Saturday, August 8, 2009


www.worldpeaceflame.comBorn of seven Millennium Flames of Hope which came from peacemakers and spiritual elders on five continents, this flame burns continuously in the Snowdonia National Park in Wales. Candles that have been lighted from this flame are being shared with all of us.
NOVEMBER 11, 1999 Dr. Mansukh Patel, Life FoundationBy SUZANNE BECKER
By Scott Larrick
In July, 1999, seven living flames from five continents were united to create the World Peace Flame. Each of the seven flames were lit by eminent peacemakers across the globe, and then brought together in the mountains of North Wales, where Dr. Mansukh Patel and the Life Foundation saw a 24-year project come to fruition. Dr. Patel is known as the Young Gandhi in the Netherlands and Belgium.
A monument symbolizing global peace has been unveiled in front of the Peace Palace on 17 April 2002. The monument was designed by the Dutch sculptor and graphic designer Heleen van der Sande and contains the peace flame that will burn forever. Several peace flames are already burning throughout the world, but the flame in front of the Peace Palace is the first one to be open to the public. The location chosen to host a peace flame is made based on the fact that important decisions regarding international politics, culture and

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