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Emmanuel Via The Rainbow Scribe speaks

October 5th, 2009

The Rainbow Scribe speaks
Beloved Brothers,

We of the Higher Realms have been working with mankind throughout the centuries, and we know that never before has had your plane of existence such an opportunity for anchoring the Christ Consciousness through the twelfth Golden Cosmic Ray.

Lightworkers and Wanderers-–such as this channel--on your Planet are achieving great progress in spreading the highest vibratory frequencies of the Pink Ray of Love throughout the collective consciousness, raising the collective frequency rate, thus facilitating the download of new packages containing DNA activation codes.

The packages are being stored in the Golden core of your Heart center. Many of you are beginning to sense these new vibrations in the morning, just after waking up.

Once each download is complete, the codes will be activated through beams of light. When you go through the activation, your body must have enough water in order to spread the vibrations throughout your whole system. You should drink at regular periods of time, three liters of water everyday. It is also important to eat well and to rest well. A well-fed, well-rested body has a more balanced energetic field.

Your energetic field possesses the same power centers as the Creator’s energetic field. Your own singular field is like a drop of water from the ocean. The drop is a miniature ocean with all the components of that ocean.

Within your energetic field you have more than three hundred energetic centers or chakras. However, your seven primary chakras are responsibly for maintaining the balance of your energetic field.

For a successful/total activation of your new DNA your energetic field must be fairly balanced, there are many methods you can use to delve deep within yourself to balance your chakras, balancing your energetic field.

In addition to the seven primary energetic centers, seven other major chakras are being activated within your subtle body, the Crystal chakras.

If you recall all the great spiritual teachers who have walked the face of your Planet, they each one had all 14 chakras active.

In the past, that was the energetic configuration of a few, but now all external help has been set in place for a massive activation, thus all of you have the possibility of reaching the same state in energetic expansion than those spiritual masters.

Prior to your incarnation you have agreed to aid the collective activation by activating your own system. All external help is ready at the periphery--this opportunity is too good to waste--but your personal activation can only start by unlocking your Heart center. Love is the key. There is no lock that cannot be opened by Love.

Unlike some of your others energetic centers, the opening of the Heart chakra always stars with glimpses. Has to be gradual, just as a flower opens so gently that you cannot see when the opening is occurring.

You have come to this plane of existence determined to help and make a difference, and this is your time to do so.

Regardless of how you awakened to the spiritual dimension, once you have experienced it, a tremendous amount of power will flow throughout your system reaching the seven level of consciousness, enhancing every aspect of your being.

This power is the primary aspect of the Creator’s energy, and corresponds to the Pink Ray of Love. Once your Heart chakra resonates with the highest frequency of Love, a smokeless flame will shine in your chest. This flame corresponds to the hyper-dimensional Christ Consciousness and is the most mysterious thing in the Universe; the whole of life depends on it.

When you open your Heart and the Christ Consciousness flows through, it will have a tremendous impact on you. It will literary transform you.

No matter what your condition or awareness development, no matter what your age or position in the social network of your plane, seeking for this flame should be your primary task. Remember, one of the Laws of the Logos is: everything that you seek also seeks you.

The Christ Consciousness exists outside of space and time; It is the multi-dimensional awareness of Prince Sananda, the awareness that held my beloved Brother and Master Jesus. It is the awareness of the One and the Oneness of All That Is.

Work on balancing your chakras and energetic field, open your Heart and spread the highest vibrations of Love, soon the total activation of your new DNA will occur, and you will be born into a new species of Divinity.

Do not settle for less.

I AM Emmanuel.

©2009 Langa

Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.

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