Saturday, October 29, 2016


Book Release and Inspired Message for our Time.  PATHWAY OF PEACE : JOURNEY TO THE NEW EARTH, by Rev. Caroline Dawley  on Amazon and Createspace. Book Review. Excerpt.
Chapter 4; Tribute to Chief Leon Shenandoah, Tadodaho 

 I give thanks to Creator for the life and work of the late Chief Leon Shenandoah.  I give thanks that he was faithful to do his duty working for Creator extending the Peace from nation to nation.  A Holy man sent from Creator he passed through the fire and lived. Destined to carry on the work of the Ancestors and the Peacemakers before him in the plan for Peace on Earth, he came bearing the marks in his hands.  His purpose was to give Thanks and to help Mother Earth, and share the message of the Great Peace among all nations. A humble man he went about planting the seed of peace in the hearts of all who met him.
 A profit of Handsome Lake, he was a visionary who saw the future Purification, the time of the Great Change on Earth. He held the ancient prophecy for the world to hear and in November 1993, before the United Nations “Cry of the Earth Summit”, he spoke the ancient prophecy in the Thanksgiving address.
Chief Shenandoah held ancient wisdom and ancient prophecy of the Earth, he was given these words by a Wise Woman who lived in the Mountains.  I listened to the tape of her words, “I saw you coming from a great distance, I saw Lights all around you. Indeed, I am deeply honored by your presence… you are truly a Holy One sent by Creator to carry the Message of Peace to the World. You have come through the fire and lived, you were chosen by Creator and sent here for an important Mission on Earth.  Your People are the only ones who hold that Message for the World.”
Chief Shenandoah went on his long journey on July 22, 1996.  Ten days after death, as is custom among the Haudenosaunee a feast was held in his honor to give him strength for his journey.  On hearing the Rolling Thunder in the great Sky Nation, I knew the Grandfathers, the Great Thunder Beings, were summoning the whole Earth that a Great Holy Man was leaving this world.  People were gathered at his feast, to honor him.
While driving home I noticed soft lights in the Sky and heard the sound of distant thunder.  Sitting outside I watched the Sky Nation and sent a final prayer that my friend would have a “Good Journey Home”.  I saw a Grand Procession in the Sky Nation; the Great Chiefs of Old, the Grandfathers, the Ancestors, all moving slowly across the Sky.  Moving between the distant Rolls of Thunder, the soft Lights sent Beams of Love and Peace to Mother Earth and all Creation.  I noticed the whole Earth grew still, even the trees were silent.  Blinking softly in the night sky, Eel, Conductor of Love, was sending his message to Mother Earth, accompanied by the Grand Procession, they moved farther and farther away until they were gone.
I give abundant thanks to Creator for Chief Leon Shenandoah, I am honored to have known him on Earth, and for the guidance he continues to give from the other side; extending the Peace in the message of this book and its teachings.  Walking in Peace, Caroline Dawley


  1. Thanks Caroline,
    It looks like a brilliant book. Thanks so much for sharing your work and the work you are doing in the world.
    love and blessings, Michael (meriel Cammell (for michael Stone)

    • “Caroline; it's wonderful that you are laying the stepping stones on the path of peace. We need more people like you”. David Hetzler
    • “Always support people who work for peace”...David

  2. Theresa Whitford, “Best wishes to my dear friend, Caroline, who is such an inspiration to me. Your book will spread the message and teachings you are so generously sharing with all of us who seek The Pathway of Peace. I'm so proud of you for this great accomplishment and am so blessed to have your help in guiding me on this wonderful journey”.