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Jeshua's Message for Today
Global Messenger - August 23, 2009

Jeshua's DNA The Holy Grail
Painted by and Copyright Nancy Sippel Carpenter
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"My DNA came to humanity through these means and you in the world now hold this DNA in your blood. Thus my DNA runs through your veins and I come now to enliven it."

Jeshua has begun to share some lessons for our time.
From Carolyn Evers

In late September, Janis Gilbreath, a dear friend of mine and one known to many in the spiritual world through her Internet participation, sent me an email regarding a
crop circle pattern that seemed to be telling us something about December, 2012, the time widely recognised as the ending of the Mayan Calendar.
Some weeks later, as I was contemplating it, Lord Metatron prompted me to ask about this pattern. On November 20, when Richard and I were doing some work together, he asked me about this and the vision I have shared regarding its prediction of the coming birth of the Christ child on December 28, 2012 came forth. You can find this
in detail here.
Within a day or two, Jeshua came forth and asked that we create a website for him, to his specifications, so people could begin to connect with his return and as a place for us to provide access to some teachings he wished to bring forth. He even chose the name of his website -
Then, beginning on December 10 and more completely over the next few days, utilising the powerful cosmic alignments of the Universal Solstice, the full moon and the associated Grand Cross on December 12th, Jeshua's essence returned to the hearts of those of humanity who will allow it. You can receive this gift by listening to any of
the recordings here dated after December 10, 2008 for the remainder of December.
Then, on January 1, 2009, an auspicious day energetically, Jeshua gave me his first Lesson and this is now
available from here. In this first lesson, he tells us about that first Christmas, a little about his parents and also provides some background on who he is and his broader relationship with humanity and life on Earth.
Now, I know many of you reading this may doubt the authenticity of what I'm sharing with you here. How come Carolyn Evers is saying this when no-one else is? This doesn't fit with what I believe is the truth of things. Who says the crop circles are for real? Lots of people say they're made by people, not by off planet beings. Where is the real, tangible evidence for all of this that cannot be denied? Why shouldn't I treat this with the same scepticism as I do every other message like this I read? And so on.
Very few are aware of the degree to which I research what I'm given by those on the other side of the veil. I began this when I first began to receive messages some 20 years ago, for my own clarity and to be sure I could trust what was coming forth - and I haven't stopped, because I know many of you will have the same questions, and rightly so.
Well, just as we were preparing Lesson 1 for release to you, Jeshua gave me Lesson 2. In this lesson he talks about his writings from 2,000 years ago. What he wrote about and, incredibly, what happened to them. He listed all the copies that were made and where they are now located. Physically. In one case the stone under which the scrolls are buried. Here we have tangible, physical places for someone to go and look and confirm with modern equipment that there are scrolls buried there - and later this year (2009) Richard and I will go and do just that, and more, and this will come forth as a TV documentary.
This is the kind of physical certainty we have been needing to connect what is coming forth to us living now in a way we can verify. This is so exciting!!
We less than four short years to prepare for Ascension, so the need for tangible, undeniable evidence is essential to have people begin to accept what is coming forth. And now we have it and there will no doubt be more.
So, I wanted to share this with you as we launch these wondrous teachings, Jeshua's messages to us to fill in the gap, so to say, between what came down to us in the New Testament and what Jeshua was sharing with his followers 2,000 years ago. They had no context at that time, for example, for understanding his teachings about Ascension in 2012, something of which he was well aware.
If you have not already done so, I encourage you to access these for yourself from You can read Jeshua's introduction and listen to a segment from Lesson 1. And check out the rest of the site whilst you're there.
Blessings, joy, love and peace.
Carolyn Evers

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is our consistent source of nurturing, inspiration and potential. Interestingly, we often seek the beauty of nature for its extraordinary ability to be in constant change while ever expressing its interconnected uniqueness. This is what captivates and also reminds us of our own innate capacity to do the same. Nature has the ability to cycle, recycle, adapt, reclaim and reinvent itself over and over by simply fulfilling its distinctive purpose with love for all.When we allow unconditional love to be our personal guiding intention, our energy flows in the same manner. We stay present in the moment and share our love without reservation or hesitation. We change, evolve, expand and express our creativity in new ways ensuring that it benefits the whole. In this way, life itself evolves through each of us.You are the heart of unconditional love. What you choose, we all experience.Love, light and peace,Harold W. BeckerPresident and FounderThe Love Foundation, Inc.“Inspiring People to Love
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