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 DECEMBER 13, 2012

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With Love and dedication to the Light by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.
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This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit any imperfections in spelling and grammar only enhance its beauty and uniqueness.
*** The Magic of the Season
The Magic of the Season
As the magic of the season takes a deep in-breath and holds to the count of 12, we all come to an intersection of time and intent. Do we allow ourselves to be flooded with colored light filled sensories, out of our control or do we go within to fine the true magic of the season.  All roads lead to the upcoming sequence of events whether manmade or destined. We all know we are at a turning point on this earthen ride. Some grief waifs thru our hearts as we see many a splendored thing disappear in the blink of an eye. If we truly do create the quantified outcome it is imperative the last days of this 26,500 yr. cycle that we give it all we got. Lets create past the Mayan time portal into an unknown land where fairness reigns and right is felt deep within.
From this day until 12 full sunrises and sunsets have completed themselves, fill each 24 hour time-slot with one Christmas Wish for another. Known or unknown seen or just felt, spend your wish constructing a world full of love and miracles. Create a grid of stones (any kind) and in the center every day place your written wish for another. Leave them all together until after the holiday season.
For many many moons I have acknowledged that 12:12 was always an ascension day on many levels. I have gone to many a grotto on that date. It has always been holy and magical to me.  As you set your grid of miracles call in Mother Mary to bless all. Each kindness that you do travels thru space and time touches all on its way to the beginning. You touch the very Godhead, the Source with your every action and inaction, know this always then choose to walk  the fine line of creation. Give to those who do not expect it, Give anonymously with zest. Give of your silent prayers for another you pass on the street, give without thinking allowing it to be a way of life not a season
Let The True Light of The Season Radiate Through You. Become the master of your fate by making higher choices that move you into a space of freedom. Be thankful for all that is you and all that is about you. Let the five fingers of self point you in a new direction that will support and enable you to be all that you were born to be. Stop fighting the currents of your life and drifting from drama to drama. Spend your time and energy wisely in your creational mode which runs full speed all the time.
Become that which you yearn to be in your inner heart. Become the picture in your mind as you embrace the higher credenza of purpose. You do not insult God by trying to be a better. Compete with the higher light your universe grows bored and will entertain itself in fashions that will not always be user friendly to humans.
In the season of Christmas come into your Christ-light with purpose and plan. Plan to be a better human with a vaster purpose. Listen to the signs and hear the future as it beckons your attention. Every day you will be given a series of energies to look at. Within each intersection is a panel of choices which you are also asked to observe. At that point of inner sight and universal choice, let your heart  be the one to vote with purpose and pure intention. Then  quickly move forward into that opening.
Each and every day listen with your heart and then move into that place of thought. Follow your light as it connects with person place or thing. Follow your light as it directs you like a beacon into a place of heavenly choice. Choice is the Grand Master of all human energies as it consumes humanity 24 hrs a day. People are always at a point of choice. Ask to chose higher and wiser and in a place of love and then stand back and watch the show of light shift into holograms of miracles and blessings for all.

As Received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We come to invite you into a matrix of miracles, a matrix of love, and a matrix of light.  We come to escort you into more understanding of how you create, and why you create.  We come to help you understand your desires, your needs, and your wants and how they affect the vibration of the earth.   
We are the Elohim. 

You are never singular in your desires.
  You are never singular in your needs or in your wants.  You are never singular in your manifestations and creations.  Always you create from a point of oneness and you deliver into a point of wholeness.  Always your heart beckons into creation what it holds dearly inside of it.  Always your soul will push you and prod you into manifestations and creations that you humanly think are impossible.   

the birthing of miracles is being issued to all of earth.  As of December 12th, you will find your ability to create is heightened and amplified.  You will find that instantaneous creations will become an everyday event.  No longer are your creational abilities invisible, no longer are they hidden behind the skirts of your humanness – but they stand in the front and reach out for every person on earth. 

Everyone’s belief system will usher him or her into a dialogue with creation – an unfamiliar dialogue – but a dialogue nonetheless.  Every one of your thoughts is in conversation, communication, and communion with the molecular structure of life.  Constantly you are bantering and bartering and bargaining with the presence and energy known as life.  In the past you had to cajole it, to control it and manipulate it to make it obey you.  But now that the vibration of earth has increased exponentially, you will no longer have to barter and bargain with your life-force. 

