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Eclipse and Solstice Invocation / Meditation


Introduction to Night 3 ~ Eclipses and Solstice

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From June 7th to June 24th, we enter into Night 3 of the Universal underworld, guided through the tail end Light vibrations of the partial Solar eclipse on June 1st, amplifying the focus of the Divine Masculine and Feminine rebalancing experienced in Day 3 through the heart chakra,

As we enter into Night 3 we experience the potential of perfectly balancing the threefold flame through the tenth ray of Divinity, and taking this sacred threefold flame into the total Lunar eclipse on June 15th, amplifying the higher qualities and key codes of the tenth ray in a beautiful pearlescent flame, and globally focused on lifting the veils of illusion on political, financial and economic institutes through empowerment, Love and wisdom. Additionally, the tenth ray of Divinity lifts the veils of illusion by merging timelines into this Now; in divinely orchestrating a synthesis of past, present and future possible realities through integrating this sacred flame and aligning more deeply into our I Am Presence and the realms of Illumined Truth, we take on these streamlined keycodes as these first wave Souls in human embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint.

We are further invited to travel to the Crystalline City of Light above Mt. Fuji in Japan, a vortex of Light linking into the Hall of Records through the sacred three-fold flame. And on June 21st through the Solstice activation, we have the potential to access the Hall of Records as we assist in taking this sacred Flame of Divinity through Divine Equality into the Unity Grid and into all the sacred sites within and around this earth plane, and from here, into the Solar Grid of Light Overlighted by the Company of Heaven and Helios and Vesta. As the timelines converge in Love and Unity Consciousness, as we enter into the sacred Hall of Records, and take on the mantle of Self Mastery through the knowing of ourselves as Perfect Love, with our open hearts, we become the center of creation within which all resides and lives in Love, empowerment and wisdom.

Through the eclipses, solstice and Night 3 Universal Underworld focus, we are propelled at warp speed into the higher dimensions and the receiving of these numerous celestial keycodes and activations, both personal and planetary in nature. This is further accelerated through the Spiritual Microtron, Divine Light emissions radiating from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God potentially able to increase the Light vibration of the sub-atomic particles within the body through the creation of even smaller sub-atomic particles. As the sub-atomic particles within the body spin at increased frequencies of Light, we awaken to the full magnificence of our Selves while letting go of any three-dimensional limiting belief systems and stepping into the I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light. We are at the point where we choose to step into the Flame of Eternal Divine Liquid Light and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God through empowerment, Love and wisdom, whilst continuing our Service work to this Earth plane.

Invocation to Night 3 ~ Eclipses and Solstice

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, the Archangels and Angels, Mighty Elohim, Christed ET's, Ascended Masters, Chohans to the Rays, Helios and Vesta, Mother Earth and Nature Intelligence, and all other Beings I personally acknowledge as I merge now with my I Am Presence.

I now ask to be taken to be taken in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light to the Crystalline City of Light above Mt. Fuji in Japan.

As an initiate of Light, I am welcomed into Mt Fuji by three gatekeepers and taken into a pearlescent colored icosohedronal shaped Temple of Light pulsating in the essence of this sacred tenth ray of Divinity.

Surrounded by my family and friends of the Light, I now request for the Spiritual Microtron to be activated at a cellular level within my body; increasing the Light frequency beyond the speed of common light while activating the dormant DNA to its full potentiality.

I now release any limiting beliefs and judgments I may have at a cellular level through all timelines, dimensions, and realities. Genetically inherited, carried through from past lifetimes and parallel realities and created in this lifetime, as I bring back my Soul fragments that left in pain, shame, betrayal or simply for the experience of it.

I wrap my Self and these Soul fragments in this sacred pearlescent three-fold flame of empowerment, Love and wisdom, as I let these Soul aspects know: "We are Home my beloveds, we are truly Home, All pathways before us are simply of Light. I welcome you into this safe, sacred and loving place, my Home, my Heart and Yours".

I now bring a focus to the lunar eclipse as I find myself on the Unity Grid of Light, connected to the starseeded ones, Light Workers and the many Legions of Light as I align with the Sun and Moon and Mother Earth. With the assistance of all these Beings of Light, I now wrap the earth and all her Life in this sacred pearlescent flame of Divinity and the potential to experience the three-fold flame of empowerment, Love and Wisdom.

I now bring a focus to the political, financial and economic institutes on earth, lifting the veils of illusion and creating a forcefield of pearlescent Light penetrating into each country requiring these ray frequencies, through this lunar reflection of Light.

I now experience the merging of all timelines into this Now, bringing with it my past, present and future potentialities as I merge with my I Am Presence through these timelines and take on these keycodes of Light as this first wave Soul in human embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint.

