Monday, December 5, 2011

Excerpt from Earth Rainbow Network

Quote of the month

"The Light that is growing within you is there to show you the way ahead towards the Promised Land of a Golden New Era of Light and Love. Once you start opening your Self to Its Presence in you, it can then inspire you, through the channel of your intuition, with exactly what you are meant to accomplish in every single moment of this lifetime. One of the things this Light wishes you to rediscover is the power you have, as One with All That Is, to cocreate the future whose manifestation in your field of existence is only awaiting your conscious, willing participation. Once you align your will with the Higher, more wiser Will of God/Creator Source, always a whiff of loving adoration away, you can then smoothly get to work to comanifest this divinely magical time of Grace and Purity that lies just ahead in the time-life continuum, and thus play the part you intended to play when you chose to descend into this lower realm of existence in which so much of your former, and still latent glory is concealed from your own eyes. If you will just for a few moments put aside your limited sense of self and its accompanying numbness that clouds your field of consciousness with far too many self-belittling falsities about Who You Are, you will then start seeing in a blaze of radiant illumination your sparkling, scintillating, iridescent soul Self, floating in a sea of Bliss, sending sharp rays of pure white Light in all directions like a shining star, thus connecting with All That Is in a perpetual symphony of Love and Oneness."

- Taken from
Meditation Focus #229: Visioneering and Pioneering the Coming Golden Age

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