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My vision and intention is to bring the ancient wisdom teachings of Peace to the world. With enthusiasm I bring together the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois, and The Law of One of the Essenes, from the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The teachings hold the pattern for life and show how to sustain life on the earth by utilizing Universal Laws and the Universal Life Force energy.  I refer to the Aura or electro-magnetic field surrounding the body of all living things, and how we can infuse our Energy body with Light and higher vibration, bringing balance and wellbeing to the world..   I teach from personal experience, having Vision and experience on my own Mythical Journey; I am a visionary, teacher, and seeker of truth.  I’ve been traveling on this journey all my life and am now urged by my spiritual guidance to share this Message, teaching  Universal Laws and how to affect evolution and sustainability of our beloved Planet Earth.
 As we open our hearts and minds to receive life's lessons we come to the knowledge that we are all one family in the Divine plan as we seek divine truth, we learn to acknowledge and respect all sacred points of view.  It is through this wisdom that we understand Creator's Law of ONE; the interconnection of all parts, in ONE evolving whole.
 We live in crucial times, prophecy points to the time of the Great Purification, the Great Change on earth.  As human beings we have lost our vision of the whole, becoming fragmented and separated from our true family that makes up the whole of Creation.  We have come full circle as the end of the age draws near, the Ancestors also draw near.  Listening to the voice of Ancient Wisdom,(that I call, Thundering Voices), we hear the call to wholeness. It is crucial that to regain the balance of Earth, we must take our place in the sacred circle of life and listen to the voice of Wisdom, these teachings are ancient wisdom, seeds of truth planted in the planetary memory since the beginning of time. It is time to awaken, to embrace the teachings of the Essenes and the Tree of Life, the Great law of Peace and the Tree of Peace, and the Evolving Theories of the Earth’s electro-magnetic field, sometimes called the Torus, referred to in the Movie; Thrive.   May we come to the true knowledge that we are one family of nations and we have a sacred duty to the Earth and all living beings to bring rebirth and planetary transformation;  healing  and right relationship, to Earth, our Creator, and all the Circle of Life.  When we become whole, we remember the Divine truth of our highest reality. “As we heal ourselves, we heal the family. As we heal the family we heal the community, as we heal the community we heal the nation, as we heal the nation we heal the world.” Algonquin Prayer. 

The story is filled with symbolism that leads to Ancient Wisdom and a New Pathway into the Heart of Planetary Memory.  Our Indigenous Elders hold keys to Ancient Wisdom to heal Mother Earth and bring Wholeness and Balance to Creation.
The journey follows a Pathway through the Heart, depicted in the forest scene, entering the root of consciousness; an inward journey calling us to set aside our limited worldview, and by faith and trust, awaken the Dream and vision for Oneness and Peace. Many refer to as the Whirling Rainbow Dream.
Vistas open as our spirit guides lead us on the pathway. We have entered a new sphere of under-standing where the forest comes alive; animals are messengers and the Trees stand as witness to Natural Law. In this sphere, all life is equal and love and peace stand tall.  Creation is interconnected and works for the highest good, all are One; heaven and earth, spirit and matter, working to sustain and balance the earth bringing healing and wholeness. There is no division, all work together in an interwoven pattern manifesting a new tapestry for Peace.
Eagle raises our awareness to a higher mind and expanded view, where all beings equally share stewardship of the Great Mother, who supports all life.  Gratitude and love are the higher frequencies that vibrate into Earth’s field and sustain life.
Deer appears as Monarch of this Forest World and with a Pure Heart, the Great One leads us through the dark entrance to the Void, the Great Mystery.   In this passage, we gain a new life; transformed, flowing with Life and Light, in One Heart, One Spirit, One Family.  With the gift of a Pure White Heart all beings embrace true brotherhood and sisterhood as honored traditions, giving birth to peace and trust among nations.  The Great Peace was planted long ago in the Heart of Mother Earth and has grown up into the New Human being.
The Great White Pine, symbolizing the Law of Peace; an axis between heaven and earth, is a reflection to humankind of our inner constitution with roots planted deep in the heart and soil (soul) of the Mother, branches reaching to the Sky. The ancient ones stand tall, witnesses of her-story and creation’s journey from darkness into Light. 
The Sun sends frequencies of Light, radiating the Earth with higher vibrations of love. The Vibrant Golden Liquid Light when breathed in revitalizes life with new energies and colors of the 12 Rays of vibrating frequencies.  Awareness opens to new realities on the horizon of a frontier of expanded consciousness and the Tree of Life blossoms with new growth. The Garden, once abandoned as wilderness is made green again as the New Earth is seeded, and the Tree of Life blossoms, ascending ever upward into heaven.
Soaring through the Eagle’s Eye, becoming one, we journey through the inner Passageway of the Great Cosmic Sun, planting seeds in the New Earth and building a bridge to the new Golden Age of Peace.  Welcome to the Journey.
PATHWAY OF PEACE : JOURNEY TO THE NEW EARTH, may be purchased at or at   Please share your comments below.
Walking in Peace, Caroline Dawley

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