I now bring a focus to the Solstice energies of Light, and Overlighted by Helios and Vesta, surround this sacred Earth and all her Life in this beautiful pearlescent three-fold flame of empowerment, Love and Wisdom. I now take this sacred flame of Divinity into all sacred sites within and around the Unity Grid and allow this sacred flame to be activated within the hearts of all Life on this Earth plane. And now, this sacred three-fold flame is activated within the Solar Grid of Light, linking all Life into the essence of Divine Love.

As this sacred flame is amplified, I find myself within the Hall of Records. As I access these records, the full realization of my preciousness and perfection is activated and actualized. I experience my full multidimensional nature as this Being of Perfect Love, in the knowing that this is Who I Have Forever Been.

As the Holy Light of Mother/Father God.

I Am balance and equilibrium,

I Am justice and Love,

I Am infinite wisdom through empowerment,

I Am the center of creation within which all lives and loves.

I Am All That I Am.

I now find myself back in my sacred space, connecting to all Life through the sacred pearlescent flame of empowerment, Love and wisdom as a Keeper of Light to this three-fold flame.

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek

Co-created by Adi'El

Music by Mike Hammer

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The Elders on Night Three of the Universal Underworld

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Welcome, my precious friends. This is Anrita Melchizedek and I am going to make a connection now to the Elders to bring through more information on Night Three of the Universal Underworld.

Welcome Sweet Ones,

It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this moment. And what an Interesting ride you are in for, for this month of June. Starting on June the 1st, you experienced this partial solar eclipse, which amplified the focus of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Rebalancing experience through the Ninth Ray of Highest Potentials in Day Three, primarily through the heart chakra. For many of you, you may have experienced a lot of activity around the heart chakra or stresses on the shoulders - the upper shoulders in particular, the neck and the head area. This recalibration was part of the energy matrix expanding within the energy body and physical body; and with this too, creating levels of stresses as they were being released into new recalibrations and flows of Light. Now, as you enter Night Three of the Universal Underworld this is amplified through the focus of the Tenth Ray of Divinity, experienced through the crystalline city of Light above Mount Fuji in Japan. This vortex of Light holds the energy, as many of these sacred cities and ashrams do, of the Sacred Three-Fold Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom. In holding the energy of this perfect balance through this sacred pearlescent flame over the month of June, you will experience for yourself too, many of the lower frequencies being integrated into these finer frequencies of Light or the higher qualities which is brought through, through this Tenth Ray. The energy of this is further amplified on the lunar eclipse on June the 15th, as you take these keycodes of the Tenth Ray in this beautiful pearlescent flame and focus it on lifting the veils of illusion on this earthplane. The focus, initially, through the push of the First Ray of Will and Power, which is energy which embodies this earthplane -- as does the Third Ray of Divine Intelligence, brings to focus the 'lifting' of veils of illusion on the political, financial and economic fronts.

This Tenth Ray of Divinity is certainly a ray worked with in self-mastery as it further lifts the veils of illusion by merging timelines into this Now. And we are seeing these streamlined timelines coming through from past, present and future realities, merging into this Now as you step more into this infinite and eternal continuum, this everlasting moment in Now. For there is only Now. For some of you this may have been experienced in long moments of periods of inactivity or feeling like you are being in a bubble. For others of you, this has been experienced in a lot of emotional oscillations. And yet, for others, there is a center of balance coming through these emotional oscillations and streamlinings of these timelines to create a level of clearing old cellular patternings, while bringing in new keycodes of Light. And, with this energetic tightness can further be experienced as well as many lifetimes in one day. But, these streamlines in consciousness are very particular in that they are bringing through the highest potentialities of each one of you individually. And as you merge and align more with your I-AM Presence, you truly are taking on these imprintings of the I-Am Avatar Blueprint of Light, this 'perfect' blueprint of Light. As the focus continues through this Tenth Ray of Divinity, it amplifies all the sacred sites on the Solstice, and further brings through the ability to understand yourselves as these Beings of Perfect Love, knowing that you are the center of creation, within which all lives in Love.

Through this focus of the Solstice activities you are further taken in Soul Consciousness into the Hall of Records. The Hall of Records goes back approximately 5.5 million years on this earthplane. And brings through all the genetic lineage of all star-seeded ones and Lightworkers as well as the Highest Potentials and also the consciousness of Light of all dimensions. When entering into the Hall of Records, you receive instantly just what you are needing to move into that center of Love within yourself. More than the merging of timelines, which create possibly a level of emotional oscillation, as you move into a temporal timeline of stability in the knowing of your gifts and purpose, the Hall of Records is simply the experience of all Life in Love. And, also Master keycodes of those pioneers, Christed ETs, Ascended Masters and Beings of Light that have come before and are too Master Teachers to this earthplane. It further links you into a deeper level of the ashrams and inner-plane centers of learning and Light. And, in accessing the Hall of Records you take on immediately those keycodes of Light that will lift you into the level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, ready for your next level of service work.

