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  Archangel Michael - How to Discuss Ascension with Friends, Relatives, and Children
              Oct.  2011
              Telepath, Susan
Steve Beckow writes
In her recent reading with Archangel Michael, Susan asked him how we discuss Ascension with our unbelieving friends and relatives, and with our children.  Thanks to Susan for adding to our knowledge base. 
Every additional discussion helps.
And thank you, Ellen, for taking the tape and transcribing it in barely half a day.  The audiofile is here so that you can listen to Archangel Michael speaking through Linda Dillon.
Linda, by the way, will be in Sedona the weekend of Oct. 28, holding her 15th Annual Council of Love Sedona Gathering. Details at
Archangel Michael speaks
Archangel Michael: I am Michael, beloved one, Archangel of Peace. My sister, Archangel Gabriel, is known as the Lily of Love, but I wish to be known as the Archangel of Love. Long before, long, long before my forays — what you think of as battles – before I had earned the nomenclature of Warrior of Peace – I was an artist, a musician. One day you will call me Musician of Love. And I will sing and play the harmonies of love. And you will hear it clearly, not only with your heart, but with your ears as well. So yes, a little background, but let us get down to the business at hand. [Laugh]
Susan: First I’ll ask Steve’s questions. His first one is, how are we to conduct ourselves with our unbelieving friends and relatives so as to reflect the facts that we know about ascension and intention to ascend, and yet don’t want to offend them?
AAM: This is a very, very good question. And while we are talking about names, and that term, Warrior of Peace, that is attached to me — and that I claim, by the way, for myself — but you, my legions, my beloved ones, my gentle ones, do not wish to offend anyone. I am going to speak out of — your expression would be — both sides of my mouth. First of all, I would like you to think of yourselves as diplomats, negotiators, and, yes, messengers. There is no point — as I have said to thee, Susan, in your portion of this delightful time together — in speaking to somebody in ways that they feel attacked, because what happens is they immediately go into defensive mode and fear, and when they are in that place, no energy moves or penetrates them. So you are absolutely correct that it does no good.
We have always wondered why people argue, say, politics, so vehemently long after the chance of making any point has been lost. Think of it this way: If you were explaining to someone you dearly loved that you were of a different faith, of a different belief system, of a different sexual orientation, or that you had some terminal disease, you would sit with them the way you do in [place name inaudible] and gently, softly, say: This is what is going on with me. And because I know you love me, I want you to know what I believe. And it is important to use that word “believe,” because what is happening is the breaking down of the old paradigms of belief systems; so, when you use this word, “belief,” you are erecting the new, you are replacing it and building the new foundation. So you say: I believe this is happening to me. And I will be going through the ascension process. It has already begun. And you may wish to elaborate — how you are feeling, what you have experienced — depending on the openness of the individual you are talking about.
You can then say: I am not going to talk about this every time we get together because I know that it doesn’t resonate with you. But I also want you to know that if it is your path as well, even though you don’t know it, I am praying to our almighty God and Source that you will also find your way, and that I will be able to help you.
So what you are doing is not creating any form of confrontation. You are simply saying, I believe, and this is what is going on with me. And you are doing so in exactly the same tone of voice and manner in which I am speaking to thee this day. It is gentle, it is kind, it is considerate. It is not intrusive, because that is not honoring of another’s choices, decisions, and the sanctity of their sacred space. Now, when you act this way, your energy comes in gentle waves and penetrates other peoples’ hearts. But you do not seek to invade, and then you let it go.
And if someone is caustic, or you think they’re being caustic, and they say, “Well, how’s that ascension thing going for you?” they may be being critical, but they also may be opening the door a little. They may be curious. So, use your discernment, which is very high, listen to your heart, and either laugh and say, “Well, it’s going,” or share a little more. Because whether those who are adamant that this is not going on they are not oblivious to noting the changes that are happening on the planet — the populace, including those who are at the moment naysayers, are waking up.
It is joyful. It is miraculous. But the key to that awakening is never shaking them awake. It is never being critical or unkind. It is never being exclusionary: “I’m going and you’re not.” No, the invitation is extended with open arms and open heart.
Let me give you an example. There are many times when a responsible parent will explain to their children where babies come from, what the reproductive process of humans is. And very often the response of the child is to simply laugh and say, “Don’t be ridiculous!” Later, they come to understand. It is exactly the same.
So, be the responsible one. Share the information, and then let it be. Let them discover the wonder of being reborn. Is this clear?
Susan: Yes, thank you. And that actually leads very nicely into the next question. How can we speak to our children about ascension when they don’t know about ascension?
AAM: When you speak to your children, as you would speak to anyone else, you are doing so in love. And also understand that the majority, actually, the greater percentage of this entire undertaking — both with our side and your side, and your star brothers’ side, and Gaia —has been energetic. It has been that energetic penetration into the very core of the being. So, do not think that the children aren’t getting it. They, more than anybody, have received and welcomed this energy. Yes, even though sometimes they seem like they’re bouncing off the walls.
They came very specifically for this time, and for the time following it, of course. They didn’t want to miss it. They could have chosen to come in at a different point, but they didn’t. And we want to remind all the parents out there, and the aunts and the uncles and the grandparents, they chose you, and you chose them. But they chose you not only for circumstances and for love, but also because they knew that, in your wisdom, in your sweet tenderness, and in your strength, that you would help them through this process.
What we would suggest — and of course it will vary depending on age — for the younger ones, they understand death. Either grandparents or great-grandparents, or the family dog dies. So they understand that process…of leaving. And for some of them, that process of coming and going is still in very recent memory. This is an opportunity for parents to say — and not in light of a death — but just say, You know how things change form, that somehow somebody or something dies? But there’s another way, too, where sometimes we change our form. Just like the angels sometimes will assume a form to appear on Earth and help us, well, there is a good chance, sweetheart, that we’re going to do that together as a family.
So, this is something I’m working on. And I’m working on it for the whole family. And so when the time comes I’m just going to gather you in my arms and take you on this little trip, where we will get to be even happier than we are today. It’s not frightening. There is nothing to be afraid of. But I just wanted you to know there are many ways to live, and we want to try them all. Because life is about the adventure.
If the child is older, and we are thinking, you know, depending on the child, we would say 12 to, hmm, 15, they already understand about energy and shifting. They live in a virtual world, they believe in superheroes assuming different forms. They are up for the adventure.
So you would speak to them differently: that there is a potential shift occurring where the Earth, Gaia, is going to get rid of poverty and disease, lack and limitation; that we are going to raise our vibration; that we’re being recalibrated to be a more efficient human being; and that it is about being more heart-centered and more loving, so that there is no war, there is no civil strife, there is no backbiting and bitterness. Because do not think that children do not see this every day in their schools; they do.
So you speak to them in that way. But the key is you speak to them from your heart. You know your children. You know their hearts. You know their beauty. You know what will speak to them in ways that are not frightening. And that is why we talk about the elimination of war, of hunger, of poverty; that they can live on a planet with clean water and clean air.
But do not make it — either for the younger ones or the older ones — do not make it too serious, because it will infuse fear. Do not forget, the passport is the loving heart, and you do not wish to infuse these beautiful hearts of purity with fear. And for some children, once the topic is open, they will want to talk about it endlessly. And others will say, “Oh, okay, that’s cool. Let me know,” and not want to talk about it at all. And that is fine as well. Judge yourself accordingly.
Susan: Thank you, Michael. I believe our time is up. But I will be back. Thank you again.
AAM: Dear Heart, go with my love. Go with my blessings. And remember, we have a deal. Go in peace, dear one.
S: Thank you.
AAM: Farewell.

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