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At this Magical time we invite you to join us in celebrating the "Harmony of One" around the Planet. Join together as groups with other Lightworkers to celebrate the New Earth energy that is here! We invite you to create your own Sacred Ceremonies to Honor the Earth at this Miraculous time of Realignment and Rebirth.
For those of you who might like to work alone, we offer this meditation to guide your energies and thoughts. It is a blessing from Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene.
So, begin this meditation by sitting very quietly and breathing deeply. Allow yourself to relax and center your energy into your Heart. Breathe the energy in your Heart and ask your I AM to connect you to the balanced Sacred Heart energy within. Feel the flow of that energy moving through you. Now, feel also the Beloved presence of Archangel Michael who has guided this process of Transformation for so long. Feel also the presence of Mary Magdalene and her Beloved Partner, Yeshua, and how they hold the Christ Light as One. Feel these energies guiding you as you enter into your own Sacred Heart and your own Mastery of the Light. You are here on this Sacred Earth as a Master of the Light.
And now, you are being welcomed into this Sacred Earth Space by the Angelic Kingdoms and the Ascended Masters and the Extra Terrestrial Light Beings who have guided the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity to this point where Humanity is ready to become part of the onward Co-Creation and Manifestation of the New Earth within a balanced Energy Matrix.

As you stand within this Light of the Ascended and Angelic Ones, you see the Earth as a Shining Mandala of Light, Sound and Patterns, an exquisite jewel of the Cosmos. And now, you become aware of the presence of the Sacred Keepers of the Earth Grids that are there to welcome you.....the Ancestors of the Earth tribes, and the Sacred Keepers from the Animal, Plant, Elemental and Mineral Kingdoms. All are present to welcome You and the Human Collective to the Light of Oneness and Harmony as we enter the New Earth together.

By Carolyn Evers

One of the questions that come up most frequently when someone requests an Akashic Reading or a Metatron Soul Healing revolves around the concept of MISSION. People usually want to know about their mission. What is it? Am I following my mission?
While working with people, I have found that if one is not following their mission, there is an empty feeling like something is missing, along with a feeling of not being fulfilled. This especially happens if one passes the time when their mission should have been implemented but hasn't.
I have also noticed that if one is following their mission there is a sense of bliss. They will have their ups and downs just like everyone else but there is an excitement about life and one feels passionate about living and every new day becomes a gift. When on target with your mission, you will feel appreciation for your experiences and your place in the world.
Let is examine the different aspects of mission.

While in the akashic library, I am able to watch an event as if I am experiencing the event myself in that moment. This is because a part of my soul still resides in the center of the cosmos as my ego self resides in this dimension.
As I watch the souls created, I am aware that the central or core mission began when the soul was called into spiritual form. The scene is a moving and intensely emotional sight and one that I won't forget.
There is a Prime Creator that exists in the center of the cosmos. The Cherubim Angels considers this force All-There-Is. You have your own name for this great composite of love and you might call this love, God or Source.
Between the rounds of Brahma, no vibration exists as it is a resting period for Source. Since there was no vibration during that resting period, the Cherubim Angels who hold the records of vibration are not aware of how long this period lasts. At the beginning of a round of Brahma, Source moves into vibration and there is a period when a vast amount of planning passes through the different aspects of Source.
The Cherubim are able to read the strip of the very first thrust of vibration as Source awakens from the resting period. It is a momentous event and they feel the wonder of that beginning and initial thrust, along with the ensuing thrusts of vibration as they slowly pick up the wave motion until the rhythm of vibrations is at its optimum speed.
From the records, the Cherubim cannot perceive what action brought forth the desire for Source to begin this new round of Brahma, or how Source began the awakening process, but they feel the joy, excitement and anticipation as the process begins.
As you might imagine there had to be a great planning process before all of creation could be brought into form and there was indeed. Every contingency of creation and the need for those who would implement this plan or Tree of Life as it is called, was carefully thought out and planned. In the center of the cosmos, there is no time as we understand time but it would have taken epochs to complete this planning as we might consider the process.
The souls were all created at one time, but in groups as they would implement the Tree of Life.