You are the Masters that the Christ so promised was natural within your being. You are becoming the bringers and doers of miracles without much effort on your part except a belief that is cemented in your heart.  A belief that flows through your veins. A belief that fills your lungs and every cell of your body with the oxygen of miracles made manifest.  You do not nor shall you ever again have to make life happen for you.  You do not have to make another love you, to make another obey you, to make another give to you.  You no longer have to focus upon an individual person nor an individual event to fulfill what your body, mind, and spirit so desires.   

Imagine yourself standing in a field filled with every flower on the earth – every color, every scent.  Also in this field is every butterfly of every size and color.  You stand in the center of this field breathing deeply. You cannot make the butterflies obey, but they lovingly and willingly land upon your hand, your head, your arm, and your back touching you with the winds of beauty that pulse between their wings.  You stand in the center of your heart in the center of this miracle– not conducting it, not cajoling it, not making it happen, – but allowing it to experience you as you experience it. 
This shall be the color and the sound of the vibration as it comes on 12/12/2012.   

Life will happen to you.  Miracles will happen to you.  Love will happen to you.  It will be a part of everyday schematics.  It will be the blueprint of divinity that you have so yearned for.  It will not be something that you will search out.  It will be who you are.  As your vibration changes, then everything that your heart and soul desires will be made available for you.  It will walk through your life – but will you see it?   Will you embrace it?  Will you know that miracle when it stands in front of you and looks at you eye to eye?  Or will you dissect it and analyze it and criticize and judge it.   

For everything that you think that you need or want or desire becomes a bioelectrical pulse, an living pulse that is sent into the membrane of Creation.  The vibration of God that lives in everything responds by giving you exactly what you are asking for n a way that is vibrationally/politically correct per your words. 

All creations through time and space have different vibrational imprints – necessities for growth, for emancipation, and for ascension.  And thus a miracle for one of you, is not a miracle for another.  It is time to come to the forefront of the understanding that miracles are natural events and they are divinely yours for the asking.  They love you, they seek you, they honor you, and they are exactly vibrationally proportionate to you energies.

You can never take a miracle from another.  For all miracles are designed specifically for your imprint.  You have the only DNA key that unlocks your box of miracles.
it is your job to embrace these personalized miracles. To cradle them in your heart– to know them by their brilliance.  For miracles are living energies, they love you.   You hold the spirit of miracles within you. radiate it out for everyone on earth to behold.  embrace the creation of miracles, the reception of miracles, and the belief in miracles for yourself and all of mankind. Hold tight – for the Age of Miracles is upon you.  We are the Elohim.  We leave you with a heart full of miracles.  

