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Contents: Dance Upon A STAR...Hilarion * Golden Light Meditation * Step into the LIGHT  * I AM PRESENCE

 Step into the LIGHT....

Before you were a five-pointed Star grounded in 3rd dimensional gravity, but NOW you are ascending with your new avatar body, a Six-pointed Star, the Divine Human Being...  Whitefawn Star

Posted: 22 Jan 2013 09:48 PM PST

As channeled by Hilarion

Good Day. My name is Hilarion.
I study the science of the human mind, and what is possible.
Everything is possible.
If one can find the way to that.

Nothing ever separates from love. Though in the created worlds, that illusion, that experience, is possible, of course you see that everywhere.

But I tell you of another way.

A way where you let life be what it appears to be, But at the same time you enter the reality, which is also true, where everything, in whatever dynamic state or flow,  is at the same time experienced as , sort of, being within a ‘field of love’.

No need to wait until you are dead to experience this.

Also no need for the physical world to stop being the amazing world it is.

As the ‘field of love’ is existent with you, but it is not sourced in the physical reality,

And that is why it is immune to corruption, negative influence, or any name.

One more clue.. it is  what we call a simultaneous reality, meaning  it is a reality which interpenetrates the physical reality, so to access this consciousness, one may do that as simultaneous with the conditions of the physical world..around and within you-just as they are… just as they are.

Well, that’s my missive, as someone kindly called them, for this good morning and day.

And so now let me introduce my ‘Practical Exercise’ offering to you today.

Relax into your subtle bodies.

Extend lines of light/energy from the center top of your crown in two lines, one to each foot , of light.

Now extend that so as to extend the light lines from both feet to your ‘earth star’ energy light center, which is under your feet, in the middle.  It is one center.

Now that you have made, even imagined these connections, allow yourself to feel the light and energy radiating up from your earth star center, into your body and root energy center, and all up through you.

This is your light.  This is the new grounding process, the new  grounding centre  for your new light bodies.

You are grounding into the infinite spiritual light of your ‘Earth Star Energy Centre’, right beneath you.

In this way , you will receive the incoming star energy,  perfect for your system, and continual progression of your light and experience of it!

Now, send shaft of light from your crown to your root (at your middle bottom).

Now feel your  energy rising upward through you,  vibrating faster, through you.

Hilarion  giving you something you Can do.

I Am,  All Are.

Inspirational Video: 2013: Dawn Of A New Age

Golden Light Meditation
                                                                       by Pamela Leach
From a comfortable position, either sitting or lying in bed, with spine and chakras aligned, begin with several deep breaths.
Breathe all the way into your root chakra.
Breathe IN through your nose, breathe OUT through your mouth (whoosh).
With every IN breath, breathe in Spirit.
With every expelled breath, breathe out any negative thoughts or emotions, any worries, any anxieties, any anger, any dark energy.
As you breathe, let your mind become calm and still. In your thoughts, repeat “Peace … be still.”
Concentrate on your breathing … IN with Spirit, OUT with negativity.
And now breathe IN Spirit, feel the Golden Light flowing like molten lava in through your toes and up to your ankles …
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
Breathe IN Spirit, feel the Golden Light flowing up into your calves …
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
Breathe IN Spirit, feel the Golden Light flowing up to your knees …
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
Breathe IN Spirit, envision and feel the Golden Light flowing into your thighs up to the top of your legs …
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
Breathe IN Spirit, feel the Golden Light flowing up into your hips, filling your lower belly with Christed energy …
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
Breathe IN Spirit, feel the Golden Light flowing up into your abdomen …
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
[NOTE:  Some at this point feel the urge to cough or even spit up, or tears start to flow … this is a healing release. Let it all go and continue with the healing meditation.]
Breathe IN Spirit, feel the Golden Light flowing into your upper abdomen, surrounding your lungs and heart with the Christed energy.
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
Breathe IN Spirit, feel the Golden Light flowing into your shoulders down your arms and into your hands and fingers …
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
Breathe IN Spirit, feel the Golden Light flowing down up your throat, into your face and up the back of your head …
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
Breathe IN Spirit, feel the Golden Light infusing every part of your head … your ears, your eyes, your brain …
Breathe OUT any negative energy …
Breathe IN Spirit, relax into the feeling of the Golden Light infusing every cell of your body. Feel your chakras aligned, spinning freely and radiating this Golden energy.
Repeat the last two steps until you feel fully infused with the Golden Light …
Slowly return, open your eyes, breathing normally …
NOW visualize a liquid golden Light orb between your hands. Now expand it's size so that you can step into it.
See the BRIGHT LIGHT shinning on everywhere that you look...see this light in the trees, the grass, the sparkling water,
everywhere that you look in this NEW GOLDEN EARTH...see the LIGHT SHINNING...this is your new Aura and new Earth that you are stepping into.  As you perform this exercise daily, in the morning and in the evening, you will find yourself living in this
Golden Light everyday, it will become your New Life...and with it all the Blessings on alll will bless everything that
you see with this Golden Light, when you enter a room, or walk in nature, everywhere that you place your feet, everywhere that you Eyes SEE;  you will also fill that space with this new Golden Light...Blessing all the Earth. NOW become aware of the intense feelings of PEACE AND LOVE that you are feeling in this higher vibration.  Really feel the energy and allow it to imprint on your Heart. Know that in this new Earth there is Peace, Love, Light and harmony...Where ever you look, where ever you go you are filling the space with this new LIGHT...and Vibration..And So it IS...Whitefawn Star

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Today's Affirmation:
I am Infinitely Abundant Because I Am Infinitely Abundant!
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'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.' Owen Waters
Rev. Caroline Dawley,  Publisher, New Earth Rising - Global Messenger

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