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END of 2012
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December 21, 2012
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                             Your  COSMIC COORDINATEs

Friday Dec 28, 5:21 AM EST
The Sun is in Capricorn  in Opposition to the Full Moon in Cancer.
This generally represents the challenge between your private and public lives in all its forms - career vs home life,  relationships vs reputation;  family vs work; karma vs dharma. Check out the balance and let's move on to the Big News - December 21, 2012.

December 21, 2012

On the famous Dec 21, 2012 date, I hope you had a wonderful Solstice New Year End of Time Mayan Calendar celebration. Here at The Temple of Sacred Geometry (south) at Spaceport Orlando we danced a Spiral to Singularity that ended in deep meditation over a 3 hour experience.   More dramatic fire ceremony, drumming and chanting was done throughout the day, evening and into the next morning. The 5 elements were invoked, invited, became lively and responsive. Then, over the next few days, the numerous phone calls and emails started coming in, basically all asking, "What Happened?" Do I have to return to work like every other day?
WHAT did NOT HAPPEN were the many fervently held fantasies and 'far out' expectations held by many in the New Age community. Earth did not move out of orbit or move into the 4th or 5th Dimension. There is no need to pretend. There was not a mass Ascension (modern version of the Fundamental Christian "Rapture"). There was not a split between the Chosen Few Elect and the ignorant masses. There are not two earths co-existing now. There was no catastrophe; no UFO landing, no tsunami, asteroid, volcano or disaster. The 10th Planet Niburu did not arrive. There is no 2nd sun appearing in the sky. By all outer appearance, Friday December 21, 2012 was pretty much like any other day.
HOWEVER, two important things DID happen.
This info is factually accurate (as far as I know from astronomical data). While every December we do reach the closest point every year to the Galactic Center in Earth's normal revolution around the sun, this year is special because we did reach the closest point (6 degrees) to the galactic center in the larger "Great Year" 25-26,000 Procession of the Equinox (exact number of years in this cycle is still in debate).
In 2012 we "crossed over" the MID POINT of our journey across the galactic equator. We entered that field in 1997 (15 years ago) and will take another 15 years to clear the other half and fully enter into the upper half of the galaxy. The past 12,500 year cycle has taken us below the equator and was marked by numerous ancient sites which are aligned to that date (Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Anchor Wat, etc). That cycle was marked by a rather dark history of male domination, mental growth,  ego and military control. By moving into the upper half of this cycle we presumably are entering into a more feminine, yin, goddess energy and this observation is born true by the societal changes we see over the past decades.
NASA prepared a nice informative site about all this HERE and HERE   However, it must be said. sadly but truthfully (as evidenced by the many scientists who have left there) that NASA is a SHILL front man for a hidden government agenda so they will deliberately leave out info and DO mislead the public, change data, alter photos, interupt feeds, etc.  Shame on NASA, Caveat Emptor! 

More on 2012

NEXT - what is the other main event of 2012?
From the perspective of HISTORY when future people look back, there is little doubt that 2012 will be known as THE pivotal year in human history, like 1945 or 1776.    Why?
Because 2012 is the year we shifted paradigms. Unlike a dramatic one day asteroid hit, a paradigm SHIFT takes a few years. The last SHIFT was in 1905 when Einstein presented his 4 papers introducing a new concept of space-time. Everything you enjoy today - for example, reading this message on a computer or cell phone through the internet or riding in a car controlled by a computer or watching TV or heating microwave food or a million other luxuries we enjoy today - ALL came out of THAT paradigm SHIFT over the past 100 years.
As dramatic as all that change has been - the SHIFT we are undergoing now will DWARF all of that.
WOW !!!
YES !   2012 began the colossal change we will all see emerge in 2013.
Each Paradigm Shift of the last 500 years (Copernicus in 1500, Newton in 1700, Einstein in 1900) was caused by a new scientific understanding of the universe. This one is no different except that this one will finally integrate the inner subjective world and the outer objective world.
Welcome the HoloFractoGraphic view of the world.
The SHIFT we are about to experience emerges out of a new scientific paper in physics, submitted for peer review in Fall 2012 which postulates a true UNIFIED FIELD of the Universe and was presented by
Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project Foundation.   
A practical application of this new understanding involved an antigravity electro-magnetic device which was issued a US Patent in July 2012. Manufacture is underway and expected to be public by Spring 2013.
The implications of this SHIFT were explained very well in THRIVE: the movie and basically means FREE ENERGY. Our global economic slavery is based upon the scarcity of energy. It takes energy to make things, grow things, produce things, manufacture things, ship and transport things and dispose of things. Once an infinite source of energy is as free as air, the foundation of our economic system will dramatically SHIFT. The science is now real and published. Within 12-24 months we will all witness this change.  It IS at hand, the public disclosure is being worked out.