As Received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
I am Mary, Divine Mother, Giver of Hope, Giver of Love. I am She who comes to welcome you as I open my heart and my arms and bring you close to my breast. I bind you in love and I bind what hurts you. I bind what pains you and I bind what cries in your soul to be healed. I collect with love what tears fall from your eyes. Allow me to wrap myself around you. I come to speak to you about your divine responsibility.
I come on this day (12:12:12) in the vibration of twelve that once surrounded my son The Christ. I come to escort you into a higher understanding of what being divine means. The divinity that you seek does not live in some far off land, only accessible by the holy ones. Divinity does not wait for you to have a perfect body, hair, day. Divinity does not wait for the day that you are hallowed enough to be in its presence. The Divine part of you has sat on the shelf for eons waiting for you to remember that the time is now and the crown is of light not  thorns.
The consciousness within your body exclaims, that it cannot receive this Divinity until you feel holy and whole in every droplet of your being. Self/Ego will not allow you to announce that you are ready to receive divinity. The ascension process depends upon when you place that beautiful crown of light upon your head. When you finally embrace in Allness that divine sector of your humanness. You each wait for a crucifixion, for the stigmata, for martyrdom, and for sainthood before you receive the divinity that is longing for your touch that is longing to be embraced by you.
So I ask you all to see in your mind's eye, a beautiful crown of light, sparkling with the stars in the heavens, the quasars and the galaxies, sparkling with love and holiness. See it by your feet. Now, in your mind's eye, reach down and pick it up. It feels as if you have the whole world in your hands, not just earth, but all of God's creations. Move that divine crown of light to your heart and place it as a sacred circle around your heart. Feel it open your heart up to levels of love that go beyond you're understanding. Now put the crown of light to your throat and let a light come forth that will allow you to speak to those in anger, in negativity, in confusion with words of love as sweet as a nightingale's song. Now move that crown up into your third eye and see as a seer that has the ability to see beyond the time space veil of illusion.
Open your perceptions to what is still invisible. Visualize with all of your light, with all of your love, everything that you have ever dreamt that you wanted to be, wanted to do! Divine Perfection in body and mind and spirit. Divine perfection within intention and heart. In that Divine intention, place this crown of light, this crown of divinity upon your head, Dear Children. You see it does not sit above it, but blends into your body and soul. Shrouding your body in holiness and love. Feel it move down to your feet and then see it becoming One with the flesh of Mother Earth. For as you receive your divinity into you heart and thinking she is released of the burden of awakening you and can thus place her loving attention on those that still slumber in forgetfulness.
The time for accepting and receiving your Divinity, your divine nature, your divine future, and your divine creation is now, this minute of this day. You ask for gifts from spirit. You ask for gifts from Christ. They sit about your feet as unopened presents because you do not embrace them into your presence that never has felt holy enough. Even those of you throughout time and space that have held sacred positions of priests and ministers, saints and nuns, healers and shamans, never have you felt Holy enough. In that fractured-ness, you caused a great ripple effect affecting the outcome and timing of this great Divine Presence within you that was seeking release.
as you have placed this Divine Crown of Light upon your head and received it into your cellular structure, you have made a pledge. The pledge says, "I embrace my divinity now! I am good enough now! Grand enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, holy enough to be Divine now!. The activated Divinity will set into motion a series of events that entirely recalibrate the next steps of your journey. This is the piano that you have been waiting to play. This is the picture you have wanted to paint. This is the song that you have wanted to sing. In the past these expressions of self and soul existed in 'someday'.
You travel and travel to 'someday' but never get there. By you receiving in fullness the first cell of divinity, you have changed everything. You have changed your walk, your twinkle, your skin tone, your hair, your smile, and your words. You will walk more in a holy fashion and embrace what is more whole and holy within you. You will resist the temptation of others negativity to bring you into anger, into sadness, into remorse. Everything of life tries to escort you away from your light; do you not see that? As long as you are sad and fractured and upset and too busy, the light cannot land upon you. That is why evenings as such are so important, for you sit long enough to allow the spotlight of divinity to land upon you as a hummingbird that finally quits flying and lands upon a branch embracing the time of rest.
By opening and fully receiving your Divine innate natural nature and state of being, you move the possibilities of your life and your future to a destination that was not visible on the map of your soul. You have all looked for the stairway to heaven. You have jumped up to try to reach the golden hoop. You have tried to quantum leap forward. You have tried everything, but you could not get to that next level that you so seek. You could splash about in it for a moment, but it did not stay adhered. The reason it did not adhere is because you had not received in fullness your divine presence. This is the year that you unwrap that divinity for yourself. Each of you now wear it fully, what beautiful beings you are.
