Monday, January 25, 2010


Self Mastery
Self Mastery is the key to the discipline of respons-ability; responding from the space of limitless LOVE knowing we are ONE.

As we enter into the new Earth paradigm we are all learning how to respond with response-ability to our environment and the people and circumstances we find ourselves in daily.
In the new energies it is no longer acceptable to react from our old paradigm that is usually coming from our emotions of fear. All fear backed emotional reaction means that someone has pushed our buttons ...and when we react we react by pushing back.. I think many wars have been started this way that perpetuates the illusion of separation and withholding of LOVE.

The entire universe watches as we graduate as humankind from this type of learned behavior...NOW we are being asked by spirit to respond with respons-ability...that means we do not allow the action toward us by the outside environment to push us into STRESS or push our EMOTIONAL BUTTON....instead we go into meditation mode; quiet...just BREATHE .and practice self mastery ...mastery over your emotions, slowing down your body's reaction,(fight or flight) stilling your and focus on the real.

The point is we are now asked to respond with come from a place of love and light in all that we do, say, think and feel...knowing that we are ONE in LOVE.

Sometimes it is better to take a walking meditation...breathing is the best way to go into your TRUTH where you find the unlimited supply of LOVE from your Higher Self. When you tap into this neverending supply, you know that you can respond with Response-ability and truly come from an attitude of harmlessness.
We are all graduating and evolving beyond the mentality of reacting from our wounded emotions, pushing buttons and killing each other with words ...or bullets. Now is the time to learn to respond from the deep center of our being where there is limitless LOVE for everyone knowing we are all ONE and we all come from the same Source. Find your Peaceful center and respond with response-ability as you gain Self mastery .

.Walking in Peace, Whitefawn Star

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