Monday, April 4, 2011


March 27-April 9, 2011

Hilarion speaks

Beloved Ones,

The energies of renewal are now coming forth in the flow of life and the cycles upon your Planet and bringing with them the energies of a new beginning. How this new beginning translates in your personal life is dependant on your attitude and perceptions and your ability to become the Master of your thoughts and emotions and your intentions to create a better way. There are cycles within cycles within cycles and upon your Planet and in the Cosmos, many of these cycles are now converging into alignment with a far greater Plan than has been understood by Humanity to the present time.

Much depends on the thoughts and emotions of each of you during the times ahead. Most of you have learned to love with a certain sense of detachment that allows you to lovingly accept that others have their own choices to make and Paths to follow and you allow them to do this without any attempts to control. This is what is known as unconditional love and it releases you from feeling responsible for the actions and choices of others and sets you free to experience your own direction with greater clarity and focus and most importantly, enjoyment. Life in a physical body is an opportunity to experience the gamut of an entire range and depth of feeling, emotion and creativity that allows for a richness to blossom from within.

As you become multi-dimensional in a more conscious manner, you will realize that you have, in fact, been accomplishing much more than your previously limited perceptions have allowed you to comprehend. Work on the higher dimensions involves the use of creativity, visualization and thought and each of you does this so easily that you tend to not recognize that you are doing this. Try to become more cognizant of your creative thought processes and as you do, you will become more clear about the Universal Laws that you have been working with and how your thought processes bring to you the manifestation of your predominant and many times, subconscious thoughts.

The time is now to begin to discipline your minds to focus on what you want to manifest in your lives rather than what you do not want, for the Universe is impartial and will give you what you constantly focus on in your thought processes, and the Universe is alive with power and energy and will create for you what you desire, or what It perceives that you desire by your repetitive thoughts, visualizations and creativeness. Care must be taken to ensure that what goes forth from you will in turn be what you truly desire to have come to you. This is why daily decreeing is a method to bring to you that which is for your highest and greatest good and in these times of great change, the discipline of decreeing helps one to focus and stay grounded.

For those of you who need to have such a focus rather than using meditation each day, much can be accomplished through the power of the word spoken verbally to bring out the higher aspects of your own Self and increase your vibrational frequency, for sound has vibration and creates powerful energy and most of you who use this discipline understand how powerful this process is in your personal and Planetary transformation. Even one decree each day for your personal protection and growth and one decree such as the Great Invocation repeated each day can bring about a higher frequency in your energy field as you repeat them in repetitions of three, seven, nine, eleven, etc. It is the intonations of each word and the repetition of these words that creates a more powerful and centered You and helps you to become a more conscious Being creating and manifesting in this octave of life.

Conscious creation can bring to you more joy, freedom, grace and ease once self discipline is employed to your thought processes. Make your mind the builder, Beloved Ones, the mighty tool of your own Mastery over every situation you encounter as you walk upon the Earth. We remind you that there are many unemployed Angels just waiting to be called upon and recognized as such, Legions and Legions of Angels…just waiting….

Until our next message in two weeks time (April 9th), for the Scribe will be travelling to California next week and will not have a computer to update the Rainbow Scribe website…..

I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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