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April 22, 2011

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King Arthur in Glastonbury:
The Myths,Truths & Magic of Avalon

The Myths, Truths & Magic of Avalon

King Arthur in Glastonbury

Article Written By James Tyberonn

Copyrighted-Oct 14,2001

The Glastonbury Abbey was once the jeweled crown of English cathedrals. Magnificent in architecture and the center of Christian pilgrimages, the Glastonbury Abbey held a prominent and sacred position in the Christian world. Still today revered as holy grounds, the Abbey Ruins are the site of the first Christian Church in Europe, and are reputed to be the burial site of Joseph of Armithea, The Virgin Mary, Saint Patrick and King Arthur. Legends claim both the Holy Grail and Arc of the Covenant were kept in the Abbey grounds.

The most powerful location on the Abbey grounds is the hallowed Lady Chapel. It is found just outside the museum exit, in the main body of ruins. It is in the subterranean section of the cathedral assemblage. It is intact on three sides, and is topped by a low stone ceiling. A symmetrical stone altar occupies the center of the small chapel

The Lady Chapel is located at a precise crossing of the Michael and Mary Leylines, in what was clearly the most 'Christian' employment of telluric energy in the religious mecca of Glastonbury. The heavy stone altar in the Lady Chapel was placed in the exact center of the Michael & Mary vortex. As such it radiates a very bright, telluric energy.

King Arthur & Joseph

The Glastonbury Abbey powerfully intertwines the myths and legends of Christianity and Camelot. It is widely believed that the rediscovery of the Holy Grail, that Joseph of Armithea is said to have hidden in Glastonbury, was the core purpose behind the sacred Grail quests of King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Round Table.

In 1191, monks at the abbey announced the discovery of the hallowed tomb of King Arthur and Guinevere just a few meters to the south of the Lady Chapel of the Abbey Cathedral. This was said to have been verified and ceremonially visited by the reigning King Edward and a number of contemporary historians, which added considerable credibility to the legend. King Arthur's remains were later moved and were lost during the Church of England Reformation of the infamous Henry the Vlll.

Contemporary British academics and scholars take a more reserved view and suggest that this discovery was perhaps a grandiose ploy by Monks to further increase the notoriety of Glastonbury, already a recognized pilgrimage site. Yet Arthurian literature clearly suggests Glastonbury as the location of the Mythical Avalon. An early Welsh poem links Arthur to the Glastonbury Tor. In other versions of the Arthurian legend, Sir Lancelot goes to the Glastonbury Abbey in penance following the death of Arthur, lending to the idea of King Arthur being entombed at the Abbey.

There is an undeniable sense of Camelot and the King Arthur energy throughout this part of England, and for this explorer, no place exudes this more tangibly than Glastonbury Abbey and Tor.

The Glastonbury matrix exudes a 'layered' frequencial complexity that is extremely different, quite unlike any other 'sacred site' I have visited. I have come to describe the sense of it as 'zipped space,' a sort of dimensional shrinking of space into concentrated merging within multidimensional concentricity. Such a dimensional overlay would perhaps explain the helixing, the sacred harmonic blending of the Arthurian with the Kristos experiences and occurrences that so many sense, tidily condensed within the zip.

Heart Center of the World
The seeking pilgrim should ask permission to enter and acknowledge the living energy through a prayer, offering or blessings. Despite the location now having a rather historical, museum ambience, a surprising number of visitors do recognize the sacredness of this small room, and enter with respect. Many kneel at the altar in meditative prayer. In this setting it seems most appropriate. One may place hands on the altar to receive the pulsing energy emanations. Metal jewelry, rings, talismans, even water, will receive and store the energy emanations when placed on the stone altar.

The chapel and altar are still fully intact, and are one of the few enclosed vortex sites I have visited. The subtle energy character of this site is different from the other open-air vortexes in Glastonbury. It is softer, a more gentle opening, influenced by the Christian chapel built around it, and the saints who lived and died within its timeless telluric fountain. One can immediately and powerfully sense an angelic feminine presence in the chapel. This enclosed area, and its vortex exudes a deep serenity, a character of both joy and sadness, like Holy Mary's heart. It is her presence, that of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine that I felt so exquisitely within this chapel.

Glastonbury is one of the primary 'Heart Centers' of the World, and the Lady Chapel is the Heart Center of Glastonbury. It resonates to the fourth chakra, but opens and balances all twelve.

The Abbey ruins are on a sizeable tract of land, some 36 acres, in the center of Glastonbury. It feels much bigger. Owned by the Church of England, one enters the Abbey after purchasing a ticket at the walled entranced and proceeding through a high vaulted walkway. One passes a gift and bookshop along the walkway. It is definitely worth visiting, upon exiting.

Past the bookshop, the entrance turnstile leads into a modern, well-appointed museum chartering the history of the Abbey. Complete with artifacts and large photographs, the chronological text describes each phase of the Abbeys history as one walks through the partitioned corridors leading to the Abbey grounds. An impressive model of how the Abbey appeared before its 16th century destruction is on display.
Upon exiting the museum, one enters the lush green grounds, and views the great Abbey. The experience is surprisingly powerful. Despite the museum entrance and initial touristic impression, the aura of serenity and divine spirit is immediate and profound. The high walls surrounding the grounds seem to have kept out time itself. The enclosed area has the feel of an era long past. The ambience is tranquil and holy. Strangely, a 'white' silence seems to blanket the grounds in a gossamer veil. Street noise is muffled or not heard. Birds always seem to be faintly chirping in the background. Flowers are in bloom, year round. Over 250 massive and beautifully expressed trees are scattered throughout the grounds. There are Yews, Oaks, Holly, Fir and Maple, all with a tangible presence. These centuries old guardians are equally impressive with seasonal leaves or without. Their reaching sprays of bare limbs make symmetrical silhouettes against the gray winter skies. I am always compelled to acknowledge and set by them. Stunning colours in spring, summer and particularly autumn.

The ruins of the great abbey are imprinted with emanations of sacred energy, and imbued with dramatic Christian and English history. The prayers of monks and the lives of thousands are woven into the tapestry of time all through the Abbey grounds. One can easily visualize chubby monks draped in woolen robes, scurrying outside the kitchen, and the senior abbots in prayer inside the cathedral walls.

