Monday, October 17, 2011



Have you ever seen, not just a single nation, but many nations aroused at once?
Marianne Williamson made an impassioned speech in Los Angeles a couple of days ago. Dylan Ratigan let it fly on TV. Keith Olbermann has been hammering away since forever and is now being joined by others. Naomi Klein must be smiling to see that we have not all succumbed to fascism, even though the cabal ran through the ten steps to creating it.

We’re probably most familiar with what’s happening in North America but all over the globe, it seems, people are awakening and saying enough is enough. Life was never meant to be enjoyed only by a master class. Those who have so subverted documents like the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence to mean freedom only for the rich and freedom of opportunity only for the powerful have forgotten themselves in their rush for wealth and power.

They lost their heads and all sense of responsibility for their brothers and sisters. And like the document says, there comes a time in the affairs of men and women where a people rise up and overturn an unjust governmental system. And that time is here now.

And the people are rising up, in every country, peaceably but insistently. And they will be triumphant, peacefully putting aside elitism, militarism, exploitation, and oppression. The people will take back the reins of power and redistribute wealth and property equitably. Perhaps that could not have been said even twenty years ago with any sense of reality, but knowing what we know here, we know it can be said now.

The rest of the world may not know that the rising light energies are washing the planet in love. They may not know that love cannot be denied. They may not know that we are transforming and that our destiny is assured. But we have that knowledge and so we can watch the events in Kuala Lumpur and Appleton and Vancouver and appreciate what a groundswell of real reform is sweeping the land.

Not the kind of “reform” that the elite has imposed on us that has taken away access to hospitals for so many, deprived us of jobs and benefits, and put home ownership at risk. That kind of “reform” is not and never was reform.

Not the American nightmare that the American dream has become. The dream we’re dreaming has nothing to do with mere ownership of a home, picket fence and two cars.

It has to do with complete personal fulfillment and satisfaction, deep spiritual understanding and connection, and the achievement of an end to all limiting conditions on humanity and the other kingdoms of life on this planet as well.

We’re not thinking small and we’re not thinking only of self. The people have come of age and want the entire situation of the human family to be attended to and rectified. And we will not be denied.

If there’s anyone out there who thinks the party of the elite can continue, it’s time to wake up. Anyone sleeping past this point is in for a huge disappointment. The people will overturn the existing systems of power and finance. They will stand up to the military and the police and stare them down.

The sight of an aroused population will bring sense to policemen and soldiers by reminding them that they too have families and must live in a neighborhood. They too must feel they can hold their heads up and feel proud of what they’re about. Whole nations will recover the sense of wanting to be proud of themselves, what they do, and what they accomplish.

There’s no turning back. We’re entering a critical time on this planet that will see humanity redeem itself. How we behave is crucial. Whether we stand together will be decisive. How much suffering we’re willing to endure to bring in a just order will determine how soon we’ll have our New World and New Era.

This is our moment. This is our time. This is our opportunity.
Steve Beckow

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