Sunday, February 14, 2010

February New Moon Cycle of Truth


February New Moon

Second Moon Cycle – HONOR THE TRUTH

by Whitefawn Star

The second moon cycle lesson is Honoring our personal truths.

When we use our intuition or inner knowing and personal power, we use authentic self esteem and our personal authority in life .

We must learn to weed out the illusion or status quo and group beliefs found on our paths and find our own truths. As we trust ourselves and respect our individual sense of what is right for us, we do not accept blanket truths. We learn the skills of observation, feeling, hearing and sensing things from the viewpoint of personal authority opening new doors of awareness.

On this second moon cycle, we are still in the void or inner journey…until March 20, Spring Equinox. This is the cycle where we are listening and receiving…instruction on what seeds to plant in Springtime and in the New Earth that is Dawning. Going into nature represents going into the womb of Creation…every plant, stone, butterfly, tree, the water, sun, cloud people, 4 leggeds, all have the ability to be messengers for us if we are open to listening, observing, feeling. This is the time for..receiving the message from the inner counselor.

I like to do walking meditation in nature where I find many bridges to cross…for many weeks now, I have been working a particular path that has three main bridges. The one in the middle is silver and if I stand in the middle I can look upstream to see from where I have come…I often have flash backs of past lives…by reviewing these lives and being grateful for all I have learned…I can then face the downstream direction with the courage to know that even though I can’t see around the bend, with my physical eyes, by shifting my perspective…I see Eagle soaring above. Then I find that I am looking from a whole perspective and that my life is flowing in Divine Right Order.

Trust in your own inner wisdom comes after many trials of walking in faith, of following through on the inner instruction.

Spring time is the time to call on Eagle Medicine. It is the time of seeing clearly, of illumination. Inspiration is a form of taking spirit into ourself as Life Force energy …that is the connective tissue between any living thing and Creator or Great Mystery or God. Everytime we clear our mind and enter the silence we can become inspired because we allow Spirit into our sacred space receiving intuitive flashes or revelation.

Honoring our intuition is the key to living in synchronicity with all life and the Great Mystery. Intuition or Prophecy is a Living, Creative Force, it is a word that is alive..that carries our truth if we will heed it and follow it …it will lead us across the bridge to the new earth that IS waiting for us.

Fritz Pearls, a well known Psychiatrist in the 60’s and 70’s used to say…'It’s not easy to die; but we must die to be reborn'.

As I looked at the Pine cone lying on the earth in front of my feet, I felt the full impact of the message the Pine Tree was sending to me. The pine cone fell from the tree so that it’s seed could be released to grow yet another great tree. Like yourself, you too are like the pine cone; your earth body has come to the end of the cycle and now must be healed, or transformed into Light so that the new seed can be released to yet another LIFE. The seed carries the Life Force to begin anew. You must trust in the Process that is the Eternal Cycle of Truth and the Wisdom Transformation.

As we walk through this new moon cycle, we also are following this difficult path…we end up in the Garden where we may argue, or stall for time…but if we are to seed the New Earth, we must remember that Life is Eternal and Open ended..there is no death…only transition to a new form, a new beginning. We are the SEED and the Seed Bearers...we are the Bringers of the New Dawn…the Seeding for the New Earth. As you stand on the Bridges of your life, making decisions, go into nature or sit in meditation. Collapse the world around you by creating Sacred Space. Make time to listen for instruction, then let go and allow the Stream to carry you, allow the process and cycle to bring you into a new pathway and a New Dawn in your life.……Walk in Peace, WhitefawnStar


  1. This is really nice! I like it when you write about your own experiences!!