Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mayan Message Day 26

by Theresa Crabtree

Your Last Day on Earth

What if you knew that today was your last day on earth? What would you do differently? What are the last remaining things you would do today? How will you treat others? What phone calls will you make? What emotions are you feeling? Are there unfinished projects that you will attend to or will they lose their importance? If you would truly begin each morning with a short reflection on these things, your days would have much more impact on you and for you.

It wouldn't be long before you would start cleaning up your environment, simplifying your life, clearing any clutter that others would have to sort through after you were gone and preparing your estate for those who would have to clean up after you. You would likely stop putting off gatherings and phone calls with family members and loved ones. Many things that consume your time and energy would simply fall away as you lost interest. Your passion and zeal for life would increase dramatically as your time, energy and abundance in all areas would escalate. This is the energy that Cimi offers you: surrender, transmutation, release and death to what no longer serves you..

We encourage you every day to take this short journey into facing your death until you have released all fears of death and seen the importance of living your passion.

We will now add the energy of Tun 13 into this mixture. For Cimi and 13, there are a myriad of aspects, we are simply choosing one of each for this particular day. Let us see 13 as 5+5+3=13. For those of you just coming on board, we will explain that the first "5" represents you, as a fully aware human, connecting with the energy of your Higher Self, the second "5." The Higher Self is a conscious connection with that part of yourself who has remained on the "Other Side." Today, we will look at the "3" as the "Holy Triad," that which encompasses all on the higher realms. There have been many names for this Triad, "Father, Son and Holy Spirit," and "body, mind and soul," to name just two. The general understanding is one of completeness. And so, 13 represents You, connected with your Higher Self, consciously working with the complete Source from the spirit realm. With this power, you can manifest whatever you desire.

Call on our energies to assist you any day, any time. What you wish to manifest will be different for each individual. The main idea is to choose an area in your life that you would like to transmute or change then to ask for spiritual guidance and assistance. We suggest that you choose death, if you have not already worked on this area of your life. Your guides are always with you or nearby, willing and waiting to help you. This is their joy, their passion and they are happy and honored to serve you.. Many of your spiritual helpers have never incarnated on earth and they are in awe of you and what you have already transcended. The "Earth Gig" is not an easy one, but full of many opportunities for experience and understanding. Take time to reflect on your life. Note what is not in order and start there. No task is too large or too small. All is important for your conscious spiritual growth into the loving and kind spiritual being that you are.

In the Mayan tradition, our whole culture was focused on the same energies on each specific date. Can you imagine the power of your entire earth population supporting each other and working for common goals in their inner sanctum? This is what made us such a powerful people. This is what made us strong individually. Our culture crumbled when we forgot those ways. However, the best of our culture is being reconstructed today by individuals, like you, who are taking time to work on themselves, thus creating a role model for others. These individuals are forming a huge collective energy which will allow for the shift that many now are dreaming of. By facing your fears and living each day to your fullest, in joy, you too can be a part of creating the dream of “heaven on earth” a reality!

I take my leave and envelope you with much love. Cimi 13You are encouraged to share this message with anyone you feel may be interested. Please include the following website address. On the website, you will also find information and articles related to health, emotional well-being, self-empowerment and organic gardening. We also offer all 260 of the Mayan Messages as an eBook for a nominal donation of $15.00 to help support our our work.
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