There is a spring on the grounds of the Abbey, recognizable by a stone basin past the main body of buildings. It produces a soft surrounding cloud of ionic plasma typical of aquifer fed springs. Its energy fountain is cool and relaxing, and there is usually a heavy wooden bench close by. A lovely place to set, and drift into soft tranquility.

The arteries of both leylines pulse from the northeast to southwest through the grounds. After the Lady Chapel, they stream the breadth of the grounds to the southwest corners up toward Wearyall Hill and the Chalice well.

I cannot sufficiently describe the serenity available on the Abbey grounds. It is more than serenity it is an interdimensional portal of peace that opens ones hearts. It is radiated by an influx of cosmic, heart energy, beaming through the portal above.

Mother Mary, Joseph of Armithea and Saint Patrick are said to have been buried near the site of the Lady Chapel. A prominent stone bearing both the names of Mary and Joseph is still visible within the walls of the Chapel.

Abbey Construction:

The great Abbey was built according to a prehistoric, Atlantean tradition of sacred geometry known to the Freemasons of the Middle Ages. The proportions of the Abbey relate to the principle numbers of the Masonic sun square, according to Henrietta Bernstein in her superb book 'Ark of the Covenant-Holy Grail'. These numbers symbolize various aspects of spiritual energy and were also used in the Atlantean construction of Stonehenge, of which the Abbey was spiritual successor in its early realm. Both stone circles and the Freemason built cathedrals channel, amplify and isolate pure telluric energy into clear resonating notes for spiritual use. The cathedrals are far more sophisticated in this science. Several of the great cathedrals along the Michael leyline resonate to single upper-chakra musical keys!

The Original Church Founder- Joseph of Armithea

Joseph of Armithea was no stranger to Glastonbury. His arrival was received with great welcome. Respected by druids, Armithea was given a large tract of land called the 12 Hinds. Here, Armithea and his exiled Christians built what became the first Christian Church in Europe. It thrived for a centuries, and was regularly visited by Monarchs, Popes and eventually Saint Patrick in 450 AD. Saint Patrick hailed Glastonbury as "The holiest earth in England", and was said to have been buried alongside Joseph of Armithea and Holy Mary's gravesites on the grounds.

Noblis Decurio of Rome

Joseph of Armithea was a man of great wealth and influence during the times of Jesus. According to noted author Glenn Kimball in "Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion"; he was one of the wealthiest men on earth at the time of Christ. "Among his distinctions, Joseph of Armithea was given the title of 'Noblis Decurio' by the Roman Empire, signifying his commercial role as the chief provider of tin and lead to the vast armies of Rome". He owned massive tracts of land and mines in Gaul, and had homes and holdings in several lands including Egypt and inner Persia.

After the death of Jesus father Joseph, Armithea assumed responsibility for the young Jesus' education, as was the custom. Armithea was indeed an enlightened soul, and recognized the light in his nephew. He understood his role as the young Jesus' mentor and benefactor, (a role he would repeat as Merlin ... to Arthur). Through his uncle's ships and travels, Jesus received teachings in India, Iraq, and Egypt and from the druid priests in Cornwall. Between the ages of 13 and 28, Jesus had the opportunity to learn much from his travels, and to minister both his leanings and his teachings from the boats of Armithea. "But, adds Kimball." These part of Jesus' life was all lost to historians, after the First Council of Nice". Only the Essene texts and foreign legends provide the missing pieces. The misdirection of the church conspiracy to gain control over the masses skewed the true message and the real life story of the man Jesus.

Kimball continues, "For centuries Christian historians have ignored information that is common knowledge among Hindu adepts that Jesus visited and was taught by masters in India. Jesus personally appears in legacies in India, Egypt and in England. The Church of England fancies itself as the original Christian church for good reason. They were practicing Christianity in Glastonbury for 200 years before the Romans.

Exiled From Judea - The Virgin Mary at the Abbey

According to historian Victor Dunstan's 1985 article " Did the Virgin Mary Live and Die in England", Anna, the mother of the Virgin Mary, was born and raised in Gaul. Travel from the Middle East to Gaul was quite common during the 100 years before and after the birth of Christ. English legend claims that Jesus made at least two extended trips to England with Armithea, and his mother. Thus when exiled from Judea, Gaul (England) would have offered the safest refuge to Armithea and Jesus' mother, Mary.

Armithea arrived in Glastonbury 37 AD, after being placed in prison for almost one year, and allowed to flee after making arrangements with authorities for his release.

Glastonbury had long been a center for Druid priests, and Armithea was an adept master...recognized and respected among peers. It is said that he possessed the ability to manifest, and later reincarnated as the savant Merlin.

After building an initial alter near the sacred thorn on Wearyall Hill. The first 'waddle ' Church was built on the hallowed ground near the present Lady Chapel on the Abbey grounds. Armithea is credited with having brought two significant relics with him in his exodus. The Chalice or Holy Grail used in the Last Supper, and one of the seven replicas of the Arc of the Covenant. The Arc of the Covenant being sacred texts stored in a copper arc fashioned to set dimensions of sacred geometry for preservation.

The church thrived and became a Christian pilgrimage site. Mother Mary is said to have died in approximately 48 AD and Armithea 12 years later. Both are said to have been buried on the grounds of the Abbey. Eventually followed by Saint Patrick and the historic King Arthur. Also a Christ Consciousness.

King Arthur at the Abbey

While a church was always present, the elegant structure of the Abbey was not begun until the 5th or 6th century. Presumably just before the reign of the historic King Arthur. The church reached its golden age between the 8TH and 14th centuries. By this time it was greatly associated with the chivalry and glory of King Arthur, his 12 knights of the Roundtable, and the lore of the Holy Grail.

A plaque about 50 feet from the south door of the Lady Chapel marks the gravesite of King Arthur. It was re-discovered in 1191, during the reign of Henry ll. The King was advised of the location while in a monastery in Wales. It was marked on ancient scrolls. The Abbey was under renovation after a fire in 1191, and the King ordered the monks to search for the grave as depicted by the scrolls. Seven feet below ground at the indicated spot they unearthed a stone slab and a leaden cross, with the Latin inscription:


- Here lies buried the renowned King Arthur in the Isle of Avalon.

Considerably farther down was a coffin containing the bones of a tall man, with an injury to the skull. Some smaller bones, and a scrap of yellow hair, which crumbled when touched, were explained as Guinevere's. The news spread quickly and the bones of both Arthur and Guinevere were placed in a black stone alter in the main cathedral, where they remained until the dissolution in 1539.