In your mind's eye you have always seen a picture of yourself that is grand and glorious and lily white. A picture of yourself where you walk, or rather float through your life, where your clothes are never dirty and you always wear white. Where your hair never needs washed and your halo is always shiny. Do not wait for death to receive these images. Realize them in life. You know that they are real. Receive them in the here and now - not in kingdom come - but on earth, let it be done.
As you embrace the Divine Crown that you have placed within your energy field, you also allow entrance for the Son of the Sun to come to you. Call forth to the Christ. Look at him at eye to eye. The picture that was given to you this evening is fully filled with my presence. I changed the colors deliberately so that it would be seen as a miracle. Believing is seeing, is it not? - For those of earth. When you need me, look into my eyes. It matters not what your faith, your religion, your belief - for I am here for all. Look eye to eye with your angels now. They are not above you. They are with you as is my Son, and the Ascended Masters. I am Mary and I wish you a Mary Christmas from my heart. Speak to others about finally being able to receive divinity while in human form. On Earth it will be done. I Love you and Bless you.
As Received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
I am the essence, the light, the sound, and the thought of Mary. I represent the ultimate Mother, the Divine Mother, the Divine Female. After the time of my Son’s Ascension, I was escorted off, not to be seen again. The energies kept me sequestered away as to protect me in my light, in my body, and in my heart.
Many of you in your existences through space and time, have oft times been scooted away from those that you loved, from those that you considered to be family. At this time in this intersection of heaven and earth, of stars and sun, it is a time of going back and healing that deep within you that still mourns for what could have been what should have been, and what wasn’t. The feeling of being separate, of being abandoned – and yet at the same time, a feeling of being protected for one’s own sake.
The Divine Mother, the Divine Female stands in the center of her journey of healing. She walks the long shores of self, barefoot -- often cutting herself on the shards and the shrouds of the past. She walks barefooted and bare-hearted into her future. She seeks a time beyond human conception. The Divine Female, the Divine Mother comes full circle into her Cosmic Heart and her Cosmic Self as she no longer licks the wounds of the past, as she no longer camps and sleeps upon the skeletons of what was. She moves quickly yet slowly, gently yet deeply into a future that is embedded within her genetically.
Celebrate the 365 days of your birth, of your life, of your serving, and of yourself. For women have stayed in the background far too long. They have whimpered and cried in the night. They have seen injustice after injustice. Their hands were tied and their mouths were sewn shut. But now you sit in a place, in a time, and a doorway of coronation. Receiving the gifts that have awaited you patiently, through all time. I, Mary, Queen of the Universe, come to proclaim to you that you are now united and ignited in Sacred Coronation as you receive your Crown of Light as Queen of your Life. A queen that sits with tears rolling down her face as she looks at all of the plenty that comes her way. A queen that feels guilty as she receives and receives all that life and light has to offer. But it is at this point of receiving that you open a doorway for all the hearts of humanity to receive this plenty as well. Knowing that you are in service in this receiving will make it easier for you, Dear Ones. Celebrate every single day as a birthday, a day of specialness, a day of light, a day of remembrance, and a day of receiving.
Receive these little gifts of spirit day after day. Do not let a day go by that you do not expect gratitude – gratitude from the energies that you have served throughout existence. Finally the circle comes full. It is closed into a Flower of Light at this point of receiving. This comes forward to all the females of earth that have chosen to incarnate as females at this time. There will come a time when the males will receive the same fulfillment in a balanced equation.
As woman you have always been on the back porch of your life, in the back of the bus, the back of the carriage, the back of the train, the back of the burner. And now you are in the forefront. Allow these words to heal you. Sup upon them. Drink from them. And fill your being with them for you escort all of life into a closing ceremony. And in that closing ceremony, you are initiated into the Land of Plenty, into the Kingdom and Queen-dom of receiving, and into the hidden treasures of light. I am Mary. I leave you with these thoughts and words and gifts – for I am the first to give to you.
 By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
My Christmas wish for you is that you’ll allow yourself the gift of being too human, too vulnerable and too soft of heart. Being born on Earth is a big deal and not something to be taken lightly. You are 99.9% Light at all times, in all incarnations in all forms. Light is your original form. Humanness is a luxury, an adventure for those brave enough to try it on.  If you could only truly grasp the fullness of this cinematic picture called life you would delight in its gardens and bounty. Here sits the secret of the universe in full bloom. Herein sits time in all of her sequences and sections.
The great puzzle within seeks to see the picture on the box, if only to make construction of the ideals easier. The pieces mix and match like a color blind tourist on holiday. Signs are twisted, roads run out, bridges fall as you try to cross to the other side of this knowing. As the year ends stay at a place of knowing without restraints or constraints. A place of ‘no expectations’ as what is great makes its way to the surface breaking the quiet of the still pond.
Life has been whirling and twirling about, as toy soldiers without a mission. Allow the origami of your soul to unfold in its own time and truth. The year pushes and prods you into stitching yourself so thin you begin to fracture. This time stamp and pace will not let up for it is not just seasonal. It is important that your prioritize your life and do not let the karma and choices of others be served to you. Do you not De-serve the very goodness you give to others?