As Source was in the center of what appeared to be a void, the Creator could see all of the possibilities present. Source understood that they could not move into the void in their entirety, therefore they decided to send particles of themselves to venture forth and experience.

As Source began implementing the Tree of Life, souls were called forth to work with every concept and requirement found in the plan. The first group of souls required would be those who would go forth and divide the void into dimensions.

From the Akashic Records we see that the creation table was so large that it seemed to cover the vast stretches of eternity. To view this experience is like being drawn into some mesmerizing dream of a cosmic dance that one does not want to ever leave.

What I saw was a light so brilliant that it was impossible to see what lay beyond it, but I could feel the wonder and the magic of it. From this great light came small particles of itself that seemed to be injected to the creation table in ribbons of dancing, vibrating light, and they swished and swirled in their dance as the love-force emanating along with them increased the tempo. It appeared like a mammoth display of an intense cosmic fire works seemingly without parameters or end. This was occurring as far as I could perceive. I felt like I was searching to find the end of eternity and I could not.

It was almost simultaneously that the colors came forth interacting with the light dance and joining in its magic. I could feel the intent of Source as the particles danced even faster in the intensity of the swirling movement and then the creative sound came forth uttered by Source themselves.

This is the haunting creative sound of Source. It is difficult to describe this sound as I know nothing that sounds quite like this. But if I had to describe it I would say that it must sound like the blast of an unknown musical horn emitting a low, eerie, but majestic sound as if it were resonating upon a lonely, deserted Irish Moor.
Before this sound there were no souls in existence and after the creative sound was issued, the first group of souls was called forth; blinking in astonishment at their existence. The colors that swirled with the light at their creation were shades of burgundy with golden undertones and slight images of green. These colors placed there by Source's intent became the driving force of their mission.

It is the color used at the creation of the soul that defines the core mission. These colors change along with variations in the pitch of the creative sound and that means souls are created to fulfill every conceivable aspect of Source's plan down to the smallest detail.

All the souls come forth from Source, but each are unique in their abilities and fulfill the plan perfectly as no other one could.
At this time the soul is given all the abilities required to carry out this sacred trust.

Be assured that at creation you were given all the abilities required to interface with your creative thoughts to complete the mission that you were sent to do.
The records of this first group of souls appear to be shaped in the form of a scroll, as other souls' records appear to be formed in a book.

In actuality these records are really circular vibrations somewhat like a backed up computer disk and they are contained in magnetic spots that form a library of sorts. They are cared for and monitored by the lower branch of the Cherubim Angels. The shapes of scrolls and books are shown as such so that human beings can relate to these records in our manner of understanding.

This original group of souls was given the responsibility of dividing the cosmos into dimensions as we said earlier. Memory of former rounds of Brahma does not seem to be available after the rest of Source between each round of Brahma. Therefore there wasn't a record available of what existed in the void in earlier rounds of Brahma, other than what appeared as possibilities.
Yet these brave souls were given the command to go forth and experience and divide the void, all the while not understanding if they would be able to get back to Source. So there was expectancy and wonder held by the Cherubim waiting for the return of these souls to report back to Source of their experience.
Again there is no record of time in the center of the cosmos but we suspect that the mission of these souls to divide the dimensions would have taken a long time by our reckoning. Source was not idle during this time though. They were bringing forth the other souls and incorporating their missions within their structures through myriad arrangements of colors and sounds. As we mentioned, these arrangements of colors and sounds produce all the necessary requirements to fulfill the implementation of every aspect of the Tree of Life.

The souls that we call the Scrolled Ones were created with more particles from Source so there was no necessity for a period of development between creation and sending them forth to experience.

For the other souls there was a period of development and the Cherubim Angels cooperated with Source again through vibration to help create the other souls as they did with the Scrolled Ones. This was a long process and it is one of the reasons that the Cherubim Angels, even though androgynous, show themselves to us in a feminine nature as they still identify with souls in a nurturing capacity.
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