As you move into Day Four of the Universal Underworld focus, this is amplified through the Solar Eclipse on July the 1st. What this brings with it is the energy and Overlighting of the Eleventh Ray of Illumined Truth. And this ray, Sweet one, is the energy of this year, the energy of the Divine Feminine. It activates the chakras, the heart chakra in particular, and the third eye in particular - by removing all veils, to completely see and acknowledge yourself as this Being of Love, spiraling through from this Tenth Ray of Divinity into the utterance of your spiritual reality, and into holding yourself as this Keeper and Flame of Divine Love.

This amplification through the Solstice energy takes you into the level of energy which merges the Twin Flames of the Divine Feminine with that of the Divine Masculine or the Twelfth Ray of One-Unity Consciousness, which is further to be experienced following the Eleventh Ray. But it is the energy of the Eleventh Ray which amplifies and imbues all the rays as you move forward into 11-11-11. It is this key focus of activating the Divine Feminine for all life on this earthplane into the experience of the Flame of Unconditional Love. And, as Keepers of this Flame of Light, you are the way-showers and leaders, creating this vibration of Love to be experienced for all life.

Now surrounding the Unity Grid of Light, this beautiful Golden Flame of Light of the Twelfth Ray, which accesses into the Unity Grid of Light. This Christ Consciousness Grid of Light, holding the highest potentials of all Life is now further activated through the anchoring of the Solar Grid of Light. This Ray is focused through the First Cosmic Ray, a combination of all twelve rays with the focus on Love and Wisdom. And is experienced as a beautiful Copper-gold Flame of Light. This grid of Light which is activated around the solar system is now coming in to the holographic matrix of anchoring around the earthplane. And hence, you can now access both the Unity Grid of Light and the Solar Grid of Light. And it is the energy of the Solar Grid of Light that takes you into the year 2012-2013, in positioning you into the Galactic Center of Light to the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun, into this Galactic Center of Divine Love. So the frequencies of the energy of that which we talk about as ascension, is already here, amplified through the Unity Grid and the Solar Grid of Light. Choosing to work as this planetary lightworker with the Unity Grid of Light links you into the Lightworkers and Beings of Light along this Unity Grid of Light as well as receiving the keycodes that are updated on a planetary level. And, on taking on these keycodes, more of the service work is undertaken on the inner-planes as well as allowing these keycodes to be activated for all Life on this earthplane. And in holding the focus for the rays as we move through them through the Universal Underworld, you are further amplifying these frequencies and making them available to all Life on this earthplane. And that is in essence what you are doing, you are accelerating your consciousness and all Life on this earthplane through your individual keycodes and the planetary keycodes of Light.

Create a focus too of wrapping yourself in this beautiful Copper-Gold Flame of Light of Solar Christ Consciousness. And amplified at this time through the Solstice energy on June the 21st, which further takes all the sacred sites into a new level of the keycodes of Light. Through this Tenth Ray, through the Unity Grid, and in particular this is a moment in time when the Solar Grid of Light will be further activated for all lightworkers on this earthplane to experience these energies of 2012-2013, these keycodes of Light. What you may notice too through the focus of Night Three and working with this pearlescent flame, this Three-Fold Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom, is an activation of the heart and throat in particular. For this ray activates the throat chakra too, in the essence of the communication of your spiritual reality and your truth. So bring a focus to communications, not only in 'how' you communicate with others, but in how you 'act' and 'react'; how you express yourself, how you 'connect' and 'network' through the energy of your voice.

We leave you there now, sweet ones, to the understanding of your magnificence as you further take on these keycodes of Light amplified through the Spiritual Microtron. Having the ability to accelerate the frequency of Light in your body faster than the speed of common light, through the persuasion of micro subatomic particles, due to the splitting of the atom. In other words, the Spiritual Microtron has the ability to create even smaller subatomic particles as it increases the light vibration of these subatomic particles within the body. So the molecules within the body are spinning within these increased frequencies of Light, and with it, bringing up all cellular memories to be cleared while activating more of your multi-dimensional memories, primarily through the DNA and these increased and accelerated frequencies of light. So do not be surprised when you step into that higher level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, in knowing, in Higher Mind Intelligence, in Wisdom and in Love, while empowering yourself as a warrior of Light, and trusting and surrendering to the Divine.

As these first wave Souls holding the encodings of Light of the Perfect I-Am Kadmon Body of Light or the I AM Avatar body of Light, know that these changes are occurring to create these crystalline structure at a cellular level. The chakras are merging in one unified field of Light. This, sweet ones, is being experienced in this Now by many lightworkers. And, with these accelerated frequencies the next wave, the next wave and the next wave is imminent. And together we hold this focus of Divine Love, as Light bearers, star-seeded ones, and wisdom keepers and Master Beings. And we honor you as you step into this level of service and self-mastery. And truly, it is wondrous to behold!

We wish you a wonderful, magic Cosmic roller coaster ride over the month of June. And with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by AliceAnn.


Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

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