An agent of the monarchy, one Giraldus Cambrensis, made historical accounts of this exhumation. His account was tedious and included interviews with witnesses of the excavation. In 1962 Dr Raleigh Radford of the British Museum excavated the site and determined that the site did indeed serve as a grave for a member of the monarchy, based on the elaborate remains of stone linings for the crypt base. His detailed report gave credence to the Arthur gravesite. I will not delve further into that proof other than to say it is further researchable through the data I have offered.

My point is not to prove that Arthur lived. It is commonly agreed that there was a historic King Arthur. I seek to offer that he was indeed a Christ Consciousness. His story is part of the repeating Christos Hologram; a symbolic truth that parallels that of Jesus Christ of Judea.

Arthurian Metaphors

The seeker can find many symbolic parallels to the Christ story and biblical parables within the subtle 'channeled' Arthurian verses. The twelve Knights of the Round Table mirror the twelve Disciples of Christ, the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve zodiac signs. The seeking of the Holy Grail, represent mans relentless quest for the 'unattainable' perfection.

One may recall that in the Arthurian tales, when King Arthur and Guinevere were in harmony, England and Camelot thrived. When they grew out of harmony, the country fell into disarray. This is a metaphoric parabol. Arthur, Guinevere and Camelot represent the 'trinity' components of earthbound 'man'. Their story represents the harmony / balancing aspect of body, mind and spirit. King Arthur represents the mind; Guinevere the body and 'Camelot' the spirit. When body and mind are in tune, spirit follows in kind. When separation occurs, the spirit of the union is imbalanced.

The aspect of Lancelot's love with Guinevere is a symbolic parallel to the Garden of Eden. When Eve tasted the 'forbidden' fruit of knowledge, the idyllic world was destroyed. When Guinevere tasted the forbidden love, Camelot was destroyed. All are allegorical; metaphoric truths of the plight of man through free will. The crumbling of the idyllic world leads to a growth through lesson, and an eventual rebirth. On the highest level, these are not judgmental, they are symbolic of growth, and the pain associated with moving forward, out growing ones 'skin'. Change is the nature of the universe, of growth, and often the "Eden's" and "Camelot's" are idyllic worlds, resting places, in which growth is not stimulated and duality does not exist.

The interesting and somewhat bizarre parabol of King Arthur and his sister Morgana La Fay, when closely studied, represent the male and female side of the human spirit on earth. Their 'son' Mordred, represents the ego. The lower aspect of man required for his survival in three-dimensional earth. While the ego is necessary to sustain the physical body's survival on the earth plane, it is in an unavoidable conflict with the higher self. Arthur's victory over his 'son' Mordred represent mans spiritual battle to overcome the ego, through truth, represented by Excalibur. In their final struggle, Arthur asks Mordred, "Why did it have to be this way, why did destiny deem that you would destroy me". Mordred replies. "Did you really think it could be any other way Father? You chose to be above me".

Destruction of the Abbey and Michael Cathedrals:

In 1536, during the 27th year of the reign of Henry VIII, there were over 800 monasteries, nunneries and friaries in Britain. By 1541, there were none. More than 10,000 monks and nuns had been dispersed and hundreds of buildings had been seized by the Crown to be sold. Clearly the great Glastonbury Abbey was one of principal targets of this destruction by the divorce seeking King, during the British era of upheaval known as the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

The Abbott of Glastonbury, Richard Whiting, refusing to bend to the dissolution, was hanged and quartered by Henry Vlll. He was martyred at the Michael Tower on the Tor. The Great Abbey was destroyed, including the assemblage of the Archangel Michael's Cathedral on the Tor. The monastery was dissolved, and placed in the hands of the 'Anglican' Church.

A few years after wards it came into private hands. Its successive owners tore most of it down to sell as material for walls and roads. In 1908 the Church of England acquired the site and took wonderful, an inspired action to preserve what little was left. The ruins standing today, while sufficient to hold the imagery of the past grandeur are but fragments of the grand structure that stood from the late twelfth century onward, replacing the much older ones destroyed by a fire in 1184. That said, the energy remains resplendent, the portal is securely re-anchored. Many great and enlightened souls, including among others the seers Wesley Tudor Pole and Dion Fortune led the movement to reaffirm the energy of Glastonbury beginning some 90 years ago, and continuing to the present.

There is a firmly established movement in Glastonbury to build a magnificent, spiral domed healing temple, with buttressed geometrical designs. Another petitioned move seeks to join the 36-acre Abbey Ruins in a 500-acre Sacred Heritage Park connecting the Chalice Well, Wearyall Hill, White Springs and Tor.

It is important to remember to enter the Abbey site with reverence, despite its touristic museum fa├žade. For this seeker, to view the site primarily from an academic perspective lessens the great potential for a profound spiritual experience, facilitated by the sacred energy available inside.

Likewise do not be deterred from meditation and spiritual quest in this hallowed ground by the dozens of visitors that seem ever present. While in the Abbey I sat for meditation, and before I began a group of tourist sat close by and engaged me in conversation. They were very amiable people, quite polite. A few 'New Agers' walked by and one of the people spoke about how Glastonbury had become a place of pilgrimage drawing the metaphysical crowd. They commented on the naivety that people could believe in such things as King Arthur. It was 'mere childishness', they felt. As they moved on, I thought of how I respectfully take issue with that term 'a mere child'. For it has been my experience that the company of a 'mere child' is vastly preferable to that of a 'mere adult'. It is in fact the innocent openness that allows our inner child to release, rise up beyond the narrow programming aspects of modern culture and its firmly opinionated pre conceptions.

Such a release allowed me to have incredibly lucid dreams and visions in the corridors of dimensional magic that I discovered in Glastonbury. Between the Abbey, Chalice Well gardens and top of the Tor, I had extremely powerful meditations that all led to lucid visions. Such visions indeed are not something that often occurs for me in my regular meditations at home. I had always believed the theory that expansional entry into meditative states should be somewhat similar and equally available whether in ones mediation room or on a mountaintop monastery. Yet something undeniable allowed for a greater lucidity in Glastonbury and that expanded perception flowed far more freely into visuals. And indeed the sense of Camelot and Mary were part of the almost cinematic visualizations I experienced.

