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CONTENTS: FULL MOON IN ARIES * Mayan Message Day 19, Carrie Hart Message -You Are Deeply Loved
Full Moon in Aries Sat 10/3-Sun10/4 "The Moon in Aries encourages us to have the courage to be ourselves, to trust our own intuitions and be bold enough to try something new, to figure out what we need in a situation. Aries' inherent self-interest or selfishness is offset by the Sun in Libra, which teaches us how to balance Self and Other. The peace and harmony that Libra loves isn't achieved by denying your real needs, but by negotiating a real balance of needs between partners. Aries can show us new ways of getting what we want, while Libra keeps us on track with diplomacy and fairness.For this Full Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus (Libra's ruler) are all in Virgo. We are still trying to figure out who we really are and how we can be of service to the world. Mercury turns to direct motion on September 29, a few days before the full Moon. The messenger god now has to integrate what he's learned during the past three weeks, and we won't have the message clear until Mercury returns to where it began its journey on October 14."
Cardinal fire in it's most illuminated form! My moon is in Aries so I am certainly feeling the heat.
I keep reading over and over that this is the moon of courage, and since the full moon is a powerful mirror, let yourself celebrate where you have been courageous this year. Aries, as the baby of the signs, is also about play, so maybe some fun activity, something a little wilder or more playful than you normally do. The full moon hike is amazing. Chinatown is also having their moon festival this weekend so go enjoy the festivities. Go for a full moon swim to balance the fire of Aries- lots of possibilities. Barbara even suggests seeing the movie "Whip it" as the perfect aries moon flick!
The main thing I wish, though is for us to simply be aware of the full moon and it's energy. Maybe sit out under her with your lunar journal and write about the things you would do if you had the "courage." build on our "commitment" work at the last gathering and write a bhavana about yourself doing this courageous act in a way that is positive, specific and concrete. (Thanks again, Christy!)
I honor each of you and the fantastic things you are doing. It takes courage to simply recognize a need to do this work.Lisa Dale Miller

Ascension – Hurry Up by Slowing Down

I am Cauac, Keeper of the Gate to Ascension. It is through me that you can discover portals to your own evolution. Within each of you is the ability to find your way back to Source. However, many of you are "asleep," yet, on the verge of awakening. My role is to assist you and your Guides in gently rousing you from your sleep and nudging you along the way. There is much talk about the ascension of your Masters. It is currently a hot topic for those interested in metaphysics. But, what is ascension?

In the past, through art and religious teachings, Masters such as Jesus were generally depicted as "rising" or floating up toward heaven when their life on earth ended. And so, the word "ascension" came into popularity as the term for this process. There are many teachings today suggesting that the earth and humans are going through an ascension process. Many predict that the end of the world will come in the year 2012. There is a growing frenzy to "get on board" and clean up your act or you will miss the boat. Although we cannot say what the future will hold, we can tell you that never in your history has there been the need to "hurry" to do anything. What is more important is to be in joy and express love each and every moment. This entails releasing fears and habits that keep you from enjoying a passionate and compassionate life. Learn how to maintain a state of calm and peace no matter what storm is brewing around you. Have courage to stand in your truth, no matter who may disagree with what you say or do. Take time each day to go within, quiet your mind and set clear intentions for what you wish to accomplish. Pay attention to what is happening around you, especially in nature and be respectful to all beings who reside on the earth. Fill your heart with gratitude each moment, reveling in the beauty that surrounds you. This is your path to ascension.

There is none among you who is "lost." All have full ability to "ascend" and to merge once again with the Source of All. Like everything else, it is a matter of "timing." Each of you chose to leave the Source in order to experience "other things." Some beings have incarnated on earth and other planets; others remain in the higher dimensions as helpers and holders of Light. There are myriads of "angelic" beings carrying out an untold number of "jobs." It would boggle your mind to know of all that is happening in your universe and beyond. Every creation is experiencing their "lives" in a unique way. One day we will be reunited as "One" and enjoy the sensation of love and Oneness in its purest form. There is no need to "hurry" to get to "get there." Hurrying is part of the human condition. We suggest that you learn to live in the moment and make the journey memorable. Stop and smell the roses and be kind to those you encounter along the way. So many things you pray to experience become missed opportunities because you have been focused on getting from point A to point B.

Some of you may argue that there is a need to hurry because the world is falling apart, that it is on the eve of destruction. What we would say in response is that if each of you would stop in this moment and make the decision to be kind and respectful to others and to share your wealth, in an instant your world would become the utopia so many of you dream of. In the twinkling of an eye, world hunger would be resolved. You already have enough food to feed all. However, we do suggest making corrections to the synthetic ways you grow food. All wars could cease in the moment your leaders learned how to communicate and be respectful of each other. It is the need to control others and take their property and resources that feeds the war machine. Teach your children how to turn off the TV and their electronic games. Let them explore and re-learn how to play outside with the tools and games nature supplies freely such as sticks and stones. This simple thing will not only increase their ability to solve problems, but will also alleviate a huge portion of the problems created by the plastics corporations. Watch drug companies collapse when stresses caused by toxic food, unresolved problems, poor communication and fear decreases. If in a moment each of you resolved to live in your truth, remaining in joy with the courage to take responsibility for your actions, thus allowing you to let your creative juices flow, there would be no need for drugs, illegal or prescribed.

