love, Rev. Caroline Dawley

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