One pragmatic researcher writes: "Proponents of alternative realities are not scientists and shouldn't try to be - they are artists and mythmakers for a constantly changing culture,

and should be respected for their abilities as poets, mystics, and mythmakers. Scientists tell us what the universe is like, and teach us pragmatically about laws of nature. Mythmakers tell us how we react to the world, and thus teach us about ourselves. For example, a discovery that the brains biochemistry might cause a certain mental state satisfies no basic emotional need in the average person. But proposing that humans can psychically experience meaningful visions that cross the veils of time inspires many of us on the deepest level. Practically all alternative reality theories and beliefs: Guardian Angels, reincarnation, visitors from other worlds or dimensions; appeal to deeply ingrained desires that most of us have. They can frighten us or inspire us deeply. Most have precedents in archaic myth and folk belief. But most times, a cup of coffee is just a cup of coffee."

Maybe, as the Buddhists teach, the middle road is best. Allow for all realities, but live in balance. Grounding is essential in metaphysics. Keeping one's feet on solid ground while reaching for the sky seems to fit the bill.

Perhaps Glastonbury is a portal to higher dimensions. Perhaps it is defined by the spiritual sense of a presence when nothing in 3-D is seen, a gust of wind ruffling one's hair in the sacred Abbey when there is no visible sign of wind in the trees.

What I've concluded is that Glastonbury (like many sacred sites and power points) provided the template for a valid experience of multi dimensionality, held juxtaposed in spatial timelessness. An undeniable sense of well being and enhanced imagination were more easily accessed within its field.

Spirituality requires understanding and developing, not simply acquiring the academic knowledge of metaphysical theories of spirituality, but also the experiential process.

Holy Space

The Abbey grounds are one of the most sacred places on earth. Find a quiet spot, and meditate, contemplate, and find your center. Bring a book, umbrella and bring soft foam earplugs (to further enhance the quiet)...but plan to spend 3-4 hours on the grounds. Absorb what is there. You are in the true Cradle of the "Heart Energy". ...and it shines, it sings, it balances. It is the heart of our earth.


Britain, in its entirety is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The vast verdant rolling hills of the country sides and river valleys are Monet watercolors, literally teeming with life. The stunning eclectic visage is inspirational and deeply spiritual. Glastonbury is among the most fertile combinations of harmonic multidimensional merging this writer has ever experienced. It transcends logic, tangibly exuding profound myth and allegory.

It would be dismissive to say that what happens at Glastonbury is the result of anticipatory imagination served on the plates of too eager mystics. But whatever the message, for this writer the engaging paradox didn't run out of allegory, just logic and time.

At some point in your life the veils will thin and Camelot appears, and it awaits you in seeming hologram, all in magical Britain. You need only believe in the magic that you have forgotten.

End of Article

Note : Please kindly take note that we are on retreat in Hawaii until May 30th. We will have email access while away, but our responses may be a bit slower. Thank You!

Glastonbury Tor Star

The Sacred Pilgrimage of the Codes of Heart & Crown

So many have dreamed of visiting Sacred Britain, of seeing the fabled lands of King Arthur and Camelot in Glastonbury, the mystic Merlin Castle of Tintagel, the mighty Stone Rings of Stonehenge and Avebury, the Crop Circles and of the Holy Grail mysteries of Roslyn in the stunning beauty of Scotland. It is a noble pilgrimage, a journey to a magical place you have always had on your 'wish-list' to visit in your life. Now may be that time. Come visit these places with Family, with 2012 almost here ,now may well be the time for you to spend time in Avalon to seek the Grail.

Do you feel the call?

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We are all pilgrims and our life is the pilgrimage. The journey is to discover the inner beauties and mysteries of our soul. This is the allegory behind the lHoly Grail egends of the King Arthur. We will also answer the call of the enigmatic Roslyn Chapel in the verdant rolling hills of Scotland. Our pilgrimage will connect the two, for the combined resonance of these places are code-keys to opening our heart.

Spirit speaks to us in many ways, a feeling or a calling that beckons to us. The experience is inner but special places on the planet play a huge role in opening our hearts and minds to that inner path. Indeed certain sacred sites that have been centers of spiritual life and ceremony on earth have considerable influence on human destiny.

Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid at Giza, Glastonbury, ancient Isle of Avalon in England, the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon are a few of the many powerful vortices on Earth. These places can facilitate our Sacred Quest to awaken, remember and know our true Divinity, providing renewed and enlightened peace within and deeper purposed meaning in our lives.

I have spent over 35 years of my life as a seeking pilgrim, traveling to over 75 countries and visiting sacred sites on every continent. No place on the planet is more special than the ones we will visit in this journey.

So we welcome all of you who feel the call in your heart to be a part of this sacred journey, this initiation to the deeper mysteries of sacred Avalon, Stonehenge, and stunning Scotland.

In all of these places, the legends and mythos of the ancient mysteries and the Holy Grail are kept alive and the archetypal patterns have been held throughout the veils of time. We will be connecting with these archetypes, the ancestors and powerful Earth energies in the beauty of this exquisite and sacred land. Blessing the Earth and singing the Omm of the apertures of the Stars-Gates!

Glastonbury has been a sacred center of initiation since 5000 BC megalithic times and on through history for the Druids. It was the birthplace of the Piscean Age, the template of the Christ and Magdalene, the union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine continuing as the Goddess site and mystical land of Avalon, of Camelot and King Arthur.

We will arrive in the Heart Chakra of Earth, Glastonbury-Avalon, for our Venus & Sirian Hathor Initiation and stay for 2 nights. We will greet the amazing Divine Goddess energies in the serenity of Chalice Well Gardens, we will attune to the timeless beauty and drink of the healing waters of the red and white spring, the Vesica Pisces of creation and balance of divine male and female. We will then take the sacred labyrinth to the crest of the hallowed Glastonbury Tor, where the Michael and Mary ley Lines do a dance of intertwining union, and open our hearts in this stargate.

We will enter the Glastonbury Abbey and feel the sacred energy of the Lady Chapel where the Michael and Mary Lines cross, and visit the reputed resting place of King Arthur marked and honored on these lush green grounds.

We will then venture even further into the Christos energy of the True King Arthur and Camelot with a visit to Tintagel Castle on the mystical rugged coast of Cornwall. We will see King Arthur's legendary birthplace and Merlin's magical cave, as the brisk sea waves invigorate us with a stunning over view vista of the mighty blue Atlantic.

