Sunday, December 11, 2011

12:12 Planetary Daimond Activation

 12:12 Planetary Diamond Activation
Monday - "12-12" Planetary Activation Live with Jacqueline Joy
An Auspicious Opportunity To Anchor More Love and Light !
Jacqueline Joy, FounderDiamond Alignment
  Monday, December 12th
  12:00 NOON (California Time Zone)

     Click the link below for your correct time zone:

 Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
    PIN Code: 218565#
1. Webcast Instructions -
    To connect using the Web, go to:

    Enter your Event Password: diamond
    (You'll need this password to enter the Webcast)


1. Lie or sit down and get comfortable.
2. Focus on your breath.
3. Visualize the Diamond surrounding you.
4. Declare: "I activate my highest potential to receive this
    Diamond Activation NOW."
5. Be consciously aware of receiving the Diamond Energy
    Transmission in your cells, and join up with your "YES".
6. Consciously connect to the worldwide Diamond Energy Grid by
    visualizing millions of Diamond lights sparkling around the 
    Globe connecting in one vast matrix, raising the vibration of the
    whole Planet.
7. At the end of the 30 minutes declare:
    "I celebrate and give thanks for this Diamond Transmission.
    I know it is so."

I am very excited to be with you all in the Diamond Energy Field on

Wishing you Diamond Joy and Equanimity -

Jacqueline Joy, Founder
Diamond Alignment
We would like to wish all our friends a peaceful transition into the new year. May 2012 bring reconciled relationships, injustices righted, hurts healed, fears calmed and prospering communities.
For all..

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