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Day 2 ~ Entering the Universal Underworld

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From April 13th to April 30th we enter into Day 2 of the Universal Underworld, assimilating on the inner planes the frequencies of Divine Light spiralling forth from the Company of Heaven with a focus on the second ray of Love-Wisdom. We are offered an opportunity to enter into the Crystalline City of Light above Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii and Overlighting by the Ascended Masters, Ray Councils of Light, Christed ET's, and the Brotherhood of the Light, experience an initiation of Light that will collectively take our service work to another level of unconditional Love, uniting humanity in these transitional times into the essence of Divine Love and the ability to co-create through this beautiful blue flame of Love and Wisdom . We further have the opportunity to let go of false beliefs between men and women and lift ourselves through the blueprints of Divine Love into the vibrational matrix of Love particular, calling upon our Divine Twin Flames to join with us energetically and/or physically.

Invocation to Day 2 of the Universal Underworld

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,

the Ascended Masters, Christed ET's, Ray Councils and Brotherhood of the Light,

and all other Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,

as I merge with my I Am Presence, and ground myself into the crystal heart of Mother Earth.

I now ask to be taken into the Crystalline City of Light above Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii so I may undergo my initiation of Light to serve with Love, creativity and inspiration, as a Keeper of Flame of Divine Love to Mother Earth and all her Life.

I am now taken in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light to the doorway of this beautiful Crystal Temple of Light,

where I am greeted by three High Priests to the Order of Melchizedek,

and request permission to enter into this Crystalline City of Light.

"I am a child of the Light, a seeker of truth, and request permission to enter into this Crystalline City of Light as an initiate of Light, so I may transmute old conditionings and take on the templates of Love of the I Am Avatar Blueprint in this Golden Age of Light".

The doors are now opened as I enter into this Temple of Light,

walking up a beautiful crystal staircase into an Initiation Chamber of Light.

greeted by my family and friends of the Light,

welcomed and embraced as a seeker of Light.

I am now guided into an beautiful blue Ascension Flame of Light through the second ray of Love-Wisdom.

merging with my I Am Presence,

and experiencing a deeper level of unconditional Love,

Breathing this through my body, and into each cell and molecule in my body.

Feeling loved and supported in this collective unified matrix of Love,

and becoming this Flame of Divine Love.

Through this vibrant blue flame of Love-wisdom, and through this sacred Crystalline Temple of Light, I now request to be a Keeper of the Flame of Divine Love, assisting all Life in these transitioning times through the keycodes activated through my body and energy field and on this earthplane to truly experience the essence of unconditional Love.

I now request that all issues related to false beliefs between men and women are released from within my body and energy field and through all dimensions, parallel realities and past lives.

I now request for the keycodes of Divine Love to be brought in, finding for myself this perfect balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies as well as the ability to co-create with passion, with abundance and with Love.

I now request for the energy of my Twin Flame to be manifest energetically and physically so I can truly experience all aspects of myself in this Divine Love, and further open the hearts of all humanity through this essence of Divine Love.

I ask for the experience of wholeness, through Love, creativity, strength and intuition.

To experience the magic of Life,

through the Flame of unconditional Love.

To become the magnificent precious Being of Love that I Am.

As I open my Heart to my Self and others,

as I surrender my Self to Love.

I Am unconditional Love

I Am Wisdom

I Am Light

I Am the magnificence of Creation through Service in Love.

I now receive the appropriate key codes, fire letters and sacred geometries through my body, energy field and hologram.

I now direct these higher frequencies of Love and wisdom through the Unity Grid of Light for all Life to experience these ray frequencies of Light wrapped in a beautiful blue flame of unconditional Love.

I now link into the Crystalline Grid of Light, now into the Solar Grid of Light, and now, through my heart to the Sun, and now to the Central Sun on Alcyone and to the Great Central Sun on Sirius, and from here, take on all the encodings of Light I need as this initiate of Light in this Golden Age.

I now find myself back in my sacred space,

surrounded in a beautiful blue flame of Light,

honoring my Self as this Keeper of the Flame of Divine Love.

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek

Co-created by Adi'El

Music by Mike Hammer

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