Stonehenge Rainbow

We then go to the Druidic stone circles, Stonehenge and Avebury in Wiltshire, near the Salisbury plains and the heart of the Crop Circle region for 2 days. Within Stonehenge we will do ceremony around the Heel Stone beneath which lies one of the potent satellites Sun Disc of Roslyn. We will visit Avebury Circle and understand the patterns and purpose of the inner circles and Oblesque Stone. We will visit Silbury Hill along the Michael and Mary Ley Lines. We will visit and do ceremony in the Crop Circles.

Crop Circle

We then go to Roslyn, the mystical Chapel of Templar and Arthurian Lore. This is a key piece that differentiates our pilgrimage, in that Roslyn is the crowned 'Cathedral in Miniature' that sits above one of the 12 Primary Sun Discs on the planet. We will go inside the Chapel, and see the amazing symbolic carvings, and feel the energies of the Star Gate within. We will hike down into Roslyn Glen and feel the generating power of this canyon along the North Esk River with its powerful Fae Gardens and Benevolent Devic energies of Green Man.

This will simply be a stunning experience, in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. The landscapes, colors and sense of the mystic is overpowering. You will feel the energy of home in a compelling

sensation so exquisite, so euphoric , it can and will bring tears of joy. The 'veil' is so thin in these magical places that you will feel and see the magical Fae, Devic and Elfin Kingdoms more tangibly than ever before, or ever again. You will connect to energies of Camelot, of Merlin & Arthur, and to the intensely powerful stargates within the Stone Circles and especially the apex Scotlands jewel at Roslyn Chapel. I have been to the places many many times, and this is indeed, the energies of Heart connecting to the Crown. What better time to join Family in the powerful codes of Sacred Britain , this year in the dawn of the Ascension.

Note: Some of the locations we visit will be very easy walks. Simply entering the gates (such as the Chalice Well Gardens & Roslyn Chapel ). Others such as the Glastonbury Tor and Roslyn Glen are a bit more of a hike. We realize that some may choose not to take part in the more strenuous portions because of health restrictions. Every place we visit will allow options for avoiding the more difficult walks and hikes There will be places within the powernodes that are accessible to everyone.

Size will be limited, and we do expect to sell out.

Scroll down for registration details and program planning.

Roslyn Chapel FR
Sacred Britain

I have been visiting Sacred Britain for over 30 years, first making a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, Avebury , Stonehenge, Michaels Mount, Tintagel, and Roslyn Chapel in 1980.

I was mesmerized and have spent considerable time in these powernodes, visiting and studying, exploring the 'Energy of Place' for many years, making well over 20 pilgrimages to various sites.

Articles and channels of many of these locales, with personal accounts of my experiences there were included in my first book, "The Energy and Geometry of Sacred Sites".

Book - Sacred Sites - Tyberonn

The 'Energy and Geometry of Sacred Sites' by James Tyberonn is available at . With channels and articles on Glastonbury, The Tor, The Chalice Well, Roslyn Chapel, Skellig Michael, the Sacred Geometry Matrixes of Sacred Sites,Grids,Iona, Leylines, Vortexes, Portals and much more.The book also contains a Global Atlas, listing sacred sites and powernodes in every country.

Chalice Well Light-Beam

With our recent pilgrimage to Lake Titicaca and the Golden Sun Disc, we are now receiving the message that pilgrimages to other key Sun Disc locations , prior to the 11-11-11 is both appropriate and benevolent.. This pilgrimage to Sacred Britain is a journey that I have been aware would occur in group, for many years.

We are very pleased to announce the Earth-Keeper journey to Sacred Britain with firm plans to visit Stonehenge, Avebury, the Crop Circles, The Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey, Tintagel and Roslyn Chapel. Most tours that are offered to Sacred Britain do not combine southwest England with Roslyn . That will indeed be a key differentiating aspect of this pilgrimage. We feel that the two locales are extremely important in completing the energy codes.

Timing is late-summer 2011. Generally the crop circles are most effectively experienced in late summer, just before harvest, when wheat growth is higher and circles more defined. TGhis timing also avoids the rather hectic massive crowds into Glastonbury during the rock concerts of the Glastonbury Music Festival . This timing also is within the summer weather, but after school begins again for the fall term, and thus vacation traffic is much thinner. It is the perfect timing.

We will visit the Crop Circles as well as the Sun Disc locales, Stone-Circles and the sacred energies of 'Avalon'.

The purpose is to align to these energies prior to the 11-11-11 in which the recoding of the Crysto-Sun Disc in Arkansas ( Mount Pinnacle) will occur. If you wish to receive and carry these codes, this may be the perfect journey for you.

Glastonbury Tor FR

Glastonbury Tor red
Stonehenge Gr Fr-Star

Glastonbury Abbey King Arthur Tomb

Mystical Glastonbury

Article by James Tyberon

Located in England's southwest corner is the legendary village of Glastonbury. Rich in both myth and history ,Glastonbury is one of the most spellbinding places in the world. Recognized as a spiritual center since the megalithic era, it is the site of the first Christian church in the British Isles and claimed to be the Avalon of King Arthur.

The small village of Glastonbury itself is lovely and quaint, cradled among a series of velvety green hills. The tallest of these hills is the famous Tor, an oblong 'whale shaped' hill formation with the impressive monolithic remains of a church tower on top, dedicated to the Archangel Michael. At the foot of the Tor is the Chalice Well and the spherical dome of Chalice Hill. Below in the town center lay the ruins of the great Abbey, site of Joseph of Arimathea's church, and gravesite of the legendary King Arthur. Wearyall Hill, location of the legendary thorn tree is on the west entrance to the village.

( Note: Unfortunately the Sacred Thorntree of Wearyall Hill was cut down by vandalls recently It has however, began to sprout new leaves, to our joy and in answer to many prayers.)

Glastonbury was a major religious center long before the time of King Arthur or Joseph of Arimathea. The Druids utilized the Tor from 2500 BC as an initiation center for priests. Megalithic Age remains dating from 5,000 BC reveals Glastonbury as the site of a massive astrological calendar combining a stone circle, with solar and lunar alignments, (atop the Tor) and a land carved zodiac map, ten miles in diameter.

