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By Rev. Caroline Dawley

Book Review; Excerpt:  Ch. 9 "Medicine Wheel Teachings"


WEST DIRECTION ON THE WHEEL - Strength and Introspection

Moon: Ducks Flying Moon -  Cycle of Truth Lesson: Work for the Truth

Animal: raven, Mineral: jasper, Color: brown, Plant: mullein, Clan: butterfly, Element: air

From the jasper, people experiencing this energy can learn how to draw both the earth and sun energy into their being and how to understand the messages of the heart. From the mullein they can learn about their abilities both to soothe and to irritate. From the raven they will gain understanding of their relationships with groups, and their ability to soar and dive. This is the position in which you can learn what balance truly is, even if you need to experience discomfort in order to do so. People experiencing the Ducks Fly Moon can rapidly go from one idea, concept, or mood to its opposite. This position can teach how to show physical affection and how to be comfortable both in earth and sky. People experiencing the raven energy must be careful not to be totally indecisive, and so changeable they confuse even themselves.

Cycle of Truth Lesson: Work for the Truth:

The Tenth Moon Cycle of Truth teaches the Lesson, Work for the Truth.  When you work for the Truth, you create substance of Dreams and bring them to the Earth to assist in bringing Peace on Earth for all the Circle of Life and the Planet.  You have the ability to soar to heights where you gain understanding of the whole point of view, and you also have the ability of going within to find the answers.  Working for the Truth, you assist bringing wholeness and healing to the Planet.

The Medicine Wheel is a Model for Change for the World
As we align with the energies of the Creator and Mother Earth, we are given gifts to share with Creation.  I was honored with the gift of ceremony and ritual as a form bringing forth Truth and Life. When we walk through the seven cycles of the Moon, we receive 5 more, thus the 12.  As we stand on each spoke of the Wisdom Wheel of Life and complete the 12, we then become our Vision, the 13th Tribe or One Family, manifesting the New Beginning of Heaven on Earth, and the fifth world of Peace and Illumination.  The 7 colors of the chakras correspond with the seven colors of the Rainbow, the Octave relating to Planet Earth referred to as the Rainbow Planet of love.   As we ascend in consciousness, we receive the five more colors and begin integrating to the next Octave corresponding to the New Earth we are creating.
The Medicine People are keepers of the sacred knowledge of life. They learned how to enter the rhythms and forces of nature and communicate in all worlds within worlds. The Medicine wheel represents the universe and all our relations that share sacred space in the visible and invisible worlds. We understand that we are multi-dimensional beings of light who enter the rhythms of all dimensions and wheels within wheels when we enter the Sacred Space of Zero Point.
 We begin with ourselves to understand the patterns and rhythms of nature by creating sacred space. We are energy beings who have come to this earth to learn how to be real human beings. Our environment is out of balance and we are constantly bombarded with energy, creating sacred space allows us to begin to walk in balance as we learn to live in a harmonious way. The ceremony is a way to connect with our Creator and all our relatives as we learn to walk in a way that honors all life who share Mother Earth.
 My initiation into Ceremony and ritual resulted in a dedication to offering Full Moon and Solstice/Equinox Ceremony on the Medicine Wheel as a way of imparting the Wisdom of the 13 Original Clan Mothers, and sharing the Gift of the Energetic Cycles of Truth. As we pass through the Seven Gates or Seven Initiations on the Wheel, we pass through the veils of illusion in the world of duality, and see clearly from a whole perspective. Ceremony on the Medicine Wheel offers entrance into the Divine through understanding all dimensions that make up Creation. The Four Directions, the Above Direction, the Below Direction and Within Direction bring us to the place of Transformation and Zero Point entrance into the Void. As we complete each lesson; we evolve up the Spiral to the frequency of Wholeness. Activating our 12 Strand DNA. Giving thanks to Grandmother Moon who influences the females of all species and the waters of the world. Peace and Blessings, Caroline Dawley
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