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"Doomsday" Has Been Cancelled...Now is the New Dawn

1)   Why the Phase Transition is Smoother than Most People Thought - by Taansen Fairmont Sumeru
          Dec. 17, 2013
Taansen wrote
Beloved Friends, this is an update to insights I sent out years ago.  It is even more relevant today than ever before.  - - Taansen 
You already know that doomsday has been canceled, if your head hasn’t been stuck in the sand.  You are also endowed with the knowledge that Earth is going into a Golden Age in this generation, if you are fortunate enough to be keenly tuned in.
What less people are informed of, is just how SMOOTH this transition will continue to be.  Those who are still predicting severe Earth changes, a police state, famines, massive economic collapses, mass (meaning affecting hundreds of millions of people) electrical grid system failures, and other major catastrophes simply don’t have the right information.
Read on, if you are sincerely interested in the Truth.
The flaws in the scientific data predicting catastrophes, whether it be Clif High’s web bots or NASA or whatever source, are not in the data.  That's why most people don't see it.  The flaw is in not being aware of other influences.  I call the other influences "vertical" ones, whereas the data are "horizontal".  There is nothing wrong with the horizontal data.  But drawing conclusions from them to extrapolate global predictions fails to take into account the fact that we are in a time-space spiral . . . not a flat circle that goes round and round and repeats.  A spiral goes higher and higher . . . thus the vertical aspect.  Another word for it is "ascension".  This is a quantum physics fact.
In addition, another vertical factor is that there are ever larger waves descending from higher dimensions at accelerating speeds, meaning that there is an exponential increase in the buffer effects.  The data may indicate factual influences that previously had "A" effects when the buffer zone was weaker, but now those same influences have diminished effects because the buffer zone is stronger.  This principle is reflected in the Meissner Effect, which says that an influence of lower coherence cannot penetrate a field of higher coherence.
The way I know these things is that I had a time travel experience in 1976 while with Maharishi in Switzerland during which I stepped into the fully manifested Golden Age on this Earth in America.  I didn't get an exact date, but it feels like it is coming much closer now, like perhaps sometime in this decade.  I could go on talking about it for hours, but for this context I will just say that one of the highlights of it was the observation by everyone whom I met in the future . . . even the surprise of most people . . . was that humanity had gone such a long way in such a short time, so smoothly.  The surprise was that we had landed into such a beautiful global utopia with relatively little social turbulence or violent Earth changes to get there.
I know that millions of people who are good-hearted, open-minded, intelligent, and otherwise optimistic, but who haven't had such first-hand experiences of the Age of Enlightenment, wish that there were some way that they, too, could See it and Know it the way I do.  Likewise I wish the same thing for them.  I wish I could transfer my absolute, unshakeable, irreversible, invincible Knowing to them as much as they do.  It isn't quickly available just from ordinary scientific data or sensory, tactile, or empirical input.  However, if you tune into certain streams of specific information from those who Know AND who focus on empirical articulations of it as their public service, such as the findings of Gregg Braden, David Wilcock, or the scientists associated with Maharishi University of Management, and others, over time you can develop a healthy intellectual understanding which accurately corrects the flawed doomsday scenarios.  And most importantly, if you learn how to enter the fourth state daily, beyond the ordinary three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping, then you can begin to tap into the planes of Knowing directly and experientially.   Methods for effortlessly achieving that are available at,, and
The apocalyptic Earth changes predicted by so many seers and scientists, such as Dr. Paul LaViolette, Ph.D., author of “Earth Under Fire”, are usually based on data that are probably mostly correct.  The Elenin phenomenon is being studied intensely by NASA and is in the same category.  It is for reasons like these that the Rockefeller-Gates collaboration built a global seed bank near the North Pole a few years ago with ten-foot thick walls to house heirloom seeds as insurance against destruction of Earth's surface.  Not to mention all the deep underground cities around the planet, which is where most of the trillions of dollars of funds confiscated from the surface economies have gone.
What they don't seem to understand is that the Intelligence which has been guiding the ultimate destinies of all beings has other intentions for the near future of Earth.  This doesn't mean the karma of those who have been violating universal law on major scales will not have to be repaid.  The law of karma is absolute.  But it does mean that the grace of celestial subtle matter is washing over the Earth and overwhelming all of the smaller stories, giving everyone at least a glimpse of cosmic consciousness . . . which transcends all relative polarities and dualities.  The karmic bills will still have to be paid by each soul down to the penny . . . but each soul will have whole new worlds of opportunity open up for options to enter undreamed of states of awareness.  Every being will have liberating choices available that were previously hidden during the dark ages.
Any negative interpretations of scary scientific data, any notions that such phenomena are leading to some kind of awful catastrophe, are nothing more than shadows of a tragic past pouring out of the collective psyche . . . they are NOT reflections of the true destiny in the glorious near future of this planet.
This year, there may be some more geographic disasters . . . I don't deny that.  And there are still government, banking, military, and business crimes being committed.  But I do predict that they will fall way short of the huge multi-country destructions feared by the doomsdayers.  And they will climax and reach exhaustion soon, then fading into the oblivion of history.
The prediction of the Knowers is that this pattern of unexpected amelioration and fizzling out of would-be disasters will continue increasing.  The disasters have not yet come to an end, but they are not being allowed to expand to epic proportions.  And individuals who develop sufficient physical body integration with the inner pure cosmic consciousness, will automatically and intuitively know where to be, at what times . . . to be safe.  This last point is perhaps the single most important factor for each person in responding to the barrage of calamity information that still seems to keep coming.