Druid priests and society considered Glastonbury their 'holy mecca'. Understandably so. Complete with temples, stone circles, fertility sites and a sacred Goddess center, druid high priests and high priestesses were trained, initiated and centered at the Tor and Chalice Well. The Chalice wellspring was considered to be the earth source for the Goddess, Gaia. Her red waters were sacred and used for healing.

Glastonbury's Vortex Sites

There are four powerful energy sites within the township. Each site activates one of the upper chakras. That in itself is an extremely interesting phenomenon. The earth currents in the Glastonbury sites are all 'electrical' vortexes, meaning the flow is outward.. These four vortex sites work synergistically to balance all 4 upper chakras, and resonate in unison as the World Heart Center. These resonate as follows:

7th Chakra -Crown : The Tor (Archangel Michael Tower)

6th Chakra - Third Eye : The Chalice Well (Kings Court)

5th Chakra - Throat : Wearyall Hill (Sacred Thorn Vortex)

4th Chakra - Heart : Abbey Ruins (Lady Chapel)

Three of the vortexes listed above, The Tor, Chalice Well and Lady Chapel, are created by the spinning effect of the Michael and Mary leylines intersecting. These 3 sites also contain a myriad of other energetic sources, but those equally sacred energies are not telluric in nature. The vortex at Wearyall Hill occurs only on the Michael line. (The Mary line is not present). Precisely at the Holy Thorn an energetic node occurs with a powerful earth- current vortex spinning upward. The vortex has a diameter of about 8 feet.

In addition to the primary power-points in Glastonbuty, numerous other energy centers occur. The locations in Glastonbury that I feel resonate to the first three chakras are:

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus - 'Egg Stone' ( Northwest side Tor slope)

2nd Chakra - Creative Center - Chalice Spring Wellhead (Chalicewell Gardens)

1st Chakra - Base Center - White Springs Wellhead (Westside Chilkwell Street)

The combined Glastonbury energies resonate as a heart center, and accordingly vibrate to the number four.

Cradle of Christianity

Traditional legends claim that the first Christian church in Britain was formed in Glastonbury by Jesus' uncle, Joseph of Armithea and that Jesus himself was brought here as a boy to be schooled by esoteric druid priests. Legends further claim Glastonbury was temporary home to the 'Holy Grail', and housed the great 'Arc of the Covenant'. While certain claims are perhaps folklore, others are supported with credible historical evidence. Though notable historians are divided on these claims, there is ample academic evidence to support the presence of Joseph of Armithea in Glastonbury. England was part of the Roman Empire at the time of Christ's birth.

Roman occupation on the British Isles actually began around 55 BC and continued for 400 years. The Romans invaded England to take possession of the burgeoning mining activity in order to supply their vast military needs. At this time, Glastonbury was an inland island, surrounded by a great tidal fed lake, and therefore directly accessible from the sea. While Romans conducted mining operations in nearby areas, Glastonbury Isle served more as a center for religious sects and as a refuge for healing, due to its well-known curative springs. The Romans recognized the healing properties of the spring, and are credited with building the well basin.

The nearby area of Cornwall and Somerset were the principal sites of Roman mining, where lead and tin were extracted and smelted. Ancient remains of tin mines still remain in several area locations.

According to historians, Joseph of Arimathea, uncle of Jesus and provider of his tomb, was a wealthy tin merchant and had on numerous occasions come to the British Isles in his business capacity. Southwest England had active lead, iron, zinc, tin and copper mines from the Bronze Age forward, and was the primary supplier of tin and lead to the Roman Empire by 15 BC.

Jesus in Glastonbury

As a metal trader, Joseph of Armithea had business dealings in Roman occupied Somerset and Cornwall, and made numerous trips to Britain on the regular routed ore vessels. Popular legend claims he brought the boy Jesus with him on several of his trips. The Cornish Celts claimed that Joseph of Armithea left Jesus, by divine order, at the druidic college at Place on the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall. Several pictographs dated to 500 AD on the arched door of the Saxon and Norman church in the township of Place, Cornwall, depict the scene of a young Jesus arriving and receiving instruction.

After the crucifixion of Christ in 33 AD, Joseph of Armithea sought refuge in the British Isles with his family and a small entourage of family and believers. Some claim Saint Mary was among this group. The sacred and powerful Lady Chapel in the Glastonbury Abbey Ruins is named in her honour.

Wearyall Hill

Joseph of Armithea reputedly carried with him a staff made from an Israeli hawthorn tree. Legend claims Joseph thrust his staff into the moist ground at his campsite in Glastonbury Isle on Wearyall Hill. Within days it took root. This he interpreted as a sign from God to stay here and establish his home and church. He established the first Christian church in Glastonbury in 37 AD. The descendents of the Glastonbury Thorn tree still grow on Wearyall Hill and near the Tor. This particular variety of hawthorn blossoms twice annually at Christmas and at Easter, as do varieties of hawthorn found only in Palestine and Israel. Interestingly, no indigenous English varieties of hawthorns bloom at Christmas time.

The oblong Wearyall Hill, like the Tor and Chalice Hill was an island 1500 years ago in the great tidal lake of Avalon. The Michael line flows freely along its base, an up to the holy thorn. At the thorn, an impressive spiral of energy fountains upward. Renowned Cornish dowser and author Hamish Miller confirmed both the leyline path and the spiral energy fountain at the Holy Thorn in 1997. Miller traces the leyline across England in his book " The Sun and the Serpent". He further notes that the leyline turns at a sharp angle toward the Abbey, precisely at the holy thorn. I found the energy there to be very invigorating, very crisp. The lushness of the hill is similar to the Tor, and mediation comes easily.

Despite the proximity of the entrance road 350 meters below the thorn, I could hear only the serene flow of breeze while on the hill. The silence and serenity were unique and somewhat striking. I was able to lapse into alpha state immediately in the perimeter of the holy thorn. Visions and inner voices are enhanced, the energy fountain mesmerizing. Wearyall Hill and the holy thorn resonate to the fifth chakra.

The ancient remains of a church and chapel have been discovered on Wearyall Hill, It is thought to be the initial location of Joseph's Waddle Church. Sacred earth indeed.

The Holy Grail

Joseph is said to have brought with him a precious relic that was displayed on the churches alter; the chalice from which Jesus and the 12 disciples drank in the Last Supper, and that Joseph used to collect Christ's blood at the Crucifixion. This chalice became the legendary Holy Grail proliferated in Arthurian legend, symbolic of man's eternal quest for perfection. He is said to have buried the grail near the Chalice Well, and in so doing the well flowed red, signifying the healing blood of Christ.

