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Posted: 31 Dec 2012 12:19 PM PST

As channeled by Judith K. Moore

Archangel Michael Speaks of the Union with Universal Oneness and the Re-Connection to the Heavenly Realms and all Dimensions as the Veil Thins
tr. Sean, ed. Sandra, M.*
JKM 12-30-12 Lord Michael Speaks of the Opening of the Veils of Creation and the Evolution of the Consciousness of the Soul of the Realms, Part A & B
Judith in Denver 7:00 am

I awakened with a considerable amount of intense brain energies. I open now to the Source of Infinite Wisdom and Universal Oneness and the Masters of the Universe.

The energetic web of the connection in the dimensions is established. Once there were barriers, impenetrable fields, that separated the realms and dimensions, creating closed systems. These closed systems were unable to access the forces of Creation and frequently drew upon the original energies, building them into systems. Upon the collapse of those systems, the energy would be used again. And each time, because it was a closed system, the distortions in the holographic field became stronger.

Only when a devotee disciplined themselves to focus on the Infinite Light within, was it then possible for an opening into those closed systems that would bring in the manna and the new life force energy to rejuvenate, create new the frequencies fields that comprises the dynamics of the Living Hologram of each realm and dimension.

At times, the powerful force of Creator/Creation, the Infinite Oneness, would permeate those dimensions. The realms would open, and for a time the veil would thin, and there, the great Epiphany of Light would come upon the Earth or into whichever dimension the God source reached into. And truly, at these times, there would be a touching of the soul of consciousness, awakening the ideals of the Way, and truly initiating the frequencies. (Sean calls in)
Part B:

At times, when the God force reached into the dimensions, the veil would thin. And the soul's of consciousness, that comprised the realms and dimensions and whatever Creator had created and Creation had manifested as in that realm, would then receive the Epiphany of Light. The energies of Creation would rejuvenate the Living Hologram, allowing existence to continue and consciousness to expand, because it was a vital connection between the consciousness of the realms and the dimensions, and what it manifested in Creation as the soul. And whatever realm it was in, the soul exists. And whatever realm or dimension Creation forms itself, it is formed of the essence of the soul.

At those times, the power of balance and unity would be known in that dimension. And in some of the dimensions who had the capacity, because they were higher frequency dimensions, to utilize this energy, and the veil being thinner, they evolved consciousness of wisdom and peace. But in the Earth realm, the veil being so thick, the souls were depleted of that light, and reincarnational patterns began to develop on the Earth were souls had no opportunity to go beyond the existence they had known in the 3rd dimension that was filled with inconsistency and fragmented light, fragmented energy. Thus the souls were incapacitated, unable to access the Light of Creation for their evolution.

These souls became depleted of Light, and lost the capacity to commune with the Wisdom of the God Source. When the veils opened, the Epiphanies of Light through the prophets & teachers - those were able to access enough light in their soul that they could focus beyond the limitations of the realms and the thickness of the veil - there, from that source, the Holy Divine Spirit would fill. And in this filling of light, filling of the souls, there was a hope for continued existence. Because consciousness must move towards the center, spiralling like a universal pattern, spiraling like nebulae in Creation, and draw from the Source and return into the spiral of the Universal Oneness, to evolve and grow and expand and learn and give, in exchange, Light with each conscious being in its realm. But then it must return, return, return, return to the Source of Infinite Oneness to be made new again by only that which is possible at Source Creation.

These self-limiting systems in the realms and dimensions also impeded the ability for the web of life, life force energy and manna to be shared between the dimensions and exchange within the realms. Here upon the Earth realm, souls continued in this closed system, with an occasional opening of the Epiphany of Light. But many souls began to reincarnate in patterns that were self-limiting systems, carrying ideologies from one lifetime to another, whether the ideology be that of reverence or that of fear. As there became less light, it became so, (that) the collective was lacking in the power of the God Source. And as the souls transitioned out of the body, they repeated the holograms of whatever trauma or grief they experienced, and brought that grief back again to the same soul groups, to lock in ideologies that limited the human experience of Union with the Infinite Oneness.

Thus the demigods became manifest because they were lords over the lower realms, and they developed an ability to permeate consciousness and to create, but not from the level of Light of Creation. They could manifest within that closed system, thinking themselves powerful because they were built of the stuff of ego. Truly, the lower energies of ego-self generating greed and despair were powerful energies that, in Creation, manifested the demigods from these closed systems, devoid of the Light of the original source.

They drew on the soul's light. They drew on the light of the souls as they transcended the body. And within the body, the manna, the life force energy, the light of Creation was drained, because the demigods were unable to go beyond the thickness of the veil to reach to original Source, and really attain God-self. They were manifested from a closed system, and thus ruled with authority and capacity because of their connection to feeding themselves of the light of the soul. This is the authority of the false gods. It is what has ruled the devastation, the demise of human consciousness.