The word De-serve (to be worthy, fit, or suitable for some reward) asks you not just to serve  the needs of others but to allow yourself what is need to complete who you are. You are running on empty in the desert and the fill up station is 100 miles away. Give to the Christ child within you. Let the shining star guide you home to remembering in the fullness of time, what this journey is all about.  The gifts of spirit are promised to you in so many ways via so many sacred texts and Holy Scripture. they are the keys that unlock the shackles you wear as humans.
Between 12:12 2012 and 12:21 2012 you will be gifted a cycle of time that will allow you to complete what still holds you hostage in thought and action. Please call upon the Light to assist you in healing the areas that still fester and pain you. Areas of family or regrets or angers or sad nesses. Allow me to help you join in heart and dream those you still long to see. Allow the universe to lift the veil between worlds so you can fully see that, those you love still live on in spirit, deed, and Light.  Allow the Light to heal what has transmuted thru time in your family DNA. Ask to see into the heart of another and heal yourself in that reflection.
This is a time of miracles walking the earth. No amount of cajoling is going to get you to the place of believing fully. In This season of Light expect a miracle or two displaying their wings in full panorama. EXPECT your family to be healed and forgiven of all past sins and injustices. Expect your life to run smooth and bountiful. Expect help from every human around you if you so needed it. EXPECT the good to come looking for you; expect to be the favorite child of a loving Universe.
See the time between now and 12/21/2012 as a well lit pathway to a new land in time. Use this gift wisely promoting your own dreams in thought and action. Believe in yourself as you believe in others and watch the Christmas Magic dance thru your life. Let the wishes of your life be granted and stop holding them at bay. Create to your full potential and then stretch that ability a little more every day. You were born to do great things remember that every day and act accordingly.
This New Years Eve 2013 create an ‘I AM TEMPLATE’, an energetic road map into the next 2 years.  Command the energies into a direction that serves the better good on all levels of your life. Ask the Light/Angels/God/ to release what still pushes your buttons and pulls your strings.  Release the pettiness between you and others, the green-eyed energy that sucks your light. Release the anger that drains you of your strength, just keeping it alive. Release the expectations you have of others, as they ride their own horse of a different color.
The I AM TEMPLATE consists of an eternal circle. First, draw the large circle repeating the words I LIVE IN A PLACE OF PLENTY.  2ND On the inside of the circle place everything you plan on creating in the next year. ALL OF YOUR DREAMS ASPIRATIONS, WANTS, NEEDS, AS WELL AS WHAT YOU WANT FOR THE PLANET. On the outside of the Circle write everything you are CHOOSING to RELEASE. Release all that does not serve your highest good any longer. Be specific in those releases. Then on New Years Eve bless the ‘I AM TEMPLATE’ and then burn it, releasing its ashes like a sacred prayer on smoke.
These powerful christalline Masters come to show us a Great Light.  They come to remind us about our ‘Parent Light’, that which all in the universe speeds toward. These Gorgeous crystals are navigational markers, allowing time passages to be opened and seen.  They come to teach us about our DNA links to and from other universes and time domains.
All of history to come is built into the DNA of man. We of earth hold within us 144 star systems that gave of themselves for the original genetic seeding of earth.   Mankind is programmed to remember for a God who never forgets. As certain time doors activate, an innate remembrance of futures to come is brought to the surface. A sense of déjà vu is included in a future that is unseen but felt on many levels.  This gift allows one the divine choice of awareness. They activate a greater ability to integrate with the time paradox in order to receive messages from your past and future selves. These crystalline beings naturally enhance this ability. They direct you to be present, while at the same time accepting energy, and messages from your future and multidimensional selves.
Active participation is needed to shift the time domains into a place that is fearless. By energetically entering the human DNA helix, one is able to consciously change the previous profile creating an instinctive understanding of ones own destination and true nature.  You are not bound to DNA contracts that have outgrown there usefulness as time and events have shifted and no longer include them.  What once served your earthly ancestors no longer serves you. What once was a disease that changed the dynamics of the human race is no longer a necessary learning in your present world. 
The God Gene hypothesis proposes that human beings inherit a set of genes that predisposes them to believe in a higher power. At a certain time in the history of the planet this sleeping gene will be activated and set into motion. We are not just some meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is a thought of God. Before we were birthed into form, we were held with the heart of God waiting for the perfect moment to issue forth from a divine wellspring.
Within the God Gene is an extensive biological indexed library, in this vast place ask for the Master Light within this God Gene Christal to assist you in getting to the heart of the matter. In this ancient and sacred place you can release any and all genetic blocks that have kept you less than. These include; Blocks to perfect health, Pre-program diseases, Blocks to being healed, Emotional blocks & wounds, Addictive programs, Programs with any type of modern disease. Desire to suffer programs, Blocks to receiving and deserving miracles, self-punishment programs, hate of self programs, pain programs
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