The Blue Chalice

There are fascinating connections between the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, the 'Holy Grail' and the arc of the covenant. In the early 1900's a chalice was found in Bridies well in Glastonbury and determined by the British museum to be 'consistent with'Syrian or middle eastern artifacts from the period of 100 BC to 300 AD. There is an incredible sequence of events that led to the discovery of the Blue Chalice. The 'blue chalice' received great notoriety & became the topic of global interest and study.. Today it is stored in a protected chamber of the 'St. Michael Retreat House' on the grounds of the Chalice Well Gardens. Members of the Chalice Well Trust are able to request appointments to see and on rare occasions hold the chalice, under the guidance of the Well Trustees. These are dealt with on a discretionary basis. Many reputed clairvoyants & psychics laud the the chalice, and claim it to be connected to Christ, still others claim it to have extra terrestrial origins. All believe it emits a strong vibratory field. I had the great opportunity to have one hour alone with the 'Blue Chalice' in the spring of 2001, and it had a profound effect on me. There is an undeniable pure energy radiated from the precious crystalline vessel. It has an unusual texture and color, and is unlike anything I have ever touched before.

A marvelous history of the 'Blue Chalice', Glastonbury and the three sacred sites is available from in the book "The Avalonians" written by Dr Patrick Benham. Dr Benham is a native of Somerset, and still lives just outside of Glastonbury. He teaches music at a nearby university, and is a longtime admirer and spiritual protector of the Chalice Well. I met him quite by 'accident' in a small music store on one of my pilgrimages to Glastonbury a few years ago. He was 'test' playing a new acoustic guitar, and we joined in together on some 'delta blues' tunes quite spontaneously for half an hour, perched happily on a couple of chairs in the music shoppe. The proprietor, a familiar older Irish gentleman, delightfully encouraged us. After a few impromptu songs he asked where I was staying, and I told him at St Michael's retreat at the Chalice Well.He told me he was a trustee and asked if I was a 'Companion of the Chalice Trust'. We became friends, and he later sent me a signed copy of his book. I sent him a couple of delta blues cd's in fair trade. We still correspond and get together when possible.

Isle of Avalon - Camelot

The Chalice Well and the Holy Grail became centerpoints of the King Arthur Legends. The actual site of Camelot is calculated to be at Cadbury Mound near Glastonbury. Arthur's birthsite is Tintagel Castle on the nearby rugged Cornwall coast. King Arthur's deathbed hours were at the Tor, near the Chalice Well, and his burial at Glastonbury Abbey. King Arthur's gravesite is marked with a plaque at the Abbey ruins.

The Arthurian Myth and Fables are well known, but what is less known are the historic evidences of the actual existence of King Arthur in Glastonbury, Cornwall and eastern Wales. The epic story has been so sensationally projected in print and film, that to the general masses it is merely a wonderful fable. It is much more. Arthur lived, and was a Christ consciousness. The written works, coming centuries later, were in a true sense a channeled symbolism of the sojourn and trinity of man in the three dimensional plane.

Obviously the actual story lines of King Arthur are symbolic truths and probably do not trace his life story verbatim. They served as a metaphoric treatise on the struggles of man searching for truth. It is and was a repetition of the inserted living hologram of the Man/God passion. The symbology of the Arthurian epic reveals a slightly different aspect of the Christos hologram, in mirror of that of Jesus the Christ. Subtle correlations exist, the 12 knights of the roundtable symbolic of the 12 disciples and Gueniverre tempted with the forbidden fruit, (as with Eve in the Garden of Eden) are but two of literally dozens of correlations that subtly mirror the story of Christ

I urge readers to decide its validity for themselves, by visiting and experiencing this very real energy directly in Glastonbury, Cornwall and Wales. Several renown-channeled sources also confirm the existence of King Arthur, as a 'Christ Consciousness'. A man of sincere and true heart, trained by the savant Merlin as a boy, to lead 5th century England into the true knowledge of spirit and one god. In fifth century Britain, local religion had deteriorated into a distorted Paganism sometimes involving human sacrifice. Feudal lords reigned and invading Picts, Irish and Normans plundered the country. Violent bands of thieves preyed on the vulnerable. Christianity was only sparsely established. Arthur sought to inspire men to live for good, honor and truth, and to establish law and order under a central just ruler, and to allow men the right to worship as they chose, and live without fear. The vibration of Arthur the Christ-King is very present in Glastonbury, Cornwall and Wales. It has a feeling of deep symbolic truth and purity.

This writer notes that before visiting Glastonbury in 1980, I had never considered Arthur more than a literary legend. My experience in Glastonbury burned such a strong impression in my psyche that I became intuitively aware of not only Arthur's existence as an actual historic figure, but more importantly his Christ consciousness, symbology and sacred mission.

Grid System

Glastonbury is the principle of three portals within the UK. These portals, Iona, Findhorn and Glastonbury form a triangular energy grid that injects the enclosed leylines with an infusion of cosmic energy. This cosmic energy facilitates the acceleration of the earth's vibratory rate, and thus her ascension. These portals are anchored by the intent of resident Lightworkers' working with the portal site.

Glastonbury's placement as a portal extends to a global triune and has extended energy lines to many sacred centres worldwide. Glastonbury is in fact one of the 12 sacred global centers. Its energies are multi faceted. A tremendous influx of ley energy, earth currents, anionic plasma and electrical vortexes connect to create an incredible force field. The energetic cocktail can be overwhelming, it extends to a radius of about 3.5 miles from the town center.

The template for our Earth contains three grids. One of these, the 'crystalline or ascension grid' is composed of a lattice of triangulated pentagons and covers the earth in a geodesic matrix. This pattern of 3-D and 5-D pentagonal shapes interlock to create a multi dimensional goedome sphere over the planet. The connecting apexes of these triangles and pentagons are points of energy focus. The grid lines joining these apexes conduct an energy flow. This flow can be regulated. Glastonbury is a primary apex that functions in all 3 earth grids..

An interesting side note to the triangulation of apex energy points, is that indigenous people such as the Hopi, Lakota and Aborigines, have advocated for centuries that sacred sites are always placed in 'three's.