An exorbitant amount of money is spent on medical research, insurance, surgeries and mental health. For years, scientists such as Rife and Tesla have provided cures for all ailments. There are now many volumes available demonstrating the correlation between dis-ease and "stinking thinking." It is common sense to know that the use of herbicides and pesticides on your food and water sources can only result in toxicity in your bodies. Most of you are so far removed from the thoughts of where your food comes from that you don't even stop to realize that the more a food is processed and the longer it takes to go from garden to mouth, the less healthy it is. By the time the majority of your food goes from farm to mouth, there is no life force in it. You are eating dead food full of toxic substances and wonder why there is such a rise in cancers, ADD and other diseases and disorders. It is greed that generates most of your insane governmental programs and disallows the use of ecologically balanced technologies.

For centuries you have murdered those who attempted to bring forth ecologically balanced ways of making your lives easier. Why is it you are not harnessing the power of the sun, wind and water more? Why is it you still power your engines with earth's natural resources? The balance of the earth is at a critical stage at this moment, yet is not all due to man's irresponsibility. Much of the earth's energetic imbalances are caused by centuries of negative and greedy thought forms. Many of you do not take into account the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth, the sun and the universe. No thing is stagnant; all things are always in flux, shift happens. And so, we conclude by saying that if you still feel the need to "hurry," we would suggest your quickening be focused "inside" rather that upward. Take time to look at how you can be part of the soul-ution when it comes to creating heaven on earth. It is you who has allowed your representative leaders to gain so much control over your lives; it is you who is responsible to reclaim your self-empowerment. Now is the time. Take charge of your life by learning to respect your self and your neighbors. Move past the walls of fear that you have surrounded around yourself as invisible shields of protection. It is not through isolation that you will create a utopian society; it is through teamwork based on love.

We leave you now with the hope that you will take time to reflect on these words and to take action. Be in joy and create peace within you! Selamet! Cauac 6 An eBook containing all 260 Mayan Messages (one for each day of the Tzolk'in calendar) is available for purchase for a donation of $15.00 USD. These messages are unedited, in their original channeled form as received by Theresa Crabtree. To read previously published messages, to receive free weekly messages or to purchase the eBook, visit The website also includes many resources on herbal remedies, gardening and ways to gain optimal health and wellbeing. You are encouraged to share the Mayan Messages with others as long as you send them in their entirety and with the contact information attached. ************************************************
Monday, September 28, 2009
It is not necessary to know all the answers. It is not even necessary to know all the questions you might ask. All that is required is that you know that you are not alone, that you are surrounded by the hosts of heaven, by angels and spirits, by love unbounded, by caring and attention. Know that you are deeply loved.

Go ahead, walk your life. Walk it as a man or woman walks, solid and centered, true to his or her own truth. Walk it making choices and decisions, being as brave as you can be, opening doors and saying yes, trying new things, being open to the newness that flows uninvited from the world. Hold your head high and do your very best to shine out unafraid as you travel the path that is laid out in front of you. And as you walk, be certain of this one thing: you are surrounded by love, by help and guidance. At any moment, you can take a deep breath and ask: What shall I do now? How shall I handle this situation? How shall I face what I fear is behind that door? And in that moment, an answer will come. Not an explanation, not a way to set your mind at ease with formulas and processes, not a map for all the steps to take. But an answer, an answer that says: Right now, in this moment, do this. And that is answer enough. For in this moment, things are as they are. It does not matter what happened to make them as they are. Right now, things are as they are. This is not a statement of despair or resignation. This is a statement of truth, of wisdom. Things are as they are. And the blessing is that there is always a response to things as they are, even if that response is to sit quietly and wait for the sun to rise another day, for the earth to take another turn, for the moon to pull the tides toward a strong and brilliant new day.

Have faith in yourself and in the help that is there for you. Trust that in its great mystery, the universe knows all and that this keep knowledge, that contains all that is and is likely to be, is conveyed to you when you ask your simple question. All the wisdom in the world is contained in a single drop of water as it falls from the heavens. Hold out your hand and catch it. Watch it spread and fill your palm, then your heart, then your life. Gaze into the deep waters of grace and know that the answer is there. And what is that answer? You are loved, you are deeply loved. * There are many resources available to you on, including powerful meditations to quiet your mind and pull you deeply into the moment and a crystal full of energy to hold during your meditations. I am sending you my love and caring. I hope that these messages help strengthen your inner light. Love & peace, Carrie
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