The Enlightened Perspective on the Movie “Day After Tomorrow”

You may be delightfully amused to observe how the young children in adult bodies of the American public got all excited about the 2006 vehicle for the collective paranoia - - sudden catastrophic global climate change, as graphically suggested in the $125 million movie “Day After Tomorrow”, released May 28, 2006.
Tempest in a teapot.
True believers in the paranoia will immediately discredit anyone who doesn’t believe in it as being the one who is deluded, believing themselves to be free from paranoia, basing their information instead on scientific “fact”.
Devotees of the Light were not deceived or confused by this movie or the so-called “scientific research” backing it, and the hullabaloo surrounding it.  It was understood that one of the reasons such delusions were being given such strong credibility is that when past catastrophes happened, the critics who didn’t believe the doomsday prophets turned out to be wrong.
When Noah was building his ark and saying a flood was coming, the skeptics ridiculed him, but in the end, the skeptics were drowned and Noah was victorious.  Similarly, when the Seers were warning the corrupt government of Atlantis that a cataclysm would wipe them out if they didn’t correct their ways, the Seers were also ridiculed.  But as everyone familiar with the demise of Atlantis now knows, the Seers relocated to far distant safe lands and were saved, while their critics were destroyed with the sinking of Atlantis.
These events of thousands of years ago are still in the collective psyche of societies today.  Thus now the roles are reversed - - those who previously ridiculed the skeptics are now the doomsdayers, predicting with great conviction that the apocalypse will in fact happen.  They are further reinforcing these convictions with every shred of “scientific” evidence they can find.  Anyone who disagrees with them about it is instantly seen as deluded - - exactly like they themselves or people of their mentality used to be, thousands of years ago.
Thus now today when Earth changes are accelerating because the Earth is being sprayed by light energies from higher dimensions in preparation for a density level transition to the Golden Age, those who went through prior apocalypses and still have not realized their inner enlightenment are afraid that today’s Earth changes are leading to another apocalypse.
What they don’t realize is that the Earth and the solar system are now in a new cycle of history.  We are no longer in the Kali Yuga (dark age) vibrations that existed at the epochal midnight of Noah’s flood, or the sinking of Atlantis.  We are now in the very beginning of the Sat Yuga (golden age) vibrations.  Wake up - - it is morning!
“The doomsdayers say that the sky is falling.  But I say, it only looks that way because we are ascending!”   - - Swami Beyondananda
Yes - - Earth changes are happening.   Yes - - such changes are a fact.  But how we interpret those facts depends upon how high our consciousness is.  If we are in a low state of consciousness, we fear these changes and perceive them as unmistakable signs of apocalypse.  On the other hand, if we are in a high state of consciousness, then we see them for what they are - - omens of a progressively more elevated plane of global improvement.  This is reason for celebration, love, happiness, fulfillment, and peace - - not fear.
The Earth is going towards a paradise, not the other way around.  This knowingness is not just because many of the world's most highly enlightened Masters say so.  It is because of the inner prophetic planes of insight and foresight possessed by anyone of evolved baseline consciousness.  The higher one’s baseline level of established awareness, the more one sees the true glory that this time in history is now bringing.
Because the Golden Age is dawning now, the energies that are rising up are first emptying out the negative reservoirs of the public's inner nightmares.  These nightmares have played themselves out in their projections of fear in the movies, the literature, and the media.  That is to be expected.
As the Aquarian energies pour in, just like water, they first fill the lowest places.  The influx of these energies force society’s negative psyches to empty out its nightmares.  First is the cleansing . . . then comes the purity, the peace, the beatitude, the beauty, and the glory . . . through which is seen the truth.  This is as much true in individual spiritual practice as it is in society’s collective dramas.
About the “Day After Tomorrow”, the film’s main producer is Roland Emmerich, well known for his previous blockbusters -- ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Stargate.’  That fact alone should tell you what low level of consciousness “Day After Tomorrow” is on.  ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Stargate’ were Illuminati productions designed to make the public have fear of the ETs.  This is childish kindergarten stuff.
These big budget productions are nothing but collective catharses to empty out the inner fears of the masses.  Another example was Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”.  As Maharishi once said, “It is an insult to Jesus Christ to say that he ever suffered.”  Anyone in His state of consciousness is beyond suffering, regardless of what is done to His body.  To focus on the suffering instead of on the bliss, is the worst blasphemy one can commit against a divine being.  In fact everything Mel Gibson ever came out with - - “Signs”, and others - - all were nothing but low consciousness catharses.

