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The Vibrations of 2010

Posted on OV - ONE VIBRATION by John

Numerologically speaking the year 2010 has some interesting aspects

Made up of 20 + 10 = 30 or 2+1 =3, it can be said that the year vibrates to sensitivity, expression and creativity which is the 3 vibration but it is also enhanced or divinely guided by the addition of the zero (0) making the 30 vibration.

The other vibrations the 1 and the 2 are also enhanced or guided divinely by the addition of the zero (0) making the 20 and the 10.

You then see that the highly refined 3 vibration of sensitivity, expression and creativity is also working through and with the 10 vibration which is an indicator of new starts, new ideas, independence and has also some good karmic freeing abilities. It is also working with the 20 vibration of peace,harmony and partnerships.

So what does this mean?

For some it will mean they will be looking at their relationships or partnerships and weighing up as to whether or not there is harmony there and if there is not what can be done to fix up the balance. Perhaps the 10 vibration then comes into play with its new broom approach of new ideas a new paradigm a new outlook of what was dreamed of before but never thought possible . This can only come through the divinely activated feelings of what has beeen suppressed what you have been acheing for what is possible for you now in this energy of 2010.

Questions such as;
Am I happy?
Is this what I want to do with my life?
What do I want to do with my life?
Am I achieving oneness in my present state of being?

The answers to these questions then will necessitate action through the power of the 30 which is also creativity.

Will you make the necessary changes according to your current energetically inspired feelings or will you sit back and let this energy go to waste and become more bound in the old energy of your programing.

The energy coming through or light being generated as we come closer to the Proton Belt is demanding that you vibrate at a higher rate. This cannot be done unless you clear your old stuck emotions or energy that no longer serves you.

The energy of 2010 will assist you to do this by bringing circumstances into your life whereby it will trigger the release of these emotions and energies leaving you clearer and more purified to accept the higher vibration of the Light from the Proton Belt.

Those who choose to unconsciously or consciously stay with their own programming will feel the push to cleanse and purify and hopefully will seek guidence fron their higher selves in what ever form that may come for them.

Having said all that there is also the energy of the Months of 2010 from January to December.

While the monthly energy is not as strong as the yearly energy it can point to the direction you can take when you choose to do your self work.

January = 1 + 2010 = 4
The 4 vibration is about building and processing and when combined with the yearly energy one could say that the work you have to do is processing the feelings and emotions that are presenting themselves to you. It also can be seen as 13/4 the number of self transformation. Start this work in January.

February = 2 + 2010 = 5
The 5 vibration is about freedom and discipline it also brings in changes. Can you see how this will happen if you do the work in January expect changes in February. Not only physical changes but changes to the way you think, old belief systems may fall away, what will this bring to you, remember anything and everything is possible.

March = 3 + 2010 = 6 also 33/6
The vibration of 6 is about ideals and perfection. Do you see everything as perfect the way it is or do you have an expectation of what perfect is. The changes in the previous month will bring to your notice your expectations especially in regard to your home and family and relationships. More changes in thee area can be expected. All is part of the divine plan unfolding as the earth rushes to 2012.

April = 4 + 2010 = 7
The vibration of 7 is mystical and spiritual it makes you think and look for answers. What answers will you be receiving. Are you giving your self these answers are you listening to your answers?

May = 5 + 2010 = 8
The vibration of 8 is about power and abundance it is also about karma this may be the month you receive blessings if you have sown correctly or done your work.

June = 6 + 2010 = 9
The vibration of 9 is about completions and endings. This month will be asking you to take stock of what you have achieved. Have you fully taken advantage of the energies of 2010.

July = 7 + 2010 = 10
This vibration is extremely lucky take your chances in this month it is also a second chance to start anew with the energies of 2010 if you have missed the boat in January as the energies for the month repeat themselves.

August 8 + 2010 + 11/2
This vibration brings in spiritual light and opportunity for those who started their work in January can you see how the vibrations are increasing in strenth as the year marches on.

Sepember = 9 =2010 = 12/3
This vibration is also representative of 2010 the power of the Trinity Mind Body Spirit. Time for the perfect alignment of Mind Body and Spirit have you cleared yourself, have you done the work. Purification is at hand.

October = 10 + 2010 = 13/4
This vibration is a powerful one and its telling you that the time for transformation is here you have already transformed and will start reaping the benefits of a purified body and mind.

November = 11 + 2010 = 14/5
This vibration is about freedom brought about by the processing of the self. Enjoy!!!

December = 12 + 2010 = 15/6
This vibration represents self love in a very high and purified way. When you love yourself truely and unconditionally you also love everyone else and the oneness is thus achieved.

The 1 and the 5 represent freedom from the old ego self which is transformed and integrated with the higher self now serving instead of trying to be master.

The choice is yours to activate within you the energies of 2010 or stay in the old programming.

Both choices are honoured.

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