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Meditation Focus #204:
Dissolving The Illusion of Separation

WE ARE ALL ONE...Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network
What follows is the 204th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 (FOUR) weeks beginning Sunday, October 4, 2009.
1. Summary2. Meditation times3. More information related to this Meditation FocusNOTE: If you are located in Europe, please note that the fourth Sunday meditation on this theme, on October 25, will start one-hour earlier because Daylight Saving Time will have ended. To verify if your location is included in this time change, click HERE. In North America, Daylight Saving Time will end on November 1st
.Eye of The Storm Series #8: The Big Propaganda Game
(October 2, 2009)
As we all know, life on Earth can be fraught with a treacherously deceitful series of nagging experiences while we are deeply immersed in the thick of duality consciousness, which is specifically designed to make us believe we live alone, isolated from the rest of the universe in our own little bubble of consciousness. To most humans, this illusion is so overpowering that is it nearly impossible for them to try to understand or even believe that this sense of alienation is the direct result of their own choice, made a long time ago at soul level, to disconnect themselves from the Universal Matrix of Oneness Consciousness in their desire to go explore the vast expanses and infinite possibilities offered by the then newly created universe.
This process of ever deeper segmentation through countless successive subdivisions of the initial Spark of individuated existence then issued from the Originating Source has been going on almost forever and is still continuing to this day. And yet, if one was able to trace its soul lineage all the way back to Source—while becoming aware that, just like any fragment of a holographic picture holding by its very design all the exact same components and attributes of the whole picture, each soul in existence holds within itself the very same qualities and innate sentient abilities of its Original Source—then one would come to the conclusion, in a sublime "aha" moment of epiphany, that we are absolutely indistinguishable from the Omniversal Source of All That Is and, as such, could claim to be one and the same with It .
This self-isolation bubble-bursting realization is the penultimate antidote to the all pervading illusion of separation that is at the very root of all ill conceived actions, words and thoughts on this planet. But coming to this conclusion, is not a matter of rational thinking - although once experienced it stands as an utterly rational, logic and incontrovertible fact. No. It can, indeed, only come through experience, when we simply turn on the Light of our Total Self, reaching inwardly/outwardly to this sacred, holy place where Bliss coexists with Infinite Love, where our limited sense of self is instantaneously dissolved into the Absolute Vastness of Who We Really Are... and then we KNOW... and everything makes sense... perfect Sense... and all there is to do is to BE and let this Beingness guide the flow of our existence in the Omniversal Cosmic Soup in which we thrive and derive our very existence... Reaching this ultimate State of Grace is the Holy Grail humanity is here to experience and is the true catalyst for the dimensional shift we are gradually going through as more and more souls on Earth awaken from the slumber of duality consciousness back into perfect synch with and ever greater remembrance of their original and eternal nature as One with and in All That Is.
As we are exponentially, ever more rapidly reaching the critical mass of planetary awakening, tapping ever deeper into the sense of forming a vast sentient Being, on Earth and beyond—infinitely beyond—we are now fast approaching the threshold point, now a mere 3 revolutions around the sun away, when our collective amnesia and illusion of separation WILL BE NO MORE. Our Key role and responsibility in the meantime, as part of the awakening community of Light bearers, is to invest ever more of our time and attention into developing, through deep immersive soul communion with All That Is, our inner resonance with all other awakening souls in this physical realm and beyond, and thus expanding the field of awakened Oneness on Earth, which is exactly what we will do/be together in the coming four weeks, for the Highest Good of all as One.This whole Meditation Focus has been archived for your convenience at
"In this great story that is my life, I am conscious of my ability to co-create every moment in which I live. I strive to remain awake at all times, knowing when to lift my voice and when to be silent in awe of this magnificent creation of which I am but a drop in the ocean. If I had to declare what is the most defining characteristic of who I am - the ultimate question that drives us seekers of truth - I would have to say that I am one who sees no greater work in life than the work of helping humanity to awaken to the reality of universal Oneness, dispelling the illusion of separation from Self, others and Nature, and lighting the spark of remembrance of our common Source. Our greatest crisis today, the root of ALL of our global dis-ease, is the belief that we are separate...when we are not."- Isis --
"The persistent illusion of being separate from those around us, even of not belonging in the community of humankind, is a painful condition. On an individual level, it evokes an aching loneliness and the sense of an inability to love and be loved. On a global level, the illusion of separation results in indifference to the suffering in underdeveloped nations and even to war. Spiritual teachings of all times and places say that separation is not real, that we are children of All That Is, all emanating from the life force and the love that dwells in every atom of the universe."- Donna Cunningham -- Taken from Healing the Illusion of Separation
"When I take a deep breath and go inside to think about that question, the first thing that comes to me is that I think one of our biggest challenges is to look at our way of thinking, and see if there might be a way to serve ourselves even more powerfully by ending the myth that there is somewhere to get to--that there is something else that needs to be done, that there is all this brokenness that needs to be fixed, that there is something….