Clif High’s Web Bot Data

Clif High and his partner invented a computer software to gather news headlines and other public data from all over the world in huge quantities, and analyze it to create syntheses of real information.  This mass of information is then distilled to produce predictions of trends.  Many times the predictions were celebrated for their uncanny accuracy.
In November 2010, some friends sent me the notice about Clif High's prediction of global nuclear war that month.  The message said:
"This interview with Clif High is absolutely explosive. He said that if his predictions for this week are wrong then both his credibility and his future in the web bot field is over. And this week makes 911 look like a church picnic.  A lot of people will find this hard to take, but there is such a thing as 'cosmic consciousness.'  And, the CIA and the NSA take this subject very seriously."
First, the reason Clif High HAD credibility is because of a pretty good degree of accuracy in predictions to that point.  The reason for his accuracy is his software, which trawls the Internet with electronic "spiders" called "web bots".  They gather billions and trillions of bits of data and synthesize it all into coherent predictions, based on the sum total of the thinking of mankind as revealed by the Net.
Since 2008, those of you who have been reading my messages know that I have been predicting a failure of this method of prediction, for the simple reason that mankind's current thinking only takes into account the surface level of consciousness.  This is because most of mankind is still spiritually asleep.  Although collective consciousness IS starting to rise faster than ever before in history, lately, the vast majority of humanity is still only picking up its thoughts near the surface -- like the top ten feet of a mile-deep ocean.  Those are the weakest and least informed, least accurate, and least potent thoughts.  And those are mostly the thoughts Clif High's web bots are picking up off the Internet.
Any predictions based on a fair and equal proportionate synthesis of the content of the Internet can only succeed as long as world events continue to move along the horizontal plane of timeline destiny.  However, increasingly the higher vertical dimensions are pouring in their influences.
As Ken Carey said, “The influence of fear spreads numerically.  But the influence of love-light spreads exponentially.”
Only the more conscious minority of mankind are aware of this.  Thus it is not detected very much by a proportionate synthesis of the Net.  Yet it is far more powerful and far more influential in determining collective destiny.  It only takes a tiny minority of people who are fully awakened to THIS hyperdimensional power, to affect the entire population in a good way.
Allow me therefore to go on the record as saying that with all due respect, and with compassion and appreciation for all the good work Clif High and his partner have done so far, dire predictions that include major global catastrophes such as nuclear war will continue to fail to materialize.  If that crashes his credibility, then I am sorry, what can I do?
Collective predictions cannot possibly be entirely accurate without embracing the deeper and higher vertical energies pouring in from the invisible but far more powerful supramental dimensions.  And these energies are far more life-supporting, positive, and wonderful.
Paradoxically, you may be surprised to hear that I find news of dire predictions to be incredibly encouraging . . . because it means that the incoming energies have risen to a point where the collective "boom or bust" point has been reached . . . and my prediction is that the "booms" will increasingly exceed the “busts”, in a most positive and pleasantly surprising way.
On the other extreme, there are also the tiny minority who are hell-bent on creating a global Armageddon, and although it will fail to happen for most people, the universal law of free will shall grant these souls their cherished wishes.  Everyone will get what they are creating from within, so if that's what they are stubbornly determined to create, then they will be given locations and vibratory frequencies supportive of their wishes . . . but such realities will get removed from the heavenly ones, so the lower ones won't impinge on the higher ones.
As the Meissner Effect in physics says, a field of higher coherence cannot be penetrated by influences of lower coherence.
To those who see the Dawn clearly right now, I bow with reverence.  Good Morning!
Taansen Fairmont Sumeru

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