The Druid Masters were keenly intune with earth energies and they carefully identified and tracked the sacred energy lines called 'leys' throughout Great Britain and Western Europe. The most notable of these are the Michael and Mary lines. Even before being given Christian names and associated with the Arc Angel Michael, the Druids and Celts discerned the male and female identities of the ley energies. They assigned Celtic names of deities of light and protection to the lines.

Leylines are by definition, amassed flowing telluric energy. These lines are paths of concentrated living energy that allows for people to find peace and well being. Electrical in nature, they are the nervous system of the planet. The Michael line is the instrument of the Arch Angel Michael. Manifestations of Arch Angel Michael have appeared along the 'Michael' line for centuries.

The lines can be detected by dowsing, and in fact have been mapped for millennia. They are discernable, and carry a vibrant electrical pulse. I find ley energy identifiable by a projected tangible sense of 'well being' all around the areas of their path. Plant life thrives, animal life seems happier and the air seems to 'sparkle', in the proximity of ley energy.

In England, the Druids recognized the unique swirling vortex formed when two ley lines intersected. At these sites, they established sacred ritual points, initiation centers or healing refuges to utilize this amplified energy. Worship and spirituality was particularly enhanced at the powerful intersections of the Mary and Michael leylines.

Sacred Geometry and Freemason Architecture

Christian Freemasons came along centuries later and built churches (using sacred geometry) on the exact religious sites situated along the leylines vortexes chosen by the earthwise Druid Shamen eons before. Historians speculate this was done to assist in converting the Paganistic masses to Christianity. However, the illuminati amongst the Freemasons had a more divine method than simple political sway. They were aware of the amplified spiritual energy of these vortex sites, and chose them with intuitive intent for construction of the great cathedrals. The amplified leyline energy flowing in these British cathedrals built along the Michael Leyline is simply magnificent, and must be experienced! Several cathedrals actually have the leyline channeled symmetrical down exact center aisle of the structure. The energy is curved into circular patterns inside the brilliantly designed cathedral domes and circulates inside throughout the vaulted ceilings. Saint Paul's in London is one such example. The powerful reverent emotions of the thousands upon thousands of worshipers is imprinted upon and further amplifies the sacred energy pulsing inside many of these 'Freemason' designed cathedrals. The sacred geometry utilized in the architecture enhances these energies somewhat in the fashion of the stone circles.

Among the beautiful cathedrals in Britain ingeniously positioned over leyline vortex crossings and nodes, are Saint Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Salisbury Cathedral, Wells Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral, to name a few.

Earthen Zodiac Carvings

There is an additional Glastonbury mystery revealed in the recent past. In 1927 Katherine Maltwood, a local sculptor and illustrator (re)discovered the 'Glastonbury Zodiac', while surveying fields surrounding Glastonbury. Also referred to as the 'Glastonbury Giants', the zodiac had actually been referenced in various writings since medieval times, but was thought to be merely part of the Glastonbury lore. Maltwood painstakingly retraced the impressive and undeniable landscape carving. These zodiac tables etched into the actual landscape in a circular pattern about 10 miles in diameter, correctly and chronologically templates the twelve zodiac signs using existing landmarks, hills, rivers and land-etched boundaries.

The maps clearly show human and animal figures in place around the circular zodiac, with a carving of a hound some five miles in length, (locally called the Langford Girt-Dog) along the zodiac circle's exterior. Names of villages along the zodiac that correlate to the actual placement of the star-map indicate some local knowledge of the zodiac existence in mediaeval times. Aires road has been so called for centuries and occurs within the Aires sign. The village of Earlake is on the hound's ear! Like the Nazca plane etchings in Peru, these are only truly discernable from aerial views of about 6,000 feet above the land. Some anthropologists have estimated the zodiac to have been built at about 3000 BC, while still others connect it to the period of the Dendarah Zodiac built in Egypt circa 7000 BC. Maltwood considered The Glastonbury Zodiac to be the original 'Roundtable'.

Glastonbury is host to the annual Glastonbury Music Festival every year in mid June. A modern day Woodstock equivalent, the event is a three-day concert featuring top recording artists to crowds in excess of forty thousand. The spiritual traveler may well wish to avoid the crowded festival when planning a trip to Glastonbury. The energy can become a bit erratic in the amplified energies of Glastonbury with the massive crowds of rock enthusiasts packing the area. . Besides clogging the roads and creating extremely slow traffic movement , hotels and B & B's become virtually impossible to obtain the week of the festival.

Glastonbury is an epicenter of the 'New Age', and its energy attracts all types. The village streets are lined with historical churches, buildings and museums situated side by side with a myriad of shops. The high street promenade offers the full gamut of wares and services to both tourist and pilgrim. From local art galleries, vegetarian restaurants, English high tea rooms, Arthurian swords, souvenir chalices, healing arts, tarot readings, incense, crystals, wands, capes, herbs and astrological readings, it is all there. Buddhist, traditional Church of England Protestants, druids, wiccans, and New Age pilgrims recognize and share the potent traditions and energy of Glastonbury. Each claims it as their own. The spiritual duality is present. Like many mega power centers, Glastonbury has an electro-magnetic field that is held in balance by the integral presence of both electrical polarities, positive and negative. So when making ones pilgrimage, enter the potent energy of the duality fully aware, and establish astral protection upon visiting the wondrous Avalon, for the veil is indeed thin, and both energies are present.

The powerful energy amplifies the aura, and visitors not accustomed to this level of energy can experience an auric depletion after a few days. This is the signal to move into a lesser amperage. That signal should be respected, to overstay can result in a feeling of tiredness and erratic mood swings. Time is usually required for the human aura to adjust to the highly concentrated electro-magnetic fields in power centers such as Glastonbury. Residents of such mega energies centers develop an auric sheath that allows them to retain balance within the concentrated energy fields.

B & B accommodations in Glastonbury are plentiful. Hotels are a little more difficult, especially for groups, and much more expensive. I highly recommend staying at the Chalice Well 'Little St Michael's Retreat', actually on the grounds of the Chalice Well gardens for the individual traveler. This does require becoming a member of the Chalice Well Trust, a very worthwhile non-profit organization. Glastonbury is easily reached in a three-hour drive from London taking the M-4 to Bristol, then heading south for twenty-five miles on the M5. Watch for the exit, and prepare to be enchanted when the Tor appears on the horizon.

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Article by James Tyberonn - Originally -Published in ' The Energy of Sacred Sites'. All copyrights protected.

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