Sunday, January 3, 2010


ANNOUNCEMENT: IMAGE Event on "Abundance" Coming Up...

***Take note of two 100-Groups IMAGE event dates scheduled:

Our immediate, next scheduled worldwide collective 100-Group IMAGE event, is NOW set and focused on 'ABUNDANCE'--(individually and collectively worldwide)--scheduled for Thur. Jan. 7, 2010



Jan. 7, 2010



10 P.M. - Eastern Standard Time (New York City)
9 P.M. - Central Standard Time
8 P.M. - Mountain Standard Time
7 P.M. - Pacific Standard Time
3 A.M. - Greenwich Mean Time.

Projected sequence--as now seen--a collective focus on the IMAGE of 'ABUNDANCE,' on Jan. 7, 2010 followed by 'FREEDOM, on Jan. 12, 2010 (***other dates will soon be given for events focused on 'FORGIVENESS,' followed by 'RESPONSIBILITY," followed by POLLUTION-FREE EARTH," followed by "GOLDEN AGE,' followed by JOY ON EARTH,' followed by TRUTH," followed by HEALTH,' etc. etc., etc. as we move collectively and confidently toward the greatly predicted highlighted divine 'end times' crtical mass date, Dec. 21, 2012, chosen and agreed together by an awakened Humanity.

NOTE: As a rule, 100-Groups Event Dates will be given well in advance.
In due time--"Ten telling ten" becomes a million very fast!
I now have a 100-Groups Website set up, where you can send new 100-Groups members to register at:
Let us give thanks! All is well on Earth. Bless us all. We are One.
Russ Michael, Founder - 100-Groups International -

LINK to Use for the Ongoing IMAGE Events

Note from Michael: You will be pleased to find the correct 7 minute link posted below for the Great Pyramid "Global OM" that certainly helps raise your body and consciousness vibratory rate to the 7.9 hertz level where your powerful--more direct communication with your soul or 'higher self' powers--lie dormant within you.

I received this correct version link from my beloved brother and friend, Dr. Patrick Flanagan last night and I listened to it two consecutive times, with volume full blast, and I could certainly feel the OM resonance working strongly at altering and uplifting my body and consciousness hertz frequjency to the 7.8 hertz level...that we all can also achieve by 10 or 15 minutes of undistracted deeply focused meditation....

Please 'share' this divine Global OM LINK with friends and neighbors so we can get all humanity on Earth 'up to speed' at a collective 7.8 hertz vibratory level--with ourselves--as well.

***Link to 7 minute Great Pyramid "Pyramid OM" file:
Click here:

To be a part of the 100 group OM Collective Meditation please link up on the day announced.
Whitefawn Star

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