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Spring Equinox Circle on the Beach 2016
Excerpt, Full Moon Teachings. "Cycle of Truth Lesson: Walk the Truth: The Eleventh Moon Cycle of Truth teaches you how to focus your energies."
MOON: FREEZE UP MOON – Cycle of Truth Lesson: Walk the Truth

October 24 to November 21

Animal: snake, Mineral: Malachite, copper, Color: Orange, Plant: thistle, Clan: frog, Element: water

Copper teaches people experiencing the Freeze Up Moon about how to focus their energies and malachite teaches them to be more sensitive to all energies. The thistle demonstrates healing abilities and versatility. The snake teaches adaptability and the capacity to silently travel to places others might fear to go. This is the position to learn how to travel between the different realms of creation and how to become a messenger for the spiritual aspects of life. The snake position will teach you about the extent of your own energy, your ability to create change, your inquisitiveness, your desire for truth, and your keen sight. When working with the Freeze Up Moon you must be careful to keep yourself grounded and not to become too suspicious of people.

Cycle of Truth Lesson: Walk the Truth: The Eleventh Moon Cycle of Truth teaches you how to focus your energies to travel between dimensions.  You are a seeker of truth and your desire for truth and intuitive ability gives you strength to stand up for what you honor and the what you believe to be Truth.  You have stamina and strength to venture into new territory and to Walk with others who support manifesting the highest good for creation and the Planet.  You will learn  how to use your Authority and Will to aid the Planet in bringing forth Peace and Healing for the Planet.
Walk in Peace, Caroline

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