Now, as the veil thins, through the solar lunar and stellar forces, through the Gateways of Light, the Earth is illuminated. And truly the web of existence is spreading throughout the Universal Oneness. And the Soul of Creation, the soul of the consciousness of the human experience, the soul of Gaia, and the individual soul, quickens, quickens with the Power of One, feeding itself from the Light of Creation now.
The new souls incarnating into the Earth plane are able to incarnate across previous barriers that were obstructions between the dimensions. This is a phenomena of the souls' evolution of consciousness that will bring the greatest change upon this Earth. Because souls now are escaping the entrapment of reincarnation after reincarnation when they were born only to suffer.

Through Michael's realms, they are being elevated through the dimensions into the higher dimensions, to receive the light there, to be bathed in the light, to be healed by the light. And the light flows as the souls connect to the higher dimensions in near death experiences. Each time an individual has a near death experience now, they open the realms, and receive the light of their soul. And, of course, when they return, because their light is filled now, they are an inspiration to others, and they are channels for that light on Earth.

Now the outpouring of souls who were trapped in other dimensions, some of them lower vibration dimensions, like the reptilain dimension, some of them very high dimensions, like Cosmic Beings of Light, those incarnational barriers have broken down. Earth is no longer in a closed system.

Vast numbers of souls are interchanging and incarnating in different places in consciousness. And this initiated through the opening the Magi saw, initiated with barely a few souls. But now, now as the dimensions open, the heavens open, the heavens open. The dimensions are revealed unto each other through the thinning of the veil. Now the souls of Earth become a rich pool of light. And those existing here, their natural tendency is to feed of light because Creation itself is permeated the realms of the demigods. The hand of God has touched upon the Earth.

And the dream that the alchemist had of the separation of the Hand of God, that simply depicted the demigod's power and authority without connection to God Source. And thus, in ruling those realms, they dictated what was allowed for the souls. That Age of power has been permeated by the existence of Creation, not in one epiphany of light, but in a surge of energy that interchanges life force energy in a web of light, created in a great cosmic web, expanding capacity for consciousness to be rejuvenated by the Original Source, and for the soul to know of itself being the God Source, and generate that light into the world.

This time, this bridge, this bridge of time, this time of the bridge, spreads itself. The new dimensions of time in the 2013 Galactic Time Spell, organizing the fractals of light into formulas of life giving energy, liberating the light upon the Earth and opening the soul to know, through experience, the source of Love and the power of unconditional love. Thus, your relatives on the other side, are able to love you, and the healing will begin, because many of them have ascended into the angelic realms and will heal you. And the healing of souls has been an element of this. The release of souls has been an element of this. All of it is a mystery of Creation, Beloved Ones.

I Am Lord Michael. I have come today to speak of this, in a way that you may truly understand the deeper dynamics into the Creation powers at work in your world now as you are open to the Galactic plane, and the veils between the realms and the dimensions thin, are permeable, and the power of the Force of Creation is the Bridge of Light, Bridge of pure Love, known in the dream of Jacob as Jacob's ladder.

And that which is pure prophecy lives through the Ages and draws itself now from the Source it came from, which is connection to the Universal Oneness. For Jacob's vision foretold of this spiral that takes us beyond the limits of the human realms and the powers of negativity, to ascend, to draw from Source, and return, rejuvenated of the light, to give forth that which is blessed. And goodness shall surely follow in all the days of mankind. For that which is given by the Source of the Infinite Oneness is eternal.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is. I AM Lord Michael.

Let The True Light of The Season Radiate Through You. Become the master of your fate by making higher choices that move you into a space of freedom. Be thankful for all that is you and all that is about you. Let the five fingers of self point you in a new direction that will support and enable you to be all that you were born to be. Stop fighting the currents of your life and drifting from drama to drama. Spend your time and energy wisely in your creational mode which runs full speed all the time.

Become that which you yearn to be in your inner heart. Become the picture in your mind as you embrace the higher credenza of purpose. You do not insult God by trying to be a better. Compete with the higher light your universe grows bored and will entertain itself in fashions that will not always be user friendly to humans.

  Come into your Christ-light with purpose and plan. Plan to be a better human with a vaster purpose. Listen to the signs and hear the future as it beckons your attention. Every day you will be given a series of energies to look at. Within each intersection is a panel of choices which you are also asked to observe. At that point of inner sight and universal choice, let your heart  be the one to vote with purpose and pure intention. Then  quickly move forward into that opening.

Each and every day listen with your heart and then move into that place of thought. Follow your light as it connects with person place or thing. Follow your light as it directs you like a beacon into a place of heavenly choice. Choice is the Grand Master of all human energies as it consumes humanity 24 hrs a day. People are always at a point of choice. Ask to chose higher and wiser and in a place of love and then stand back and watch the show of light shift into holograms of miracles and blessings for all.
Have A Blessed Day. Whitefawn Star

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