Friday, June 10, 2011

AA Gabriel Message


May 6, 2011

Archangel Michael speaks

Beloved Ones,
I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love called transcendence. This quality employs the ability to overcome the seeming transgressions of others by moving into a higher level of understanding, feeling forgiveness in One’s heart and rising above the situation. By employing this quality, One is working with the Higher aspects of One’s Self. By doing so, One can be said to transcend the situation. However, this must truly be felt in the heart in order for this to occur in reality.

Transcendence requires the ability to always see the glass as half full rather than half empty. It requires a positive attitude towards life no matter what transpires in One’s life. It is a quality that needs to be cultivated while in the earthly form and is one of the tests of life that each of you will have to engage in at some point as you live your life here on Earth. It is not an easy quality to embody, for it requires for you to have a Higher perspective on each situation that comes before you in order for you to surpass all obstacles and human limitations.

Many people in life find themselves in physical bodies that are disabled in some way so that their movement in life is severely restricted and through employing this quality of transcendence surpass their limitations and find a way to live their lives fully and completely even though they have these challenges and these people become great Beacons of Light to others, as a great inspiration to show others that it is in our attitude towards what is in our lives that counts and that our reality is created through our determination to fully experience this opportunity called life whilst in the body. The World has many such Souls who have helped Humanity see the unlimitedness within each of us to surpass and overcome all challenges.

Employing this quality brings great rewards to the Soul who successfully embodies this ability and attribute, for they move forward and progress much more quickly than those who have not yet employed this quality, for they have tapped into a great secret of life, one which will serve them well for all time, for in some way they have tapped into the great potential and majesty of their true Being and they never look back. When One is always looking at ways to move around an apparent obstacle to find another solution or way, and going within for guidance, there is always a solution that comes forth.

Transcendence requires great faith in the Higher power of the Spirit and is a surrender to this power and can bring many miracles to the One who employs it and with this quality One knows that in life, nothing is impossible if we put our Creator into the equation. Creator loves to move through into manifestation within each Being and does so lovingly and completely. It only requires the willingness of the Soul to open to this loving attention and it is done. So it is incumbent upon each Soul to reach up into the Higher realms in order to surpass their current challenges and when this is done, the answers come forth in wonderful ways that they could never have imagined.

I leave you now to ponder on these words with my Love and devotion.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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