When I check in with my intuitive self and with my spirit and with the world I am a part of, I think part of our healing has to come from just standing and being still and claiming a healed world, claiming a healed humanity, claiming a healed self.
So much of what I see, in people who are out working so hard to make a difference in the world and help cause transformation, is I see a lot of hurting and sick people doing that work. There's a piece of ourselves that's afraid to acknowledge our own grief and our own pain and our own out of balanceness, and there is also a part of our self that's afraid to be bold enough to just claim whole, perfect and complete as the planetary condition and choose to stand there and cause our world to meet us there.
So I feel like for a lot of our work we stand at the place of wrong/bad/sick/unhealthy/broken and then struggle and work and sacrifice trying to get to healthy/whole/complete. For me there's something scary as all-get-out, but also really powerful to the point it gives me goose bumps, to imagine standing in myself and the world as whole, perfect, complete, beautiful, connected, community, family. And standing there with everything that I have, and powerfully--through prayer, and through actions, and through words--causing and calling the world to meet me there."
- Julia Butterfly Hill on the Essential Shift (the whole interview is included below)
"It is in the stillness of our heart that we find the peace we seek in the world. It is the connection deep within to the very source of our being where we recognize the oneness of life. It is here that we transcend the duality of perceived right and wrong thinking, judgment, control and attachment.
In this awareness, we let go of the need to have the world behave according to our preconceived expectations and we dare to love unconditionally. We embrace love for love’s sake and in doing so, we also experience peace. To know unconditional love is to know peace. When we love without condition, we naturally engage the dynamic quality of peace and allow this energy to permeate our outer experience as well. We balance the inner and outer reflections with a grander perspective that sees beyond the obvious before us. We know we are simply experiencing life from our unique viewpoint in the moment and we have the power to choose love and peace.
Although many assume peace to be quiescent, idle and quiet, it is truly an energy that is vibrant and alive. It is colorful, engaging and encouraging. It is filled with potential and enhances our creativity. It calls to us to explore without limitation and to express ourselves with a distinct sense of freedom. Peace is also something we easily share as it is in limitless supply. We joyfully convey it to others and witness its expansion in ever growing waves. Peace begins with us. It has always been this way. The more we express our love, the greater our sense of peace. The more peace we radiate, the more profoundly we comprehend the sublime beauty it reveals. Since love and peace already exist as a state of consciousness within us, it ensures that it will become our collective reality. Peace prevails in you and in me. Together, we are the establishment of peace on Earth."
- Harold W. Becker -- Taken from - Also available in video format at
"Many native peoples wisely made policies holding before themselves a question: How will decisions today affect the next seven generations?
Today, the world is interconnected as never before. It is not only connected presently but decisions made today will have permanent consequences long into the future. If our decisions today are flawed, we cannot say how long the future will last. This is unique in human history. We are the first generation which must ensure consciously and intentionally that we are not the last.
Our most critical challenges require new levels of holistic creative thinking and governance that can integrate local concerns with global responsibility. The dangers that used to threaten just a few now threaten the existence of all. Wisdom to understand the interconnectedness of these dangers is now also required. No longer can we afford to think locally and act globally.
Humanity’s global footprint must be met with appropriate thinking and policies. There is an Axis of Responsibility. Three issues require global cooperation, the rule of law, and universal norms. Whether we effectively address crushing poverty, adequately organize ourselves to protect the global commons such as the oceans, the climate, and the rainforest—living systems upon which civilization depends—and eliminate nuclear weapons before they eliminate us, defines whether we pass on a sustainable future.
Successfully addressing the Axis of Responsibility requires new levels of international cooperation. No state, nor even a powerful group of states, can succeed alone. Universal coordinated approaches using our highest values and the arts of law and diplomacy are needed. Globalization reminds us that we are in fact one human family. The living ecosystem of the planet is our shared home. We would never permit conduct that dishonors our personal homes. Healthy people know that nurturing a family is a crucible of training wherein learning to care for others determines success more effectively that dominating others. The lesson of the last century is that we cannot find security by attempting to dominate each other, nor by trying to dominate nature. In fact, learning to live in harmony with each other and nature is not an ideal; it is both a moral and practical imperative."
An "Aha" moment is one of those times in your life that all the pieces fall into place. A moment of clarity that enlightens and actually changes you. These moments, though they may be far and few in between, are defining moments where true knowledge has been gained and it is up to you to seize these moments and use this newly discovered wisdom to change your life."- Taken from
Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.NOTE: If you are located in Europe, please note that the fourth Sunday meditation on this theme, on October 25, will start one-hour earlier because Daylight Saving Time will have ended. To verify if your location is included in this time change, click HERE. In North America, Daylight Saving Time will end on November 1st.These times below correspond (for most countries) to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 PM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 4:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Perth, Hong Kong, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AMYou may also check at;p1=0 to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.

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