Each year around this time this amazing organization publishes a summary of the major news stories which are censored from the main stream lame stream media. These are the REAL NEWS because they indicate trends where the 1% planetary rulers and corporate overlords are taking the rest of us. For example, here are real stories out of the shadows of myth - - there are plans well underway to replace the US dollar. More US soldiers died from suicide than in combat. Weather can be controlled and used as a weapon. Insurance companies causing 1000s of deaths. Much more. Read it all.

WHAT'S ON MY FOOD? This is one of the most valuable resources on the web for food safety and info.   Check it out and be amazed. Really, it will Blow Your Mind! Spending extra money on organic foods is well worth the cost to health especially for any fruit (apple, blueberry, strawberry, etc). LINK HERE
For example - farm animals won't eat store bought carrots - do you? LINK HERE
 MSG violence (EXCITO toxins)
In his most excellent book "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills" neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock (see above video) explains how scientific tests showed that MSG can cause "uncontrollable urges of violence".
Could it be that after three generations of eating increasing levels of MSG and other even stronger, newer chemical flavor enhancers that lace most processed, packaged and restaurant foods that there could be a link between the Standard American Diet (junk food diet) and random, senseless violence? LINK HERE

UFO  updates


Compilation of UFOs just last month -  November. HERE  and HERE

Flower of Life NEW and IMPROVEDurses
  In light of the Unified Field Theory breakthrough, Flower of Life courses will have new information which integrates this new understanding of the merkaba / light body activation.
Most everything in this newsletter is discussed during the
 COURSE. If you haven't done it, perhaps now is the time. If you have, then, Remember! 

The Flower of Life is one of the oldest symbols known to Man, yet it has only recently been "discovered" (in numerous places worldwide since 19 FOL color 3 92). Thus it appears as if it were an ancient time capsule that has remained hidden until humanity has reached a certain level of evolution. The appearance of the Flower of Life has always corresponded to a Renaissance of Culture, Art and Science. The patterns within it reveal the framework of our world, yea, All of creation. To know it through the first form of being human, is called the MerKaBa. This workshop gets the motor running.   
  In addition to the practical application of your MerKaBa and sacred geometry, the workshop includes emphasis on personal healing and insights into the human energy system. Sacred geometry is the key that unlocks all of the world's art, science, and architecture. Called the language of light, its images and shapes are embedded in DNA, mandalas, pyramids, crystals, atoms, and hieroglyphs. Anyone who has ever gazed at a spider's web, meditated on a mandala or yantra, visited a pyramid, walked a labyrinth, or peered through a microscope has felt the effects of sacred geometry.
Courses have this schedule: Fri 6pm-10pm, Sat 9:30-6:00, Sun 9:30-6:00  
.JAN 11,12,13  ORLANDO, Florida 
FEB  15,16,17  Orlando
=============================================================                For more information on the Flower of Life or to REGISTER call 407.321.1377  Private or small groups available by arrangement. For more infor go to this link: More Information of the FLOWER OF LIFE For more information go to this link
 FLower of Life Course Info LINK
Sacred Geometry is basically geometry that is focused on describing creation and/or consciousness; how consciousness moves through reality. Because it is a 'doing' activity (rather than a 'reading' or 'observing' activity) it directly appeals to the rational side of our brains. That Sacred Geometry is something you have to DO is a very important point - it is not something that you can just look at and go 'Yeah, I get it'. You actually have to pick up pencil, compass and paper and do the drawings yourself. In doing so you create new neural pathways for a more integrated state of awareness, awakening and oneness. This is the Real Deal.

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Dr B's PH MIRACLE video on You Tube.
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